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Ca Phe Saigon

5.0 Stars

I've been thinking about having Vietnamese cuisine for the past few weeks, and since the craving hasn't left me since, I decided it's time to finally give it a go.

I have been targeting to try Ca Phe Saigon as my next stop for a hankering for Vietnamese dishes. It's gotten a lot of good reviews, it's affordable, and it's not the restaurant you find in every mall - checks all the criteria for a place that deserves to be discovered.

Ca Phe Saigon is a small Vietnamese cafe located in Marikina. It looks simple, especially since it is technically a garage turned into a cafe, but it was really comfortable.

|Pho Bo Kho P160 (regular)
The dish I craved the most for was pho, which made me order the pho bo kho which is a beef noodle soup with side of sprouts and basil leaves. I honestly don't know if the sprouts and basil leaves on the side make any pho better, but I didn't need it on this one as it was already delicious the way it is! It had an light and herby taste, something I attribute to the generous amounts of cilantro.

|Bun Thit Cha Gio P200
Another Vietnamese dish I just got to try this year was the bun thit cha gio (special dry noodles combination), which is a bowl of vermicelli noodles topped with fried spring rolls, chopped nuts, and your choice of meat (chicken/ pork/ beef/ shrimp/ shrimp with vegetarian fried rolls), then served with a dressing made with fish sauce. I know this sounds disgusting (especially the thought of having fish sauce as a dressing), but it really wasn't. Everything just went well in this dish.

|Banh Mi (Roasted Pork) P190 - Special
We are no stranger to the popular Vietnamese sandwich - the banh mi, which we also ordered. For those who are not familiar, it's a 6-inch long, baguette with fresh lettuce, cucumber, special vietnamese pickles, liver pate, Vietnamese sauce, Vietnamese ham, and your choice of roasted pork, chicken, beef. We had the roasted pork and it didn't disappoint. I've always loved the nice crunch a banh mi makes with every bite, which Ca Phe Saigon made sure they got right.

While I admit I'm not entirely familiar with what authentic Vietnamese cuisine tastes like, Ca Phe Saigon's version, which I believe to be the real deal, brought out an appreciation for dishes I used to ignore. That, plus the fact that all of this satisfaction cost us very little, is the reason why I LOVE this cafe SO MUCH.

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Romantic Baboy

3.0 Stars

It's crazy how obsessed people got into samgyupsal these days (myself included). There have been a lot of restaurants opening to cater to the KBBQ-hungry crowd, but there is one name that has been gaining praises, if not dominating the industry.

Romantic Baboy may not be the first restaurant to offer Korean BBQ to the public. It may not be the most popular all-you-can-meat chain, but it sure has been expanding rapidly with almost 20 branches, most of which are located in North.

We already have a go-to samgyupsal place that's more accessible for southies like me, but what is Romantic Baboy doing right that made it this successful? I just had to find out.

We traveled to Romantic Baboy's SM Light Branch to have an all-you-can-meat afternoon. The plan was to arrive the place on an off-peak schedule so we can avoid the long queues, but to our surprise, we still had to wait a good 30 minutes just to get seats.

Romantic Baboy offers 8 kinds of meat with their special marinades, 6 side dishes, lettuce, rice, soup, cheese dip, and egg, all of which are for your unlimited consumption for only P499.

|Cheese Dip
I was most excited about their cheese dip, since I read that they offer mozzarella (for real???), and they've got the best tasting cheese dip compared to other KBBQs. No, they don't offer mozzarella (dream on!), and they use the same cheese as Samgyupsalamat.

Their sides include a coleslaw, japchae, fried chicken fillet bites, scallion salad, fish cake, and kimchi. Everything tasted good, although they are not the typical Korean side dishes I am used to.

There are 8 meats to choose from, one for each letter that comprises the word "romantic", and each comes with a description for the meat.

