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Pancake House

4.0 Stars

Was looking for a place that early saturday while strolling along hight street :) got bored/hungry sooooo it seems pancake house was a good option

Found this NEW item on the menu

Eggs Benedict :))

slightly pricey at 288pHp

but for the experience and the taste i'd say it was ok :))
(i would put awesome, but i might set the bar too high :D )

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Krazy Garlik

2.0 Stars

ok lunch out with my sister!! so excited to try something new :) sooooo here we go!!

XD serving time was like forever...

food was quite expensive XD

and serving was small for its price :((

di man lang umabot sa tiyan ko ung food :((

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OVN Bread Co.

3.0 Stars

mmmmm XD not happy with yemma chocolate cupcake :((

too sweet for my taste :p
and there was no place to sit down and eat:(

soooooo i might go to lets say.. bread talk instead :)

so sad :(

but ill give it a chance to save itself next time sooo am not givin up!

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The Royal Touch Gourmet Cupcakes

4.0 Stars

By far the most appetizing and tastiest red velvet i have had :)

(hindi yan yung pic ha! thats apple duchess pero kasi 2nd time ko na ito hehe, others had red velvet in their reviews so just check it out)

nice place to hang out and chill before watching a movie :) staff are pleasant and very accommodating.

a bit pricey i have to say ( though i really do not get it why they are sooooo expensive )

but ive been longing for red velvet ever since :)

one more puhlease my diet JUST one mooreeeee!!!

oh i did come back and had their apple duchess which was delectable as well but wat far from red velvet my love :)

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Don Henrico's

4.0 Stars

:) FOOOOOD! hay hirap kumain pag nag didiet :) but well its a no starving deit soo i will eat!

Oven fried chix
fried calamari
ceasar salad
and all meat pizza :)

i liked the songs that they were playing so i stayed in while waiting for friends, ambiance was nice! couches were nice but a bit short so no slouching here :p food was good an the ambience was homey :) sooo im happy :) oh and the aircon was GREAT so cold :)) bring a jacket next time you go here :)

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4.0 Stars

fishman is another budget friendly resto in the fort ;) has a price range of around 150php-300php a plate :) good serving size too sooooo i give it my thumbs up :)

although sometimes it feels like they are abit understaffed :p

whats special about this place is their iced tea glasses are made out of fish bowls :)) hehe pretty cool :)

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3.0 Stars

well for starters it was a cool looking place :)

there is a bar on the first floor and
if you wanted to dine in, the area is up stairs

paella was great but it felt like i bit more than i could chew since i paid 400++ php just for a single order which i can finish myself :p
and i also orderd steamed fish wich was nice and juicy :)

the chorizo was very tasty and you can but it uncooked and other meat stuffs they sell :)

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Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes

5.0 Stars

bananananana :))

banapple :) one of the most wallet friendly restaurants out there :)

at meals below 180php i was luvin it!!!

and to my surprise the serving was big to boot :) so happy tummy for me :)

the banoffi pie was great as well even if i wasn't a banana person :)

ambiance was nice too :) well pretty nice for the prices of the food they served sooooo i would really recommend banapple to those who wanna dine on a budget :)

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4.0 Stars

Ok :) stretching fingers for my long time vacation from looloo :p

anyway Barbara's was one of those old looking house restos in manila :) located in a historical area which takes you back in time :p
aka many sight seeing included :))

soooo to the food well selection was limited to 3 dishes 1 veggie and 1 noodle/pancit

id give the food and feel a 3.5/5 which to means right on the budget :) but its not something out of the ordinary. the menu is something you can find in any filipino resto

ill give the kalderetang baka a 5/5 since it hit the spot, although it was not as spicy as i used to have it

the buttered fish was nice as well coz i got heaps of it :))

the host gave us a taste of one of the desserts coffee jelly with condensed milk which felt really nice after eating lots of kaldereta

the host was very friendly and the staff were nice as well :)

on a side note for you to maximize the dinner experience ask the reservations for a nice spot for you to be able to watch their cultural shows :)

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World Chicken Cafe

4.0 Stars

World Chicken great selection :) loved the food and its different among the rest!

You get to pick up to 2 sidings and they give you a nice piece of chicken breast done nicely

its a nice try and filling too boot! :) but a bit pricey for an in mall stall selling food :p

be sure to try the flat noodles it feels weird at first but you will get to like it :)

then the tarragon sauce this is one of my personal favorites when they ask me the sauce i want applied on the chicken :)

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