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Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

5.0 Stars

"The key to great taste is to have the best ingredients," from Salvatore Cuomo upon describing the flavor of their Tiramisu Dessert.

Thanks to Laine V again for inviting us over and letting us experience the newest baby of the Chili's group. 128077🏻

To further discuss what this superb fine dining restaurant offers, let us list down the dishes that they have and we've experienced.

Tagliere di Affettati (Assorted Fresh Parma Ham, Neopolitan Salami and Mortadelka Ham) - this appetizer comes with bread sticks and white bread as well, will make your tummy get ready for their delectable dishes.

Caprese con Mozzarella di Buffala (Buffalo Mozzarella Salad "Caprese") - I didn't get the chance to try this, sadly, but according to everyone on the table, this is very good that srsly, it was just a blink of an eye and it's gone! 128517 Especially the blocks of cheese, partnered with tomatoes; the price is really worth it.

D. O. C. (deniminazione Origine di Controllata) - Mozarella, cherry tomato, basil - This is their Margherita Pizza; true to its form, it has this fresh taste. The thick crust of pizza layered with fine class of mozarella cheese, fresh cherry tomatoes and hint of basil gives the interesting flavor of the pizza. 12782910084️

Quattro Formaggi (4 kinds of cheese) - this ain't your typical 4 cheese pizza, because upon serving this from their brick oven, they'll pour the fresh honey 128563 which will make your pizza, MORE interesting! I swear, ang sarap. I can totally eat one whole pizza with this one.

Spaghetti alla Spuma di Carbonara (Airy Carbonara Spaghetti) and Tagliolini Gambrri e Spinacin (Tagliolini with shrimp and Spinach Lemon Cream) comes next in our table, the airy carbonara is smothered with foamy egg, while the tagliolini with shrimp and spinach gives a humble flavor of pasta. Not heavy on your mouth.

Tagliata di Manzo (Beef Ribeye Steak with Basil Sauce and Parmesan Cheese) - who wouldn't go wrong with a steak? This ribeye steak is cooked rare and with a pinch of lemon and some basil sauce will give its true flavor. Add more fats on my plate please!

For the desserts we had Tiramisu served with Pistachio Gelato, which we thought a Matcha ice cream at first 128517, and we seriously loved the Tiramisu! If you think you had the best tiramisu yet, you should try this!

We also had Torta Caprese (Chocolate cake), while everyone was busy getting Tiramisu, I was indulging myself with their chocolate cake which is so pure. Perfect for my Chamomile blend Tea that I ordered.

What's more appealing in this place is the interior and the people. They have a fancy design which makes their restaurant perfect for formal dates, gatherings, and reunions.

It was nice seeing everyone again, thanks to Laine. 🤗 #TeamClingy

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Elorde Elite

5.0 Stars
Fitness Center

Cool beans!

Newest Elorde in Ortigas business district. 128513

I need to de-stress and that means punching and kicking someone. Good thing, this Elorde is a girl-friendly, beginner-friendly gym.

It is located on the 8th floor of the Padilla Building in Emerald avenue. It is spacious enough to accommodate a lot of people working out the same time. This is probably the most spacious and neat Elorde I have been.

I did muay thai, gaaad I miss that. I thought I don't have the moves anymore but my body is like on autopilot; it knows what to do.128517

The coaches are super awesome. The running man was on thr radio and they were all dancing and having fun which makes the workout fun too!

I recommend this Elorde gym to everyone especially those who haven't tried doing boxing or muay thai. You wont feel space out in here.

Plus did I mention that the restrooms are squeaky clean! Superb. Because there is someone who cleans it every time a person goes out.

Prices range from 400(muay thai) and 250(boxing), to 350-200 if youre a member already. Membership fee costs Php 2000k for a year. Not bad eh?

I might go back to my first love. 10084️


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Mt. Pico de Loro

5.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

Weekday hike for a famous attraction like this one is really a good idea.

