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Bellefleur by Beatrix

5.0 Stars

Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey. 127926 #loolooweeklychallenge

Most of us like sweets, but these should not be too sweet. It’s kind of ironic, but yes.

Desserts are undeniably part of everyone’s meal. Cakes, ice creams, cupcakes - these are all meal-enders. But one thing is for sure, we generally like our desserts not overly sweet. And Bellefleur by Beatrix knows this.

I received an invite from Bellefleur to try some of their best-sellers. Bea, one of the owners, welcomed me warmly in her shop located at Unimart Greenhills. The shop was kind of small and intimate. The childhood in me got truly excited when I entered the shop as it’s full of cute cake designs!

Bellefleur by Beatrix is sharing its space with Tirsty Turtle – an all organic and healthy smoothie and juice bar.

Now off to what I had, let’s?

While my other foodie friends were doing our set-up, I ordered the combination of spinach, celery, and banana in a very refreshing drink at Thirsty Turtle. They call it Popeye’s Turtle. It was just so good. I honestly didn’t expect it to be delicious as most healthy drinks have a weird taste. When I told the owner about this she said that it’s actually her vision for Thirsty Turtle – to remove the stigma that healthy and nutritious drinks made with vegetables and fruits taste awful.

I loved it so much that I asked if I could try other flavors! I also had their Turtle Beets and Topsy Turvy Turtle and both were good too!!! The former is composed of beetroot and pineapple while the latter is mango-banana shake with coco milk on top.

For the cupcakes, I tried their Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, and Chocolate flavors. I liked the chocolate one best as it’s so creamy and moist.

I was also able to try their Longganisa Bun and it was heavenly! Imagine a generous serving of homemade longganisa in a freshly baked soft bun. I can honestly give it a perfect rating especially when served hot.

Now for the stars of this visit: Ube Leche Flan cake and Frozen Ube Brazo.

Firstly, I have to emphasize how beautiful their Ube Leche Flan cake is. The yellow and violet combination is just pleasing to the eyes and teasing to my stomach. The ube base is made with chiffon cake which is fluffy and light, The leche flan on top balances this by giving it a velvety rich texture. I took a bite, and man it was the not-too-sweet cake I’m looking for.

I love frozen brazo in general so I was excited to try their Frozen Ube Brazo. And it did not disppoint. NOT AT ALL. One bite and I’m solved. It’s sweet but perfect. Bea told me that the brazo filling is not the usual one as she put more cream in it and is being cooked longer. The ube ice cream that they’re using is homemade too. No wonder this dessert captured the hearts of many Bellfleur by Beatrix’s patrons. Including me!!!

If you still haven’t tried Bellefleur by Beatrix then do yourself a favor and get their Frozen Ube Brazo. I promise, you’ll crave for more.

P.S. They also accept made-to-order cakes. Just let them know the design you like! A unicorn cake, maybe? Yes, of course!!!

P.P.S. Parang ang luma ng kanta na ginamit ko. 128517 #nojudgement

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4.0 Stars
Fast Food

Jollibee's Amazing Aloha is back and most of my friends are so happy about it. Oh yes, I felt old because of that. 128586

I'm happy that it now comes in two sizes, and a choice of single or double patties. It's actually good!!! I know that there are a lot of debates whether pineapple in pizza is okay or not, but I guess there's no question about pineapple in Jollibee's burgers with 100% langhap-sarap beef patties. Hahaha see what I did there? 🙂

Oh yes. It's best with their Chocolate float. Thank me later! 128521

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Banh Mi Kitchen

5.0 Stars

I was invited for a sneak peek of the newest banh mi offering of BMKN - the Singaporean Chili Crab.

This newest flavor of BMKN is only available at their BGC branches. It's very packed with crab meat, crab fat, and chili sauce. The flavor was so bold and rich but not overpowering. Each bite was a delight in my mouth. I prefer it to be spicier though, but a little amount of Sriracha sauce will do the trick.

It's one of their premium banh mis so it's priced a little higher at 349php for the whole size. It's still sulit if you'll ask me, as the taste is something special.

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The Bakeshop

5.0 Stars

You can call me Chuckie, your chocolatey buddy. Yeah, that was my usual line back in College. It's just to emphasize that I truly love chocolates.

