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5.0 Stars

Went on a lunch date with my foodie bestfriends at this newly-opened restaurant in Tomas Morato and it exceeded my expectations for a Korean barbecue.

Yoshimeatsu is a fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisine which offers unlimited yakiniku as well as maki and tempura side dishes.

Located at Tomas Morato Avenue corner Scout Fernandez Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City, Yoshimeatsu gives that casual dining Korean barbecue vibe. What I like about their interiors is the color--it has a lot of gold; even the tableware.

For only 549 Php, I'm really glad that it's not only unlimited meat, it includes unlimited refills of the egg, cheese, and kimchi, as well as the unlimited maki/sushi rolls and tempura. So much worth it!

Different drinks are also available a la carte (they also offer alcoholic beverages, by the way. hihi).

Sharing about the dishes that we had:

>Sushi rolls and ebi tempura. I'm so glad that they also offer this. It's been a struggle for me when I dine in Korean barbecue restaurants. It's too meaty for me and I prefer Japanese dishes more than Korean. I'm happy that Yoshimeatsu is a fusion of both. I get to enjoy unlimited yakiniku, sushi, and tempura.

>Diffrent sides are also available. I love the anchovies, kani salad, and kimchi rice.

>Herbed pork.

>Sliced beef.

>Spicy sliced pork.

>Sliced beef with curry sauce.

>Chicken yakitori.

>Spicy beef.


>Difference sauces for your preference.

>And don't miss out on the cheese balls. They're really good.

>Complimentary ice cream.

Wow! The experience at Yoshimeatsu is a complete meal--from appetizers to dessert. Our 549 Php was definitely worth it.


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Best Western Bendix Hotel

4.0 Stars

This month The Kain Tulog Gang (KTG) went on a road trip to the Philippine's Culinary Capital, Pampanga, for a weekend indulgence of the manyaman food in Pampanga. We stayed in this hotel during our short getaway from Manila.

Best Western Bendix Hotel is a 3-star hotel located on MacArthur Highway, Dolores, San Fernando, Pampanga. What makes Best Western Bendix Hotel stand out among other accommodations in the area is the fact that it is the first Green Building in Central Luzon. The property utilizes sustainable practices, among them the use of solar-assisted technologies, biodegradable materials, water harvesting systems, and low-emissivity glass windows throughout the hotel. Best Western Bendix Hotel commits to reducing carbon footprint to become a first-rate accommodation that’s not just comfortable but eco-friendly as well.

The hotel is located near restaurants and supermarkets such as McDonald's, Puregold Jr., Yellow Cab Pizza, S&R Membership Shopping, and SM Pampanga. They also have a really good restaurant called Ruben which is located on the ground floor of the building.

For our room, we stayed in the Executive Twin Room. A 25-sqm room with two double beds. It consists of a flat-screen television, and the complimentary WiFi has a good connection. The room features either a tile or marble floor which adds sophistication to its interiors. The bed and pillows are very comfortable as well as their blanket and duvet.

A closet with a safety deposit box is available. They also provide laundry bags and complimentary slippers.

Complimentary water, tea, and coffee with an electric kettle are available. Underneath is also a refrigerator (forgot to take a picture).

They also provide a work desk which includes a study lamp, guest directory, alarm clock, and emergency flashlight.

The bathroom has a hot and cold shower. I like that the water pressure is good. A bidet and hairdryer are available. They also provide toiletries and towels.

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Cocina Peruvia

5.0 Stars

It's my first time to try out Cocina Peruvia at the new Podium Mall during a foodie meetup and I was really impressed by their Peruvian dishes.

The interiors give that Latin American vibe which reminds me of friends and good times spent while eating and drinking (that's exactly what we did here). Finding out that its menu was curated by Chef Him Uy de Baron, I got excited to try what they prepared for us.

Here are the dishes that we tried:

>Nachos Peruanos. Nachos topped with chicken marinated in lomo sauce and aji panca, onions, tomato, and cucumber, drizzled with purple olive mayo. At first glance, I thought it was sisig because of its color. I must say that their nachos are really good and this is my favorite pick among all the dishes served. I couldn't get enough of the toppings, too.

>Ceviche Mixto. Octopus, squid, shrimp, and mussels in aji rocoto and citrus juice. Chill seafood appetizer with some spice.

