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The Perfect Pint: Craft Beer + Fine Food

5.0 Stars

I will never ever forget this place! Great food (see photo!), great ambiance, and a super accommodating owner. Ordered Heap of Bacon With Pickles (ahh now I'm craving again) and it was the best bacon dish I've ever tried in my life. Not kidding. Paired it with their Katipunan Craft Beer (they have a huge selection of their own beer creations, accompanied by suggested food/dish pairings) and every calorie was worth it.128055

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8Cuts Burgers

5.0 Stars

Ordered the Four Cheese Burger and it was heavenly! Very satisfied with the size, the price, and the flavor. They have a lot of burger varieties, and I'm planning to go back just to try them all128076

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The Sandwich Guy

4.0 Stars

I remember we used to have their food delivered to our office during my internship a few years ago. Their pesto pasta is surprisingly good, considering the price (Php55). The chicken/bacon sandwiches are also okay. Not bad for a quick snack in between classes!

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