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To whom it may concern,

I'm formally writing you a letter of concern, happened this Friday, December 21, 2018 around 9:00 in the morning, i ordered 15 boxes of pastries, 13 Whole box of Mamonitos, 2 Half of Assorted Pastries to be exact in Conti'sBlue Bay Walk. It was delivered right away before 10 in the morning, while checking my orders, Surprisingly, i saw 3 of the boxes soaking wet, 1 mamonitos and the 2 assorted pastries. I hurriedly called and informed the staff what happened with the pastries and even told me that maybe it was because of the rain during delivery. I asked them if they could change and deliver new pastries because this pastries will be a token of appreciation for our General Manager and Department Managers of hotel and they agreed with it right away, however, another thing has transpired they sent me 3 empty boxes! I called their attention again and the staff even told me that it was a misunderstanding they thought that it was only to transfer the pastries to a new one. Did they even think about it that the product not being edible anymore since it was washed up with rain water, you can even see stains on the box because of the pastries. Staff even mentioned and offered that they will come personally to transfer the pastries to a new box, I told them to do something about it and staff even told me that they have no more mamonitos, though the 2 pastries are still available for delivery.

I'm so surprised no one could ever think from your team that they can have made their job easier by simply offering a different item in replacement of non available item.

They offered again another recovery but i already cancelled it and ended up with 3 good-for-nothing pastries.

Been a fan of conti's ever since. Too much of a hassle for delighting your guest. I hope this won't happen again.

* Spoilage product sent thru Contis FB Messenger

Thank you
Ellen Seblet

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