>Mixto Anticuchos. Grilled beef heart, salmon belly, and chicken thigh in skewers served with chimichurri and aji anticucho sauce on the side. The beef heart reminds me of wagyu and the chicken thigh was also good. My favorite was the salmon belly, it's really tender and tastes good. I'm very picky when it comes to cooked salmon and this one did really well. The only downside with the salmon is that you have to be careful when eating it from the skewer because of its tenderness, it can break and fall off easily. Still really good for me.

>Salmon Patacones. Fried bananas topped with salmon and mayo mix, parmesan cheese and sofrito sauce. I didn't notice that it was banana. It's good.

>Gambas con Saltado. Marinated shrimp and bell pepper, sauteed in aji panca and oregano. It's rich in flavor, well-seasoned, tastes good, and best with rice.

>Lomo Saltado. Marinated beef tenderloin, sauteed with garlic, onions, tomatoes, fried potatoes, and lomo sauce. It reminds me of our beef steak. The meat is tender and tastes good. The fries are also good.

>Adobo Peruvia. Slow cooked pork belly in cream sauce, topped with salsa creole. This is my second favorite dish after the nachos. The pork belly was thinly sliced, with a good balance of meat and fat--it melts in your mouth. It's indulging and delicious.

>Arroz Verde con Pollo. Rice stir-fried with cilantro puree and sauteed marinated chicken and mixed vegetables. It tastes great and is really sating.

>Galera de Chocolate. Baked chocolate tart with dark chocolate ganache, topped with blue chips and dried figs in rehydrated syrup. Made by Chef Miko Aspiras (the Chef behind Le Petit Souffle), you are sure to have an indulgent treat with Galera de Chocolate. The chips are salted which makes a good contrast with the sweetness of the chocolate. It's very soft yet compact and has a smooth texture. Another brilliant work of Chef Miko.


>Move On: a concoction of fresh watermelon, white rhum, dark rhum, whisey, and tequila. This drink feels refreshing and light but definitely packs a punch; Dark Mojito: classic mojito with a twist - a mix of rhum, lime, soda, and sugar syrup; Daiquiri: simple and sexy, this drink is made of white rhum, lime, and sugar syrup; Whiskey Sour: subtly sour and sweet, the whiskey sour consists of whiskey, lime and sugar syrup; Mango Margarita: the classic margarita made fruity with fresh mangoes.

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Eggs for Breakfast Cafe

4.0 Stars

Eggs for Breakfast was introduced to me by my boyfriend because this is his favorite breakfast spot in Antipolo.

The place gives a rustic and cozy vibe. Something that’s perfect to complete a good morning.

We ordered the bacon-fried eggs and Vigan longganisa. They’ll cook the eggs the way you want it. Serving was good for the price. Rice and eggs were good. Bacon was okay but the longganisa didn’t taste like Vigan longganisa.

I also ordered the yellow smoothie which consists of pineapple, mango and banana. It tasted a bit sour with the taste of the banana being prominent. I couldn’t taste the mangoes in it anymore, though.

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Fino Deli

5.0 Stars

What I thought was an ordinary dinner date turned out to be romantic when my man brought me to one of his favorite restaurants in Marikina—Fino Deli.

We ordered the lengua estofada and grilled sausages for the mains. The lengua comes with a side of mashed potato and veggies—the meat was tender and good. The mashed potato was just right. For the sausages, it also comes with mashed potato and salad—also good.

We also ordered mushroom risotto and it did not disappoint. They also serve complimentary bread.
For dessert, we had the panna cotta. Topped with shredded chocolate. It wasn’t too sweet but it was just okay.

For the drinks, I tried their sangria. It comes as very refreshing, though I barely noticed the taste from the wine.

Overall, I find the place affordable in spite of its ambiance that’s very elegant. It’s still a casual dining restaurant that has a fine dining vibe.

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3.0 Stars

I was craving for crepe while I was in Megamall so I simply searched with the keyword “crepe.” I found Wednesday on the list so I thought of giving it a try.

I ordered the Rainbow latte and California Roll savory crepe. For the latte, it looks good, but it tasted more of a flat white than latte. Too much milk in the ratio. The crepe by itself was good but for the California Roll as a whole dish, I find it dry.

The place was quite gloomy—considering the interiors and seeing Wednesday on the wall. However, even the staff seemed to be out of energy and really gloomy.

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NIU by Vikings

5.0 Stars

NIU by Vikings has finally opened at The Podium! We were invited to try out their most recent branch and it was an evolved buffet dining experience.

Located on the fifth floor of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City, Niu by Vikings has a posh ambiance. It is very spacious and well-lit, giving a positive vibe--definitely a good place for family and friends to gather and dine.

