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Ukokkei Ramen Ron

3.0 Stars
Ramen or Noodle

Ordered the Tantanmen. Broth was flavorful and slightly thick, but the kick was just right. Gyoza was cooked right. I rated Ukokkei a 3 because of the ambiance. I went for dinner service and expected ambient music or silence, but was treated to Yes! FM and a dose of pop culture OPM songs. Staff was rowdy and chatter filled the air. To be fair, I went here for the ramen and not the music, but ambiance is one thing I consider.

So-so experience overall.

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5.0 Stars

The rosu katsu was awesome. Mon, the manager and Anne, one of the waitresses attended to all our needs. This is my 3rd visit and I only found out now that you can request for tea (free) as well as a refill of everything on the table, except for the katsu. Definitely one of my favorite places to eat.

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1.0 Stars

Probably the worst Sbarro in the Metro. The staff was inattentive, that I had to repeat everything I said twice. They don't know what a "half n' half" is - a combination both of their red and lemon iced tea in one cup. I was told that only the other branches did this so I didn't bother to order a drink. Finally, when we got our food, it wasn't even hot. I had the soggiest chicken Parmesan I've ever had. Didn't expect much- hey it's fast food in a food court, but at least serve us warm food!! Will definitely not be coming back anytime soon. STAY AWAY.

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Charlie's Grind & Grill

5.0 Stars

Favorite burger joint. Angus burgers+fries, arguably the biggest buffalo wings in the Metro. Perfect with their Aioli sauce and Charlie's Iced Tea.

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