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Lee Hak

4.0 Stars

I didn't get the chance to take a picture of the buffet itself cos I was too hungry to function 128514 We dined in here on December 23, 2015 for our company's Christmas lunch since we were to busy we opted to try the buffet here rather than going to KPUB at the Fort since this was much nearer to our office. We got the rate per head at a discount (P435) as it was a weekday. There's a wide spread in this buffet considering that it is less than 500 pesos which pushed me to giving this place 4 stars. Taste wise I would've just rated this a 3 since I only liked around 5/20 (?) of the food items available.

Don't forget to get a lot of meat from the grilling station. That's the meat you wrap in the lettuce with some veggies. Most of their marinades taste similar. Sweet and a bit savory. I was happy to find lechon/liempo-chon in the buffet since it's not something I would expect from a Korean/Japanese buffet but it's something that I like eating so that made me happy HAHA (yes I eat a lot of fat 128547) they also have unique items in their tempura station such as cali Maki in tempura batter. I wasn't able to taste it because I was too full but my sisters kept coming back for it so I guess it was good. Their only dessert is ice cream but they do have like 4 flavors of it. So I guess it's okay plus the fruit slices they have those too.

They also have karaoke if I'm not mistaken and they have private rooms that can also accomodate 10-15pax.

The bathroom isn't that clean so 128078 for that.

Overall, friendly staff, good food and good company gives this experience a 4 star rating 128522

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Kafé Batwan

4.0 Stars

This review is for my 2nd visit. Yes I'm reviewing my 2nd visit ahead of my first haha! My boyfriend and I spent our last dinner for the year here since he had coupons from DG. We ordered crispy crablets, batwan beef ribs, siniganf fried chicken and the grilled kurobuta liempo.

Minus 1 star for the small servings of their main courses.

I probably would've rated this a 3.5 nearing 3 because of the price but having the DG coupon helped raise this to nearing a 4 which explains my 4 star rating.

Service is prompt. There is this one noteworthy female server (wasn't able to get her name) very attentive among the rest of the staff.

Food review:
Crispy crablets - good portions, crispy as it should be and "crabby" as it should taste. Very good and very... "Entertaining" to eat. I would recommend this if you're like really hungry and want to not get pissed if in case the mains come in a Lil late 128540 Just be careful of the legs they can puncture the soft parts of the inside of your mouth.

Gilled kurobuta liempo - lots of fat but tastes really good. I felt my heart hurting a bit after eating this so be careful. Lots of stuff to raise your blood pressure here. But nonetheless good to try and SHARE so you won't get a heart attack 128522

Sinigang fried chicken - I actually liked the taste of it. Tangy fried chicken. Had crispy skin and juciy meat. My boyfriend however mentioned that it tasted the same or similar to pancake house' pan fried chicken which then got me down cos that's cheaper, had bigger portions and it did taste very similar. So we had to order the batwan beef ribs shortly after. HAHA! Uhm probably won't recommend this. We were expecting this to have some sauce like locavore's sizzling sinigang because we read it wrong on the menu. So our bad on ordering this. HAHA.

Batwan beef ribs - similar taste to the liempo but better in terms of taste and had considerably lesser fat than the liempo as well. We ordered this out of curiosity because we forgot if we had ordered it already during our first time dining in here or not. The description was so mouthwatering we had to order it after a disappointing sinigang fried chicken that had a quarter portion of a chicken only 128528 We both liked this one. My boyfriend couldn't get enough of it. I was too full to dig into this with him as we had buffet for lunch at Lee Hak (review on this will be posted asap). 128539

Ambiance was very good. Clean place. Wish they could make the servings of their food bigger or as much as their servings in Sarsa at Forum BGC. 128522

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Tim Ho Wan

4.0 Stars

Waiters took long to give us our water. This is actually my third or fourth time dining in here and that's always my concern. They take long to serve the water. Obviously, the problem's not in the kitchen for this matter. This is the reason behind the 4 star rating.

Anyhoo, away from the usual pork buns that we are all very familiar with already, I'm posting the chef's special tofu dish. We ordered this plus 3 orders of the dumpling sampler (also on the chef's special menu) together with the usual pork buns. We actually got the last 7 sets of pork buns that night.