Niu (which means “nine” in the Viking language) is the sixth installation of the Vikings group after its arrival in the Philippines way back in 2011.

Here are the dishes that you can expect from Niu:

Starting with the beverages, Niu has a lot to offer, ranging from fresh juices, coffee and tea, to soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.

There are a total of nine stations at Niu. With so many enticing dishes to choose from, I can't decide where to begin.

Their Japanese dishes are one of my favorites. The sashimi and ebi tempura are always a must-have for me during buffets.

Century Eggs and Shanghai Rolls are some of the things I can't get enough of at the Chinese station.

The cute buns are something that both kids and kids-at-heart would like. They are filled with custard or chocolate.

Another station that I look forward to when it comes to a buffet is the carving station. Starting from the beef shawarma to fine ones such as the binusog na lechon, Angus chuck eye, rib eye, Angus belly, stuffed turkey, beef ribs, and leg of lamb. They also serve huge slices and will sear it the way you want to--I prefer mine rare, though, so I skipped the searing.

Complimentary luxury dishes such as the foie gras ravioli are also available. Mmm.. I love foie gras. They also have mushroom and brise croquettas, and beef wellington.

Their baked oysters and ginger onion crab are a must-try among their seafood dishes.

Find time to also try out their savory delicacies.

The dessert station is also a favorite and they have an extensive menu to choose from.

I definitely had too much to eat when I came here. The dishes are really delectable and indulging.


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Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew

5.0 Stars
Latin American

Tittos has recently celebrated their second anniversary and along with it are new dishes on the menu.

My friend Jen was invited for the anniversary celebration and I was just lucky to get tagged along. I have dined at Tittos a couple of times before, as well as in their speakeasy bar, RM-16, because it's just a few blocks away at my office. I would say that their dishes do taste good, as well as their cocktails in RM-16. No wonder why they are now celebrating their second year.

Sharing the ones that we tried:

We tried the Cucumber Elderflower which is Elderflower infused in fresh cucumber juice and lemon--very refreshing! While the Tittos Iced Tea is a passion fruit infused in-house brewed tea with chia seeds--also refreshing, not your typical iced tea, but I like the cucumber elderflower better.

La Lucha Salad. Mixed salad greens, quinoa, corn, candied cashews, oyster mushroom tempura, cherry tomatoes, crumbled queso fresco, served with peach basil vinaigrette. What I like about this salad is that is isn't just a bunch of vegetables mixed together then topped with vinaigrette. I actually love the ingredients such as the quinoa, cashews, and tempura. There's a good crunch when eating this dish; it doesn't feel "too healthy" for me yet it is still guilt-free.

Garlic Shrimp BBQ Pizzadilla. Flour tortilla pizza with spicy chipotle bbq sauce, shrimps, garlic confit, cherry tomatoes, melted cheeses, sprinkled with crumbled queso fresco and smoked paprika. I actually love this pizzadilla and I didn't find it spicy at all. It's crunchy and tasty. Delectable.


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5.0 Stars

Glad to be back at FOO'D! This time, for a looloo app rendezvoos, to try out their new menu.

It's not the first time that I blogged about FOO'D. Check out my previous review for more details about this restaurant as well as other dishes on their menu (I'll only be covering new dishes on this post).

FooDie Global Concepts, one of Manila's largest multi-brand food group, with over 30 years in the industry, has a new Corporate Executive Chef, Chef Carlo Miguel. With Chef Carlo onboard, he introduced new dishes on the menu as well as some twists from Davide's original recipes, making it more appealing to our Asian palates.

To start our dinner, we were served with their signature complimentary bread, and a choice between red or white wine. I chose red wine. They serve my favorite type, Merlot.


-Crab Cannelloni. Cucumber, horseradish, tomato sorbet, squid ink tuile. The plating is fancy, I don't want to ruin it, but it's best eaten with one of everything. Delectable.

-Mushroom and Egg. Confit egg yolk, textures of mushroom, crispy prosciutto, truffle foam. Break the egg yolk in the middle, let it ooze and mix with the mushroom and truffle foam--it's indulging. The prosciutto gives it a contrast of texture.

-Duck Liver Parfait. Duck liver parfait, marsala gelee, cornichons, brioche. The parfait has foie gras in it; on top is the marsala gelee. At first, I thought it was a viscous fluid because of how the gelee reflects the light, but it's more of a spread and is really good. This is one luxurious liver spread. Top it on the brioche and add some cornichon.