Angela Marie C was #FeelingBlessed and #FeelingGenerous last time that she gave us XXV and Funky Monkey from The Bakeshop by EDSA Shang. Between the two, I like the XXV better. The Funky Monkey was too sweet for me, and I'm not a fan of marshmallows. Nevertheless, both tasted good for me. Besides, hello free chocolates! 128513

P.S. More XXV please. 128586

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Rue Bourbon

4.0 Stars

One of my favorite pabebe drinks is Speculoos beer from Rue. It's just so good. It's more on the sweet side so if you like your beer sweet then this is for you.

Of course, I also had their Gunpowder shot. YAY for fireworks. 127881 Lol. Please refer to my previous review of this place for the details on how this is prepared. 128586 Anyway, this is really sulit for 200php. It's delicious and all but be careful that you might be consuming too much.

For the food, their Sisig Nachos and Chicken Chicharon Skin are TDF. 🙂 It may just take a while to prepare them but trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

P.S. Always get the big ass size. It's more sulit. 128517

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Hoyop Hoyopan Cave

5.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

Hoyop Hoyopan is an interesting cave with a lot of stone formations. It was part of our Bicol itinerary early this year.

Hoyop Hoyopan Cave is not about jungle and animals like what I initially thought. "Hoyop" is a Bicolano term for "to blow" in English or "ihip" in Filipino.

My friends and I went here early in the morning. Too early actually that the guides were still preparing for today's tour. The cave's entrance is a 5-minute walk from the parking. From there, we were welcomed by the friendly guides asking for tour inside the cave. I think you cannot enter without a guide as the cave is so big and you may get lost.

Upon entering, I immediately got amazed with the natural formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Your imagination will be put into test as you may associate some of the formations to certain things like hand, snake, elephant, and even people.

I learned from this tour that this cave used to be a hiding spot for Filipinos during the Japanese era. Another fun fact about this cave is that during Martial Law, this became an underground party place. And what is party without a dance floor? Yes, there's a huge dance floor inside the cave!!!

One of my favorite spots in the cave is where Mt. Mayon can be seen. There's a small opening or kind of crater in the far end of the cave to have a view of what's outside. Maybe the Filipinos back then used this to check and spy on enemies.

I suggest wearing a footwear with a good grip as some parts are slippery. Exploring the cave was not so easy for me maybe because I haven't had any exercise during that time. It requires light to average fitness level due to the cave's size.

Hoyop Hoyopan Cave is quite far from the city proper but if you're visiting Sumlang Lake and Quituinan Hills in Camalig, don't miss this one. 🙂

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The Bowery

5.0 Stars

It was 2014 when I first reviewed The Bowery here in |ooloo. I remember giving it 5 stars due to its excellent service and drool-worthy food. I even used "I bowed at The Bowery" as my lead statement back then.

Fast forward to today, I'm still giving it perfect stars as this restaurant has become one of my favorites in BGC. I can't remember how many times I've been here already. But one thing is for sure, I keep coming back for their Brioche French Toast.

They have the best French toast in the Metro. Period. It's big, it's fluffy, it's melt-in-your-mouth kind of French toast. It's not overly sweet which works for me every time. One order comes with fresh fruits on the side. Usually there's green apple, grapes, slices of oranges, and strawberries. It's just perfect! I just couldn't dine here without ordering this - even with alcohol!

I also had their Plain Grilled Cheese sandwich during this visit. This came with homemade potato chips. If you want something light but satisfying, go get this. It's made with Yellow Cheddar, Monterrey Jack, and sourdough bread. It's not ooey gooey cheesy though. However it's really tasty and a pretty nice snack to satisfy anyone's cheese cravings.

One thing that I would also like to highlight about this restaurant is their interiors. It's very modern and classy. This can be a date place actually. The first floor has a more romantic vibe compared to the hippie and cool ambiance upstairs. Actually, the second floor transforms to a bar during night time. They actually have nice music as they have guest DJs at night.

The Bowery stays true to its promise to serve only the best NY comfort food. The best part? It's open 24/7! Perfect for nightshifters like me!

I also like their Short Rib Grilled Cheese and Margariri. But it will always be their Brioche French Toast. 10084

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Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul

4.0 Stars

I remember I enjoyed my first visit of Sibyullee so I recommended this place to my homies Cindy S and Edison A.

It was a Sunday afternoon when we visited and the place was almost full. Sibyullee serves Korean food same as its sister restaurants Soban K-Town Grill and Sariwon Korean BBQ. Sibyullee caters for the younger crowd mostly students, yuppies, and millenials.

