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Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

5.0 Stars

Want to give a big *toooot* you to your diet? This is the place to go. HAHA.

My favorite go-to place when I'm craving for pizza and wings. I have a usual order here. 10" New York's Finest + 4 Pc. Hot Wings + 2 Lemon Sola. All for 2 people.

From all of the pizza franchises, Yellow Cab is my favorite. Lots of toppings, very flavorful. And they have that delicious crust that goes so well with everything. Their hot wings are really good, I crave for them a lot. Crispy and spicy just the way I like it.

I would like to share my usual condiments too. Chili flakes + Chili Oil + Salt + Pepper.

When eating their pizza I prepare a combination of salt, pepper and chili oil, mix them together to have this sort of "sauce/dip" for the pizza. Aside from that "sauce/dip", I already would drizzle the pizza with chili oil and afterwards the chili flakes. It's quite obvious that I love it spicy. I'm sorry if you feel that your arteries are clogging just by reading that, but damn, it's really good and it fits their pizza.

With the wings, since I want it spicier, I drizzle more chili oil on it too.

I hope someone tries this, or has been doing it already. HAHA. 128525

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5.0 Stars

It's hard to miss this pretty and pink dainty shop when you're around Eastwood City Walk.

I can only wish I had something like this. (I'm sorry I love pink and girly things) Well decorated and very cozy, it's a nice place to stay and have a little sweet treat when you've been tired of shopping or whatever else you do around there. Even guys get amused by this shop. When you have a cupcake to-go, they're place inside this pretty Chinese take-out like box, and I've seen a lot of men being amused by it! HAHA!

The cupcakes are divine, I have tasted a lot of them and they're all consistently moist, rich in flavor, just the right amount of sweetness and frosting for a cupcake. My favorite would have to be their "Triple C" flavor, as seen on the photo. Moist chocolate cake with a delicious frosting that tastes like heaven, seriously. It's like some concoction of condensed milk with chocolate of some sort that matches so well with the moist cake. You'll also get that pink milk candy treat as seen on the photo. It's perfect. 128149

When this cupcake shop lures your eyes, I recommend you to dive in to the temptation.

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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant

5.0 Stars

Now this is what you call good food.

Bubba Gump of course, was themed to the movie Forrest Gump. The place is very quirky and home-y.

The food was incredible, to say the least. We ordered "Shrimper's Net Catch" in Cajun flavor. Oh dear was it amazing. The shrimps were in a bucket of goodness, and when they're served, they're dumped into a tray. Great flavor, fresh shrimps. It was a delight.

We also got the "All American Cheeseburger" They'll ask you for the done-ness which is good. It was delicious. Those fries were probably the best fries I ever tasted. It was seasoned so well. Also props on the delicious and big burger patty!

Service was very good, very attentive waiters. They also have a system. When you're ready to order you should change the signs from "Run Forrest Run" to "Stop Forrest"

Overall, great dining experience. Will definitely go back!

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Lemoni Cafe

4.0 Stars

Just look at the abundance of food on that plate. (Not to mention the amount of bacon)

Went to "Ateneo de Bora" a couple of months ago for a graduation treat of some sort. Of course as a foodie, I wanted to try out what Boracay had to offer in terms of their restaurants.

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this dainty looking restaurant, which really stood out from those that are in D'mall.

We tried out something to fill our tummy for breakfast and I had "The Big Breakfast" The given name is pretty solid because the plate was huge with a lot of things going on. Around 5 slices of bacon, 2 sausages, loads of potatoes, 2 eggs and a small fruit salad. The taste was pretty good as well, although not spectacular.

The place is a bit pricey, hence I do not recommend this as a place for the barkada (unless you all have a pretty deep pocket). The service was excellent, everyone was courteous and alert.

I wish I could have tried their desserts though! There were a lot of things on the menu that seemed pretty appetizing, I definitely would like to go back to this place the next time around!

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Wild Flour Restaurant

3.0 Stars

Dropped by one sunny morning here. I loved how the place looked. A mix of modern and rustic style.

I tried the Croque Madame (450Php) Quite pricey to say the least. Wasn't worth it for me though. It was one of those dishes only good for the first few bites.

The dish tasted very one note and the gruyère cheese got a little bit too overwhelming.

The service there was pretty impressive, the waiters were attentive.

Although, I'd come back to this place to try their other dishes.

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Mr. Jones

5.0 Stars

From the outside, you'd have that itch to go to this place because of the beautiful façade and interiors.

The food was delicious! I ordered an Egg Ben served two ways. I loved it so much. I paired it with a chocolate malt milkshake. It was like heaven!

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Starbucks Coffee

5.0 Stars

The perfect place for those times that you want to boost your productivity, study for some exam, hold a business meeting and so on.

Very spacious and always packed with people.

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Mad Mark's

5.0 Stars
Ice Cream

Go here for big servings of sandwiches and especially their delicious homemade ice cream!

Their ice cream selections are delightful. My favorites are the Half-Baked Madagascar and the Madagascar Vanilla Bean.

When you're hungry, try their Man Sandwich and pair it with the awesome Cajun French Fries.

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Roku Sushi and Ramen

5.0 Stars

A perfect chill place after school hours to get your Japanese food fix.

The place is normally packed with students near the Katipunan strip. The surrounding is well lit and furnishing woody and neat.

The food is delicious, their ramen having just the right proportion, enough to leave your tummy space for some of their sushi!

Perfect place to bring your barkada.

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Chateau 1771

5.0 Stars

Your typical beautiful French-styled Restaurant.

Often visited by family members, it's a great place to have lunch and dinner especially free going to mass in the nearby Greenbelt Chapel.

A bit pricy, but it is really worth it. The food is incredible and even the presentation is nicely done.

This place would be perfect for family dinners and anniversary dates. Truly a treat!

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