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Peperoni Pizzeria

5.0 Stars

|ooloo rendezvoos or work? Actually not a hard decision to make. At least for me. 128539

Last night's |ooloo rendezvoos was at Peperoni's Pizzeria, U.P. Town Center. It was actually not my first time there. I tried this with my friends late last year but I remember not liking their pasta dishes that time. I thought this might be the best time to give it another try. And I'm glad I did!

I arrived at the restaurant earlier than 7PM. While waiting, I took pictures of the place. The restaurant is so big and can accommodate a huge number of diners. I still like their big wall art stating, "All we knead is love." I also like how bright the place is, perfect for capturing photos of those mouthwatering dishes. I love their coasters specifically the one with "Certified glutton, and proud of it." I can definitely relate. YAY.

Now let's go to the food.

** Calamari Fritti (325php)
Deep fried squid rings with lemon mayo and arrabbiata sauce.
This appetizer is one of their bestsellers. The squid was cooked right as it's soft and not hard to chew. I like the lemon mayo dip more than the other.

** Caprese (480php)
Mozzarella di bufala, tomato slices, basil and olives.
Another bestseller, this was so good! Though I'm not a fan of tomatoes, I enjoyed this it so much especially the mozzarella and olives.

** Aglio Olio e Peperoncino (290php)
Sliced garlic and red chili in olive oil.
I remember having this during my first visit and I must say, this improved a lot. The pasta was cooked al dente. It's a simple dish but this works every time. Though I have to agree with Abe C that the red chili didn't work so much as this dish had no spice at all.

** Funghi e Tartufo (440php)
Sautèed shiitake and button mushrooms in truffle cream sauce.
This was originally their promotional pasta last November but since it's well-loved by everyone, they decided to include this in their regular menu. Good move as this was truly delicious! The truffle and cream combination was perfect. I'll definitely get this again when I return.

** Bacon Miele Pizza (380php M / 525php L / 1150php XXL)
Bacon, honey, fresh oregano, and gouda cheese.
One of my favorites here at Peperoni. It's kind of sweet because of the honey but it's balanced with the salty and smokey bacon bits.

** Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (380php M / 525php L / 1150php XXL)
Parma ham and rocket salad.
The ham was salty but it was balanced by the pizza crust. This is best eaten when it's still hot.


From July 15 to September 30, everyone can try their XXL Challenge and that's to finish their 21" XXL pizza in 20 minutes or less. You may choose the pizza flavor from bacon miele, peperoni, and all meat. Easy? Possible? YAY! I think so!!!

Actually, Russel F and Angela Marie C tried and almost made it!!! I'm so proud of you guys! They had the Bacon Miele pizza.

For me, their thin-crust pizza looked like it's not too filling but it actually was. Every slice was packed with cheese and bacon. If I did the challenge, I'm sure I won't be able to eat half of it. So good job guys!

P.S. Their XXL Pizza Challenge is done annually.

Thank you |ooloo for this another rendezvoos! Thank you Peanut D for the invite! Thank you Roegan T for accommodating us last night! Thank you Peperoni for the generosity! 9786

Good times only when I'm with my |ooloo family. See you again soon guys Cindy S EJ B Russel F Angela Marie C Abe C Muffy T. 128153

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Ibiza Beach Club

5.0 Stars

I’ve been hearing a lot of raves about Ibiza Beach Club from my officemates as they have tried this place multiple times already. So when EJ B asked me and my fellow foodies for a Kaladkarin eat up here, I just had to say yes.

Ibiza Beach Club is located at the 6th Floor of W City Centre. The location is actually good as it’s found in one of the busiest areas in BGC. As I entered the place, sophistication welcomed me. I actually like the ambiance – complex but chill. I love the white and blue combination as every corner is just pleasing to the eyes.

