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Common Table at Salcedo

4.0 Stars

Common Table is a gastropub located at Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati. It doesn’t have a specific type of cuisine. It has Korean, French, American, and Filipino food in the menu. However, Chef Ian emphasized that it’s not fusion.

The restaurant has an industrial design with all those exposed metals and wood. I’m really a fan of this particular type of interiors. As one of the websites I read put it, “What other styles are at pains to hide, industrial design boldly puts on display.” Yeah, it’s rebellious like that.

Peanut D messaged me 2 weeks ago if I was G for a |ooloo rendezvoos here. Oh yes. I immediately googled the place and became excited as the photos in IG are all very inviting. I particularly saw a photo of their Wagyu Salpicao and secretly wished they serve this to us during the event. I also saw a photo of their Pork Belly and Kimchi Rice and that alone made me want to fast forward the days to the event.

I arrived super late at the venue due to the crazy traffic. However I still found time to take photos of the place. Gaaaahd, though it’s not too big, it’s spacious. It’s a perfect place to unwind after work.

For the food, we had he following.

** Pull Apart Batard Bread (450php) – batard bread, roasted garlic butter, aged cheddar, mozzarella, and rosemary. Denise A and I were really eyeing this as we were both super hungry by that time. The bread was soft and has a nice cheesy taste. It was a good starter, tbh. I just found this a bit pricey compared to all the food that were served that night.

** Common Table Nachos (450php) – house chorizo, 5 cheeses, garlic cream, tomato salsa, jalapeño. The toppings were cooked in a sizzling pan and were put on the nachos in front of us. It was a truly beautiful sight! It’s one of my favorites during the event as I loved the combination of cheese, cream, and chorizo. Actually, I think I was the one who consumed most of this in our table. Uhm, yeah. Judge me.

** Roasted Bone Marrow (470php) – toast, oxtail jam, red onion parsley salad. This is actually one pretty dish. But it’s deadly. If you love bone marrow then this will be heaven for you. Just remember to eat in moderation, or else, you’ll go literally to heaven after. Joke! Kidding aside, this dish was good. Too good that it’s bad already. Huh?! Eat this while it’s still hot!!!

** Patatas Bravas (350php) – crispy potatoes, fried egg, chorizo, garlic aioli. I enjoyed this dish so much as the potatoes were cooked perfectly – crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. It was a bit spicy but the egg balanced it out.

** Wagyu Beef Cubes Salpicao (420php) – Wagyu beef cubes, roasted garlic, tomatoes, Shitake, extra virgin olive oil. Exactly what I saw in the photos. This made most of us say “woooooow.” I enjoyed every bite of this wagyu goodness. The taste was on point.

** Common Table Sisig Fried Rice (310php) – cripsy sisig, chicharon, toasted shallots, sunny side up egg. My ultimate favorite during the event! The sisig taste was very evident and not overpowered by the rice. I loved the egg and crispy chicharon bits as these added texture to the dish. More order of this, please?

** Aburi Salmon (390php) – ebiko, pickled vegetables, nori, Furikake, coriander. I love anything salmon so liking this dish is not a surprise. I just expected more salmon slices and this dish was kind of sour due to the pickled vegetables.

** Warm Chocolate Truffle Fondant (320php) – with Cerveza Negra caramel, and vanilla bean ice cream. We ended our feast with this baby. This was so chocolatey which sent me straight to chocolate paradise. I don’t think I can finish one order tho.

And before I forget, we also had drinks before devouring the dishes above. I had their St. Francis. As per their mixologist, Billy, this has apple juice, and fresh fruits with cardamom-infused gin as base. It had a weird aftertaste tbh, it’s kind of spicy but different from cinnamon spice.

My overall experience was generally good. Chef Ian and the staff were all smiles and really helpful. I just wish for faster food preparation and service. 🙂

Fun night as always with |ooloo people Denise A EJ B Christina R AlwaysHungryPh P Reich T Ruth S and nice meeting you guys Vinny L Gene G and Josette P! 🙂

Thanks again Peanut D and |ooloo! 128153

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Boracay Island

5.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

Boracay has always been special to my heart as this was the first local tourist spot my family and I visited years ago.

