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Figaro Coffee Company

4.0 Stars

First of all, thank you for the invite!

The Looloo Rendezvoos with Team
Kaladkarin and Peanut and Eboy was eye opening!

I do not know where these people put all that food they eat.

Guys, pro-tip from a newbie.

If they invite you, do not eat the meal before the rendezvoos.

These are pros you are with!!!

Let's get to the food!!!!

As always, Figaro is a classic.

Kasabayan ng Starbucks but this is a LOCAL company.

Founded by a couple of buddies who loved coffee.

They started out as a stall in Glorietta. Way back nung may Quad pa. (hello oldies)

The name back then.. "F". O dibs. How mysterious. How fun. How forward thinking. How fyutiful.

I forget why it evolved into Figaro but I hope it has a connection to The Bohemian Rhapsody.

I digress.

So, imagine a start-up business back in the early 90's. Fighting against the likes of Starbucks.

They must have done something right to still be here.

What is that something right?

Good coffee and good food in a place you'd love to stay in.

The ambience kind of makes you so relaxed thT the coffee balances you out.

The food..oh the food!

It's no longer your cookies and cake and coffee shop.

Figaro serves kanin!

Aside from pasta and bread and pizza but mehn..kanin!!

Try out their 4 cheese pizza or was it 5? Any more than 4 and I know you'd be dizzy.

The pulled pork sandwhich was divine. I wanted to pocket it and take it home.

Parang OFW na may pasalubong.

Pero ubos. As in ubos!!!! Sa isang iglap wala na.

Now, I'm going to tell you about one of their dishes na baka may magalit.

Wag muna magtaob ng lamesa ha..wait lang.

Yung Kare-kare nila walang..walang bagoong.

Pero sis..bes..mars..easy lang.

Ang sarap.

It worked. Para siyang anak ng dalawang panget pero ang ganda ng labas.

Kare-kare na may Adobo flakes. W.T.F. Di ba? Naramdaman ko yung galit ng mga ninuno ko na nag sakripisyo ng buhay nila noong panahon ng Kastila. Alam mo yung feeling na yun?

Pero, yung hindi dapat mag-work, nag-work.

Di na kailangan ng bagoong.

My favorite though was the pasta Ala Carlo.

Yun, masarap. Hitsura pa lang. As in di ka ma shock boogie na masarap siya.

Would defo come back to Figaro.

Remember guys.. LOVE LOCAL EAT LOCAL!

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5.0 Stars
Frozen Yogurt

Honestly ansarap niya.

Medyo mahal pero hindi naman araw araw eh.

So, nung naobssess ako sa kanya, halos weekly ko siya dinadalaw sa MOA.

The seating looks clinical. Walang warmth and di cozy yung sa dine-in.

Best to order to go then eat it sa labas ng MOA.
Sa harap ng dagat.
Tapos humugot ka na ng feelings.

After a while ayoko na sa kanya.

Mabilis makasawa pero, once in a blue-moon naaalala ko pa rin siya.

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Wingfather & The Fry Mafia

5.0 Stars

Wingfather and The Fry Mafia started out as a shipping container stall at The Food Hive in Visayas Ave., Quezon City serving wings with a twist! (Boy Bawang Wings etc).

PixelStop, in the same location served custom cocktails and craft beer alongside local beers.

Wrapido, a shipping container stall in Container Turf served Chimichangas and other Mexican fare.

These three have joined forces to give us Wingfather Wings and Booze.

They have since expanded and become a full-fledged restaurant due to popular demand.

People would literally ask them to put additional seating in their previous locations.

Now, I may be biased because we built this restaurant but, bias aside, let me tell you that they are not just a cool place with steampunk accents and copper fans, in other words, they're not just a pretty face.

They actually have great food!!!

I am a big fan of Chimichangas! Their offering of shrimp chimichanga is delicious! No kidding. Three of us shared it (because I wanted my friends to taste it) but it's good for one.

The Flamingo Wings are their version of Buffalo Wings.

I am not a fan of wings because I am a pecho woman.

But boy oh boy, these wings go great with beer!

Last but not least, the shrimp taco sliders.

They are good for sharing but you wouldn't want to.