We were served a lot during this visit and everything was so good. To be more specific, we were served two sets of their Lunch Specials. They have Executive Lunch Set (1000php) and Early and Late Seating Lunch Special (500php). Each set comes with their Soup of the Day and unlimited access to the Salad Bar. To be honest, their salad bar is so extensive that I don’t mind spending an hour munching on those veggies. Uhhm yeah, that’s an exaggeration. But hey, they have olives, capers, bacon bits, chicken strips and a lot of cheeeeese. I’m solved. Anyway, the only difference about these sets are the plated main course.

Executive Lunch Set (soup of the day + salad + 1 plated main course + dessert)
** Ribeye
** Filet Mignon
** Lamb Chops
** Salmon Steak
** Jumbo Prawn
** Calamari
** Canadian Beef Ribs

Among these, I truly loved the Lamb Chops. It’s super fresh. It has no weird aftertaste. It was seasoned well that I appreciate it too much. I also liked the Ribeye steak. Of course, it’s a missteak if I didn’t do. (Uhhm okay, kidding). The Salmon steak was also gooooood. And actually the calamari. The calamari was so soft and cooked perfectly.

Early and Late Seating Lunch Special (soup of the day + salad + 1 plated main course + dessert)
**Pork Baby Back Ribs
** Chicken Drumstick
** Crispy Pork Belly
** Fish of the Day

If you will be getting this set, I say get the baby back ribs. It was huge! I also liked the tenderness of the meat but I hope I get to have more meat next time. The crispy pork belly was ordinary tho. I didn’t get the chance to taste the chicken and the fish so I cannot say something about those dishes.

If you’ll ask me if the lunch here is good and sulit, it is a yes. Though 500php (or 1000php for the Executive Set) would be too much for a daily lunch expense, you’ll get top notch food and service. Soup of the Day in other restaurants costs around 150-200php already. Then you have unlimited salad. Then main course. Then dessert. Yeah, right? It’s kind of sulit and good deal, but not every day.

The service was good too. The servers were attentive and helpful. Thank you Ibiza Beach Club!

P.S. The dessert!!!! It’s called Queen Pinya. It has cinnamon sugar, honey, fresh yogurt, and crushed nuts. So good!!! I’m actually a fan of grilled pineapple so I really liked this so much. Don’t forget this when you have your lunch here. Thank me later! 128521

More eat ups with you guys! 100841008410084️ Midz S Christina R Patrick V EJ B Dennis O Kristin A Marc M Ruth S 9786

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Palm Grill

5.0 Stars

Palm Grill is relatively one of the new restaurants in Tomas Morato. Their food has Indo-Malay influences as one of the owners was born in Jolo, Sulu.

Yannie and Miguel welcomed me during their Bloggers Day on May 3. I was scheduled at 3pm. Miguel told us that Palm Grill is actually a chicken restaurant, but they have now expanded their menu to have other items such as seafood and beef.

It's interesting to know that most of their best-sellers are family recipes. Therefore, expect good and awesome home-cooked meals. Or at least the taste and feel of it.

We were served Vita Coco and unlimited coffee while waiting for other bloggers to arrive. When we he group was finally completed, we were served the following.

** Green Chicken
This delicious dish is a recipe from Miguel's mother. The chicken meat is cooked for 1hr and 30min in coconut milk and 7 Asian spices. It's then grilled for the charred taste. It's safe to say that this is my favorite dish in Palm Grill. This is packed with flavors. I'm so curious to know each of the 7 secret Asian spices as their combination is just perfect. I love the tenderness of the meat. Lastly, the turmeric rice in this dish is heavenly. It's the perfect pair for this dish.

** Chicken Satti Soup
This spicy thick soup with riceballs and grilled chicken was legit AF. It's a bit spicy but I liked it. We were informed that this is a Mindanaoan dish, and I'm happy that they brought this good dish in Manila.

** Pinoy Sliders
Chicken patties in pandesal. Though I liked the patties, it would have been better if the pandesal buns were toasted. The pesto pasta on the side can be improved as well.

** Oswalda's Fried
This is named after the owner's grandma. It's a different take on fried chicken. It tastes like homemade fried chicken, and it works for me. Yipee.