R - HeRb flavored samgyupsal (pork belly)
O - WoO Samgyup (thinly sliced beef brisket)
M - Moksal (Seasoned pork neck)
A - DAepae Samgyupsal (thinly sliced pork belly)
N - YaNgyum Galbi (marinated pork ribs)
T - RomanTic bulgogi (sweet marinated korean style beef)
I - SpIcy beef (thinly sliced beef in spicy sauce)
C - Curry beef (thinly sliced beef in curry sauce)

|Herb Flavored Samgyupsal
|Daepae Samgyupsal
We were able to try 3 of the pork offerings by Romantic Baboy, but I honestly didn't taste the difference between the three of them, despite having different seasonings, cuts, and part.

|Woo Samgyup
I have always liked my samgyupsal simple, which is probably why the woo samgyup would have to be my favorite among all the meats from Romantic Baboy, although it still wasn't that impressive.

|Yangyum Galbi
The yangyum galbi, from what I know, has a sweeter marinade that is similar to a yakiniku sauce. It was supposed to be good. I've had them at other KBBQ places, but Romantic Baboy's yangyum galbi was just sad. You can already tell by just looking at it. It lacked the flavor I was expecting, plus the cut was thick, and thus tough and chewy.

Overall, we finished eating after trying out 5 out of 8 of Romantic Baboy's meats. We felt heavy and full from all the eating, but not really satisfied. Everything we had tasted similar to each other and lacked flavor. I don't know if it's because the meats were underseasoned or because they are of lesser quality. It's also possible that the quality of food and service is not consistent across all branches, and we happened to try a bad one. It's a good thing we did not have to wait in line for too long, or we would have ended up more dismayed.

Do you have a favorite Romantic Baboy branch? Let me know so I can give it another shot!

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Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant

4.0 Stars

Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant is a new buffet restaurant in Metro Manila, serving unlimited Churrasco in a fine dining setup.

The restaurant has a gorgeous, neon glow from the outdoor bar that just wouldn't fail to impress you and tease you into taking a couple of shots.

The design on the inside speaks nothing but class and luxury despite its simplicity. The place is filled with huge chandeliers, and bottles of wine stacked in every corner of the room.

They offer everything basic you would look for in a buffet spread, like a make-your-own-salad bar, cold cuts and cheese station, mixed sushi, rolls, sashimi, and tempura at the Japanese station, and even desserts.

But all these are meant to serve only as appetizers, or side dishes for the highlight of the dining experience - the churrasco.

A churrasco is a term for grilled meat, and here at Chateaubriand, they serve at least 10 kinds of meats hot on your very table. And the beauty of it is you won't have to call a waiter, as they will come to you one at a time to offer each of the meats available.

All you have to do is let them know you're ready for the parade of meats by flipping the round object on the table (what I like to refer to as coaster LOL) from "no. thank you" to "yes. please"!

The restaurant offers at least 10 kinds of meat, each having their own flavor, texture, and side dishes (which I didn't include in the photos). What a time to be a carnivore, huh? Everything was delicious, especially their picanha and coconut based bbq ribs!

They also offer unlimited wine to complete the whole dining experience for an additional P499 per person.

I must say, I had such a wonderful dinner at Chateaubriand. Nothing beats getting to eat all the food you want, and having all the steak you can eat, being served by the friendliest wait staff who are all smiles as they go around the lovely restaurant serving churrasco to their valued customers.

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3.0 Stars

My siblings and I have been coming to Urameshi-Ya for dinner ever since we learned about their unlimited yakiniku offer. Back then, I didn't have the interest to blog about it because taking photos in its old location seemed impossible, so here I am now.

For those who didn't know, Urameshi-Ya closed down their tiny restaurant at Little Tokyo this year, and we missed it so bad. But just last month, we learned that our favorite Yakiniku has reopened at a new location, and so we went to visit an old friend.

Urameshi-Ya is now located along Pasong Tamo Extension, and I am happy to reveal that they have a bigger area now. Say goodbye to the long lines, and a near 2-hour wait!

They still offer their unlimited yakiniku, but is now priced at P600 per person. The offer is also available for lunch and dinner daily, compared to the old Monday to Wednesday, dinner only offer.

The offer gets you 45 mins of unlimited yakiniku, with unlimited salad, soup, rice, and dessert (yes, they have dessert now, too).

So here's the gist: you get to choose all the items you want to grill for 45mins, but you get to order one last time 15 minutes before your time runs out (so technically you can only order what you want for a span of 30 mins).

There are a lot to choose from - they have oysters, shrimps, scallops (which ran out during our visit), yakitori, wagyu cubes, and several other marinated meats (chicken, pork, fish).

Now that I've mentioned all the rules and mechanics, I'm ready to share what I think about the experience. Is it still the same, good old Urameshi-Ya? My answer would be - no.