Fast forward to today, Boracay is considered one of the best islands not only in the Philippines but also in the world. From amazing views and fun activities to good food and lively night out, one can never run out of choices to enjoy the beautiful Bora.

We got our air fare at a discount due to an airline promo. I think it was just 899php per person. From Kalibo Airport, we rode a van to go to Caticlan Jetty Port. The fare was around 200php/person. It took us around 2 hours to reach the port. I used this time to get enough sleep as I wanted to enjoy the island the whole day. On the jetty port, we purchased our tickets in the booth outside the building near the entrance. I cannot remember the exact fare anymore but I think it included environmental and terminal fees. Finally, we rented a tricycle to drop us off at D’ Mall where our shuttle to our hotel was waiting.

Day 1

We stayed at Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast Boracay. It’s quite far from the center of Boracay (where the stations and D’mall are located). It’s actually near Shangri-La. I was quite amazed on how big this resort is. It has its own private white sand beach, 18-hole championship golf course, infinity pool, pool bar, gym, steam bath, Jacuzzi, zipline, cable car, and even a sports bar. It’s too big that you need a shuttle just to check the whole place out.

After resting for a few hours, we went back to D’ Mall to have our late lunch. We also tried Jonah’s for their shakes. Gahhhhhd, it was divine!

We stayed at the beach for some time to watch Bora’s sunset. Boracay has indeed one of the best sunsets. It was relaxing.

Day 2

After breakfast, we went back to Station 2 to get water activities packages but my cousin suggested to go to Puka beach instead. Puka Beach, for me, is much more beautiful than the “main” Bora beach. Less crowded, which I liked. It also has whiter and finer sand. After swimming and chilling for a few hours, we tried Parasailing. It was my first time to do such activity and I super enjoyed it. It’s quite scary at first but I conquered my fears and doubts eventually.

We also tried helmet diving. I have mixed emotions in this activity as it can be dangerous. The pressure under water can be too much for some people. The helmet weighs around 75 pounds, but it becomes so much lighter in the water. I had a hard time breathing at first but I was able to manage after a few minutes. The view was amazing especially when the fishes surrounded me because I had food for them. You can have your photos taken here as well as the guides have underwater cameras.

Lastly, of course, the night life at Bora. What happens in Bora, stays in Bora – as they say. Because Fairways is too far from all the happenings, my cousins and I decided to book another hotel room near station 2. We were thinking how could we go back to Fairways if we’re tipsy and all. We went to Station 1 and had a few drinks. And the rest is history. 128586

Day 3

Nothing much happened in Day 3 expect that we ate our hearts out trying different restaurants in the area. We had coffee and muffins at Real Coffee. I’m not really a fan of muffins but I fell in love with their Calamansi muffin. We tried Arya’s and another round of Jonah’s before heading back to the airport.

Boracay is truly a must visit island in the Philippines. It’s very tourist friendly despite being crowded. It’s a great place to unwind, travel with family, celebrate with loved ones, or even meet new friends. The possibilities are endless.


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Pista Food Hall

4.0 Stars
Food Bazaar

I’m not sure why but my mind associates Fiesta to Pista Food Hall. Maybe because of the rhyme? Or how about because both are celebrations of Filipino food and culture?

Pista Food Hall is like a Pinoy version of Hall in the Wall. There are spots with rustic theme, there are with garden feel and the rest are your good ole classic restaurant setting. The place is actually nice and pleasing to the eyes. I love the earthy colors and artsy walls. However, the place needs more air-conditioning units as it was hot during our visit. There’s actually a huge fan at the center but it was not sufficient to circulate the cool air in the area.

Pista offers an all-you-can-eat treat every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday for 299php (regular Filipino food) or 699php (Filipino food + seafood + crabs). The price for me is good enough for a buffet considering that they have a decent number of dishes to offer.

