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Costa Coffee

4.0 Stars

Being a lover of anything coffee, I got extra excited when I was invited to a Costa Coffee |ooloo rendezvoos. Imagine I’ll be doing what I love (photography), while sipping the beverage I love, with the community I extra love (nuks siyempre |). 128517 #pilitinpa

Anyway, this rendezvoos is about the Holiday treats of Costa Coffee this year. They presented us 6 drinks and 3 cakes.


* Golden Hazelnut Hot Chocolate - my favorite among all the Holiday drinks this year. This has strong hazelnut taste that very well complemented the delicious and soothing hot chocolate.

* Billionaire’s Hot Chocolate - I also like like this drink as it’s made with dark chocolate. It has a caramel syrup which makes this a little sweet. It’s topped with golden crumbs, hence the name.

* Salted Pistachio Mocha - the only coffee-based drink in this year’s line up. This has very pronounced pistachio flavor which makes this an easy favorite. It’s just a little salty for me. I would have preferred a Pistachio Mocha instead. Nevertheless, this is still a nice drink and I would recommend this to someone who wants another twist to the classic mocha.

* Salted Pistachio Mocha
* Golden Hazelnut Chocolate
* Candy Cane

Frostinos are the ice blended drinks of Costa Coffee. The Candy Cane Frostino is a such a crowd pleaser. It aims to win the hearts of the crowd with its colorful sprinkles and sweet base. This lives up to its name - Candy Cane drink as it’s sweet and pretty. It’s just too sweet for me though. However I was informed that the sweetness level of Costa’s drinks can be adjusted so I’ll definitely try this next time with much lower sugar level. 128539


* Merry Mint Cake - probably the most beautiful cake in the line up, this is a choco-mint combination. I love this cake as I’m a certified mint lover. Though I don’t eat chiffon cakes that much, I truly enjoyed this treat.

* Candy Cane Cake - another beautiful-looking cake, it has buttercream frosting and chocolate sprinkles. My fellow reviewers said the frosting was too thick, and I completely agree. This can be a big hit to kids though, due to its presentation.

* Purple-Glazed Cake - ube fan here! 128587🏻‍♂️ The yema layers are not overpowering which I enjoyed. It has the right ube taste without being overly sweet. 128156


* Cheesecake Yule Bar - this is a no-bake cheesecake and it’s my ultimate favorite among the cakes and pastries that were served that day. It just hits all the right spots.

* Gingerbread cookies - I also enjoyed this! Every bite screams Christmas. If you love cinnamon and nutmeg then this is for you!

Overall, I enjoyed this visit! 💯 I’m really a fan of Costa’s flat white and I’m so happy to try different drinks from their menu. I’m definitely coming back for the Golden Hazelnut Hot Chocolate! 128153

Thank you |ooloo and Costa Coffee for the invite! You guys are awesome! Thanks @roegan for the invite!


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Soru Izakaya

5.0 Stars

Finally, my review for Soru Izakaya!

I’ve been here for xx number of times already since they branched out in BGC. I love their new location as it’s so close to where I work. This is my current favorite Japanese restaurant in the area.

Before I go to the food, I just want to emphasize how cool their table top menu holder is. Usually, restaurants are using flip stand menu holders, but Soru Izakaya uses a digital one. It also serves as powerbank and it has cords for iOS and Android phones! I find it really nice especially for millennials like me who’s always on my phone even while eating. 128539

Anyway for the food, I already have my list of orders and I’m usually having these whenever I visit this place.

* Poke Bowl - tuna and salmon cubes with cucumber, mango, onions and lettuce dressed in Sriracha mayo and mango sauce. This is my extremely favorite here and any visit wouldn’t be complete without this. It’s very sulit for its price. Lots of toppings especially tuna and salmon cubes. The mayo and mango sauce combination is just too good. I super love the seaweeds!!!