-Smoked Duck Carpaccio. Applewood smoked duck, arugula, orange, beet puree. Reminds me of a good honey cured bacon but it's actually a duck. Delicious.

-Foie Gras. Chestnut puree, cranberry. brioche. Foie gras is my weakness--I love this dish. It's the first time I'm trying it with cranberry, though. The cranberry relieves you from the "umay" factor when you eat the fatty goodness of the foie gras. I find it a perfect combination.

-Cannellini. White bean soup, seared prawn, rye tuile. A good appetizer. From the texture to the taste, I really like it.


-Mushroom Riso. 18 months aged carnaroli, textures of mushroom, truffle oil. I love this. It tastes so good.

-Pressed Chicken Pasta. Spaghetti, pressed chicken jus, grana padano, chicken ballotine. Italian style spaghetti, the sauce is good, also very different from the usual spaghetti--you can taste the chicken jus, it's delectable yet light. The chicken on the side is so tender.


-Roast Pork Belly. Apple elderflower puree, bacon braised cabbage, thyme jus. The roast pork belly is so juicy, not to mention that the skin is really crispy.

-Pressed Duck Two Ways. Maple leaf duck breast, confit duck leg, rhubarb, duck press jus. This is probably my favorite among the dishes served for the night. It felt like having steak, but it's a duck. Tender, juicy, rich in flavor. I love it.

-Halibut. Saffron potato veloute, Sicilian caponata, potato crisps. The halibut is so tender, it breaks down once your utensil touches it--melts in your mouth and goes well with the veloute. The potato crisps give it a crunch. It's good.

-Tenderloin. US Angus Prime Tenderloin Steak, cippollini, cauliflower puree, bone marrow bordelaise. The Tenderloin is just so good, cooked medium rare. On the side is a caramelized onion tart. For this dish, Chef Carlo used red onion. I must say that the best onions that I ever had in my life are still at FOO'D.


-Dark Chocolate Mousse. Cacao crumble, raspberry, dark chocolate gelato. The dolci is best eaten with all portions included. Their dark chocolate mousse has been revamped--it now has raspberry at the center and it tastes even better. I've learned Chef Carlo Miguel's philosophy on dessert is that a dessert should have a contrast of flavors between three things: sweet, citrus, and salty. With these three combined, you have a good contrast of flavors that will make you go back for another bite--and that's what you can expect from their dolci.

-Lemon Curd. Dehydrated meringue, cacao crumble, curry almonds, lettuce gelato. It's weird when you try it by portion, but definitely makes sense and tastes great when tried all together.

-White Chocolate Souffle. Apricots, almond biscotti, amaretto gelato. I love the amaretto gelato. The white chocolate souffle tastes great, it wasn't too sweet and it's topped with passion fruit for a sour contrast.

-Raspberry Lychee Sphere. Rose glaze, coconut crumble, yogurt gelato. This dessert tastes refreshing and light, yet indulging. I love it.

**FULL REVIEW, Complete and HD PHOTOS, and COPY OF THE MENU on my blog.**

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Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle

5.0 Stars

Amidst our busy schedule, we managed to have a short staycation at Hotel Benilde through an invitation. It was just the perfect time for us to unwind in after a chaotic week.

Hotel Benilde is a 3-star hotel located in Malate, Manila. The hotel rooms are located on the 11th and 12th floors of the building. Whereas, other floors are occupied by the classrooms and laboratories of De La Salle--College of St. Benilde.

Checking in the hotel was quick, in spite of some difficulty with finding my reservation. Lol. (Apparently, my man's name was the name that they noted for the reservation so they couldn't find my name in the system. Once resolved, they immediately handed me the keycard.)

We had the Deluxe Queen room. It gives a good view of the Makati and Metro Manila skyline. The queen-sized bed was really comfortable to sleep in as well as the pillows. They use duvet bed linen and has built-in bedside reading lights.

The room is spacious (30 sqm) with a couch and work desk. They have complimentary WiFi access and the connection is good. You can also make free local calls. The television is an LED Smart Cable TV--I also love that the channels are in HD.

Other room amenities include a mini bar, safety deposit box, and in-room tea and coffee. You also get free welcome drinks at Cafe Romancon.

The bathroom is also spacious and has a hot and cold shower. Complimentary toiletries and fresh towels are provided.

Staying at Hotel Benilde also includes free use of their facilities such as their pool (located at the top deck--wonderful view during sunset), gym, and business center.

HD PHOTOS, FULL REVIEW, and preview of other rooms and their restaurant on my blog.

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