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3.0 Stars
Fast Food

McDonald's has finally joined the milk tea craze with their Milk Tea McFloat (original and wintermelon). I chose the wintermelon. At first sip you'd know that it was not real tea. Maybe buy a sachet of Nestle iced tea and a soft serve ice cream from Mr. Softy instead... Mas nakamura ka pa. 128513

Pero pwede na pantawid uhaw. Besides, what do you expect from a β‚±49 milk tea?

But I'll be back to coffee float for good.

I liked their rice bowl pepper burger steak. I was surprised how the beef patties significantly improved in taste and texture. They were even a little thicker than before. Yummy! 128523

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BLK 513

4.0 Stars
Frozen Yogurt

My date brought me to a surprise treat at BLK 513. I just chose to eat from a cone than from a cup. He said, "Are you sure?" I said yes, I was sure because I know how filling their froyos can be (even without the toppings).

Black charcoal activated yogurt topped with antioxidant snack (fruits and nuts) and chai tea sauce, in a strawberry flavored wafer cone.

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Burr Espresso

4.0 Stars

Unlike my first two visits, my third and most recent visit to Burr Espresso was a lot better. Because I know how their drinks tend to be too cloying (judging from my previous dine-ins), I asked them not to make my cappuccino too sweet. Muffin was just good.

However, their rules regarding providing WiFi have changed. Now, you have to have at least a β‚±200 single purchase to avail of their WiFi service. Something which I am not keen about.

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The Superfood Green Smoothie

5.0 Stars

Recently I was able to have a proper lunch here at the Superfood Green Smoothie, one of my favorite places in Baguio. I was all by myself but I wanted to experience dining here, while my folks were at SM City Baguio.

What I had:

πŸ”ΉSpaghetti Falafel Vegan Balls (β‚±220). This vibrant-looking pasta dish is cruelty-free goodness! I may not be a vegetarian or vegan but I really enjoyed this. This was quite flavorful and delicious. 128523 The falafel balls were colored naturally with beet juice. The servings were so big that this dish was good for two, even three!

πŸ”ΉStress Suppressant (β‚±65) - the first drink that I had when I discovered this place. Still a favorite! I chose a small size this time because this smoothie was definitely filling!

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Soban K-Town Grill

4.0 Stars

Late post -- I used the β‚±1000 GC I received from a food eat-up (see previous review) and dragged my date to an early lunch. 128513 We chose Soy Garlic as marinade for the pork belly. The Green Tea drink was refreshing. We enjoyed unli-rice and side dishes. 128523

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Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar

4.0 Stars


It was my first time at any Tori Ichi branch, and I am grateful to the restaurant for giving me my first experience here through this food meet-up last November. 128522

Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar is a casual Japanese restaurant which specializes on different types of yakitori. It started its first branch in Bonifacio Global City originally as an izakaya-type street bar that primarily served yakitori and beer. But in only a short space of time, Tori Ichi has expanded their menu that includes other Japanese cuisine classics such as sushi, maki rolls, tempura, ramen, tonkatsu, and many others, transforming itself into a full restaurant. It now has four branches, one of them is this branch at Ayala Malls the 30th.

At that time, Tori Ichi launched the "Kazoku Set," just in time for the holidays; I think this is Tori Ichi's first-ever big set meal.

Although "kazoku" means "family" in Japanese and this Kazoku Set is ideally intended for families, of course everyone is welcome to try it. :)

For only β‚±1,350 the "Kazoku Set" consists of:

πŸ”΄ Tonkatsu
πŸ”΄ 4 Yakitori Sticks
πŸ”΄ Assorted Tempura
πŸ”΄ Tonpeiyaki
πŸ”΄ Yakisoba
πŸ”΄ Edamame
πŸ”΄ California Roll
πŸ”΄ Satsumaimo

Although I am mostly familiar with most of the meals there, it was otherwise my first time to try a couple of dishes like tonpeiyaki and satsumaimo.

The tonpeiyaki was a new dish to me and I enjoyed it very much. Tonpeiyaki is similar to okonomiyaki in a way, but the former is basically an omelette while the latter is more like a savory pancake (although it uses eggs too as one of the basic ingredients). Maybe I'd think of the tonpeiyaki as the less complicated version of okonomiyaki.