The place was huge and can accommodate big groups of diners. We were seated in the far end of the restaurant near the windows. Sibyullee has nice interiors – very modern and chic. I love that every table has grills so customers can cook their own orders of meat .

We had their Signature BBQ Combo Set 2 (2000php). This set has the following.
** 200g Fresh USDA Choice Beef Belly
** 200g Pork Belly (Choice of Fresh or Marinated)
** 1 Dakgogi Cheese BBQ
** 1 Pajeon
** Choice of 2 Dolsot Bibimbap or 1 Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice
** 2 Plain Rice
** 4 bowls of soup
** Unlimited Sides

Having all those above in this set makes this so sulit. It’s actually good for 3-4 people as per the menu, but I think it can be extended to 5. For the side dishes, I enjoyed their anchovies, kimchi, and egg rolls. Their pork belly and beef belly were really tasty and cooked well. We asked the server to cook for us as we might burn our meat (uhmm, yeah).

What I truly loved about this set was the Dakgogi Cheese BBQ. It was heaven. The melted cheese was a sight to behold. The BBQ bits on the side were perfect with egg and cheese. Their combination was perfect!

The Korean pancake, though a bit oily, was also really good. It’s too big as an appetizer so we had some as take out.

My only problem with what we had that afternoon was the Volcano Fried Rice. Though it looked so promising, the rice became overcooked after cooking with boiling cheese. It was so sticky that it became more like Arroz Valenciana, but with kimchi.

The service was spectacular during this visit. The girl assisting us was smiling the whole time. I truly like this kind of service as it makes me more comfortable.

If you’re looking for affordable yet satisfying Korean dishes, then Sibyullee would be a must-try.

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Emack & Bolio's

4.0 Stars
Ice Cream

I’m a huge fan of ice cream so knowing that Emack & Bolio’s opening in Manila made me giddy like a child.

I read that this ice cream chain originated in Boston and was founded on 1975.The history of this shop is quite cool as it was born out of “peace, love, and rock ‘n roll” concept.

Emack & Bolio’s shop is located at the ground level of Ayala Malls the 30th. The place is small that there’s no tables and chairs for dine-in customers. The shop is colorful though. I love the ambiance - it makes everyone crave for something sweet.

I had their “Deep Purple” Chip ice cream (165php for 1 scoop, 265php for two scoops and 365php for three scoops). It’s a combination of black raspberry ice cream and white and dark chocolate chips. I initially thought that this will taste like Raspberry Rapture from FIC but it’s not. It’s sweeter and more fruity. It was actually good as the balance of raspberry and chocolate was not intimidating. If you’re in to chocolate and fruit combination, this is a must-try. Serving size was huge. I just had one scoop and I wasn’t able to finish it.

For an additional 60php, my ice cream was served on a very Instagram-worthy cone with lots of chocolate crunches. It was so pretty! But it added to the overall sweetness of the ice cream. This also made it hard to eat. Well, if you’re a fan of outrageous cones, rice crispies and fruit loops, go for it.

They also serve milkshakes, smoothies, and sundaes that I would like to try the soonest!

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Prominent Cafe

4.0 Stars

One of the newest coffee shops in QC that I recently visited is Prominent Coffee.

Its photos on Instagram made me excited to visit this café. I love its white and clean interiors - it makes me feel at home. The place is huge that it there’s a big table full of board games when I visited. For me, this can be a perfect place to chill and have a nice catch up with friends.

I tried their Toasty (170php). It’s mocha with torched marshmallow and oreo crumble. Though I’m not a fan of marshmallows (I ordered it for the gram), this drink was actually good. The mocha base was not too sweet. It was chocolatey good and the coffee taste was evident. I’m happy with what I ordered. AND DON’T YOU AGREE THAT IT’S TOO BEAUTIFUL???

Cindy S ordered their Chai Tea Latte. It was pretty good as well but it’s too sweet for me. I like chai tea in general but it’s a hit or miss for me. I love TE and WM versions though.

I like their coffee machine. It’s customized that there’s PROMINENT engraved on it. That’s pretty cool. I also like the high chairs on the bar area. The owner was there during this visit and he was friendly. He asked us how we found the place and our thoughts about the coffee we just had.

Lastly, they have a lot of Instagram plants! So cool!!! 127811127797

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