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5.0 Stars

The search for the best sisig is over. Cirkulo's sisig definitely hits a home run with their version of the Filipino classic dish. No need for toyo, calamansi and hot sauce. The dish is infused with all these condiments already (which is a good thing). Of course one cannot compare the sisig found in pampanga and the like since the price differential is huge.

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Tao Yuan Restaurant

5.0 Stars

I've always said that the best Singaporean restaurant is Tao Yuan. The main reason is their Laksa. It simply is the BEST Laksa in town. They also serve, for me, the most delicious Hainanese chicken I've tasted.

But more about the Laksa. It has a good blend of spicy, coconut, and sweet with a generous serving of fish, crab, shrimp, and squid balls.

If you go here, you must order this!

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