We were served the following.

** Seafood Paella
I’m actually a lover of anything with rice so I got excited when I saw this on the table. One serving has crabs, shrimps, and eggs. It actually was presented beautifully. The taste was just okay for me. Nothing spectacular, but it was tolerable. However the other serving of this paella in the other table was too salty. Uhm, I wasn’t able to taste it tho.

** Crab ala Manila
According to the chef, the crabs were deep fried first before cooking with the sauce. It’s their version of chili garlic crab. It was actually good! It was Christina R who first tried it and she was quite positive about it. I did taste it and she was right. The sauce was good and it well complemented the crabs.

** Sizzling Bulalo
This, I think, has a nice potential to be one of their main dishes. The sauce was good and tasty but the meat was so hard to chew. I prefer beef to be so soft and tender like it would melt in my mouth.

** Bulalo sa Itim
This is not the usual bulalo as the sauce is color black. Yeah. I thought as first that it’s a diluted Dinuguan. The chef explained to us that they used burnt coconut to achieve its color. It was pretty interesting to know that they have food innovations like this. I was so excited to taste it and it was okay for me. It has just this weird aftertaste. I also wish that the meat will be more tender next time.

** Kalye Platter
The platter consists of kikiam, fishballs, and quek-quek. Pretty much your ordinary street food but I think eating these while still hot will make a big difference.

** Kare-Kare
Kare-kare is one of my favorite Filipino dishes. Though my mom still makes the best Kare-kare for me, I still enjoyed this dish.

** Barkada Skewers
Corn, tofu, and some other parts of chicken. It was generally okay but I haven’t tasted what’s in most of the sticks.

Overall, I think the food can still be improved. I wish that they become more consistent with the taste of their dishes. I really like the unlimited crabs/shrimps concept for a price that’s pocket-friendly. I also like the interiors, the lighting, and the wall design.

It’s an honest 3.5 rounding up to 4 mainly because of the owner’s generosity (thanks for the sinignag and ice cream!) and of course because of the good company of my |ooloo family.

Thank you Peanut D for the this another rendezvoos and thank you also to Jayson J Christina R Sandy P Dennis O Jairus d EJ B Jonathan R Marc M Midz S Angela Marie C for the good game last time. Chili G, Nievs G, we had fun playing the game P prepared. Next time please! 128153

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5.0 Stars

Tbh I’ve never been to Baclaran until yesterday. It’s been a while since my last |ooloo rendezvoos so despite the location being so far from where I live, I still said yes strongly.

Yokocho is like Mercato but inside a mall. Its black ceiling made the place dark with Japanese lanterns as main source of illumination. It made me curious why they want such environment but after a few discussions with Chili G and Peanut D, maybe the owners wanted to have a Japanese night market vibe. The lanterns are nice, and I’m thinking that I’ll appreciate the place more during night time.

Anyway, let’s go the review. First things first, let me be honest about the location. It’s located at the 4th floor of Victory Food Market in Baclaran. Trust me when I say that I had a hard time finding the place as it’s in the middle of one of the busiest streets in the Metro. There’s an elevator going up, but I used the escalators instead. Good thing that all the escalators are working until the 4th floor, though I find the up-down pattern a little confusing.

I’m really contemplating if I’ll be taking off 1 star in this review because of its location but I think it’s just fair that I’ll be focusing more on its food quality and price. I know the location is part of the overall experience but the |ooloo family made this day all the more fun and exciting and actually enjoyable. Well, as Christina R put it, dining experience is so much better if you like the people you’re eating with. So there.

Ready for the food? Let’s Go!

Let me start with few of my favorites.