My friends and I decided to conquer the heights of Pico De Loro last week of April, and we decided to take it on a Thursday, since few people go here during the weekdays plus we can have a lot of time with the trail climb.

Did you know that Mt. Pico De Loro is situated bordering Batangas and Cavite? I only realized that ,when we were almost up there, because there is a mark which divides the mountain in two cities.

The jump-off point to Pico de Loro is just two and a half hours drive from Manila which is located in Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Protected Area in Ternate, Cavite. If you see the entrance to Pico De Loro resort, then you've already passed by the DENR.

There is a registration area, and every group should have a licensed trail guide. The trek alone going to the summit is very fulfilling, with bamboos (which will help you a lot during the climb), and huge and old trees, and when lucky, you can even spot on some weird insects and animals.

When you're already on top of the mountain, you can seriously have a 360 degree view of Batangas and Cavite. The feeling is so amazing.

But...if you're daredevil enough, you should climb the monolith. It will require you another 15-20 minutes, depends on your pace since the trek is not easy. It is slippery and scary! (I swear, my friend almost fell down if she didn't hold on to the ropes!)

This rocky formation is shallow and steep and slippery so be extra extra careful when trekking. Upon climbing the monolith, you'll be really amazed with the view. Super worth the "buwis buhay climb".

I have only one negative comment here. There are so many vandals on the rock formations and trees!? Seriously people, why leave a mark? Why not just go and conquer yourself? How saddening to see the vandalism in the area.


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Hai Chix & Steaks

4.0 Stars

It has been a while since #TeamClingy gathered around a table and laugh, eat, take food photos, and eat (in no particular order). So since JP G. will leave us for his career *teary eyed*, we finally push it through.

Hai Chix & Steaks in San Juan isn't easy to see as they are on the second floor of a building in front of Gloria Maris. So just take that as you're guide.

To start with, we had Butter Garlic shrimp, man, this is sooo good you'll wish you have more bread to smother it with butter garlic. We didn't take much of their dishes, and focus mainly on their steak.

So we got the USDA Porterhouse Steak which is actually good for sharing (like 6 people in one plate) We made it rare to fully spoil our taste buds and swim with happiness in their delectable dish.

Oh, and did I mention they have steak rice too? Perfect combination for that steak, right?

Their store has this fancy vibe so this is a prefect date place and/or barkada meetup as well or just a me-time is fine. Haha They really don't care, as long as you'll be satisfied.

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4.0 Stars

Just when I thought I had too much chicken for the week, |ooloo invited me for a |ooloo rendezvoos last night. Awesome, yeah!

Fowlbread - like what the owners would like you think, a "foul, not-good, bad", but it's really a creation of Chicken Sandwich and different levels of spiciness.

They are minimalist when it comes to their menu, and what's weird too is that no food has a connection with the others. Here are the following menu items that we have tried yesterday;

Chicken Sandwich
Of course this is the highlight of the night, it is their humble chicken patty with deep fried chicken skin, layered with pickles and radish. They didn't put too much veggies in the sandwich (or burger) to give way for the flavor of the chicken to come out.

It comes with safe, spicy and chemical flavors. I suggest you try them all. If you're familiar with the Bad Bird, and you love it? You'll definitely appreciate this one too! I like the chemical because YOLO!

The garlic fries and salted fries is a bonus too! Mix it up with their super duper spicy sauce. Calling spice lovers out there!?

Who would have thought that a chicken sandwich shop will have a chinese dumpling on their menu? IKR. But hey, they're yummy and appetizing! I advise you use the fork though, their chopsticks are the plastic kind so it's somewhat tough to get it.

Garlic Egg Noodle
Think of Aglio olio pasta and medium noodles and combine them together. This dish could be a good comfort food after a loooong day.

*Newest* Banana Doughnut
It has this soft and chewy dough with banana flavor (and bits?) and it comes with a chocolate dip. Cool! I just don't get the whipped cream in one area. Maybe they can just fused it with cream inside. (now that's something)

Their drinks are extensive though, they have different kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage like what I ordered Red Rice Beer. Awesome match for your chemical sandwich!