Muntik na kami mag-away dahil gusto ko agawin yung last piece.

If you're ever in the Marikina area, stop by.

Always cool temp inside (perfect for me).
Great food!
Coooold beer (as in sub zero halos).
And an awesome place to hang out in.

This place has a smoking section (2nd floor).

Each dish under 200Php.

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5.0 Stars

So a couple of years ago, I broke up with this girl I had been dating for a while.

I was ok. It was time to let go. I was sad but alright.

Then a couple of weeks later my 15 year old dog died.

I was an emotional wreck. Nothing could appease me. I was crying all the time. That boy wasn't the best boy out there but man he was a good boy.

My friend decided to help me after seeing me posting cryptic memes about doogos.

She brought me to this bar called Hooch.

Sure it's not as affordable as I was used to. I mean, I'd usually drink in depressing taverns with low lights and old music, cheap beer and cheap everything.

But this place..

If you need a pick me up..this place is it!

Beautiful people everywhere. You drink out of crystal glasses, ornately designed cocktails receptacles, the whole place is adorned with plush sofas and dark wood, BI (black iron) pipes and copper pipes everywhere.

If you need to feel good about yourself, surround yourself with good things too.

And good things don't come cheap.

I have lost track of what I have had to drink here but I and my liver can attest to the fact that all the liquor they use is top shelf. Top shelf!

The food is WOW!

I have never loved eating a salad as much as I have here. Their salad comes with bread and jam and pate.

The Mac and cheese, if you guys take anything from this post, it's to eat the mac and cheese there.

I brought home some for my current gf and I had to decide how much I loved her because I wanted to eat it. I love her so I didn't eat it.

There's a happy hour folks and they are open until the wee hours of the morning.

TLDR; Great place to get over the death of your dog.
Awesome Mac and Cheese! Superb liquor!

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Ling Nam

4.0 Stars

The waiters are mostly all Pinoy but the woman at the cashier is defo pure Chinese.
She knows you know that she knows Tagalog, but she be speakin' Mandarin/Cantonese.

You bow to your future overlord as you pass her by on your way towards your table.

You sit in semi-sticky wooden chairs the size of a petite woman's but a big booty can fit in it, real stable.

The tables are a bit stickier. You see some bits of leftover toyo that has been imbedded into the linoluem layer.
It looks like it is from the 70's.
You feel like you're part of history.

A couple of small cockroaches run across the mirror that surrounds the place.

It's nothing shocking. It's like this in most restaurants in this part of town. Pretty normal actually. Think, your local tapsi place sa may palenke.

This doesn't apply to the elites and those whose knowledge of the market is Landmark.

You dig?

The food is authentic Chinese food.

It tastes as if you died and went to MSG heaven.

Not the best siomai around, but their siopao is as big as a face.

So, it's a coin toss on that part.

It's under a hundred I think and the beef wanton is 150 give or take.

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La Reserve Hotel

3.0 Stars

Ah La Reserve!

This place has been in Boracay since I was in 2nd grade (that is roughly 30+ years ago).

The huts/cabanas are all painted white and the original ones were built in a circular shape.

Some of thesw cabanas have attics for extra folk.

Meaning, a small cabana can fit 4 people (provided the cabana has an attic)

I remember the owner used to be this French guy named Bernard. Pronounced Behr-nahd! Hahah! But seriously, he was always a bit creepy.

I don't know who owns the place now but they've managed to keep it up and running.

I tried to rekindle my childhood memories by coming here when on a Panay Adventure.

Ordered their Mango Flambe as soon as I arrived.

They still lit it on fire (that's the rhum for ya), and it still tasted great.

The strawberry ice cream wasn't to my liking though (never liked strawberry).

The complimentary breakfast was the usual choice of Filipino, American (there's wasn't a French option, besides if there it would probably be just bread and jam, Pinoy ako, Rice is life!).

Overall it was alright.
Nothing spectacular really.

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Jawili Falls

3.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

I'm an Aklanon so that means I saw Boracay at it's most beautiful.

When it was still paradise. Same goes with Jawili Falls.

It used to be a wilderness.

Lots of overgrown roots which served as make-shift ladders to climb the raging falls.

There were no concrete structures.