** Takoyaki
I think we were served four variants of Takoyaki – original, cheese, chili mayo, and Karashi mayo. Price ranges from approx. 70 to 80php for 4 pcs and 140 to 150php for 8 pcs. Among all the flavors, I still preferred the original one. I loved the bonito flakes on top. Serving was so generous. Sandy P and I literally told each other, “Ilayo mo sa akin yan, mauubos ko ‘yan.” Uhm, yeah we did consume one order of 8 pcs. Bye flat tummy. Uhm, but I don’t have one. *cries*

** Tantanmen Ramen
I love spicy food in general so when I knew that they will serve Tantanmen, I already told others that I’ll have it. Just like taking a turn in volleyball yelling “Mine!” Anyway, this particular ramen was so rich in flavor. I wanted it to be spicier, tho. However for 199php, I think it’s value for money. I wouldn’t mind getting another bowl.

** Yakisoba
The Yakisoba was just in front of me but I was not trying it. When everybody was raving it’s so good that’s when I decided to give it a try. And they were right. The flavor was spot on.

We were also served the following.

** Chicken Teriyaki Bento
** Pork Katsu Bento
** Sukiyaki Beef Bento

Among these bento boxes, I liked the beef bento the most. It was a bit sweet but the strips were soft and easy to chew. The chicken was good too. The tamago rolls that came with these orders were also good. I just found the pork katsu a bit hard and chewy athough I’m not sure if that’s because we took photos too long.

** Seafood Ramen
** Shoyu Ramen
** Tan-Men
** Red Miso Ramen

I must admit, I was not able to try all the ramen that were served so I cannot say something about everything. However I found the Seafood and Red Miso Ramen good. The former had a smoky taste which worked well for me. The latter’s spice level was spot on. Maybe it’s too spicy for others, but I want it that way.

**Crepe Cake
This is good for 3-4 people. It’s 3-layer crepe cake with loads of banana, ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. I was not able to try this but Sandy and Christina said that it’s yummy. It’s actually beautiful. The presentation made us say “Woooooow” when it was served.

** Sushi Maki Set
We were served sushi and maki rolls from Yokocho’s Sushi Station. The California Roll looked so good. I only tasted the one with mango on top and it was actually not bad. I like to commend Yokocho for having quality Japanese rolls at a very affordable price.

We also had the following but I was not able to try.
** Okonomiyaki
**Mango Crepe
** Premium Halo-Go-Ri
**Yokocho Tenpura Sticks
**Sukiyaki Nabe

For the service, I liked that the chefs went out and explained to us some details of all the food they served. The owners also discussed about their concept and vision about Yokocho. They emphasized that they want to give its patrons quality Japanese food at very affordable prices.

I actually like the concept of Yokocho. If only this is located in another place that's more accessible to everyone, I think this will be a hit. I’m not sure tho if I’ll have conscious effort and go out of my way just to eat here but certainly, if ever I find myself in Baclaran area in the future, I now know where to eat. Thank you Yokocho for the generosity!

As always, good times with you Sandy P Jayson J Christina R Jairus d Dennis O Chili G EJ B Midz S Jonathan R Marc M Nievs G! 🙂

Thank you Peanut D and |ooloo for the invite! 'Til next time! 128153

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Mister Kabab

5.0 Stars
Middle Eastern

Hindi ko matandaan kung kailan ako huling nagpunta dito pero ang alam ko ay kasama ko ang isang kaibigan para sa isang sorpresa. Madaling araw din yun pagtapos ng aking trabaho.

Nagpunta ako kani-kanina lang dito at nagulat ako sa ilang pagbabago sa lugar. Mas lumiwanag at umaliwalas na dahil sa mga karagdagang ilaw. Bagong pintura rin ang mga dingding at mukhang nilagyan ng pampakintab ang sahig. Halos puno ang restawran ng ako ay dumating. Ang tanging bakante na lamang ay yung upuan kung saan huli akong umupo. Ang ganda na dito sa Mister Kabab. Damang-dama ang Gitnang Silangang tema.