Going back to the tofu dish, it was yummy and flavorful. Very good tofu since it didn't have that sour taste that I normally get from tofu dishes here. So that for me made it a good tofu dish. It came with pork floss on top but the kinda scrimped on the pork floss 128533 nonetheless this dish deserves to be ordered! It was served as quickly as they serve their other dumplings.

Moving on, we got the dumpling sampler. It's 3 flavors in 1 set. One with shiitake mushroom (my fave from the 3), one with ham and one with shrimp. It's basically pork/beef siomai with extra ingredients as abovementioned. It's served a little bit fancier than the their usual dumplings. They put this "special sauce" which was basically sweet soy sauce for me but good. Very good pairing with the dumpling trio.

Also got an order of hakaw because we were still hungry. AND NO, we did not finish the 7 orders of pork buns. We ate 2 sets and took the rest home to have them as "baon" for work the next day. Hehe 9996 to who ever that person was who found herself pork bun-less because of us. We were really hungry! 128523

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Romulo Café

4.0 Stars

Had Christmas dinner here with my HS friends just a few hours ago. Really expected a lot from their food. Used the pic of the appetizers since these were what got them 4 stars from me.

We go the following for our appetizer:
Beef Salpicao - soft almost "pillowy" beef cubes. Just the right level of saltiness most Salpicao dishes are salty but this one is just right. Perfect!
Lechon Sisig Wraps - reminded me of tipsy pig's sisig taco. This one is far better. With more Lechon filling and nearly the same flavor without the overpowering mayo after taste
Tinapa Roll - crispy on the outside. Scrumptious and flavorful Tinapa flakes inside. We make this at home so it wasn't new to me but the texture of this was great!
Cheese and Vigan Longganisa Dumplings - out of words with this one. The mix of the ingredients here is just divine. Please try this, the Tinapa Roll and beef Salpicao and you will not be disappointed. I assure you.

All of our main course were just ok. They were: Tito Greg's Kare Kare, Lola Virginia's Chicken Relleno, and Boneless Crispy Pata Binagoongan. Overall comment on the main courses - they were bland or there's something, I can't pinpoint, that's wrong with all of them.

We also got their sans rival. It costed 200 pesos. Huge serving but taste matters. To this didn't really make the cut. Goldilocks' makes better sans rival.

Gave them 4 stars as well for the good service and great ambiance :)

Tip: ask for the waiter's recommendations and don't order those

This might sound bad but it might save you from ordering the wrong thing. Don't get what they recommend (unless someone you know told you that it's really good) because it's normally what they wanna get rid off already. It's not really the "best" dish that they'd recommend. Got this info from an former intern of Romulo cafe.

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Ace Hotel & Suites

4.0 Stars

We got a suite I forgot what it was called but it was next to the biggest one. Pretty good deal at 4.5k with breakfast for 2 since we got this during the APEC holiday last minute (thank you Dave from Ace hotel for arranging). The room was very spacious. We actually requested to book a condotel so we can cook our own meals but I guess there weren't any available anymore so we settled for this. The room was twice the size we were expecting I think this was around 60sqm? It was supposedly just 33sqm for the one with the kitchen. Nonetheless the room's ambiance and amenities were all very good. Everything is accessible from this hotel. Totally worth recommending! We also borrowed an HDMI cable so we could binge watch on series and movies we've been meaning to catch up on. It was free of charge. :)

Finally done with school! Expect a more active looloo-er from now on hehe 128513🤓|


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3.0 Stars

I didn't really know what cuisine Rambla was under but I've been meaning to try it here since it replaced our fave steak place Lulu. My boyfriend has tried it before (With his family) though and had much more negative feedback than good so we never bothered to try it after that.

But since |ooloo is awesome they sent me vouchers from Andilasia Inc. One that would give me free tapas (appetizer) from Rambla with no purchase required and one order of 6 pcs of classic churros with medium chocolate provided that I purchase any hot or iced coffee.