* Maguro Furai Maki - pan seared tuna and asparagus topped with cheddar cheese and cream cheese, drizzled with Teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayo. If there’s one thing I would like to keep to myself, then it is letting everyone know how good this order is. But of course sharing is caring so I’ll tell you my secret. This maki is so good. I’ll repeat it. IT’S SO GOOD. No rice here, just pure tuna roll. Be sure to try this when you visit this place. Don’t forget to thank me, yes? 128517

* Nori Tempura - whoever thought of this combination is a genius. Enough said.

* Matcha Cheesecake - layered matcha and white chocolate cheesecake with buttered grahams and matcha powder. Can I just say that the presentation of this is just so beautiful? I could stare at it for hours! Ha. That’s exaggeration but there was a point that I didn’t want to taste it as it’ll ruin the presentation. 128539 Anyway, this is legit matcha cheesecake. The matcha taste is strong and pronounced but not to the point that it’ll back you off. It’s just right and it really complements well with the tartness of the cheesecake.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with all the food I tried here in Soru Izakaya. I’ll definitely be back. 128521

P.S. My 300th review here on |ooloo! 127881 I know it’s not that much, but hey it’s still an achievement! ♥️ 💯💯💯

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The Coffee Library

5.0 Stars

I’m still contemplating if I’ll go to Elyu before the year ends as I’m terribly missing the food scene there. Elyu has this vibe that I truly love. It’s a place I would love to visit at least once a year.

I was looking at my pending review list and saw that I still haven’t submitted my review for this lovely coffee shop. Better late than never, eh?

The Coffee Library is one of my favorite coffee shops in La Union. Its menu is really extensive as it offers rice meals and pasta dishes as well. My first visit in this coffee shop was not really good. I remember not liking their mocha back then. However during my recent visit here, my view about this café changed.

I was able to try 4 (out of xx number of) drinks that this café offers – Caphe Sua, Caphe Bak Xiu, The Coffee Library Hot Chocolate, and the iced Matcha Mocha.

Caphe Sua or hot milk coffee – if you’re looking for a strong, kick-ass coffee, then this is for you. This will give you a hint of what Vietnamese coffee tastes like.

Caphe Bak Xiu – probably one of my favorites here, this drink is coffee mixed with coconut milk. I tried this iced, and it’s just so good. I heard angels singing in every sip. Lol. 128517 That’s exaggeration, but this really tastes like the Coconut Coffee I had in Vietnam.

The Coffee Library Hot Chocolate – if you don’t like coffee then (why??) this is the drink to order. It’s milky, but not overpowering. I super love this. It’s like a hug in a mug. 128153

Iced Matcha Mocha – finally, this is what I ordered. I was not expecting a lot in this as matcha-coffee combination is a hit or miss. BUT this exceeded my expectations. It’s so good. I love the balance between the matcha and coffee. It’s something I would recommend to first timers here.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit here. This coffee shop will always be on my must-try list in visiting Elyu. I know there are other branches of this coffee shop already, but it’s just different when you’re trying this in surfing paradise.

Who’s game for an Elyu trip? Let’s please! 128521

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Bellefleur by Beatrix

5.0 Stars

They say that dessert is like a feel good song and the best ones make you dance. Good desserts make me happy, energized, and inspired. 💯

I tried the Big Ass Cookies by Bellefleur by Beatrix last week. These are made with 3 types of chocolate chips such as milk, semi sweet and dark. Each cookie weighs 6 oz. It’s thick and really huge!

First impressions about how the cookie looks - it’s moist, and loaded with lots of choco chips. Sulit for 150php, I must say. Each cookie is individually wrapped, so freshness is guaranteed.

