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The French Baker

4.0 Stars

chicken ala king their best seller!
nice place, affordable price & cozy couch plus FREE WIFI...10084128079128521

for my kids.. they love the pastas, lasagna & mac cheez... match with their juices like our own choice FOUR SEASONS in an elegant pitcher.127862

take home some breads, pastries & crossants! 127838127856127850

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Tokyo Bubble Tea

5.0 Stars

I LOVE MILK TEA...!!!! 100841008410084
Whatever brand, wherever... WHENEVER!

Its my 2nd time here at TOKYO BUBBLE TEA, cozy place, cute interior and their 7 pages (back-to-back) MENU are loaded of japanese dish to choose from.. Sushi, Sashimi, Rice dish, Donburi, noodles/Ramen & their famous Maki-Sushi... They even have sandwiches, pasta & burgers in Japanese style.. With tempting photos of each kind! (Gives me a hard time choosing what to order!)128521

Whats impress me is when they serve the Kani Salad Sandwich i ordered.. The servings are huge & plenty compare to the picture..
( i regret, i should have ordered sashimi or maki baka mas marami pa.. Hahaha!)

For Milk tea: ....for me its ROYAL MILK TEA. I've tried it the first time i came hir, although they hv a Japanese green milk tea (which i love at starbucks) & lots of variations/flavors on their menu... i dnt wanna risk tryin the flavored one so i settled for the usual milk tea.. But i never regret ordering ROYAL MILK TEA...! 128077128077

Definitely will come back to try again some tempting dish they have & might try other milk tea's for a change..!

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UCC CafΓ© Terrace

5.0 Stars

UCC known for its Coffee.. Bt for me automatically rings my pasta belly..!

I so love their GRATIN (bacon & Sausage) the Penne Pasta easy to eat.

For dessert their FRENCH TOAST TOWER (chocolate or apple my own personal choice!)

The Pizza Toast are always overloaded either

For drinks.. Not really a coffee fan but i always order ICED CAFE' au Lait for its generous Milk part.

This branch is cozy & easy to park..!

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Army Navy

5.0 Stars

My son's favorite.. One of our tenant here in Avenue of the Arts, which obviously i see everyday.
...Even we are in Tagaytay & i wish to eat in some of Tagaytay's Signature Restaurant/s, i never win coz he'll (My son) will give me a puppy eyes 128054128064.
He Loves the ONION RINGS, FREEDOM FRIES and of course (i admit me too love this) the CHEESE & BACON OPEN-FACED QUESADILLAS named "QUERIDA MIA, CHARLIE BRAVO" it's like eating a super thin crust pizza 127829 LOVE IT!!! (To share)

Their Brewed Ice Tea as well are very nice you'll know its not some powdered NESTEA.

Their FEARLESS CHICKEN 127831i haven't tried it (coz my son got allergies w/ chicken dnt wanna tease him hehe).. But will do soon...

Steak Burrito, Chicken Burrito, Carnitas - Pork Burrito, Vegetarian Burrito

Soft Taco TOP
Three Small Soft Flour Tortillas Filled with Meat, Onions and Cilantro. Served with Salsa and a Slice of Lime.
Steak Taco, Chicken Taco, Carnitas - Pork

Again, i'm not a Burger eater.. But the brand itself makes a name for its known Gourmet Burger to offer..127828

Try this branch when u're in Roxas Boulevard its just almost in-front of US EMBASSY πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.

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Cielin's Cakehouse

5.0 Stars
Cake Shop

Why would others gonna love this place...?
Mocha (P18), Mangoes (Php20) & Cream, Pineapple-Carrot (P18), and Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin (P15), Strawberry cupcake (P18), Banana-Carrot (P13), Chicken Pie (P26), Walnut Tarts (which im not a fan of)
I've tasted them all and they all tasted good! My personal fave is their mangoes & cream & Strawberry cupcake, they have Red Velvet cupcakes too.. But im still loyal to House of Silvanas.
Their cupcakes are so soft and they're not too sweet. They're a perfect match for tea/coffee in the afternoon or can be refrigerated & be eaten anytime!
You can also order lots of them especially for kiddie parties. (See picture, with the box just add P10 for the color of ur choice for the box & ribbon).

Mango Torte (P350), Oreo Cheesecake (P560 whole/P90 per slice), Brazo de Mercedes (P150 half/ P280 whole), Walnut Pie (P380), Tiramisu (P220 half/ P420 whole), Mango Cake (P360), Chocolate Cake (P375)
One of Manila's Top 10 Best Desserts of 2007 (source:

100841008410084Perfect for all Occasions.. Presented in an elegant box (look & taste classy).
128079You can also request to write a b-day message on the cake for free.

Lemon Meringue Torte (P390)
Layers of meringue mixed with plenty of cream and lemon. It's light and a bit sweet, but I still like it.

Pandan Cake (P350).
An advance order is needed for this cake. Pandan flavored chiffon topped with chocolate shavings with butter icing at the side.