The restaurant has OOTD wall where you can have your group photos taken. Such a nice concept. The second floor, I think, can also be used for functions or gatherings.

Thank you Palm Grill and EJ B for the invite!

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Cafe Sweet Inspirations

5.0 Stars

I always pass by Café Sweet Inspirations in Katipunan while I was still in University. I’ve always wanted to try this restaurant as it looks nice on the exterior. Thanks to AlwaysHungryPh P, I was able to sample few of Café Sweet Insipration’s best-sellers earlier this month.

I didn’t know that this restaurant is serving Mongolian Bowls. Unlimited at that. It’s 100% DIY, meaning you have the option to choose everything in your bowl. For only 380php, I think it’s so sulit if you want to feast. From meat to veggies to sauces, you have the control. It’s so fun choosing what to put in my bowl as all look appetizing. Since I’m a meat lover, I decided to have chicken, pork, beef, and liver. I partnered this with rice, carrots, sesame seeds, peanut, garlic and chili. I let the staff mixed the sauces but I told him to make it sweet and spicy.

You may watch how your food is being prepared by looking at a small window in the kitchen. I think it’s cool and you may want to have some pictures taken.

I think I made the right mix of ingredients in my bowl as it tasted good. I loved that it was spicy and still flavorful. The liver added to the wonderful mix of flavors in my bowl. EJ B also loved it. I suggest adding it when you create your own Mongolian bowl.

While I was enjoying my food, the staff served us slices of cakes. Oh, how beautiful those cakes were. We were served the following.

** Strawberry Shortcake
** New York Cheesecake
** Red Velvet Cake
** Pistachios Sansrival
** Mango Cream Pie
** Ube Cake
** Salted Caramel Moist Cake

Among these, my favorite would be the Pistachios Sansrival. I can taste real pistachios and I like the texture of each layer of the cake. I also liked the Mango Cream Pie. Well, who can go wrong with mango and cream? Right, Kiko G? 128539

We were also served halo-halo with beautiful ube and leche flan on top but sadly, I was not able to try this. Next time, I swear!

The service was good. One of the staff asked us what we wanted to drink and I appreciate how helpful he was in suggesting me their bestsellers. The owner was also there and I love how friendly and welcoming she was. Again, thank you Sweet Inspirations!

P.S. This is their 2nd branch.

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5.0 Stars

If you're craving for good Fil-Mex food, then Gorda is what you're looking for. I was able to try few of Gorda's specialties last Sunday and they're all delicious.

The restaurant's exterior is quite intriguing as it's all brick and black door. It's unconventional to see a restaurant with this theme as it may back off certain diners. Normally, restaurants would have inviting clear windows for customers to have a peek of what's inside. However for foodies like me, this certain mysterious type of approach raised my curiosity to the top level.

I actually like Gorda's interior. It's classy and classic. The brick walls added to its sophistication. The huge art wall also made it cool. We were seated in the couch area and Jessica, one of the chefs and owners, welcomed us. She gave us few introductions about the restaurant. She also told us that their Nachos is a must-try. Well, that made everyone excited for it.

While waiting for the food to be served, Gorda's staff gave us Horchata Morena (320php). This whiskey + rum + roasted grains combination was actually one of my favorites that night. Trust me when I say that I can drink this every night. I don't normally give up beer, but I'd skip it for this. The base was creamy and malt-y. The roasted grains gave it a nice aftertaste. The cinnamon spiced it up too. The alcohol content tho is so low. Well maybe it's meant for longer drinking session.

Let's go to the food, shall we?

** Mama's Nachos (400php half / 600php full)
I honestly believe that Tipsy Pig's nachos is incomparable but Gorda's version made me think otherwise. It's so cheesy and has a lot of toppings. I think it's so sulit for 400php. The serving size is waaaay good for 5+ people.

** Calamari (380php)
This is not your usual calamari rings. The meat was cooked right as it's soft and not hard to chew. The breading was not salty and may lack in flavor but dipping it in their cream and pinakurat will make the difference.

