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Isla Cafe

3.0 Stars

The feel of the place was "Pilipinong Pilipino" from the dress to the tables.

Ordered the Pansit Lucban and Ripe Mango Shake. The pancit was delicious. Topped with Lechon Kawali and paired with Puto. Wasn't able to eat the puto because the serving was for 2. Was already full with the pancit. The shake was bland, with bits of ripe mango on top. Will try a different drink next time.

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H Cuisine

5.0 Stars

As good as advertised!

The angus beef was tender and delicious! The veggies were crunchy and not overcooked... And the gravy paired well with the beef...

Will be coming back here definitely...

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Buffalo's Wings N' Things

4.0 Stars

Affordable and tasty buffalo wings. Lots of choices from mild to spicy. Cool thing is they included a chart showing how mild or spicy your wings will be.

Ordered the New Yorks Finest & the Firehouse Classic. If you like your wings spicy, order the Firehouse Classic going up the chart.

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