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Habitual Coffee

4.0 Stars

Habitual Coffee is on my list of must-try coffee shops in Makati. But since I don't frequent the area, I haven't visited it yet. Good thing they opened at Uptown Mall, BGC! Ha! 128069

Cindy S dragged me to try this one afternoon after our event in Uptown Parade. I ordered their Flat White, and she had their Mocha. The Flat White was okay, but I still prefer the one from Costa, TE, and Restock.

Their Mocha was pretty good too. Thanks to Cindy for letting me try it. The caffeine was strong and kicking but the chocolate balanced the taste.

Since it's just near my workplace, I think I'll be visiting Habitual Coffee at least once a week.

P.S. I love their tagline, "This will be a habit." Witty! 1285149749

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BLK 513

5.0 Stars
Frozen Yogurt

"You loved me at my darkest." That's written in the wall of BLK513 store in SM North. Really catchy, ha. 128513

My friends always buy this froyo whenever we go to Megamall. That's the reason I became so happy knowing they now have a store closer to my house. I really liked to try the matcha sauce, but since they ran out of matcha in this visit, I just settled for cereal milk. Good decision as I loved it! It was sweet, but it went well with the sourness of the yoghurt. For the fruits, I had kiwi and dragonfruit.

My friend ordered a Dark Skim Cup (185php) too. He chose wild purple (ube) as sauce and mango and kiwi as fruits. I was able to try his order but I found the sauce a bit lacking on the ube flavor. Nevertheless, it was still good. I guess I really like BLK's yoghurt that whatever combination I get, I would still love my order.

P.S. It's black because it's charcoal-activated frozen yoghurt. 128069

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Ladurée Bakery

4.0 Stars

Had the chance to visit Laduree one weekend before the Valentine's day.

I bought a box of 6 (peach, salted caramel, coconut, blackcurrant, orange blossom, and pecan vanilla). I would say that I liked the salted caramel the best. I didn't like the coconut, it has a weird aftertaste. The blackcurrant was really flavorful and if you like fruity stuff, then you might find this really good. Laduree macarons may be expensive, but you get what you pay for. Their macarons are delicious, and the flavors are strong.

If it's only less expensive, it can be an everyday dessert. 128513

P.S. Their elegant and beautiful box costs 300php. So yeah, a box of 6 is priced at 1200php.

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LAVA Cheese Tarts

4.0 Stars

Quite surprised that this is going to be my first review of this place as I've tried this thrice already. Well this review will be the summary of my past 3 visits.

I remember not liking LAVA cheese tart during my first visit. It was runny and extremely soft like the filling was close to liquid already. I felt too bad as I knew it has a potential because it's delicious.

I was with Edison A and Cindy S the second time I tried these tarts. We all agreed that the cheese tarts that were served to us were oh so yummy. One bite and I was sold. The one I had had the right consistency, and I loved it being so cheesy. Taste was perfect during that time. 128069

The third time I tried their newest flavor, Gorgonzola and Honey. This was saltier than the original one, but the taste is well-balanced with the honey on top of the tart. The staff told me that Gorgonzola is Italian bleu cheese, and that's the reason for its distinct taste. Tbh, I like the original one better as I remember my favorite chicken wings with every bite of this bleu-cheese tart. Maybe it's all in my mind, but anyway. Lol. Hey, it's good nevertheless. In fact, Cindy S like this Gorgonzola and Honey better than the original.

P.S. The original costs 80php per piece (240php for box of 3 / 450php for box of 6). I forgot the price per piece of Gorgonzola and Honey version tho. Boo me. 128529

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Freezer Burn

5.0 Stars
Ice Cream

Freezer Burn came up with another composed dessert this Valentine's season. Yup, it's Strawberry and Chocolate Duo.

Yay! What?! Two of my favorite ice cream flavors! This composed dessert came with with warm chocolate cake. And I kid you not, the chocolate cake was so moist that I liked it so much. It's more of a lava cake for me, as the center has warm chocolate filling. The strawberry ice cream was heavenly. It's creamy, and not too sweet. The chocolate ice cream was different from their usual dark chocolate ice cream (which is btw so rich and thick). The one in this duo is their "light" chocolate ice cream. This was good too! It was lighter in terms of texture but the dark chocolate taste was still evident. I just think that the cotton candy was too much for this dessert. But hey, it looked so good in this duo so why not. 128539

What made this visit so exceptional was that my friend and I arrived here at 10:10pm yet they still accommodated us. Freezer Burn's closing time is 10pm and I guess the staff already called for last order (as the CLOSED sign was already up). The staff might have seen the sad face in me, and yes, she decided that I can still order! Yay yay yay. 10024 I immediately told her I wanted to try the Strawberry and Chocolate Duo (295php). The staff was still all-smile while preparing my order. Nice service you have there, Freezer Burn! Thank you!

P.S. Their composed desserts come in two sizes: solo (225php) and for sharing (295php).


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Fundamental Coffee

5.0 Stars

Coffee + card game + cool friends = happiness.

Last Saturday, Cindy S, Edison A and I decided to have coffee / tea first before heading home after an event. We've been keeping a list of must-try coffee shops in Makati so we thought that this was the right time to cross out one cafe in that list. We all agreed to pay Fundamental Coffee a visit.

All the good spots in the cafe were already occupied so we just stayed outside. After browsing the menu, we decided to have the following.

** Hot Matcha (150php)
Yes, I'm still obsessed with matcha. I ordered this one to get my matcha fix. The matcha taste was evident and it had a nice latte art. This drink reminded me of Starbucks' matcha latte. It was good, but I prefer stronger matcha taste and less milk.