I was advised to warm the cookies first before eating and I’m glad I followed it. I can still remember how our kitchen smelled when I took the cookies out of the microwave. It made me so excited to dig in right away. The cookies were great, I love the consistency and flavor. It’s more on the sweet side, maybe because of the milk and semi sweet chocolate chips. It’s hard to finish one because of the size, but you’ll truly sacrifice your diet for this one. I think I had 2 in just 30 minutes. 128539

I truly love these cookies so I shared some to my friends. Aaannnd everyone gave a thumbs up for these babies. 128077🏻

Btw, I was inspired to shoot the product at home. I hope everything turned out well. 128517

P.S. 2 more reviews before I hit 300 reviews here on |ooloo! 🤣

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Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

5.0 Stars

Have you already thought where to celebrate this holiday season? Or maybe what to have in your yearend parties? Yellow Cab got you covered, fam! This well-loved pizza brand has three holiday surprises to us – the hungry hustlers.

The holiday season in the Philippines is usually the longest and the happiest. This is the season of giving, and forgiving. This is the season of loving, and showing. This is the season of partying, and meeting old friends. And of course, this is the season of drinking, eating, and bulking. With these in mind, Yellow Cab prepared deals to help us in our holiday celebrations.

Free trip to New York
Yes! Yellow Cab has a Holiday Raffle promo where the winner will get an all-expense paid trip to New York! You will get one raffle ticket for every single receipt worth 999php-1788php. Two tickets will be given for 1,789php-2488php. Three tickets will be given for purchases above 2488php.

Yellow Cab Holiday Bundle
For 2,789php, Yellow Cab’s Holiday Bundle includes the following.

*2-in-1 Pizza featuring the pizza joint’s bestsellers New York Finest and #4 Cheese
*Charlie Chan
*Chicken Alfredo
*Spaghetti & Meatballs
*12pc. Chicken Box in Hot Chix, Garlic Parmesan and Salt & Pepper flavors
*two 1.5L bottles of Mountain Dew
*Strawberry ice cream
*Pistachio ice cream
*Free Bronx pizza
*5 raffle tickets for the Hungriest Holiday Raffle (instead of 3 as the receipt is more than 2488php)

I honestly think that this bundle is worth every peso. I’ve tried it, and it’s really filling. I super love Charlie Chan and Alfredo pasta dishes so my carb-filled tummy is happy with this promo. Super sulit!

Ultimate UnliParty
From Yellow Cab’s official statement, “On December 5, enjoy unlimited slices of Hawaiian or The Bronx Creamy Mushroom pizza and free-flowing Mountain Dew for only PHP399. The Ultimate Unli Party now also comes with one serving of regular Hot Wings and Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta or Spaghetti & Meatballs for dine-in customers. For hustlers who prefer to bring the food to where their crowd is via takeout, delivery, or curbside pickup, they can choose to avail of the 14” Hawaiian and The Bronx Creamy Mushroom pizzas for only PHP999. Generous, complete, and value for money, Yellow Cab’s Ultimate Unli Party is the most awaited event for foodies and hustlers everywhere.”

I love the term “unlimited” for obvious reasons. I was born hungry, and this deal is just perfect for me. See you on December 5?

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Caerus Specialty Coffee + Bistro

5.0 Stars

Caerus Specialty Coffee is one of the newest coffee shops in Quezon City. It serves good coffee, desserts, and even savory dishes such as pasta and sandwich meals.

I spent an afternoon here last Saturday after attending a friend’s event. There are quite a few things I noticed the moment I arrived at the place. First, parking will not be a problem here (though it’s a common issue in the area) as they have a big parking space. Plus points for this one!

Second, they have a nice communal table where people can interact. They also have a small private room. I’m guessing that customers can reserve this for events and presentations.

Third, they have a lot of electric sockets. Yes! It’s very student and WFH friendly. 💯 And lastly, they have very nice interiors. The theme inside the cafe is modern with color brown furniture. It’s really pleasing and warm to the eyes.

Now for what I had during this visit.

*Flat White - this is really good. I love the milk-coffee ratio. I noticed that they don’t overprice their coffee. This specific cup (a large one) is only 145php. They do pretty latte art too!

