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The Mind Museum

4.0 Stars

I spent my day off with my siblings at this museum. I knew they would like it as it's just right for their age (10 & 7). Turns out, I enjoyed myself as well :D

When we first entered, it was packed. It was 3pm on a Sunday. We got in and my oh my, it looked so modern! I had to remind myself I was still in the Philippines! We were greeted by a robot shipped all the way from Japan.

Our first exploration started in the "Universe" gallery, where we watched a super 3D film in a dome-like cinema. At first it was cool, but it made us so dizzy after! We went to the different galleries after that and we enjoyed with thefact that it was mostly interactive. My siblings wanted to touch most of the display, and nobody would bother!:)) there were touch screens, interactive games, educational videos, and a static ball where all your hair goes up! Yup, we enjoyed that :))

Overall it's a great experience with the family. We plan to come back because the park was closed and our ticket is valid for August. Only downside here is it's a bit pricey. But i guess it's worth it.

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