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4.0 Stars

After several attempts to buy their newest mini cheese tart, I finally succeeded last week.

I dragged my friends to Pablo after our lunch at Pound by Todd English. There's no long queue during lunch time! I asked first the lady who is manning the counter if the Rosted Marshmallow Strawberry Cheese Tart is available. Luckily, she said yes! Yipeeeee! 128069 I had one order of this and I liked it. The strawberry was a bit sour but it really went well with the cheesecake. I'm not a fan of mallows but I actually liked this one.

I also tried their mini Matcha Cheese Tart. It was bitter and sweet at the same time. The matcha taste was there but not kicking.

P.S. I'm still curious to try their premium cheesecake. However among their minis, I still prefer the original one.

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Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

4.0 Stars

I always eat here whenever I'm too hungry before going home after work.

Dear Darla is my default order as I find it not too filling compared to their other pizzas. And besides, I love the alfalfa and arugula combination! It's really fun rolling your pizza too!

I also had Sriracha Wings during this visit and it was surprisingly good. Each chicken wing is not as big as Frankie's but so delicious as well.

P.S. This branch is open 24/7.

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BLK 513

4.0 Stars
Frozen Yogurt

I'm on a quest of finding which of the sauces available at BLK512 is the best.

For this visit I tried the matcha one and it was just okay. The matcha taste was so subtle that it's just white chocolate for me. It didn't complement well with everything. Though I still enjoyed the taste of my order, I just found the consistency of the froyo to be different to what I used to have at their SM North branch.

+1 star for the servers who were all smiles despite the long queue.

P.S. So far I like their caramelized milk, speculoos, and purple yum sauces. 128069

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5.0 Stars

I always go to Chatime for their Strawberry Black Tea but when I saw an ad online about their newest offering, I decided to try it immediately.

Available this summer, their Sunset Obsession drinks include Mango Sunset Tea, Lemon Sunset Tea, and Grapefruit Sunset Tea. Each drink is so colorful! As per the ad, these drinks are made with 100% natural Butterfly Pea Flower tea. I actually have no idea what that is but yeah, it was delicious! I ordered the Grapefruit Sunset Tea and it was perfect for me. I didn't do any modifications in sugar level and toppings but the overall taste was right for me. It's so refreshing!

P.S. Chatime also has Sunrise Passion Tea. Sunrise, sunset teas. Oh Chatime, you're a nature lover. 128069

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Sarsa Kitchen+Bar

4.0 Stars

Last Thursday's rendezvoos at Sarsa was quite special. First, it was Sarsa's media event to launch their newest dishes. Second, it's Chef JP's birthday. And third, it's the first-ever weekday lunch |ooloo rendezvoos.

I arrived at Sarsa few minutes before 11AM. Reviewers from |ooloo were seated at the 2nd floor of the restaurant. The place is bright and has nice interiors. The long table with couch near the window immediately got my attention. It's so homey and classy! The event started a little late than expected so I had the chance to mingle with other foodies. I learned from Michelle Ann Y that media events like these usually start one hour late. I also got a chance to have a conversation with Rocky R and was amazed that he came all the way from Baguio to attend this event and to do mini MNL food crawl.

Anyway, the event started around 12pm. Chef JP Anglo welcomed everyone by giving a brief speech about Sarsa. He told us that the menu of Sarsa is being modified every 6 months. In fact, they have 9 new dishes to be added in the menu. He also told us about his goal and that's to bring Negrense food in Manila.

Btw, Sarsa is turning 4 this year!

Off to the food, shall we?

** Deep Fried Dilis
The dilis were served butterfly cut (as per Christina R). This order came with mango tuba sinamak and aioli sauce. Though this is just your usual fried dilis, I appreciate it so much. I think the sauces made the difference.

** Sinigang na Bangus Belly
The bangus belly was so soft and flavorful tbh. However this dish lacked the sourness I'm looking for a Sinigang. It was bland. Well this observation is just based on one bowl for 10 people. I like to try this again and hopefully it'll be better by then.

** Grilled Prawn Skewers
This was cooked with talangka fat and coconut milk - the reason why the sauce was so rich and creamy. It was good. But the prawns were a bit overcooked.

** Squid Pinangat
One of my favorites among the new dishes! A little trivia, I initially thought that this dish will be sour as "pinangat" for me is more of Sinigang. Well I was wrong as this was so rich in taste! The dish tasted like Laing. Clarissa P told me that Pinangat is a method of cooking where the meat is wrapped in leaves then steamed.