We didn't enjoy it as much as we did back then. The wagyu cubes, which is the reason why we keep coming back, looked and tasted different. We thought that the shift from charcoal to electric grill may have played a huge factor.

Did I just expect too much out of my excitement? I highly doubt it. Nevertheless, this won't be my last visit to this yakiniku restaurant. I simply refuse to believe that everything has changed. I'll try it again the next time I crave for wagyu cubes.

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Oh My Chicken

4.0 Stars

I can't remember the time when milk tea first became a hit in the country. It wasn't long ago, but it sure is making an early comeback.

People can't stop posting and sharing about the glorious boba on their social media accounts. Meanwhile, more and more milk tea shops are opening their stores across the country, from well-known international chains to local start-up businesses.

But along with all those shops everyone's been drooling over comes a humble Taiwan milk tea and chicken chops store that I think everyone should fuss about.

Oh! My Chicken is one of the newest Taiwanese shops in Metro Manila. They offer a variety of chicken cuts with different flavors to choose from, and a selection of deliciously refreshing flavored teas.

|Chicken Popcorn
I have been obsessed with chicken popcorn back when I was in college, and Oh! My Chicken's reminded me of it. I loved that their chicken was soft and really juicy on the inside and had a nice, golden crisp on the outside. Plus, it comes in 5 flavors!

|Chicken Steak
If you're into bigger bites of chicken, you may want to try the chicken steak. It's as delicious as the popcorn, but in a different shape and part.

|Black Sugar Milk Tea P98 (Large
One of the best-selling, highly recommended item from their menu is the black sugar milk tea. It's got the perfect balance between sweet, milky, and bitter. I was able to really appreciate that the drink wasn't too sweet (unlike other milk teas I've had), and that you can really taste the tea in the drink.

|Fresh Kiwi Green Tea P98
I know you think that the black sugar milk tea must be my favorite from Oh! My Chicken, but you're wrong. Their fresh kiwi green tea is the best drink to recover after a hot, tiring day. It's light and truly refreshing, and the kiwi bits make it extra extra enjoyable!

I haven't even discussed the best part I LOVE about Oh! My Chicken: the pricing! Not only that the chicken and teas they sell are delicious, but they are also very affordable!

I do hope that Oh! My Chicken expands and opens a new branch somewhere closer and more accessible to me. I could sure use some chicken popcorns and tea drinks every now and then 128523

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Jin Joo Korean Grill

3.0 Stars

Jin Joo finally joined the line of Korean restaurants offering unlimited Korean BBQ in Manila!

The promo started last September 22, 2018, and is only available (currently) at their Podium and Eastwood branches. Of course, since it was a Saturday, my sister and I made sure we do not miss the first day of the offer.

We came at the Podium branch at around 4pm and there was no line. That's one thing people want to hear because who wants to line up for hours just to be able to eat?!

The catch? Pay P499+ (for lunch) and P549 (for dinner) to have 2 hours to eat everything you want from the 10 flavors of meat available, plus unlimited sides and cheese dip. A maximum of 2 orders of meat is allowed for a table with 4 paying adults, and 3 orders of meat for a table with more than 4 paying adults.

We first tried their basic meats: unmarinated samgyupsal and unmarinated wusamgyup. All was well. By then we thought: so far, so good.

We then tried their dan samgyup and dan wasum, and to be honest, the difference in the flavor is almost unnoticeable.

We also asked for their cheese dip (which is also unlimited), and it cheese wasn't really cheese. It tasted a bit milky, but we enjoyed it anyway.

Their serving of meat per plate is quite few, even the sides. It also took sooo long before we got our sides and meat refill, which really sucked since we spent a lot of our time waiting, and we didn't get to eat properly since there were intervals to our meal. Was it because it was their first time to serve unlimited KBBQ? Probably.

To cut the story short, what started as a 4.0 experience turned into a 3.0 because of their service. We have never experienced using up the whole maximum time limit in a restaurant offering unlimited Korean BBQ ever. To think, we were two ladies who were able to order only 6 rounds (just 12 plates) of meat, and that already cost us 2 hours. What more if my brothers were with us? I don't think we'll be able to get our money's worth.

P.S. please visit my blog for the terms and conditions, since I can’t post the photo here without it being cropped :(( I tried to crop it in a way that the full mechanics will be seen but it is being auto cropped after saving it. Soooo yaaah...