Inorder ko ang paborito kong Keema na nasa mainit na mainit na plato. Sinamahan ko na rin ng tupa na kabab. At siyempre, di pwedeng mawala ang kanilang yogart na inumin. Napakasarap talaga ng Keema nila. Malinamnam at swak na swak sa aking panlasa. Iba rin ang dulot sa pangkabuuang lasa pag sinabayan ito ng kanilang dalawang espesyal na sarsa. Ang tupa na kabab ay masarap din! Walang lasang kakaiba. Di ko maipaliwanag pero sobra akong natuwa.

Hindi pwedeng mawala ang yogart na inumin sa bawat punta ko dito sa Mister Kabab. Sa sobrang paborito ko siya, isang taludtod ang aking nagawa.

Sa dami na ng akong natikman
Bukod tangi pa rin ang iyong sarap
Di ako magsasawang ika'y balik-balikan
Ikaw lama'y muling malasap.

Dumako naman tayo sa serbisyo. Wala akong masabi, mabilis kumilos ang kanilang mga serbidora. Lahat ng bagay na aking hingin ay naibibigay naman gaya ng tubig, basong puno ng yelo, at maraming-maraming tisyu.

Siya nga pala, ang kanilang palikuran ay binago't pinaganda rin.


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Rue Bourbon

4.0 Stars

Ang Rue ay isa sa pinakapaborito kong tambayan pagkatapos ng trabaho. Bukod sa malapit lang 'to sa opisina, paborito ko ang serbesa nila na may halong karamel.

Pero mga pards di yun ang irerebyu ko ngayon. Nasubukan ko dati itong isa sa mga inumin nila na nasa maliit na baso na kung tawagin nila ay "Gunpowder." O ha pangalang pantangi yan, di ko pwede isalin sa wikang Pinoy.

Ang ganda ng presentasyon nila ng inumin na 'to. Una, sisindihan nila yung inumin na ang taas ng % ng alkohol. Amoy na amoy e. Pagkatapos, bubudburan nila ng kanela. Ayun, mistulang isang palabas na. Ang mga apoy ay tatalsik kung saan-saan na parang mga paputok pag Bagong Taon. Pagpatay ng apoy, ikukulong nila ang usok sa isang malaking baso. Makikita mo yung usok sa baso na parang espiritu na handang pumasok sa kaloob-looban mo. Ipapainom sa'yo ng weyter yung inumin. Dapat isang bagsakan lang ah. Tapos yung nakulong na usok na espiritu ng alak, hihigupin mo sa pamamagitan ng istro. Ayun na. Dito ka na tatamaan. Grabe. Sobra. Nuknukan. Pinaka. Superlatibo. Yung espiritu pumapasok hanggang utak. Ganun kalala. Kung mahina ka sa inuman, mahihilo ka kagad. Pero siyempre, nung unang beses ko nasubukan, kunwari astigin, umulit ako. Ayun. Naging banyaga ako buong gabi. Ingles kung ingles.

Masaya namang subukan yung mga ganito. Nakakaaliw. Pero gawin mo lang ito pag kasama mo yung mga kaibigan mo. Para sigurado kang makakauwi ka nang buo.

Siya nga pala, isa pa sa pabirito ko dito ay yung serbesa nila na lasang Speculoos. O pangalang pantangi ulit yan. Pero sobrang sarap talaga. Matamis nga lang. Sulit. Subukan mo na rin yung may lasang pipino. Para masustansiya. 128069


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5.0 Stars
Art Gallery

Restock will always be one of my favorite coffee shops. I love their Long White and Mocha.

I first tried this place with my clingy friends Cindy S and Edison A and everything was good. So when I saw in IG that they will close by end of July, I felt really sad. Heartbroken, even.

I went here last Monday, July 31st. I had my favorite Long White. It's still the best for me.

P.S. Their Mocha is really good too. It's actually the best Mocha for Cindy, while the one from Mozaic Living comes pretty close.

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Peperoni Pizzeria

5.0 Stars

|ooloo rendezvoos or work? Actually not a hard decision to make. At least for me. 128539

Last night's |ooloo rendezvoos was at Peperoni's Pizzeria, U.P. Town Center. It was actually not my first time there. I tried this with my friends late last year but I remember not liking their pasta dishes that time. I thought this might be the best time to give it another try. And I'm glad I did!