We first claimed the Rambla voucher since we were gonna have a pitch in rockwell after lunch so we decided to eat here. Please don't judge. But at first, I really read and thought that they were gonna be giving me TAPA with a side dish of CROQUETAS so I was like "wow ok free lunch for me then mom and Gere (my bf) will just have to pay for themselves wahaha" and then as I was expecting my "TAPA" I saw 5 tiny pieces of croquetas. And my mom just exploded laughing at my mistake... 128528 HAHAHA I mean I know tapas means appetizer/small serving but right? Doesn't Spanish cuisine have tapa like we do in Filipino cuisine? Hahaha anyway, getting past that honest mistake, we decided to order one dish each.

Firstly, the croquttes were okay. Texture wise it would be the bomb 128163 but the flavor wasn't really there. It's weird but it's okay weird. But since it's free why wouldn't I take it?! However, I won't be spending my own money on it. Sorry. But thank you Looloo and Andilasia Inc. for the treat! I'm very grateful 128518

My mom's dish (see picture): Trampo, Spanish Omelette with Chorizo
128073This one was above average. It's nearly a 4/5 stars. Texture, again, on point. Fluffy Omelette like I've never had it this way before. They really need to work on their salt. Most if not all of the dishes we ordered lacked salt. But this could have been a really awesome dish if they had the flavor right.

My boyfriend's dish: Baked Cod Fish with Surf and Turf Sauce, Green Peas and Crispy Ham
128073First thing I noticed was the plate. It was very similar to Las Flores and then I discovered that they were under the same group! Coolio! LF is like our favorite Spanish resto by far. VERY EXPENSIVE but so worth it. I guess we should've gotten the expensive ones too out of the menu. Maybe then we wouldn't have been so disappointed. The fish was cooked well but the sauce, I can't remember. I guess the sauce was nothing special and the crispy ham tasted like crispy bacon. Yum! This was the cheapest out of the pescados offering so we got this HAHAHA!

My dish (and their most recommended 128530): Wagyu Meatballs with Cuttle Fish, Pine nuts and shiitake mushroom
128073it sounded so yummy and as good as the hamburguesas we got from LF. Then the dish came... IT WAS SO TINY. And the meatballs drowned in flavorless sauce 128546 The meatball was good though in terms of texture again but it was bland yet again. I got so sad... loved the pine nuts though!

128073Lastly I got curious as to how their Churroreo Dessert would taste like so we got an order of it. Interestingly from all the small portions of our orders we managed to get full before our dessert even arrived. (My mom said it because everything was fatty hence you get fuller faster - take it from the food tech/food engineer) HAHA. So anyway, churroreo was good. A tad sweet when you mix the vanilla ice cream with the warm caramel and the churroreo but would've been a good dessert to cap off that lunch date if we weren't all so full.

-try to get the expensive items on the menu if you don't wanna get disappointed with the taste. I mean you probably didn't go there to not-splurge. So go ahead and order the best thing you see on the menu regardless of the price.
-dont be afraid to have your food made again (I didn't have enough time so I didn't do this anymore)

Maybe when I have a lot of money to burn, I'll come back just to try each of their most expensive items so I can like it as much as I liked Las Flores.

Thanks for the free croquetas again! 128522

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Qubiertos Grill and Restaurant

4.0 Stars

September 22, 2015

Visited this place after a brief for a new project with an FMCG company. We were all starving because the brief was scheduled during lunch. Nope. No food was provided 128546

Every Sunday, we pass by this new place which is always packed. Its parking slots are filled up almost every hour of the day. So we decided to have lunch here to feed our curiosity and also because it was the perfect time to take advantage of the non peak hours of operation where one would expect the service to be more efficient and the food to be at its best state.

We ordered one dish of a heart attack per category.

Appetizer: Chicharon Bulaklak
This was served quickly and fresh from the deep fryer which is the way all Chicharon should be served. Crispy "outside". Soft and deadly inside. 128525128525

Merienda: Pork BBQ
This one was sweet and the sauce that it's basted in is superb! A bit sweeter that your typical BBQ sauce but so good that it can be used to marinate your beef in before grilling (or maybe you can even put some more after grilling your meat). This is a must try! 128523128523

Rice: Qubiertos rice (scrambled egg shreds, bagoong?, and other secret stuff)
Meh. Pretty basic. Looks more flavorful than it is. HOWEVER, this place offers UNLIMITED RICE for 50 pesos or less (depending on what flavor you choose your FIRST bowl to be). The succeeding cups of rice will be plain but still so totally worth it for rice people. This is probably one of their best selling points. 128077128077

Entree: Crispy Boneless Lechon
This tasted old. Which made me a bit sad. It was good but it could've been better. They didn't even bother to heat it up and to make the skin crispy. Anyway, imagine, an old tasting lechon still deserved 4 stars. What more if they give you a well cooked platter of it? Right?!