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Ceviche: A Peruvian Gastropub

3.0 Stars

Ceviche Peruvian Gastropub is the rebranding of the Peruvian restaurant Don Andres and Habit Gastropub combined into one food and drink destination.

The restaurant opened in July this year, offering their best-selling Peruvian chicken in an incredibly vibrant and instagram-worthy atmosphere, with walls covered in colorful murals.

|Ceviche de Pescado P420
Mahi-Mahi fillet in citrus juice and yellow Chili sauce. If you need a light and fresh start, you may want to try the ceviche de pescado.
|Pulpo al Olivo P375
Sliced octopus in citrus juice, botija olive sauce, and saltine crackers. I enjoy eating octopus without anything else, but the sauce made it so much better, although the crackers were too thick that it sort of takes it all away.

|Choros a la Chalaca P380
Mussels with citrus corn salsa. A bit on the spicy edge, having the choros a la chalaca as an appetizer really boosts the appetite.

|Chorizo al Plato P380
Grilled chorizo with garlic aioli and salad. I am not sure if the Peruvians have their own type of sausage that is called a chorizo (because this is not the chorizo I know), but having a bite of this with the dips helped it taste different from the regular sausages we have.

|Lomo Saltado P465
Beef tenderloin strips, onions, tomatoes, and fried potatoes. This beef dish tastes like a Filipino dish with tomato sauce, except that there were fries! FRIES!

|BBQ Pork Ribs P435
Choice cut pork ribs with BBQ sauce with a Peruvian twist. Their ribs, even if advertised as having a Peruvian twist, tasted like your typical fall-off-the-bones ribs. It was delicious, but it would've been perfect if it were more tender.

|Pollo a la Brasa P790 (a whole chicken + 4 sides)
Peruvian roasted chicken with 3 signature sauces - Chimichurri, Aji Green Sauce, and Spicy Orange Mayo. One whole Peruvian Chicken for this price is a real score. It's huge and perfect for sharing. What's even better is that it comes with these sauces that you get to play with to get what best fits your taste buds. If you're choosing sides, I suggest getting the mashed sweet potatoes, chica salad, or the batata chips (in that order).

|Arroz con Mariscos P480
Assorted seafood rice simmered in wine sauce and special spice blend. Don't expect this to taste like a paella because it is not. I am assuming curry was one of the spices used in the arroz con mariscos since that was the flavor that really dominated in every spoonful.

|Tallarin con Mejillones P440
New Zealand mussels simmered in white wine, tossed with herbs, olive oil, cheese, and noodles. When I tried to savor the pasta, I noticed that it was a bit underseasoned, but I liked it anyway since the parmesan cheese sprinkled on top made up for the lack of flavor.

|Pie de Limon P165
Peruvian style key lime pie. I'm not into tangy desserts, and this one had a really strong sourness in it. But if you are a person who loves those kinds of desserts, then I would think this is something that you'd love.

|Tres Leches P185
Sponge cake with milky cream topping soaked in fresh milk, drizzled with dulce de leche. I loved the tres leches more compared to the pie de limon. It has the perfect level of sweetness (not too sweet), it was light and soft. Eating a whole slice won't get you a sore throat after.

I remember Peruvian cuisine as one that packs a lot of bold flavors with all the spices used to create them, but the food at Ceviche has its spices more toned down. So if you're not into anything that has bold flavors but want to try Peruvian dishes, then Ceviche is a good start.

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Propaganda Bistro

5.0 Stars

I haven’t been to a Vietnamese restaurant ever since my first ever ever experience convinced me that this isn’t a cuisine that’s cut out for me. But the increasing obsession for phos and banh mis made the curious foodie in me give it another go with the newest Vietnamese restaurant in town.

Propaganda Bistro is a restaurant fresh from Saigon, whose mission is to challenge Filipinos’ familiarity with the Vietnamese cuisine. With the restaurant’s artsy interiors, and the use of fresh ingredients to put a modern flare into your traditional Vietnamese favorites, Propaganda Bistro promises an authentic experience that goes a lot more than just dining.

|Fresh Prawn Spring Rolls (10pcs) P330
Julienned carrots, cucumber, greens, kani, and rice noodles all wrapped in a nice spring roll and served with coriander and sugar fish sauce.