Anyway, the squid was so tender. I wish I had more!!!

** Negrense Sizzling Beef Rendang
Spicy and mildly sweet - just the way I like it. This was cooked in batchoy stock and coconut milk. The sauce was very delicious. After one bite, I already tasted that it's creamy, then salty, then a bit sweet. This roller coaster of flavors ended with it being spicy. It was crazy.

** Liempo Pork Adobo
I love Adobo like most Pinoys do. *wink*
Sarsa's version is quite good too! It's not drowning with sauce so you're sure that the flavor is in the meat. The pork was so tender. This came with eggs and adobo flakes!

For the below:
I haven't tasted the following dishes so I cannot tell a lot about their taste. Haha! 128586

** Grilled Fresh Tilapia
The garlic flakes on top were tempting.

** Grilled Squid
This was served with kangkong pesto as per the menu. Oh my. Pesto. It must have been good. Next time!


** Kalabasa Choco Balls with Pandan Cream Sauce
Maybe not as instagenic among the other dishes that were served but I tell you, these choco balls were AMAZING. 128163128163128163 I never thought that I will enjoy kalabasa as dessert. The chocolate inside was melted Flat Tops. Ahhhhh so good!!! We got insider information that this will just be 145php per order. It's a steal!!!

The place is beautiful. I appreciate the bright and spacious first floor. The second floor is for a more intimate dining as it's kind of dim and small. The service was good at first but became chaotic when they started giving out the dishes. The servers had a hard time assisting people dining at the second floor. In fact, for a group of 10 people (9 from |ooloo and 1 from Rappler), they only served one bowl of Sinigang na Bangus Belly and one order of Grilled Squid. When we asked for another order of the former, they said that they ran out of stock. BUT BUT BUT when Chef JP was informed about this, he asked the staff to give more food to us. In fact, they served us a lot of Chicken Inasal. 128069 I appreciate the effort! And the best part? They gave us 3 orders of Kalabasa Choco Balls!!! Yiheee, okay back to good service. 128514 I swear it's that good! 128163

P.S. Don't forget to order their ISAW!!! Thank me later! 128521

P.S.S. I'll never get tired of thanking Peanut D and the rest of the |ooloo crew for inviting me. THANK YOU! 128153

It's my first time to meet Rocky R, Chili G and Michelle Ann Y. You guys are so cool. Aaaaand of course, so fun to meet you again EJ B, Christina R, Jairus d and Clarissa P! See you next time! 128539128075

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The Lost Bread

4.0 Stars

“Get lost and be found.” That’s written in one of the corners of the newly opened store of Lost Bread in SM Megamall.

Before going to |ooloo rendezvoos at Pound, Christina R, Jayson J, Midz S and I decided to try the milkshakes of Lost Bread. This is actually not quite new to me as I’ve tried their shakes (Doughfee, Campfire) in StrEat Maginhawa few years ago. I remember not liking it that much. However I still gave Lost Bread another try last Friday and I’m glad I did.

The restaurant is located at the 4F of Fashion Hall beside Crate and Barrel. You can hardly miss it as it’s bright, hip, and inviting. I was expecting a long queue but was surprised that there were still available tables for us. We actually waited for a few minutes as we wanted to get the bigger one with the couch. After browsing the menu, and a few recommendations of the server, we decided to get the following.


** Carousel (295php)
Peppermint cotton candy, chocnut, strawberry, white chocolate ganache, mallow lollipop, and ice gems. First of all let me just say that this is very colorful, and instagrammable! I loved how it’s meticulously presented. For the taste, it was surprisingly good. It was nutty and milky. The strawberry taste though was mild but I ain’t complaining. The shake was thick. Yes, it’s sweet but that’s expected based on the ingredients mentioned. And what I truly liked about this? The peppermint cotton candy! I’m not really a fan of cotton candy as I find it too sweet but if it’s mint, then it’s perfectly fine with me. Yipeee!

** Popshake (295php)
Hazelnut chocolate, pistachio and banana popsicle, white chocolate pistachio shards. According to the server, this is one of their bestsellers. This was so good! It was not too sweet as expected. I also liked the chocolate-banana popsicle on top. It was so rich in flavor! I like this better than the Carousel. Hey, it’s also very picturesque!