** Lechon Tacos (200php)
Made with liver pate, ensalada, and Cebu lechon, I must say that it's a pretty nice catch for its price. I didn't enjoy this at first but when Denise A said that it's too good, I had to give it another try. And she was right. The meat was yummy and it really complemented with everything!

** Keso Quesadilla (300php)
Well I think I found a better tasting cheese quesadilla than other restaurants offering it. It's packed with cheese. So thick!!! Other said it's too much, but for me there's no such thing as too much cheese. Yay kidding. But it's too good. Hi Cindy S, you should give this a try. Thank me later. 128521

** Tapa Burrito (350php)
It was my first time to be served a deconstructed burrito. It's just too beautiful! The egg and tapa combination is really pleasing to the eyes. This can be your perfect meal but it's not just for me. Well first, I'm not a burrito fan so I cannot comment on it too much. For me, this dish needs more flavor. Will it be different if it's rolled? I'm not really sure.

** Pollo Inasal Skillet (450php)
Mexican-spiced chicken inasal, cilantro rice, pimiento, and homemade cream. This is also one of my favorites here. The cilantro rice was amazing. The chicken meat was packed with flavors. 5/5!

** Bell Pepper Relleno (300php)
Not only this was colorful and plated beautifully, this also tasted good! It's safe to say that I really like the trio keso Gorda is using. Everything with it is just flavorful!!!

** Gorda's Avocado Pie (250php)
Everyone got excited when we were advised that we'll have Avocado pie as dessert. It was served with kalamansi whipped cream in butter Graham crust. The avocado was bitter but it's still okay. What I think I didn't like with this is the cream. It's kind of weird to partner sour cream with avocado. I actually like it to be more milky and creamy. I hope they will have the option to choose the cream in the future.

** El Ecuador de Margarita (320php glass / 900php KEG)
Served in fresh watermelon bowl, this has tequila and rosemary essence. Though I like the Horchata Morena better, this was refreshingly good. Not to mention that it's served with colorful straws. How cute!

Overall, I enjoyed the night with Team K at Gorda. The servers can be friendlier and more approachable, in my opinion. Ha! If only this is closer to my office, I would probably consider this during dinner break. I'm still dreaming about their Keso quesadilla! 9786

P.S. Thank you Gorda and EJ B for the invite! Thanks for your generosity!

It was nice spending the night with you Patrick V Dennis O Russel F EJ B Midz S Christina R Marc M and Denise A! |128153

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Bean & Yolk

5.0 Stars

I've been hearing a lot of good things about Bean and Yolk here in | so I was so excited to try this out.

The place is small compared to other coffee shops. It only has 3 tables inside and another few outside. The ambiance is intimate and relaxing, just like how we spend our usual Sunday afternoon at home.

Looking at their menu, they have a nice list of drinks and food. I was actually torn between matcha and coffee but the latter won that time. Anyway, I was able to try the following.

** Flat White (150php)
This is my usual order when trying a coffee shop for the first time. I actually liked their version. The strong kick was there and it had the perfect balance of milk and coffee. It kind of reminded me the one from TB, but still my favorite would still be Restock and Toby's Estate.

** Smores Hot Cocoa (175php)
This is made with 65% Malagos dark chocolate, frothed fresh milk, and burnt marshmallows. I was able to take a sip of this and it was good! I remember it being not too sweet. Not really a fan of marshmallows, but I like its burnt texture for the overall taste of this drink.

** Cara's Fave (175php)
I'm not so sure who Cara is, but I can say that she has a taste. 128514 Her favorite has become my favorite as well. The mozzarella + cheddar cheese + egg combination was winner for me! This also has honey for that semi sweet finish. Really really good. The buttered brioche was so soft that I really enjoyed.