I arrived at the restaurant earlier than 7PM. While waiting, I took pictures of the place. The restaurant is so big and can accommodate a huge number of diners. I still like their big wall art stating, "All we knead is love." I also like how bright the place is, perfect for capturing photos of those mouthwatering dishes. I love their coasters specifically the one with "Certified glutton, and proud of it." I can definitely relate. YAY.

Now let's go to the food.

** Calamari Fritti (325php)
Deep fried squid rings with lemon mayo and arrabbiata sauce.
This appetizer is one of their bestsellers. The squid was cooked right as it's soft and not hard to chew. I like the lemon mayo dip more than the other.

** Caprese (480php)
Mozzarella di bufala, tomato slices, basil and olives.
Another bestseller, this was so good! Though I'm not a fan of tomatoes, I enjoyed this it so much especially the mozzarella and olives.

** Aglio Olio e Peperoncino (290php)
Sliced garlic and red chili in olive oil.
I remember having this during my first visit and I must say, this improved a lot. The pasta was cooked al dente. It's a simple dish but this works every time. Though I have to agree with Abe C that the red chili didn't work so much as this dish had no spice at all.

** Funghi e Tartufo (440php)
Sautèed shiitake and button mushrooms in truffle cream sauce.
This was originally their promotional pasta last November but since it's well-loved by everyone, they decided to include this in their regular menu. Good move as this was truly delicious! The truffle and cream combination was perfect. I'll definitely get this again when I return.

** Bacon Miele Pizza (380php M / 525php L / 1150php XXL)
Bacon, honey, fresh oregano, and gouda cheese.
One of my favorites here at Peperoni. It's kind of sweet because of the honey but it's balanced with the salty and smokey bacon bits.

** Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (380php M / 525php L / 1150php XXL)
Parma ham and rocket salad.
The ham was salty but it was balanced by the pizza crust. This is best eaten when it's still hot.


From July 15 to September 30, everyone can try their XXL Challenge and that's to finish their 21" XXL pizza in 20 minutes or less. You may choose the pizza flavor from bacon miele, peperoni, and all meat. Easy? Possible? YAY! I think so!!!

Actually, Russel F and Angela Marie C tried and almost made it!!! I'm so proud of you guys! They had the Bacon Miele pizza.

For me, their thin-crust pizza looked like it's not too filling but it actually was. Every slice was packed with cheese and bacon. If I did the challenge, I'm sure I won't be able to eat half of it. So good job guys!

P.S. Their XXL Pizza Challenge is done annually.

Thank you |ooloo for this another rendezvoos! Thank you Peanut D for the invite! Thank you Roegan T for accommodating us last night! Thank you Peperoni for the generosity! 9786

Good times only when I'm with my |ooloo family. See you again soon guys Cindy S EJ B Russel F Angela Marie C Abe C Muffy T. 128153

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Ibiza Beach Club

5.0 Stars

I’ve been hearing a lot of raves about Ibiza Beach Club from my officemates as they have tried this place multiple times already. So when EJ B asked me and my fellow foodies for a Kaladkarin eat up here, I just had to say yes.

Ibiza Beach Club is located at the 6th Floor of W City Centre. The location is actually good as it’s found in one of the busiest areas in BGC. As I entered the place, sophistication welcomed me. I actually like the ambiance – complex but chill. I love the white and blue combination as every corner is just pleasing to the eyes.

We were served a lot during this visit and everything was so good. To be more specific, we were served two sets of their Lunch Specials. They have Executive Lunch Set (1000php) and Early and Late Seating Lunch Special (500php). Each set comes with their Soup of the Day and unlimited access to the Salad Bar. To be honest, their salad bar is so extensive that I don’t mind spending an hour munching on those veggies. Uhhm yeah, that’s an exaggeration. But hey, they have olives, capers, bacon bits, chicken strips and a lot of cheeeeese. I’m solved. Anyway, the only difference about these sets are the plated main course.