It was a great honor to hear and see the owners themselves, Mr. Charles is as welcoming as his wife, answering all our hot-seat-questions, and also introducing us to their partners like Your local's owner, and (soon-to-have-hopefully) Pizza express owner. They are so accommodating and hearing out all our concerns and approval with their dishes.

Fowlbread is located along BGC Highstreet. It has an al fresco dining and fancy air conditioned room for you to choose. They have awesome staff, shoutout to Jane, and 80's vibe in their store.

Thank you to |oolooapp for making this happen, and to Fowlbread for sponsoring last night. It was nice meeting new faces Norman Lester T. ,Kevinross B. ,Reich T. ,Kathryna d. ,Ruth S. and seeing old people (I mean faces lol) JP G. , Yina M. , April H. Steffhanie S and to |ooloo peeps Odell R. and Peanut D. ! Great experience as always!

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Chili's Grill & Bar

5.0 Stars

When there's a promo, I'm gonna be there!

It was Chili's Burger Day last Wednesday, and all their Big Mouth Burgers (except for Burger bites) were priced at Php 185! How cool is that? 128588🏼

So I suggested this to my boy friend (hehe) that we dine here, and since it's his first time, I'm so giddy that we really should try. 128293

We were 5th on the queuing and we didn't really waited long because it was still early, probably 6pm? And the staff were super busy and attentive and I must have seen 2 managers on the floor to assist every guest and make sure they're well managed.

We both got the Triple Smoked Burger, it has crispy strips of bacon, underneath it was the juicy patty and all the veggies for the burger. I'm kind of hungry now that Im describing it to you. It has potato fries on the side and the awesome dip too. 128523

We manage to finish it in less than 30 minutes. 128517 That Hungry!

I am very confident that he liked the burger because He took 1/4 of my burger as well. 128513

Yay for Chili's!

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Carousel Creamery

5.0 Stars
Ice Cream

"Rich, thick and creamy" - words to describe my fave flavor from Carousel creamery last night.

After the #TeamClingy's dinner at Hai Chix (which is kust beside the Carousel, we indulge ourselves with ice cream and milkshakes. 128524

It was almost 10pm and the store is still on full swing. But don't fret because the staff are super accommodating and nice! We got our seats (imagine us being 12 in a group) after few minutes of waiting and then we tried the ice cream by batch.

I took the liberty to taste test the following before I arrive to the conclusion that the "Dark Side Chocolate" is the perf choice.

* Bacon and Strawberry - somewhat okay
* Bacon and cheese - this has this buttery feeling, it's like youre not eating ice cream hence you're having your meal lol
* earl grey - this has a subtle flavor, April H got this as her ice cream and Kirby G got this as his milkshake
* Wonderwoman - blueberry cheesecake ice cream is what I tasted here

I may have tried more but I forgot about it when I tried the "Dark Side chocolate".

If youre fan of dark chocolates and ice cream? This is the perf match for you. It has this super thick and rich flavor that after youve tasted it, you'll just nod your head in approval and say, "hmmmm mmm..." 128524

It's like a chocolate batirol turned into ice cream. 128588🏼

I'm a fan!

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Talisayen Cove

5.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

"Paano po mag-move on?"

For all those #hugotlines and hugot peeps out there, I think this is the place for you.

Located at the back of Anawangin Cove in Zambales, just an hour away from Pundaquit Beach, this gem is definitely a quick getaway from all those heart breaks and stress. 128524

We went here last Sunday, and man, isn't it the best time? We were literally the only tourists/campers who were there. Basically, we own the island for a night.

We rented a cottage (Php 200), but we occupied 3 cottages and 1 nipa hut because we can. Yahoo! 128077🏻 They're not very strict with this, and that's good news.