You had to literally risk life or death climbing the falls and it's many pools and mini-falls.

There was also no entrance fee.

Maybe that's because we took our trash with us and didn't deface any of the rocks.

The great thing about it, is that the cottages for rent are still there.

Still made of Nipa, still with a stream where you can wash your hands in after digging into your baon of halabos na hipon and steamed "baklang" crab.

You can bring your own food and even grill it here.

There was another cottage grilling liempo so I offered to swap some of our hipon for a liempo.

The cottages are for rent at 75Php one to sawa!

RH at 40Php and Empi at regular price give or take 20Php.

You can take a trike from the main road to get here.

Walk a few meters and you get to Jawili Beach.

I'm sad that it isn't as beautiful as I remember it, but it's still worth a visit.

The waterfalls are almost endless.

Come during the rainy season. The water pressure is stronger and all the pools are full!

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Le Cafe Curieux

5.0 Stars

This is by far one of the best bars I've been to.

They regularly have strange events here.

Last Halloween, I was here as the milk carton from Blur's MTv Coffee and TV with friend dressed as a pirate.

There was a 6"6 cross dresser in heels, a corsette, and fishnet stockings. His heels were 6" stiletto's and he had a blonde wig on.

Another night, there was an all night showing of Futurama on the projector.

And yet another wild night, French women were dancing on the tables like Amazon's.

And another night, there was a full on techno set-up.

They are always on of the bars in Fete de la Musique (usually Jazz or Blues).

Drinks aren't cheap (RH at 90-100) but aaalways cold.

The people here are pretty cool.

Ask them nicely if you can have an exhibit (if your work is good), and they'll say "Oui!".

The food could be better (it is a French establishment after all), but I think their focus is on booze and a great time!

Bike friendly!

Sometimes, a drunken group of rugby players might come in dressed in Chiongsams (dunno if I spelled it right) and cheer and cheer even if their team lost.

Sometimes great jazz legends will play and give you an eargasm of a lifetime.

Sometimes, you just have to see it for yourself.

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White Island

5.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

My last review for everything in Camiguin.

White Island is as beautiful as it is in your dreams.

Turquoise waters, powdery white sand, a stretch long enough to allow you to feel completely alone yet still safe because you can still see other people on the other end of the sandbar.

It is a sandbar by all accounts, sometimes when the tides are high and the ocean is angry, it is gone. Most times, it is right there. Just off to the distance.

When I was there, a German couple and their baby were windsurfing. I did not question the safety of the child because, much like German engineering, they've got it down to pat.

Locals sell sea urchin at 60 a basket. There are small shops where you can buy drinks and snacks (although this part I hope the LGU will abolish because it takes awaw from the beauty of the island).

Don't laugh at the guy running madly into the sea in my second photo. That's you too if you ever get to visit this place.

Hands flailing in the air, legs all jelly, a stupid smile on your face as you splash into the water.

I fell asleep on the far side of the island and woke up a toasty brown (I'm very pale and not the gluta kinda pale but pasty).

Groups can stay for the whole day but when the lifeguards and LGU say it's time to go, it is time to go (that's usually right after sunset so you still have time for an IG sunset shot.

No banyo anywhere so do your serious business on the mainland before heading here.

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Element Boutique Hotel

5.0 Stars

Boutique hotels are popping up everywhere.

Z Hotel may be the first (AFAIK), but this place is right up there with it.

I particularly love Elements because of all the cement finish in their interiors. The bathtub is concrete and big enough for 3 people.

Most of their rooms have queen sized beds.

Every room has a different overall design but there is a common wood and cement and metal pipes theme going on. Industrial yet still warm.

Outside of the rooms, it is littered with black and white grafitti. The I beams are also visible which give it that macho look.

It's not backpacker heaven but a great staycation option.

With room rates at 7-12K, it's a bit pricey. (I may be off with the pricing as I had had a lot of wine).

There's an elevator at the ground floor so no worries about getting to your room on the top floor.

The ground flooe houses their gallery/restaurant/event area.

Sometimes an acoustic set will be playing, other times it is a photography exhibit by some "world-semi-famous" person, all the time good music.

Portishead, Goldfrapp, no Kpop.

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