Our lunch was capped off with a dessert called satsumaimo. "Satsumaimo" literally means "sweet potato" in Japanese and we know that this root crop is very popular in Japan. Tori Ichi's take on the satsumaimo was even sweeter, consisting of fried sweet potatoes glazed with honey and topped with vanilla ice cream. it was a simple dessert but it was so good. I didn't think of pairing sweet potato with vanilla ice cream, but they worked together well here in this dish.

California rolls are always a favorite; I think I ate two or three of them.

The Yakisoba was good too, its flavor punctuated by the nice and salty bonito flakes.

As for their feature dish, the yakitori's, they were good except the chicken hearts (I thought they were chicken hearts) were a bit too concentrated to my taste.

I cannot eat shrimp, so I only ate the vegetable tempura.

I ordered guava juice and I got to love this bottle of pink guava juice.

The verdict? I think the Kazoku Set has a good selection of dishes. However, some would wish for a platter of rice to go along with some of the dishes here like the tonkatsu. But to me, the balance of different tastes and textures, as well as the servings on this set, are perfect. There's always free water, but if you want other drinks you can also order alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages (albeit separately).

The interiors are a bit classy which may intimidate you at first, but actually the ambience of this restaurant tends to go more on the casual side, which is good.

The staff were accommodating and they readily answered to our every query regarding the dishes that were served to us during the FMU. 128522

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Genki Sushi

5.0 Stars

About two weeks I was invited to a PR event at Genki Sushi, SM Aura Premier branch to try their new collection of dishes with a truly Filipino twist:

- Yakimeshi Chahan (β‚±170)

Japanese fried rice with egg, meat and vegetables. This was like Chinese yang chow.

- Gumoku Chahan (β‚±190)

Japanese fried rice with egg and vegetables and topped with chunks of tuna, salmon and shrimp. This was the better fried rice to me. :)

- Kyuri Unagi Udon (β‚±160)

A well-balanced dish of rich, savory, salty and fresh elements. I liked this dish.

- Japanese Tuna Adobo (β‚±180)

Succulent tuna adobo with donburi rice and topped with with Japanese mayo, whole kernel corn, strips of nori and leeks. As a fan of adobo, I super liked this one! Never thought that the rich and sweet-ish Japanese mayo would go well with the already-savory adobo. But it worked splendidly here.

- Minced Pork (β‚±250)

A mixture of minced pork belly, wasabi mayo, white onions and topped with tanugi, leeks and a wedge of lemon. This was like our sisig, but it used pork belly instead of the usual pig head and lemon instead of kalamansi. This was level-up sisig where you could enjoy all the crunchy and savory goodness. The lemon provided the aroma and acidity, while the wasabi mayo brought the heat to this dish. I'd say this dish was well-balanced.

- Minced Seafood (β‚±250)

A mixture of minced salmon, tuna, shrimp, sriracha mayo, white onions, and topped with leeks and egg on the side. This was the favorite of the majority, and I liked it too. I like sriracha (or anything spicy or with heat) a lot so I enjoyed this dish as well.


Aside from trying the new dishes, we also enjoyed their regular dishes and their best sellers. Among my favorites are Fried Salmon Cheese Roll, Seared Salmon with Black Pepper, Tuna Salad Gunkan, Hana Sushi, Green Tea Ice Cream and unlimited hot matcha drink!!! <3

It was actually my first visit to Genki Sushi and it was an eventful and delightful experience.

Thank you Genki Sushi and to Bella J. who extended the invite! Nice to see you again as well as Herl C. and Camille S.

More details about the dises on

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4.0 Stars

I missed having matcha!

So recently I visited Tsujiri again to have my matcha fix.

127811 Matcha Overload (β‚±275)
I thought this dessert was out-and-out matcha stuff. But when I took a look at the cake closer, it was actually chocolate.

The cake was a little dry to me, but the melted matcha chocolate disc and the matcha soft serve made up for it. Yummy!!!

127811 O-Matcha Cappuccino (β‚±150)
The bitterest matcha drink I've ever had, so far! I expected this to be a bit sweet because of the cream on top of it, but this turned out to have no sweetness at all. It was bitter through and through. And I loved it! Before, I used to hate matcha for its grassy and bitter taste, but now I love it because of the same reason.

This was almost like a ceremonial matcha drink. Well actually, Tsujiri does have the pure and plain ceremonial matcha (β‚±140). This O-Matcha Cappuccino was already bitter, a perfect foil to sweeter desserts like my Matcha Overload.

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Snow Panda

4.0 Stars

Last na 'to. Promise. 128516128516128516 #BlackSugarTigerMilkTea

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