Since the restaurant was not so packed when we visited, the serving time just took 10-15 minutes. I think this is acceptable considering our milkshake’s grandiose presentation. I like that the place is bright and artsy which is perfect for photo enthusiast like me. It just think that the tables are too close to each other. Well, that's to maximize the space, I know.

I like Lost Bread’s way of presenting its shakes. Too beautiful! It is very appropriate as there are now a lot of unique and artsy restaurants everywhere. And lastly, I’m glad that their shakes finally improved! Well I’m making this conclusion based on my previous experiences in their Maginhawa branch. I’ll surely visit again to try the other Overshakes!

P.S. They also serve other food like French Toast, potato balls, and pasta. And they have soft-served ice cream too!

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Pound by Todd English

5.0 Stars

Having a |ooloo rendezvoos to end the busy work week is just legit happiness. Much more when it's in Pound!

I realized that last Friday's rendezvoos is my largest so far. I mean when it comes to attendance. Thanks again | and Peanut D for inviting me! Ahh, you guys. 128153

It's not the first time that I tried the burgers in Pound. I remember liking their Amsterdam and Crispy Chicken burgers in their first branch in BHS. Now that they are expanding and closer to North, I can't help myself to get excited. Pound is going to open on Monday, March 13 in one of the foodie districts in Metro Manila - SM Megamall. Of course just like what they did during the opening of their first branch, they will have #PAYWHATYOUWANT promo. Pay what you want on your second burger! It's kind of buy one get one! Yeah, with a twist. Oh come on, it's a very good deal!

During this event, we got to sample almost every item in the menu!

** Crispy Goat Cheese Salad
Without looking at the menu, I told Jayson and Christina that the dressing is somewhat fruity. Christina R guessed that it's raspberry vinaigrette and she was right! Tbh, I just had a very small serving of this as I was reserving space in my tummy for my burger. Haha but that didn't stop me from getting most of the deep fried got cheese raviolis. So good!

** Bacon Poutine
Bacon, fries, cheese, and gravy. This was good and filling! This had generous amount of cheese and bacon. I used to partner this with my burger actually.

** Truffle French Beans
This was so good! The beans were crispy and the truffle taste was evident.

** Truffle Risotto Tater Tots
My ultimate favorite among the sides that were served last Friday night. Crispy on the outside but soft and flavorful inside! Topped with grated Parmesan cheese, the combination of the truffle kick and salty taste of these babies is just perfect.


** TE Crispy Chicken Burger
** TE Burger
** TE Sliders
** # Amsterdam Burger
** Bacon and Egg Sliders

I haven't tasted the TE Burger and Amsterdam Burger during this event tbh. Good thing I've tried these in the past. Midz S let me try the Bacon and Egg Sliders and it was good! The egg and bacon combination reminded me of a good breakfast burger. The bacon slab was thick and flavorful. I just think that one order is not enough for my huge appetite. Haha. Daylight M also let me try her order of TE Crispy Chicken Burger. It was sweet and spicy at the same time. The chicken meat was crispy and flavorful! One order is huge! It's sulit for 225php!!! But the winner for me that night is the POUND FOIE GRAS BURGER. All caps for emphasis. One order has a generous 50g of seared foie gras, beef patty, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onions and foie gras mousse. It's priced at 700php but I think it's sulit for the price. This was very tasty!!! The patty was cooked medium and my order was perfectly seasoned. I also liked the brioche bun!

** TE Sundae
Very instagrammable!!! This was just okay and but not close enough to get that OMG status. I couldn't explain what's missing in this order but trust me, there is. The chewy brownies were good however. I hope they improve this one! You know, it's nice to end a good meal with OMG-good dessert!

The service was impeccable. The servers were very attentive and accommodating to our requests. They were also all-smiles during the entire event! I also liked how they answered our questions especially when they were preparing the dessert.

The place is located in the middle part of the Fashion Hall. It can be easily seen by shoppers. I like the theme of the place which is black and white. It's classic and classy.

P.S. The Foie Gras Burger is not included in the #PAYWHATYOUWANT promo on March 13-19, 2017.

As usual, fun night with these awesome people! Peanut D Midz S Christina R Camille S Abe C Clarissa P Jairus d Ruth D Ruth S Reich T Sandra Y Kiko G Jayson J Daylight M and Marc M!

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Genki Sushi

4.0 Stars


Genki Sushi has another BOGOF promo.