I just realized that all of our orders were pork. I wonder what my non-pork eating friends think of me now 128547 Anyway, I still recommend the place because they offer your typical pinoy "sports bar" so it's cerrtainly a good place for hanging out with friends. Plus! They have parking spaces for their customers which is very scarce in Kapitolyo. Haha!

They have several branches and this is not their first branch. Just stating a fact here. Hehe |

This is my first review using my android phone hehe! Finally made the switch because my favorite iPhone 5c (from Looloo) was giving up on me already due to the heavy inflow of emails and attachments that come with it. I will now pass it on to my brother or sister. And will convince them to become a certified Looloo-er ||| wooooo 128516128516128516

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3.0 Stars

I remember my dad used to check all of our fried chicken so he can get the wishbone 128514 Cos yknow you can wish upon a bone HAHA

Anyway, last October 2 (yup super late review but Im doing "most recent" to waaaay overdue reviews. Better late than never right?) I was craving for salted egg chicken wings and Carmen's best butterscotch pecan so my friend Bianx A and I went here to satisfy my wing craving. We were also supposed to go to Puregold to get the carmen's best ice cream but her boyfriend stole her after our dinner so no ice cream for me 128532

I was expecting the place to be jam packed but surprisingly the place was flat out empty. I thought the blogs and articles about it (saw this on would hype this up and bring lots of customers considering it was a Friday night. I even called to reserve so we wouldn't end up waiting for a table. HAHA. Sigurista much? So we both got an order of their best selling salted egg chicken wings. Uhm, I guess it was just okay. It got cold quite easily and the taste I was looking for wasnt their. It had the same starchy texture I was expecting but it didnt have that "wow this is a party in my mouth" flavor that I normally get from eating my favorite Salted Egg Chicken Wings from (the now shutdown) Kwong's Provision @ HITW.

The owners came in and as we requested for a dip (blue cheese dip) I asked if it was free of charge. It wasnt. It was P15 per dip saucer. But the owners were kind enough to give it to us for free since it was our first time to try it here so 1 star for that! Dont expect much from the dip tho it tasted like Kraft's blue cheese dressing unlike the yummy pungent blue cheese sauce from Charlie's dirty fries.

Food was ok but maybe I should try something else if and when I come back. Ambiance is great. Music is awesome. However, overall I think this place is just okay because food plays a big role for me to like the place.

It's good to be back |9786️

Woo! Just discovered that there's a new giveaway! How can you not love |ooloo?!

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Cevio Art Haus

5.0 Stars
Art Gallery

Their Paint n Sip (P800/pax) is much cheaper than Sip n Gogh's! Great experience! Checkout my first ever painting 9786️

Great for unwinding and for getting away from everything for a bit. They also have unique exhibits and nice pieces in their gallery!

Posted a better pic on 128512


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Murray & D'Vine

3.0 Stars

Our last stop at the #LoolooFoodTour 127881

Ive never really noticed it before as the place looked like a hangout of old american dudes looking for a "good time" until I discovered Looloo and started becoming a |ooloo addict! I found this place trending or one of the best in looloo when you type in "serendra" and since then Ive been wanting to try this place out and now I finally have!

We were served salpicao (?), curly fries, nachos, and these cute burger sliders!

Only tried the sliders for the heck of trying something here bec I was just so full! 128586 The patty was really thick -- "siksik" for that matter. It's was ok. Burger was a bit salty but if I had eaten the buns too maybe it wouldnt have been as salty 128517 Also got some merlot to wash down everything we've eaten that night. They have a long list of wines and other drinks.

The servers were nice and the place is very "chill" but I still dont think it's my scene. It can be turned into a GNO (girls night out) kinda place tho! It certainly has potential for that 128077🏼

Thank you so much Looloo, Bistro Group, Odell R and Peanut D for letting me be a part of this awesome #LoolooFoodTour! Definitely a memory worth remembering 9786️

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