128525 Propaganda Edamame Salad P350
A salad made of organic black rice, edamame, fried baby tomatoes, topped with home-made citrus-soy tofu, and served with grilled sesame rice crackers. Remember when you had to pretend to enjoy eating healthy? Well, you won’t have to with the surprisingly play of flavors and textures from the propaganda edamame salad.

|Pate Banh Mi P300
This pate banh mi with braised pork and floss, pickled veggies, and chilli mayo was my first banh mi. I haven’t really been tempted to have this Vietnamese sandwich before because I find its appearance tasteless, but now I totally get it. The crunch from the bread and the slight kick from the sauce gave a nice touch of elevation to the banh mi I once saw as boring.

|Propaganda Bun P250
Rice noodle salad with home-made lightly fried egg tofu and Propaganda's special ginger, chilli and peanut crunchy topping.

128149Chicken Pho P450
I had such a bad experience with pho when I first tried it, and I haven’t had one since, but Propaganda Bistro changed all that when I had their chicken pho. A serving sure was huge, but what I liked most about it was how it was both simple and flavorful at the same time. I loved its lightness, and how I was able to get the flavors coming from the herbs.

128149Hue Rice Noodle Soup P450
There was a debate on which pho did better - the chicken or this hue rice noodle soup? The chicken, of course, won that debate, but this one was really really good, too!

128525Crunchy Tricoloured Rice Bowl P350
We didn’t expect much from this dish since it basically looked like rice topped with egg, but this was where we learned that looks can really be deceiving. The crunchy tricoloured rice bowl is composed of three kinds of rice - black, red, and brown, and mixed with vegetables and meat (we had the BBQ chicken). It was delicious. And because it was heavy, a pot can be shared by two people, which makes it budget-friendly.

|Homemade Frozen Banana and Coconut Bar with Crushed Peanut Topping P150
|Homemade Soursop and Palm Sugar Ice Cream P170
Propaganda lets you indulge in healthy desserts after your meal with their homemade dessert bar and ice cream. Both are made with fruits that are not too sweet, resulting in tasty desserts that won't make you worry about your sugar levels.

|Mint Cacao Kiss Smoothie P160
A smoothie concoction made with banana, cocoa, fresh mint, home-made cashew milk and honey, the mint cacao kiss smoothie is a drink enjoyed by people of all ages.

|Iced Lemongrass Green Tea P90
The iced lemongrass green tea is the drink to choose if you are looking for a light, refreshing drink to awaken your soul.

|Ca The Sua Da P165
For the coffee enthusiasts out there, fret not! Propaganda offers Vietnamese coffee that you'll surely love, like this iced vietnamese filter coffee with condensed milk. I'm not into coffee, but this one had me craving for one. They also have Vietnamese coffee beans available for you to bring home.

I sure made the right decision by giving this herb-loving cuisine a second chance. Vietnam is not even in my list of places to travel to, but now I'm excited to visit this country after spending time at Propaganda Bistro.

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Hawker Chan

5.0 Stars

Roast meats are available in most Chinese restaurants in Manila. If you want some, you won’t have to scour far and wide to find one.

So when I saw that Hawker Chan will be opening a branch in the Philippines, I was both excited and skeptic. Excited because there’s a new restaurant to try in town, and skeptic because how can something so common and simple taste better than ordinary?

Hawker Chan is a restaurant from Singapore founded by Malaysian chef Chan Hong Meng in 2009. The restaurant has since been famous for its soya chicken rice, and has found its way to becoming the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world by the year 2016. This year, Hawker Chan has finally arrived in Manila, through The FOODEE Global Concepts’ efforts to bring delicious, quality food that every Juan can enjoy.

We started the night by having the Thai Style Tofu. It was a surprisingly good appetizer, with the soft tofu being topped with sliced green apples, peanuts, and onions, served on a bed of sweet and chill vinegar that packs a slight kick that lingers on the lips. We all agreed that it’s impressive how they were able to transform a simple and bland tofu into something good.

We were served with the 3 combination platter (P270 without rice or noodles) consisting of char siew, roasted pork, and the star of the franchise, soya chicken. You can just order rice or egg noodles, since this platter does not come with any.

All of the meats tasted amazing. It was hard for me to choose a favorite. The soya chicken really was absolutely delicious, but the roosted pork and char siew are not lagging far behind either in terms of taste. I loved the nice crisp from the roasted pork’s skin, plus the saltiness that went so well with their chilli-ginger vinegar. The char siew was so flavorful and tender, and the soya chicken had this taste I haven’t gotten from any other ones I’ve tried before.