When they had this promo last February, I was able to enjoy some of the items in their menu technically half the price (as I've shared the orders with my friend). So when I knew that they have a similar promo for March, I made sure that I'll be able to pay them another visit.

Last Wednesday, I had dinner here with my friend. We had the following on buy one take one.

** Steamed Egg Custard
** Seared Chub Mackerel
** Squid and Salmon Taberu Layu Combo
** Surf Clam Salad

** Tofu Skin with Tuna and Corn Salad (not included in the promo, I made a mistake ordering)

Out of these, the steamed egg custard was my favorite. It might be a simple dish but it's filling. It was served hot. It was creamy, soft, and full of crab meat. The Salmon Taberu Layu was also good. Hi, salmon! The squid version was chewy and might hard to eat but it was delicious as well. The Surf Clam Salad was kind of weird. It was slimy and no distinct taste.

Genki Sushi also has a new dessert - Strawberry Burst ice cream. Three scoops of ice cream topped with real strawberry bits. This was actually good! The strawberry taste was evident and it matches with the richness and creaminess of the ice cream. This is only until March 16.

P.S. Please refer to pic no. 8 for all the items included in the promo (March 4-16, 2017).

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Burger Company

4.0 Stars

Burger + board games? Good idea, right?

Burger Company in QC has new featured items in their menu. Dennis O received an invite to try these and extended the invitation to me and other |ooloo friends.

Burger Company isn't just a burger place. It's also a gaming haven for those who love board games. Yes, same as Ludo or Puzzles but the space is quite smaller. But the food? Come on, really oh so good.

We were served the following.

** Gamer's Platter
This consists of bacon dippers, cheese bombs, and buffalo wings. It came with three dips such as chipotle aioli, ranch dressing, and cheese. I'm a kind of guy who doesn't really use dips or sauces but I liked their ranch dressing. The cheese dip was good too especially when partnered with bacon. And dude, BACCCCOOON. It's so goood, I kid you not. I mean bacon is bacon but theirs, really really good.

** Burgerrito
Flour Tortilla, nacho hash, picante sauce, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, love, peace, serenity, love again, and secret flavors. My favorite among all the food that were served! One order is huge! It's actually good for two. I love their beef patty. It was juicy and flavorful. This also made me feel less guilty because of the flour tortilla instead of a regular bun. This has a kick but not too spicy.

** Menchi Katsu Kare with Cheese
This is their version of Katsu Curry. Alvin, the owner of the place, told us that they make their own Japanese curry from scratch. He also said that they patterned their curry from Japan's Curry House Imasa. Interesting. You have the option to choose if you like to add cheese or corn in your order. I chose the former as I'm cheesy (kidding, cheese lover). I noticed that the flavor is mild compare to other curry restaurants. It was good, but I'll like it more if it's spicier and has stronger curry taste.

I'm impressed that they have a nice board game collection. I saw that they have Avalon, One Knight Ultimate Werewolf, One Night Revolution, Cards Against Humanity, etc. I actually wanted to play but due to time constraints, haven't done so. Next time!

I wonder how long will be the wait time if the place is packed on the weekend night? The place is small considering that it's more of a tambayan of people who will play. I'll definitely go back to try their other burgers. And to consume one order of Burgerrito. And Bacon Dippers. And Coke Vanilla.

P.S. Thanks again Dennis O for the invite! And nice seeing you guys Jayson J Elaine O Patrick V JC T Manfred M! 128513

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Yardstick Coffee

4.0 Stars

The last time I went here with my friends I tried one of their newest drinks, Vanilla Flat White.

I was quite intrigued if what will be the outcome if my favorite coffee drink will have a twist of vanilla. My verdict? Hmmmm it was sweet. Too sweet that it overpowered the vanilla taste. Buuuuut good thing Cindy S ordered the iced version. And man, I'm telling you the iced one was waaaaaay better. I'm thinking that the ice balanced out the sweetness of the drink. The kick of the caffeine was there. At first sip it would be bitter then the taste will slowly become mild, sweet, and milky.

Yardstick has a nice, laid back vibe. It's spacious and bright. I love that they have outlets especially if your phone is out of battery.

Aaaand one thing I love at Yardstick is that you can watch the barista while preparing your drink. You may even take pictures. Like I did. They're approachable!

P.S. There's a huge door connecting Yardstick and Your Local.

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