Executive Lunch Set (soup of the day + salad + 1 plated main course + dessert)
** Ribeye
** Filet Mignon
** Lamb Chops
** Salmon Steak
** Jumbo Prawn
** Calamari
** Canadian Beef Ribs

Among these, I truly loved the Lamb Chops. It’s super fresh. It has no weird aftertaste. It was seasoned well that I appreciate it too much. I also liked the Ribeye steak. Of course, it’s a missteak if I didn’t do. (Uhhm okay, kidding). The Salmon steak was also gooooood. And actually the calamari. The calamari was so soft and cooked perfectly.

Early and Late Seating Lunch Special (soup of the day + salad + 1 plated main course + dessert)
**Pork Baby Back Ribs
** Chicken Drumstick
** Crispy Pork Belly
** Fish of the Day

If you will be getting this set, I say get the baby back ribs. It was huge! I also liked the tenderness of the meat but I hope I get to have more meat next time. The crispy pork belly was ordinary tho. I didn’t get the chance to taste the chicken and the fish so I cannot say something about those dishes.

If you’ll ask me if the lunch here is good and sulit, it is a yes. Though 500php (or 1000php for the Executive Set) would be too much for a daily lunch expense, you’ll get top notch food and service. Soup of the Day in other restaurants costs around 150-200php already. Then you have unlimited salad. Then main course. Then dessert. Yeah, right? It’s kind of sulit and good deal, but not every day.

The service was good too. The servers were attentive and helpful. Thank you Ibiza Beach Club!

P.S. The dessert!!!! It’s called Queen Pinya. It has cinnamon sugar, honey, fresh yogurt, and crushed nuts. So good!!! I’m actually a fan of grilled pineapple so I really liked this so much. Don’t forget this when you have your lunch here. Thank me later! 128521

More eat ups with you guys! 100841008410084️ Midz S Christina R Patrick V EJ B Dennis O Kristin A Marc M Ruth S 9786

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Palm Grill

5.0 Stars

Palm Grill is relatively one of the new restaurants in Tomas Morato. Their food has Indo-Malay influences as one of the owners was born in Jolo, Sulu.

Yannie and Miguel welcomed me during their Bloggers Day on May 3. I was scheduled at 3pm. Miguel told us that Palm Grill is actually a chicken restaurant, but they have now expanded their menu to have other items such as seafood and beef.

It's interesting to know that most of their best-sellers are family recipes. Therefore, expect good and awesome home-cooked meals. Or at least the taste and feel of it.

We were served Vita Coco and unlimited coffee while waiting for other bloggers to arrive. When we he group was finally completed, we were served the following.

** Green Chicken
This delicious dish is a recipe from Miguel's mother. The chicken meat is cooked for 1hr and 30min in coconut milk and 7 Asian spices. It's then grilled for the charred taste. It's safe to say that this is my favorite dish in Palm Grill. This is packed with flavors. I'm so curious to know each of the 7 secret Asian spices as their combination is just perfect. I love the tenderness of the meat. Lastly, the turmeric rice in this dish is heavenly. It's the perfect pair for this dish.

** Chicken Satti Soup
This spicy thick soup with riceballs and grilled chicken was legit AF. It's a bit spicy but I liked it. We were informed that this is a Mindanaoan dish, and I'm happy that they brought this good dish in Manila.

** Pinoy Sliders
Chicken patties in pandesal. Though I liked the patties, it would have been better if the pandesal buns were toasted. The pesto pasta on the side can be improved as well.

** Oswalda's Fried
This is named after the owner's grandma. It's a different take on fried chicken. It tastes like homemade fried chicken, and it works for me. Yipee.

The restaurant has OOTD wall where you can have your group photos taken. Such a nice concept. The second floor, I think, can also be used for functions or gatherings.

Thank you Palm Grill and EJ B for the invite!

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