** Double Mocha (160php)
This was Cindy's order. It was so instagenic but when it was my turn to take a picture of this drink, it was not pretty anymore. Well, because of the cream. I didn't have the chance to taste this tbh, but Cindy was all praises for it.

** Chai Tea (140php)
Not really a fan of Chai Tea, but this was good. It has this unique taste which is well-appreciated by chai tea lovers.

** Chocolate Chip Cookie
This was moist which I loved. It's on the sweet side but I still liked it given I only had few bites.

Interiors are good. I love the earth colors of their furnitures. Service was just okay. The server didn't give us water initially but when she realized this, she immediately handed us a bottle of water and 3 glasses.

What made this stay a really good one? Because of our fun game Exploding Kittens!!! Btw, this was my prize for winning in the latest #UnicornGiveaway by |ooloo. 128153 Since we stayed outside the coffee shop, it's okay to get as noisy as we can. It's a good game to test one's strategy and luck. It's crazy!!!

Thank you |ooloo for the card game! I love it!!!! 10024127881128539

P.S. Fundamental Coffee also serves food. I heard they have toasts, salad, and even rice bowls. 128539

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Genki Sushi

5.0 Stars


Genki Sushi is my go-to place for dinner. I find the food here delicious without the hefty price tag.

Last Thursday, Cindy S and I had dinner here. The restaurant was packed when we arrived. We were put 3rd on the wait list. After 10-15 minutes, we were finally seated near the counter. We were really hungry that time so we ordered the following.

** Chicken Katsudon (220php)
** Black Pepper Chicken Don (220php)
** Salmon Sashimi (250php)

Of course, everyone in my circle knows that salmon sashimi is my ultimate favorite. The one at Genki Sushi was super fresh. Out of the two rice bowls, I prefer the Black Pepper Chicken. It has sweet and salty taste and the chicken meat was soft and tender. The Katsudon was okay too but I found it really ordinary.

While eating, I noticed a small thing which says "Pre Valentines Treat. Buy one take one." Interesting! The below items are on promo.

** Seared Hamachi with Steak Sauce
** Red Sea Bream
** Squid Taberu Layu
** Salmon Taberu Layu
** Shrimp Taberu Layu
** Shrimp Garlic Butter
** Cheese Croquettes

We got interested and ordered Cheese Croquettes (160php), Shrimp Garlic Butter (140php) and Salmon Taberu Layu (130php). I asked one of the servers if once we placed our orders in their touch screen, would it be automatically counted as buy 1 take 1. The answer - YES! So we had a feast. Lol. The Shrimp Garlic Butter was delicious. The garlic + butter combination is really a winner. Of course, one can't go wrong with salmon, so I also liked the Salmon Taberu Layu. However I found the Cheese Croquettes not too cheesy, but it can still be filling.

We were so full after consuming everything we ordered. Good thing Genki Sushi has free matcha green tea. Unlimited at that. Yeeeha. 128539

P.S. The promo will run until Feb. 12, 2017. You're welcome. 10024

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Freezer Burn

4.0 Stars
Ice Cream

Finally got to try this Lemon Chicken composed dessert last week with Cindy S and Edison A. 10024

After our lunch, I made sure we visit Freezer Burn as I've been reading a lot of good stuff regarding this particular ice cream combo. And yes. They were right! The ice cream was zesty with the right amount of sourness and sweetness. The chicken skin was crispy and flavorful. It's kind of salty but it worked as a good partner of the ice cream.

P.S. I also got to sample their Salted Egg ice cream but I had mixed feelings for it. Next time I'll have more! 128539

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IHOP Restaurant

4.0 Stars

I decided to use my Ihop GCs from |ooloo one Saturday morning.

While waiting for my friends to arrive, I ordered one cup of hot chocolate (75php) and Monster Mozza Sticks (245php). The hot chocolate is good though it taste kind of familiar. The mozzarella sticks were huge and filling, not to mention that they were sooooo cheesy. It came with marinara sauce which balanced the taste of these monster sticks.

After a few minutes, my friends arrived and ordered the following.

** Breakfast Sampler (395php)
Two eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 pork sausage links, 2 pieces of ham, hash brown, and 2 buttermilk pancakes.

I loved the hash brown and sausage. The bacon strips were too crispy. The scrambled egg was okay, and the pancake was meh.

** Broccoli Cheese Omelette (225php)
Made with broccoli, cheese sauce, and shredded cheddar cheese, this omelette was so good. It was not too salty, and had the consistency that I like. As per the menu, one order of their omelette comes with a free side dish. Options are 2 buttermilk pancakes, hash brown, mixed fruit, and toast. I picked 2 flavored pancakes and added 75php. I had their New York Cheesecake pancake. These were good! I could order this next time.

The service was slow during this visit due to a lot of diners – mostly families. It took so long to get our bill. Good thing the servers were accommodating and kind even I asked them to take countless group photos. 10024128514

P.S. If you want to charge your phone, you can ask the staff. They will plug it in the counter.

P.S.S. Cindy S also ordered Never Empty Coffee Pot (95php). As the name suggests, unlimited coffeeeeee.

Thanks | for the GCs! 128539

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4.0 Stars

After meeting my friend at Yayoi, I found myself still hungry. Dessert time!

I had their Earl Grey Cheesecake and I liked it. The distinct taste of the tea was evident. It was also put in a nice black board for better presentation. It was not too sweet which worked perfectly for me.

I know their cronuts are good as I recall hoarding them during the cronut hype. But since I’m always getting the chocolate one, this time I tried their Ube Cronut. It was delicious! And beautiful. And perfectly sweet. And filling. 10024

P.S. I remember loving their Pistachio x Strawberry cake. Not sure what they call it, but it was not available during this visit.

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