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Bench Skin Expert

5.0 Stars
Skin Care Service

Modern and clean spa with treatments that are worth the price in Manila for the upgrade but definitely still cheaper than spas in the US.

This is my spot for body treatments and the location outside the mall is convenient so you don't actually need to go inside Glorietta lobby.

Ask for specials and promos. They do try to up sell you on more services through friendly conversation if you're visiting but it's easy enough to decline. It's worth treating yourself and you wish you went more often once you leave the country!

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Heaven & Eggs

4.0 Stars

Breakfast spot for those visiting Manila and up early with the major time difference. They open at 7am!

Menu has a wide variety of western and Filipino breakfast options including savory and sweet. Everything from pancakes and crepes to longanisa- sweet Filipino pork sausage, fried chicken and unlimited steak and eggs- it's true.

Start your day here and make it a real meal complete with garlic rice. Ask for a newspaper - it's in English. Take your time if you show up for an early breakfast since the rest of the mall won't be open. They do have wifi but today it didn't work- they said the password was steakandeggs

Bring your appetite. Something for everyone especially if you're all about breakfast and want to be out of your hotel room to pass the time.

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Mitsuyado Sei-Men

4.0 Stars
Ramen or Noodle

First meal out of my second trip to Manila in 2014. Holiday cheer all over the city!

Tsukemen dipping ramen! My favorite kind of ramen. Ordered the curry because I like curry so I had the best of both worlds. It really did work though I had my doubts. Flavor of the curry was consistent and it was thick enough to dip the noodles just like regular tsukemen broth. They ask if you want hot or cold noodles...tsukemen in my opinion is best with hot noodles.

Chicken Katsu strips can be ordered as a side as well as who tempura. They were tasty and fried just right so there was a crunch but you can still appreciate the chicken and ebi shrimp.

Order a San Miguel Light to make it a meal. Great dinner shared with my older brother --- we didn't grow up calling him Kuya. Talked shop. Building our empires. Planing to save the world in our own way. We have the best convos. I still love the char siu tsukemen at Tsujita LA...I'm loyal to the flavors there.

Everything and nothing has changed.

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