Ensaymada (P18), Nutty White Chocochip Cookies, Cinnamon Rolls (P18) and other cookies. Chocochip Cookies (P125) (available in a Jar or other nice packaging).

MUST TRY ESPECIALLY FOR AFFORDABLE FINDS!12818412807912807610084128521

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House of Silvanas

5.0 Stars

Affordable compare to Sonjas and TO DIE FOR TASTE (for me!) i love salty tasty food, not much of a sweettooth.. but this two cupcakes change my views & frequently craved for more.

Lets not forget where the name came from.. "Silvanas"
Delightfully crunchy, creamy and delicious! A layer of buttercream sandwiched between two cashew-meringue wafers, coated with cookie crumbs.

Now available in seven flavors which is so COLORFUL:
Original (Regular Buttercream), Ube, Buko-Pandan, Mango, Mocha, Strawberry, and Chocolate.

For me its a 128077128077 up TASTE! Not too sweet.. PERFECT.

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Tasty Dumplings

5.0 Stars

TASTY!!! As what we fondly call it, i was born & raised in Ongpin, Binondo Area.. Ask me where-to-eat-the-best-what...?? will tell you...!

I grew up in the street formerly known as "Magdallena St." now.. "Masangkay St." Where the very first TASTY DUMPLING resto. located... (And still existing) everytime i visit my hometown i will make sure to have some delightful meal here..

Their PORCHOP RICE & CHICKEN RICE (the special sauce they put in the rice), HONG-MA w/ Silver Roll bread, DUMPLINGS (steam or fried), WINTERMELON JUICE or SOYA MILK are definitely HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!128077
...i even wish to know whats that sauce they have.. A Patis like sauce but not as salty & malansa like wt we have at home & the usual.

Geez! One of the reason why i want to live again in Binondo. 12852110084128076128079127860 FOOD!!!!

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The Knuckle Sandwich Station

3.0 Stars

I am not a Burger eater.. Unless i am so hungry then i won't be choosy 128516

Its a carwash day & felt like eating some snacks while waiting.

We ordered Philly cheese burger P185 as what they recommend known to be their best seller, we ordered one and requested to split it into 2 for the waiter/cook told us its a 175grams pure beef Pattie which definetly can be defined as "Mabigat s Tiyan" well it surely is. The said burger is so tasty, cheesy (but not salty).. The Potato Chips on the side are empty kinda bitin.

The Milkshake P120 was a little costly considering its just served in a roughly 12-16oz. to-go cup with straw only (see picture).

They also serve Sebastian Ice cream & Potato corner fries in one size and 2 flavor only (Wasabi & Parmesan Cheese).

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5.0 Stars

Everytime im at Greenhills for some business or shopping spree, i will surely have my lunch or dinner here at Yuujin Japanese Cuisine even Greenhills shopping mall offer a wide range of food/resto choices, i will drive all the way to Wilson Street to dine in this place.. Reasons...:

No.1-- their "BUTA TEPPAN" it is a sauted pork cubes with veggie on the side (like other Japanese Rest. offers) but the paired STEAK SAUCE.. This what makes it different! & i surely 12807610084 it!

2nd is their Creamy Spicy SALMON SASHIMI
A platter of sliced fresh raw salmon with spicy sauce. This is my ultimate favorite among the Japanese dishes. I love its melt-in-ur-mouth-goodness, not to mention its fresh quality. Together with CRAZY MAKI 127843!

And of course the EBI TEMPURA (i 10084 shrimp 127844) one of the familiar Japanese dish, battered & fry just right!

I never order Soda or drinks aside frm the fact im tryin to budget my orders hahaha.. But seriously, i love their house tea JAPANESE TEA request it serve with ice instead.

And if you're lucky, most of the time you will spot celebrities dining as well..10024

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Chef's Bistro

5.0 Stars

Chef Bistro located in Sct. Gandia Tomas Morato was started since 2008 by Chef Paul Tee (whom a good friend of Actress/Chef Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo) & Couples Chef Mike & Emily Sio of Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS) in San Juan, M. Mla. And now continued by a private couple teamed with Chef Jackie Lou Jurado who graduated from Center for Culinary Arts Manila (CCA) in Pastry & Baking Mngmt. & recently returned from FRANCE taking up French language & French cuisine.
I've been handling their Lease in the said area since it started until now..

The Dishes which captured us (me & my bosses) to support them for we believe in their foods & plans are:

Pommes and Chops
Juicy porkchops with charred apples, warm mallow salad, pomme demi glace

Sole Fillet
Sole fish fillet in meuniere with mornay sauce
Served with Pasta too

Grilled porkloin with herb cream sauce, topped with bacon bits served with herb mixed vegetables and pasta

Spicey Pumpkin Soup
Freshly squashed pumpkin served with herbs and spiked scented veloute of pumpkin

...with Sumptuous Pasta, Pizza, Crepes, Cakes to choose from... Too.
The Ambiance at the ground floor & the private cozy 2nd floor dining areas (good for meetings, private gatherings etc.) are surely one of the reason to go back as well.

Two thumbs up! 128077128077

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