All the calories I consumed (especially that huge cup of rice I almost finished) were all worth it. There isn’t anything I can complain about Hawker Chan. The serving size, the price, and the quality of food are all greater than what you pay for. I definitely see myself coming in and out of this restaurant several times a year for as many years as possible, and I’d still be ordering their 3 combination platter.

P.S. If the original Hawker Chan serves better tasting food than the ones they serve here in Manila (like what they usually say about franchises), then I just can’t imagine how heavenly that would taste.

Also, we came back and ordered the same thing, and I finally decided that I loved the char siew the most!

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Nay Palad

5.0 Stars

How far would you go to be treated the way you deserve?

You won't have to go great lengths. You won't need to spend a lifetime searching. You'll only have to fly to Siargao!

Nay Palad is an all-inclusive, barefoot luxury resort situated in Siargao. In here, you are a queen (or king). Everything is done according to your liking.

The resort's staff was waiting to welcome us at the arrival area of the airport when we landed. Our ride was also waiting for us there, and it's a custom-made jeepney with couch-like seats. We were then offered cold towels, cold drinks in stainless steel tumblers, and finger food that helped us get through the 40min ride to the resort.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the whole management - from the general manager to the chef. We were then informed that Nay Palad is literally a barefoot luxury resort, so right there and then we removed our footwear and let our toes touch the sand all the way to our villa.

There are 10 villas in the resort, but the management only allows booking of 5 villas at a time to ensure total exclusivity and enjoyment free from the crowd. This made us feel like we owned the whole resort!

There are a lot of activities you can do in this resort. And because it's an all-inclusive resort, you can just leave your wallets in your vaults for the whole duration of your stay, you won't be needing it! You can then go nuts and experience everything the resort has to offer!
- Surfing (they can arrange this for you at Cloud 9, with a coach, transportation, snacks and drinks)
- Yoga sessions in front of the beach
- Gym
- Spa! (Massage, mani-pedi, romantic bath for the couples)
- Island Hopping (includes transpo - your very own speed boat with tour guide, island picnic, your own beach umbrella and seats that they will set up for you. Yes, they're that extra!)
- Snorkeling
- Sports: volleyball, table tennis, billiards
- Water sports: kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing
- Cooking demo with chef (they granted us access to the kitchen and watched the chef prepare our meal 10084️)

The only fixed menu the resort has is their breakfast menu (that you'll surely love)! They serve barbeque lunch and fine dining dinner, both of which have menus that are decided by the chef depending on the availability of ingrdients. So if there's a freshly caught lapu lapu, then the chef will make something out of it.

You also get to decide where and when you'll be eating. If you feel like eating dinner at 10pm, just inform them. There are no last calls in here! So you don't have to wake up too early just to make sure you can still get breakfast. You'll also get to experience eating at different areas of the resort, but if you have a request (like our breakfast in the pool 128525), they'd gladly grant it.

There's also a bar by the shared pool where you can mix your own cocktails, or ask the staff to make you a drink. Absolutely nothing is off limits!

We stayed at the 3 bedroom master villa (maximum occupancy of 6 pax), each having their own beautiful views: beach, pool, garden. It is surrounded by koi ponds and has its very own private pool. There's also a fridge per room, with the drinks all free for grabs. It also has its own bonfire, movie room (complete with a comfy couch, stereo, projector), and a treehouse. The villa also had all sorts of furnitures, like the chairs and couches with the super cute pillows that I loved. There were also sun blocks, mosquito repellents, beach bags, chargers, basically anything you will probably need.

Just when we thought that our time as princesses was over, the resort's staff comes with us inside the pre-departure area of the airport to wait for our plane. They brought with them a cooler with drinks and more snacks, leaving no loopholes in the timeline and making sure they serve you well from the moment of your arrival up to the moment of your departure.

We had such a fun and memorable stay at this resort. We felt like royalty the whole time. We have never been pampered the way we were pampered by Nay Palad. Everything was better than we expected, thus the 5-star rating (which I wish can be higher!!! Especially since Nay Palad is a 6-star resort LOLJK corny 128514)

P.S. You can find the rates and booking details at 128513

P.P.S. kulang na kulang ang 10 photos ang lala 128557

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