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4.0 Stars

90 minutes of fun with the kiddos! 128525128525128525

This was a sponsored activity last month for my baby, the nephew, niece and guardian adults that include me and two family members. Thank you so much @kidzoona Eastwood branch.
They opened just recently and has given away free tickets for kids at some of the Schools in Pasig.

Kidzoona is a big indoor play area for Kids where everyone could jump, dance, play, roll or interact with other children. Real kiddie uniforms are available in a min Hospital, Bakery, Market, Bank or a Shop settings which can also enjoyed by the kids.
All activities involved inside this colorful playground are educational and entertaining at the same time. A giant trampoline by the way gives fun both for the kids and adults. Nakakahingal hahaha!
Inflated slides and giant ball pits are super cool too!

I personally had fun playing and guarding my baby but it's a bit exhausting after an hour of running and turning. 128514

For 90mins it costs P300, one child plus one Free adult.
For 3 hrs, P400 only plus one Free adult.
Additional Guardian is P150.

You may inquire for a Birthday Party packages at the reception table. They are open daily Mall hours from M-S.

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City Bites Laundry Cafe

5.0 Stars

This was during my first visit here more than a month ago. This self-service, air conditioned Laundry & Cafe in one is the best we've tried so far. It has an ample space to get your laundry done and dine conveniently at once.
This way, I wouldn't mind staying up late for it made me feel I'm in an event rather than feeling the burden of doing my chores.

We were also given 2 FREE Donuts to try that'll be in their Menu soon. They're working on their FREE WIFI and Parking is Free upon validation and if your laundry is at or above P300!

Thank you Gwen I

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KKK Pinoy Food

4.0 Stars

Had a meet up Lunch with the cousin from abroad. She was craving for Pinoy foods and this is just perfect. Other restos in the Mall during a Saturday, this was the least busy and you could still get a table compared to over fully packed places.

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Pancake House

5.0 Stars

Crunchy Waffles and syrup plus a piece of Crispy Fried Chicken and gravy is definitely making me hungry right now.
This combo along with other choices are PH promo of 2meals for only P399!

The Salisbury Steak and Tapa are included in the promo choices. 128522

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Starbucks Coffee

4.0 Stars

Can't resist a cup of Frappe when in a vacay mode to Laguna two weeks ago. 128525

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Yahweh's Spring Retreat Resort and Spa

4.0 Stars

It's been a while now since the family has visited this place. Celebrated the niece's birthday two weekends ago and we had so much fun just like before. There were not much change but we still enjoyed staying here and swimming in a hot spring pool water. 128525

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5.0 Stars

This was my first time at Summit Ridge Hotel in Tagaytay.
I was happy to be part of this out of town Lunch and it really is something extraordinary.
This would be my first adventure going far from home and just have Lunch and go back right?128525

Well, this is worth doing so. The place is so spacious and yes, since it's in Tagaytay, it's scenic view is amazing and the weather is cold.
and most of all, forget everything but the Food!!! They're all well plated, enticing and colorful.

Sartin is a newly opened Buffet Resto in Summit Ridge Hotel. They have a wide Menu list, so you could never go wrong giving it a try.

Kamote, Kalabasa & kesong puti Salad is very Pinoy. It's distinct from the usual American Salad we get used to. Sarap ng kesong puti!

Crispy Chicken Skin over vinegar
will definitely pump up your appetite.

Laswa is a version of Inabraw in Ilocano. I love sipping the flavorful soup and eating those fresh veggies.

Kansi another fave gulay that I've had. I'm happy they have several kinds of gulay, all lutong bahay. My family would surely love it here.

Kaldereta Kambing is just okay.. It must be good with a bottle of Beer!

Batchoy hot soup with Bone Marrow is something you'd never forget. Perfect when you're really hungry to warm your tummy and when feeling cold in Tagaytay!

Valenciana filled with Seafood on top is an absolute winner!!!

Kapampangan Sisig is different from the Sisig we knew. It's more like a Bopis to me and yes it's yummy! 128525

Lastly, never leave this place without having Guinumis. It's refreshing and well garnished. Very photogenic and it's so good! 128525

Tibok tibok desserts were all worth trying too.
Thanks so much for the invite, Ms. Alma C
I sure did had a great time and a very happy tummy!!! 128525

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CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

4.0 Stars

The lines were crazzzy loooong! I waited in the car for 45 minutes (there's no parking as expected) while my sister and her children bought all the drinks for us.
We should've just ordered online and let the Grab men do the queueing for us instead of us wasting time & energy here. It would've been sulit to add just P50 delivery fee for 6 drinks!

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Pizza Morena

4.0 Stars

For so many Pizza places I've tried, this is one of the many flavors of Pizza I've seen in one visit. Since it was a bloggers' event inside the Food Hall in the Podium, we were lucky we have tried at least one to two flavors that time.

It was just too exciting to see a lot of flavors all at once. The Pizza presentation was nice. One by one, it was pulled out fresh from the oven and we were all looking and waiting patiently.

The flavors were:

127829 PEPPERONI & Hot Honey
One of the famous flavor, my fave of all time.

127829 MORENA
with pistachios, honey, mascarpone & truffle oil

127829 4 CHEESE & CHIVES
I hoped to try this next time. I love the combination.

127829 CHORIZO ARUGULA & Roasted red bell peppers

Tomato base, Mozzarella, Parmesan & Basil

an absolutely delicious one. I liked the Pesto & truffle oil flavor.

a Holiday special


Burrata Salad about 3 scoops of Burrata cheese in one serving mixed with different garden vegetables. It's a semi soft Italian cow's milk cheese and bland in taste. 128077

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Coffee Project

5.0 Stars

I feel like in a dreamy state each time I enter a CP branch. whenever I do, I knew in my mind that I'm ready to be in the mood for coffee. The aroma smell was just too relaxing, right?! 128525
Also, I don't know if it's just me but I guess I'm lovin' Coffee Project so much that I feel so worthy just to be here.

So I brought my mom and niece here for a brunch celebration. This isn't my first visit here but thrice already.
We ordered Classic Corned Beef P210 with rice and egg. The niece loved it.

Caramel Latte P155 for me.
Ham & Cheese Croissant P90. Its just not as fresh baked as I expected it to be. But it pairs my coffee perfectly.

Fish & Chips and extra rice for mom which she used to order wherever we go. Lol.

There were even leftovers. They packed it with clean containers with cute paper bag. 128525128525128525

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