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Ally's All-Day Breakfast

3.0 Stars

It was my first time to eat at Ally's Breakfast with Ron. My first impression was it was cute since the place had white picket fences outside but the place inside was pretty small and I thought we were not going to be able to eat there anymore since the place was full, luckily there were some people who left already so Ron and I were able to sit.

We both ordered the Beef Tapa served with two sunny side up eggs (not sure if you can request the eggs to be scrambled) which already comes with Iced Tea. We both loved the tapa and thought it really tasted good. It took quite some time before we got our food though. They didn't even offer us water or give us our drinks while waiting. At least the food was good especially our Pancake. We ordered the Toffee Banana Pancake which Had three HUGE pancakes, they were almost as big as the plate already. I suggest you eat the pancakes while it is still warm because it really taste better that way. We had our pancake made after we ate our beef tapa so it would still be warm. We tried our best to finish eating the pancake but it we were already too full. We weren't able to eat 1/4 of the pancake or less. Next time we'll try to order just the pancake :))
I would go back but I hope they have better service next time.

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Greeka Kouzina

4.0 Stars

Not really our first choice for dinner but my family and I we're glad we ended up eating here.
Upon entering the restaurant one could feel like you have gone to a different country. The interiors and the lighting give the right ambiance to feel like you're in Greece.

When I looked at the menu, it said that they give big servings and trust me this is no joke their servings are BIG!

Since we were really hungry we ordered Melitzanosalata (Eggplant Dip) as our appetizer pronto! It was served with warm pita bread which perfectly matched the cold eggplant dip yummy! We had to order extra bread because the given bread was not enough to finish the dip and it was delicious!

For our main course my sister and I each ordered Chicken gyros with a side dish of moussaka (in simple words its an eggplant lasagna) and Greek couscous Salad which has a generous serving of feta cheese and tomatoes, and my mom said pangpawala ng sawa yun salad but not that nagsawa kami sa kinain namin. The Chicken gyros I can describe in one word HUGE! My sister and I just ate one and it was enough for us. It had lots of chicken bits and greens which was served with Greek yoghurt.

My parents on the other hand they ordered the Krasates (Grilled Pork Chop) it was already two pieces and one piece is enough for one person and it was juicy and grilled just right. It was only served with two pieces of potato and their special gravy so my parents ordered a side dish Roka Garides Pasta (Shrimp Pasta with Roka) which had big juicy shrimps and lots of arugula so if you live to eat arugula, shrimps, pasta in tomato sauce you should order this.

Overall our experience here was great! Our palates ang hungry stomachs were really satisfied!

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