Service was fast and the staff were helpful in our needs especially for water refills. I also like all the artsy things inside the cafe. Very instagenic! The place is small, yes, but I think I prefer it that way. I love the third-wave but intimate ambiance it has. I would like to try other drinks and food here. Urgh, if only this is closer to my work or home. 128539

P.S. Last photo is a postcard Patrick V and I bought for Kristin A in Art in the Park. 1280699786

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Hook by Todd English

5.0 Stars

I first heard Hook during our rendezvoos at Pound a month ago. Eric gave a teaser on what to expect at the seafood joint from Todd English. I actually got curious as the name of the restaurant is kind of similar to my IG handle. I remember Jayson J saying “Can’t wait to get hooked by Hook,” and I added “and I’ll post pictures in my @hooknorm.” Play of words, ha!

Fast forward to last week, I received an invite from Peanut D for a sponsored rendezvoos at Hook. YES YES YES, of course. I took a VL at work immediately.

I was a bit late as I arrived past 7PM. Some of the reviewers were already there having a few drinks. While setting up my camera, I inspected the interiors of the restaurant and was quite amazed on how classy it is. The black and white theme really matches the elegant furniture. It’s a bit dim inside but I guess it added to the sophisticated vibe of the place. It also has a bar area with high chairs, if you want to get a kitchen view and see how your food is prepared.

Eric and Kidd gave a brief introduction about the restaurant. After a few minutes, they served the following.

** Mixed Frito (400php)
One order consists of fried squid, salmon, oyster, fries, and taro chips. The chips were amazing! It’s Bella J who told me to try it and she was right in telling me that those were crunchy and delicious. I just wish it had more aioli dressing to balance the taste as this all-fried starter set can get too overwhelming when consumed alone.

** Raw Platter
This 3-tier platter consists of everything you need to sample at Hook. Platter 1 consists of oysters, scallop motoyaki, and white clams. Platter 2 has mussels, chilled shrimps, snapper and apple clam ceviche and Platter 3 has the tuna poke, crab and uni slaw, and salmon and ginger jam.

My favorites in this Raw Platter include oysters, tuna poke and the crab and uni slaw. I love the freshness of the oysters. I liked it with their Coriander Lime Granita. I swear, it’s the best combination! It was refreshing, and addicting. I can’t put into words the marriage of flavors in my mouth after trying it.

The Tuna Poke was super good too. The tuna was so flavorful. Eric told us that they used coconut water in this dish and that’s the reason why it was served in a coconut shell. Thanks to Harv, AlwaysHungryPh P, for teaching me how to fully enjoy every spoonful.

** Blackened Tuna Loin (375php)
One of my favorite dishes that night. Okay, I actually prefer raw salmon than tuna but this one’s really flavorful. It was served with thick cuts of fresh tuna. The presentation was too beautiful as well!

** Crab Head Gratin (430php)
Okay, I might sound too repetitive but this one’s really good. Uhhm, actually it was the best dish for me during this rendezvoos. The creaminess of the meat inside the crab shell was heavenly. It was cheesy, creamy and flavorful that I’m guessing that it’s made of not just fish and crab meat, cheese, and corn puree, but it’s also made with love, care, compassion, and more love. Come on, sharing is caring but not with this please? Literally napamura kami ni Inna A sa sarap.

** Shrimp on the Rocks (350php)
I loved that the shrimps were cooked in front of us. The smell of the rocks reminds me of spa. The shrimps were cooked right!

** Salted Egg Prawn (550php)
If you’re reading my reviews here in |ooloo, you’ll know that I’m a fan of anything salted egg. And I’m too happy that they have a nice version of this dish. The salted egg taste was evident. It was flavorful, and a bit spicy. Some may say it’s too spicy but it’s just right for me.

** Not Paella (750php)
The name is catchy, as it’s (not) paella. Uhmm, it’s still paella with a twist. Mixed thoughts about this one actually as I remember Bella J not liking this so much. I heard from the other side of the table that the tomato taste was too evident but it’s the other way around with Will C. Midz S also found this good too. Well, for me it was okay. It’s too flavorful for me that I can eat this alone. But I guess everyone in the team that night agreed that this is one instaworthy paella. Too beautiful!!!