*Lava Cake - I was craving for something sweet and saw this lava cake. I asked them if it’s served with ice cream and the person manning the counter said that it’s possible. However after a few minutes they advised me that they ran out of ice cream anymore. 128546 Anyway, I still ordered it! 128539 I was excited to do an action shot of this lava cake but when I cut it, nada. It’s still warm but not oozing. I still enjoyed it though! It’s a bit sweet but I think I should be expecting that to a lava cake. 128539

Overall, it was a nice visit and I’m looking forward to try their other coffee! Tara, coffee soon? 128525

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Bean & Yolk

5.0 Stars

Finally tried Bean and Yolk again after xx months. I remember loving their small and intimate Makati branch so much.

Their not-so-new and only branch now is located at Westgate Center. It’s kind of far from me so I made sure to pay them a visit when Cindy S and I went on a road trip down South.

First impressions first on this branch: it’s big, bright, modern, but still comfy. The home-away-from-home vibe is still there. I love its pastel theme, it’s very pleasing to the eyes.

For the food, I had Farmer John and hot B&Y mocha.

*Farmer John - fried egg, cheddar cheese, ham, bbq mayo, caramelized onions, buttered slice brioche. Sooo GOOOD, not to mention that it looks heavenly as well. I’m not sure if it’s just me or what, but I would describe this as “if someone asks what comfort food is, I’ll show this photo coz this explains it well.” 128539

*B&Y Mocha - Cindy S recommended this drink and thank goodness I followed her. This cup of joe is a cup of happiness.

I also tried Cindy’s order, Iced Latte Gianduja. I like how this looks as I can see beautiful layers of coffee, milk, and chocolate. Though I also like how it tastes, I’m not going this in the future as I’m not a fan of grainy drinks.

Overall, it was a nice visit. Comfort food and drinks which are good for the soul. 💯

P.S. Please open a branch in Makati again. Huhuhu 128546128153

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Flossom Kitchen + Cafe

5.0 Stars

Flossom Kitchen + Café is a garden-inspired restaurant tucked in a private compound in San Juan. I’ve been meaning to visit this place as its beautiful interiors and homey ambiance are making raves online. I’ve finally checked this place out last |ooloo rendezvoos, and I discovered that this is more than just an instagrammable café. It serves good and satisfying food that are worth coming back for.
The location of the café is good if you want a sudden escape in the hustle and bustle of the city. However, it can be difficult to commute going to/from here as it’s not easily accessible by public transpos. It’s best to bring your own car, but a grab or taxi can be an option as well.
Before I go to the food, let me first emphasize how beautiful the café is. It has three main sections such as the main, al fresco, and the glasshouse. The main restaurant has a nice and comfortable ambiance. I like the tables in the corner near the wall accentuated with plants. It’s just so relaxing. The glasshouse, where the |ooloo group spent lunch is classy, and bright. Janna from Flossom said that this can be rented for 20Kphp consumable for 4 hrs for parties and events. The Al fresco one is a typical dining area where customers can smoke.
Now let’s go to the food!
We had a lot during this visit and everything is really good. I have a lot of favorites such as Mushroom Truffle Risotto, Truffle Lechon Pasta, Baked Brie with Fig Jam, and Trash Can Nachos.
Mushroom truffle risotto with grilled Norweigan salmon fillet. This dish is made with different types of mushrooms such as Shiitake, button, and Shimeji. Every bite was glorious. I like how the salmon fillet was cooked. It was soft, and its grilled taste complemented well the exquisite truffle taste of the risotto.
The Truffle Lechon Pasta is probably everyone’s favorite here. Their version is creamy, and flavorful. I’m used to having rice (3 cups please) with my lechon but now I discovered an alternative. A good, and addicting alternative.
Baked Brie with Fig Jam is actually a starter but I wasn’t able to stop myself munching on this even after the mains. The softness of the cheese partnered with olive oil, thyme and jam is just perfect with their baguette. It’s simple, but it surely hit the spot.
Their Trash Can Nachos will never be too much for anyone who loves big starters. Everything you can think of to put in nachos is here – chili, beef, grilled cheese, onions, cilantro, marinara, onion cream, and pico de gallo. BUT Flossom’s version has one not-so-secret ingredient to level up their nachos game. It’s corned beef. And who’s not even a fan of corned beef???
We also had the following.