The sand isn't really that fine, but it's white. And it's hot (scorching hot!). You could even see the heat wave from the distance! 128293

The water is clear, and it wouldn't hurt your eyes so much, which is good. You could see fish underwater and some corals too. 128077🏻

It was high tide and the water is not on its calm state, so be ready.

During the night, they have generator sets here so you won't have a problem with the lighting...BUT it's only until 9pm? If I'm not mistaken

So yeah, go grab your beach towels and tents and go here for that quick holiday! 127946🏽9728️

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Mt. Hapunang Banoi

5.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

Another hiking achieved for the first quarter of the year! Woot woot! Good job, Zia!

My crossfit friends invited me to join them on a hike last Sunday. (He asked me a day before and I said yes) #WhatIsKaladkaren I didn't even know what mountain or where are we going. I just asked what the time should we meet and how much money should I bring.

Mt. Hapunang Banoy or Banoi, is in Rodriguez, Rizal and Banoy means "agila". (As per kuya guide) Its major jump off is in Brgy. Wawa Rodriguez, Rizal. Mountaineers often do the three mountains here, Mt Pamitinan which is conjoined with Mt. Hapunang Banoy, and Mt. Binacayan. But you can just climb Mt. Hapunang Banoi if you want, like what I did. It is a minor climb,with level of difficulty 4/9 and be aware of the boulders and rocks and you'll experience limestone scrambling.

We arrived at the jump off area by 6am and there were a lot of people already in the registration area. We registered our names, and hired a tour guide and we're off!

At first it looks like an easy trail, the weather is kind of nice and cold but up there, you can feel the scorching heat of the sun! You'll be needing gloves (Gosh, none of us have one!) because of the boulders and the limestone are going to kill your hands. Good thing, someone from another set of mountaineers gave me his gloves (You are a hero, kuya!)

You'll be needing a lot of willpower too, to go up there and jump from one rock to another rock. Takes a lot of leap of faith with that one. When you get to the summit, you'll be satisfied with what you can see because you're literally on top overlooking Mt. Ayaas. There are unlimited rock formations here so you be physically and mentally ready for this.

It was a seriously tough and fulfilling hike.

I am glad I did join but I'm not gonna go on weekdays because of the number of people. Ang lala! Too many people taking selfies!

Oh but there were a lot of people acting for a change too! People who pick up trashes when going down. Shoutout to you guys!

Everyone should do the same. We should not only go on a climb to change our profile pictures, but to change our planet as well.

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Cafe Nenzo

5.0 Stars

My officemate is from Meycauayan, Bulacan and he is always bugging us to go on a food trip to their place because there are many food stalls to choose from and most of them are already hyped in social media.

So when we had a chance last week, because our meeting with the agent is in Bulacan, finally, we decided to dine here during lunch.

Upon entering the cafe, my eyes became busy reading all the poems and life quotes framed in their dining area. And, the whole ambiance gives you that uplifting experience.

What else? They have pesto here! Woot woot!

So here comes the menu, I ordered for a pesto penne, while others get their pastas too. We settled for a 3-cheese pizza,good for sharing.

My my my! They have a huge serving of pasta. I am not sure if I can finish it all. (But I did, anyway lol) And the best part? It's all good. Healthy and yummy, what a good combination. Everyone were happy with their orders, and the main event (which is the pizza) came in. It was just like Dear Darla of Yellow cab, in which you put in sprouts and tomatoes and veggies and roll the pizza and eat it like a champion. Man, I think I had 6 slices of that one. (JudgeMeNot) I am going to order that again when I go here with someone special. Ayieee

In their counter, my eyes saw that they sell organic dark chocolates too, which is made in Mindanao (if I'm not mistaken) for only Php100 per piece. I wanted to buy one, but I seriously ran out of cash during that moment. #loser And they have cakes too! We wanted to order a dessert but our tummy can no longer accept food, even though our minds still can. We were so full and contented with what we had, we seriously had a blast!

Hoping they could branch out in the Metro though. *cross fingers*

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