** Mr. Penguin (430php)
I was actually too full when they served this dessert but looking how pretty the presentation is, I just couldn’t stop myself in trying it out. And man, I’m glad I did. This is made with black and white cake, caramel sauce, dark chocolate ganache and truffle oil. The chocolate was velvety soft. It’s just too good! It just made me realize that there’s really a room for dessert no matter how full we are. It’s magic.

The staff were accommodating and helpful. Eric is such a generous host. I like his friendly attitude that he even shared a lot of personal stories during dinner. Thank you Hook!

P.S. Hook has an Oyster Happy Hour during 4PM – 7PM. $1 for every oyster!!!

Thank you |ooloo and Peanut D for the invitation. 128521

See you again soon Clarissa P Inna A Kevinross B Bella J AlwaysHungryPh P Will C Midz S! 128074🏻

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Starbucks Coffee

4.0 Stars

After the event at Hook, I decided to have coffee first before going home. I wanted to go for my usual barista drink but when I saw that Starbucks has a new Frappuccino for a limited time starting this week, I suddenly changed my mind.

I had their Pop'zel Coffee Frappuccino, which costs 200+php for venti size. I asked the barista to lessen the frappuccino syrup to 2 pumps only since I felt like this drink can be too sweet for me. I'm glad I did. This new drink has a buttery taste with sweet finish. I kind of remember their Caramel Frappuccino while drinking this. It can be too sweet, but if you like sweet stuff then go for it. It's topped with caramel popcorn and pretzels.

P.S. Starbucks is also returning their Roasted Marshmallow S'mores Frappuccino. Not a fan of anything marshmallow so I'm not really sure if I'll order this next time.

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5.0 Stars

Dohtonbori is not new to me as I've tried their specialties already at their SM North branch. I remember I enjoyed my experience there as their servers were so friendly and helpful in cooking our okonomiyakis. The place has a nice Japanese vibe. I wanted to take a lot of pictures back then but the restaurant was so packed. Next time, I told myself.

Then fast forward to last week, Peanut D messaged me if I'm available for another |ooloo rendezvoos. Aaaaand it's in the newest branch of Dohtonbori at UP Town Center! Oh yeah. I said yes immediately then filed a VL at work - yes, coz I take rendezvoos seriously. *wink*

I was one of the early birds as I arrived at the venue before anyone except for Kiko G. Dohtonbori's UP Town Center is the biggest among its branches in MNL. Kim, the owner and host, told us that this is their most expensive branch when it comes to construction and it actually took so long to complete its interiors. When she said this, it made me realize why the place is so beautiful. It's legit. The structure is very Japanese. It has a replica of Japanese Town area, a Vegetable Market, Fish Market, a typical Japanese home, a car repair shop, real estate office, a Japanese canteen, and a Meat Market where we stayed. It really kind of transported us to a city in Japan!

I can continue this review by telling more about the place and ambiance but let's go to the food, shall we?

** Pork Okonomiyaki
This is a classic. It actually tastes like takoyaki, but there's so much more. Presentation-wise, it's very beautiful. I loved that the Japanese mayo is unlimited, and the toppings, especially the nori, were generous.

** Hamburg Cheese Steak Okonomiyaki
One of the newest items in the menu, this is their version of okonomiyaki with hamburg steak in the center of their egg-vegetable-meat mixture. After ensuring that everything is already cooked, cheese sauce is poured all over the okonomiyaki. Talk about sizzling cheese. Yes?
No doubt that this became the crowd's favorite last night.

** Salmon Fried Rice
The fact that this has salmon, I'm already solved. Haha kidding. But yeah, the salmon is cooked in front of us which I think was nice. This also has lettuce and garlic. Seems easy to replicate at home, but man, this was delicious. Compared to the other dishes, this was the lightest in terms of taste. It served as a good balance of everything. Definitely a must-try too.