*Ultimate English Breakfast – 2 pancakes, smoked gourmet ham, bacon, wild mushrooms, baked beans, sunny side up eggs, potato wedges, grilled tomatoes, and baguette. One order can actually be shared with 4 people, in my opinion. It’s just too heavy. The mushrooms were good, as well as the ham and bacon.

*Chorizo Croquetta Bombs – minced chorizo, croquettas, mozarella, brava sauce. If you like croquettas, then this is a must-try. Their dipping sauces are good!

*Truffle Egg Croissant – truffle bits, egg salad, fish roe, bacon, croissant. I actually like this too! Anything truffle is good, and I was surprised that egg salad can be a good pair for croissant. It’s a unique find here at Flossom.

*Jamon Serrano Pizza – Spanish jamon, bell peppers, garlic, tomato sauce. This is one beautiful pizza, in my opinion. However, the taste of this one is just normal for me. This can be improved by having more cheese, and sauce.

*Baked Meatloaf -  homemade embutido, bechamel, mozzaerella, rice. This is one cheesy dish that’s unique in Flossom.

*Daddy’s Homemade Sisig – sisig doesn’t need much of description. Their version is actually good, and it could easily be on my top favorites. However, I would prefer a crispier version.

*Molten Lava Burger – Angus beef patty, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onion, lava cheese, Flossom sauce. This is served in a brioche bun with potato chips on the side. This looks really good, but too sad I wasn’t able to taste this one.

*Cheeseburger Bolognese – ground Angus patty, mixed herbs, red sauce, garlic, cheese. Why do I have this impression that all pasta dishes in Flossom are good? I enjoyed this one even though I’m not a fan of red sauce pasta dishes.

*Custard Fritters – custard egg rolls, yema sauce. This. I. Love. The sweetness level is just right, and I love its ‘crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside’ texture.
*Ube Champorado – everyone knows I love ube so this must be something I would love. And this was actually pretty good! However I agree with some of the reviewers that it needs more ube flavor. But if you want a new twist with the classic cocoa champorado that we all love, this is something worth trying. 128156

*Latte – I was quite surprised that they also serve good coffee. Their latte is so good, do get one if you’re planning to order coffee here. However if you opt to have their flavored coffee, be sure to tell them to lessen the sweetness. Thank me later!

Overall, I enjoyed everything that I had here in Flossom Kitchen + Cafe. I would definitely be back to try their other pasta dishes.

Flossom has the vibe and ambiance of a third wave coffee shop - warm, homey, and close to the heart. 128153

Thanks again Flossom and |ooloo for the invite! It’s always great to see you guys Roegan T Cindy S AlwaysHungryPh P Herl C Julie L Patrick V Charlzz C Aileen L Manila E! And it was nice to meet you, FoodventuresByFrapao T! 🙂

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5.0 Stars

What’s up everyone? Your boy here is back to attending |ooloo rendezvoos after x months. Well, blame the busy schedule. 128539

Two weeks ago, I was invited to try Aburi in U.P. Town Center. Since QC is my turf and I haven’t tried this restaurant before, I replied with a resounding YES. Thank you |ooloo, Jessica G and Roegan T for the invite!

Based on its name, anyone can guess that Aburi is a Japanese restaurant. It’s from the same group that brought us Relish and Romulo Café. Aburi has 3 branches in the country already. It specializes in torched sushi, makizuhi, and sushi-don.

