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Seoul Train Korean Barbeque

5.0 Stars

This place is so cute! I've never been much of a fan of Korean food but eating here in this resto that looked like a train was a delight. It's so creative from the facade to the interior that is KPop inspired. The food, Korean barbeque, soup and noodles. Food tasted good too. The place is quite small since you'd feel like you're on board a train going to Busan (zombies excluded). I can't say more other than this place is just too cute. The price, well a bit on the high side but we enjoyed. The experience was fun. Definitely going back!

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Kwentong Bagnet

4.0 Stars

Sinful, deadly, delicious. 3 words perfect for Kwentong Bagnet.

Kare-kareng Bagnet, Salted Egg Bagnet, Pinakbet na Bagnet, Laing Bagnet, Sisig Bagnet, the classic favorite Kwentong Bagnet. All the kinds of bagnet you can possibly think of, they probably have it here. You can partner it with Plain Rice, Aligue Rice or their Kwentong Bagnet Garlic Fried Rice.

I say that this place is for the millenials. They have the heart that could take the cholesterol. If you don't belong to that generation, better be careful. Those arteries ought to be working right. Though they also have non-bagnet dishes like Tinapa Pasta, but that's really corny. You don't eat that in a bagnet place.

Will I be back? Yes, maybe I can eat here twice a year max.

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Pazzo Rollio

4.0 Stars

One thing I liked about this resto is simplicity.

The taste of the food is not overpowering. Pesto is pesto, bolognese is bolognese. Nothing more, nothing less. It does not have frills or extra flair. Their truffle mushroom rolled pizza has bits of that truffle flavor at every bite but it does not overpower the other ingredients. And because of that, you tend to eat more without the "umay".

Sometimes food must be taken as it is. It does not have to be over decorated or an explosion of all glorious flavors. Sometimes it is enough to just simply sit and savor a basic concoction. And then you feel just right and leave with a satisfied smile.


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Goodfellas Steaks & Burgers

4.0 Stars

My friend and I were just walking along Kamuning to find props for our Christmas Party when we felt our hunger pang and Goodfellas just stood right in front of us.

It looked like a bar and we were hesitant at first. It was lunch time yet this place looked a bit "shady" hehe. But we're no longer thinking clearly. A signal that we had to eat.

We walked right in and my friend ordered the Goodfellas Angus Burger then I had their Pesto Pasta. The interior was Mafia inspired, photos from the Godfather movie and other popular Mafia figures were displayed on the wall. Our orders took a while but when it arrived, we were surprised with the serving size. It was more than enough for us. The taste was even more surprising. The pesto tasted really, really good and the burger was meaty, flavorful and juicy. It had fries on the side. Then another burger arrived. We gave the waiter a questioning look then he said the burger was Buy 1 Take 1. Wow. For P250+, you get 2 Angus Beef Burgers. That's a good deal! For the Pesto, I paid around P250+ as well.

Kamuning is such an interesting place. You find stuff you rarely see anywhere else. And Goodfellas was one interesting find. Too bad we don't really frequent Kamuning but if I chance upon this place again, Goodfellas will be in mind.

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Full Belly Craft Kitchen

3.0 Stars

If you go to a place famous for bagnet, then by all means go order bagnet. But since my blood pressure is at its borderline, I have to go for the alternative.

My first time in Full Belly, I just ordered their kesong puti and tuyo omelette and mushroom soup. They're both quite excellent. I made the wrong combo though. Both were too flavorful. But I really loved their mushroom soup drizzled with truffle oil. Ambience is steady comfy. Price, hmmm a bit on the high side. For an omelette and soup I think I shelled out around P350.

There are still a lot of choices. Maybe I'll try the other non-hypertensive dishes next time.

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49-B Heirloom Kitchen

5.0 Stars

Perfect for intimate gatherings with close friends --- this is what 49-B Heirloom Kitchen is for me.

Lovely, homey, cozy yet classy interiors, lights dimly set which makes it more relaxing --- it's a great choice for those who just desire to momentarily forget the busy world out there. Their cooking makes it a home away from home. Classic dishes like what your lola used to make.

