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Seoul Kitchen

1.0 Stars

Such a bad experience. We had to leave because they have this policy that we have to order meat. I don't eat meat so we ordered seafood instead pero wala they cant serve us daw kasi we have to order meat. What kind of policy is that??

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Greeka Kouzina

3.0 Stars

Amazing food! Bad ambiance. The food can compete with cyma its that good! However the ambiance sux it felt like i was eating at the karinderia, the kitchen staff are too noisy, and they kept going out of the kitchen wearing shorts while talking loud, no background music to cover up the noisy kitchen staff and The staff are in a hurry to close and go home even if it wasn't 10pm yet. My husband and I ordered apple pie with ice cream and my husband ordered yogurt ice cream (w/c taste really good)., the dessert was served while in the middle of our main course, so we asked the waitress to serve the dessert after we eat because we are not done eating and the ice cream might melt. Well after eating they served our dessert now with melted ice cream, only because they are in hurry to close up. The service charge was 300+ so i would expect to get good etiquette from the staff. I hope the owners or whoever is in charge will read this because I really like the food and it would be such a waste if customers would choose to eat somewhere else because of a crappy ambiance.

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Karen's Kitchen

4.0 Stars

Love the place! So cute, and everything is instagram worthy, though the pasta are good, it was not fantastic. The cake is something you will crave.

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