** Striploin Yakiniku Set
Okay let me just say that everyone in the group last night agreed that this set was delicious. I particularly liked the chicken one as it's so tender and flavorful. The beef was cooked right for me, but I heard Ruth mentioned that theirs were a bit chewy. One set is actually good for 4 people. I think it can be even shared by 5 or 6 people provided they will have other orders. Such a steal for 999php.

** Ajitama Tonkotsu Ramen
** Chashu Tonkotsu Ramen

DELICIOUS AND SUPER FLAVORFUL for a restaurant that's not specializing in ramen. I liked the Ajitama Ramen better because of the egg. The Chashu Ramen was also good as it's packed with generous pork. Both ramen have the same broth, which is tonkotsu. It was creamy and rich in texture probably because of several hours of boiling pork bones. I think each costs around 330-350php which for me is very sulit based on its taste.

** Strawberry Chuhai
** Yazu Chuhai
** Sake Karatanba
** Sake Ozeki Nama

I ordered the Strawberry Chuhai and it was refreshing. It's not too sweet nor too sour. However the alcohol was so mild that it made me feel like I'm just drinking soda. We also ordered bottles of sake. And man, best decision ever. The gray/black bottled one was more delicious and has more alcohol content. The white one, on the other hand, was like a lighter version. I prefer the former though.

I seriously think that Dohtonbori has one of the nicest and warmest services out there. Their employees are kind and so helpful. One of the girl servers even remembered me. And I actually remembered her too! Nope, not sparks guys. 128069 So she was our server when my friends and I recently dined at their SM North branch. The fact that she still recognized me despite serving hundreds or thousands of people after means she values customers so well. Thanks Janine!

Kim was a very generous host. I actually admire how she managed to do what she's doing now. She was so game answering all our questions and even gave a trivia on why she thinks that Dohtonbori is destined to be part of her life.

P.S. Dinner with |ooloo people will always be great. Thank you so much Peanut D for the invite and to |ooloo and Gwen I! You guys are the best! Good to see you again Ruth D and Kiko G! More travel stories and tips next time.

Finally, nice to meet you Ann Margaret L Brie K Judie Ann Princess M Eboy F Shayne B and Jackie M! See you again soon! 128513

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Tim Hortons

3.0 Stars

Last Friday, Cindy S and I decided to have our dinner at Uptown Mall. Since we still haven't tried Tim Hortons, we both agreed to have coffee first before our meals.

We arrived at around 9:30pm and the line was not that crazy outside. It's still long, we were sixth on the line outside, and there's another 10 people inside.

I ordered Cafe Mocha medium for 115php. It was cheaper than CBTL and Starbuck's version. The coffee taste was strong as it was bitter. I couldn't taste the chocolate though. I let Cindy have a sip, and she told me that it was actually good. I'm still not sure if I would agree.

Cindy ordered their Frozen Hot Chocolate (155php for large). It was refreshing but it's not chocolate-y enough for me. It was too sweet also. I'm not sure but I think I don't like the chocolate that Tim Hortons is using.

I also ordered a box of 6 donuts. It's really cheap for 200php. I got so excited for the Vanilla Dip one as it looks like what I had at Dunkin' Donuts recently. Uhmmm, to be honest, I think DD has a better version. The donut was beautiful, but the small candies on top were so hard to chew. It was overly sweet. It was just too much. I had hopes with the Chocolate Dip donut as it looks good as well. I thought it would be less sweet as it's just classic donut with chocolate on top. I was wrong. The chocolate on top was not chocolate. I mean it may be is, but it didn't taste like one. It's more of arnibal or maple syrup colored in deep dark brown resembling a chocolate dip. I wanted to be sure about my observation so I let my other teammates taste it. They didn't like it as well. Anyway, I'm sorry Tim Hortons. I promise to try your other drinks as I want to justify why you're so famous and loved by other people. Any suggestions what to order next time?

P.S. +1 star as the girl manning the counter was so respectful. She also helped me to understand their donuts better. They have classic and premium donuts. I only ordered the classic flavors, but I'll pass in trying the premium ones anytime soon. Maybe if I'm not going to fall in line for, uhmm, 30min?

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