What we ordered:

Beef Lengua --- this one's a classic. A familiar recipe with that melt-in-your-mouth goodness 128155128155128155128155128155

Squash Flower Fritters --- great appetizer. Filled with cheese that bursts a taste of heaven in every bite 128155128155128155128155128155

Carne Asada Nacho Fries --- yup. Those gooey fries with everything on it. Not really what your lola used to make but what the heck, it's delicious 128155128155128155128155128155

Sinigang na Lechon ---- I don't eat lechon. I don't eat sinigang either. But this one won my heart. 128155128155128155128155128155

Tamarind Roast Chicken --- chicken. Who goes wrong with chicken? But the marinade used in this chicken is a mixture of everything nice. Salty-sour, so flavorful you want it to rest a bit in your tongue. Perfect with rice 128155128155128155128155128155

Cookies and milk - soft chewy, chocolate chip cookies dipped in full cream milk. Soooo good I almost forgot my name. Wow. Just wow. Santa Claus would love this. 128155128155128155128155128155

Special mention to the staff and I think we also came across with the owner, they are very, very polite.

I'm not much of a fan of dishes partnered with rice. Just what I've already mentioned in my past reviews, these types of dishes are usually what I eat at home. But this one is another exception. It's a notch higher than home cooking of course. Partner your visit with friends that you treasure, this one is definitely worth every peso and time spent.

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Ka Tunying's Cafe

4.0 Stars

My office mates and I have been hoping that there would be more food choices in our area. Then, just a few months back, Ka. Tunying's opens right across our building. Thank you, universe.

Well, I'm always stuck on my desk even during lunch but one glorious day, hallelujah I managed to take a break.

The menu was interesting. It's Pinoy food with a few twists. But I'm a pasta kind of person so I ordered the Tuyo and Kangkong Pasta --- Linguini with sauteed kangkong leaves and tuyo with garlic, parmesan, olive oil topped with poached egg. It was good. It was simple yet it was flavorful. It somehow tasted like carbonara but with added saltiness to it because of the tuyo. Serving was generous, pricing was adequate. I think I paid P205 for this one.

They also have Kalabasa Lasagna, Daing Pesto Pasta, more Pinoy food like Chicken Pork Adobo, Pork Chop Sinigang, Pusit Bicolano, Tinapa, Daing, Batotay longganisa etc. in their menu. They have desserts, pastries and I heard they serve good coffee too.

Since this one's right across my work place, I would definitely be back. And as for the peeps reading this review, if you're really into Pinoy food but looking for extra creativity then I can recommend Ka. Tunying's.

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LoLa Cafe + Bar

5.0 Stars

Quezon City is just filled with great places to eat, especially the Scout areas. One place we stumbled upon was this resto that captivated us with its charming set up --- the feel of home with a heart filled with memories. You will never feel the hustle and bustle of Timog Avenue or Tomas Morato.

Whenever I eat out, I will always tell my companions "anywhere, just don't take me to a Pinoy resto because that's what we eat at home". I'm a pretty good cook that's why I don't eat in restaurants that serve food that I myself can cook. But Lola's was an exception. I'd like to say that it's creative Pinoy fusion.

Looking through the menu, I thought there's nothing exceptional so we went for Truffled Lengua, Fried Tawilis and Ginataang Sigarillas. But ooooh did my heart flutter at the very first bite. It was love. Maybe we also ordered a good mix as the 3 viands just perfectly blended in our palate.

Another thing I love is that this being a good place for conversations. It's spacious, quiet and cozy plus the feel of old. In the middle of a toxic day, you'd find yourself relaxed with its very homey ambience. It's just like visiting your own grandma. And that makes it even more amazing.

Good food, good ambience that brings about good mood for good conversations. That's Lola's for me.

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Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food

5.0 Stars

I love San Juan. It's a busy little city yet boasts of good eats. This resto is one of my faves.

I don't want to write a long review because just thinking about my gastro experience makes me hungry again.

This place has a lot to offer. Their noodle soup, street food on stick, laksa, claypot dishes and dimsum. All reasonably priced. Their place is usually cramped and I'm guessing they have a lot of loyal patrons. Their name is a giveaway --- Hongkong street food it is in San Juan.

Oh by the way, their bacon shrimp on stick is to die for.

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4.0 Stars

I've been to Omakase a lot of times yet this is my first time to give it a review.

"Omaks", the way we call it at the office is our default Japanese resto. We love almost everything here. My fave orders are:

Seafood Crepe Salad
Seaweed Salad
Tenzaru Soba
Seafood Roll
Ebi Tempura
Their Makimono. I think I love almost all of them.
Chirashi Don
Tuna, salmon and uni sashimi

It's a place where we can just "eat our feelings" after a stressful day.

Price can be a bit steep at times...well, that depends on your appetite. Only downside I guess is their service. They're slow sometimes. But it's bearable. it.

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