Aburi’s branch in U.P. Town Center is spacious, and modern-looking. I love its floral yet dark wall outside which gives the restaurant a classy and sophisticated ambiance. It may be intimidating for some, but I truly like the aura it gives.

Now let’s go to the food.

We had a lot during this rendezvoos and I’ll try to cover most of the items. Let me start with my favorites – Salmon Aburi, Lorenzo Maki, and Kylie Jenner Maki.

The owner highly suggested to try their best-selling Salmon Aburi. It’s a bold statement and everyone got curious about it. And. She. Was. Right. Their Salmon Aburi is so good. The one I tasted was rich and flavorful. The salmon was tender and melt-in-the-mouth soft. The mayo on top was creamy and tasted like melted cheese. It’s definitely worth trying!

Their Lorenzo Maki was good too! It’s a bit spicy because of the spicy tuna on top but the mayo and crabsticks balanced the taste so well. Plus points for the presentation too! The Kylie Jenner Maki was a star on its own. If you like seafood, then this is the thing to order. Everything in this roll complements each other. This roll made my taste buds happy, enough said.

We also had Spicy Tuna Sashimi, Salmon Carpaccio, Ebi Tempura, Grilled Salmon Batayaki, Sriracha Wings, Wagyu Teppan, Tori Karaage, Tofu Steak, Pork Belly Yakitori, and Beef Aburi Bowl. Among these, I would like to highlight the Spicy Tuna Sashimi, Grilled Salmon Batayaki and Beef Aburi Bowl.

Their Spicy Tuna Sashimi reminded me of my favorite salad with tuna pieces on top. It was a good starter, and I like that it’s served with greens and tacos. The Grilled Salmon Batayaki has a nice twist of flavors but I just prefer the salmon to be cooked medium well than well done. I found the meat not too soft anymore. However, it’s just my preference, I think, as this dish came as one of the favorites of a fellow reviewer.

The Beef Aburi Bowl was a stunner. This rice bowl was packed with tender beef slices with Teriyaki sauce for flavor. It’s served miso soup so I think this can be a good deal for people who have big love for food. It’s good for two in my opinion, especially if you have other food to go with it.

Overall, I truly enjoyed everything I had here in Aburi. This is something that I would recommend to people who would love to spend for good Japanese food. I heard that the restaurant is also offering special combos to cater the budget of the students. That’s a good move in my opinion, as it’s in Katipunan where a lot of schools are located.

Again, thank you |ooloo for the invite and it was good to see familiar faces that day! EJ B. Charlzz C. Julie L. Nievs G. Herl C. Roegan T. Nice to finally meet you, Aileen L. and Jessica G! 128153

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Blocleaf Cafe

5.0 Stars

I know there are a lot of coffee shops in Metro Manila but it seems that most of the specialty and third wave ones are in Makati and Quezon City. I can also name a few within the vicinity, but I just realized I haven’t explored the coffee scene in Manila (the city) yet. So when Sandy P and I visited the National Museum one Saturday, I made sure to drop by Blocleaf Cafe in Malate.

My first time in this cafe was really special. First, we’re the only customers in this visit so I was able to take hundreds of photos. Second, I was able to “operate” their coffee machine as the barista allowed me to enter the kitchen. And lastly, their service was impeccable. The barista was super kind and accommodating. She offered everything without even asking - wifi password, water, her photography skills, and her knowledge about the best spots of the cafe and where to take the best photographs. She’s really cool. 💯

Anyway, I tried their Cafe Latte and Thai Iced Tea. Both were actually good! I was not expecting so much about their drinks as I’ve read in some reviews that their coffee is light when it comes to taste. Even though I prefer a stronger coffee, their iced latte was refreshing and provided me the caffeine kick I needed for that day. The Thai Iced Tea was milky, but with pronounced tea flavor.

If you’re looking for a place to have coffee or tea that has beautiful interiors then Blocleaf Cafe is worth checking out. It won’t disappoint. 128153

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