100 Miles Cafe

2/F Fort Pointe Bldg., 5th Ave. cor. 28th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

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100 Miles Cafe
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Sabrina P.
5.0 Stars

We were walking near Fort Strip because we were looking for a place to eat our merienda. So thankful that I found this spot! Indeed, a treasure!!! 10084
Only got sandwiches for our post lunch. They were served hot with kamote chips. Oh yeah!
I recommend this place if you want to have a break from walking or running. There are many magazines available for the customers to read. We were told that there are lockers available for runners. Cool, right? 11088

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Toni T.
3.0 Stars

Thought it would be serving only healthy food but nope! There is something for everyone here. I ordered the Fish Fillet w Marsala sauce and it was ok. I'll come back to try the other dishes. Enjoyed the decor! Liked the sporty vibe. Maybe I'll order a healthy dish next time.

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Chloe S.
4.0 Stars

Barbecue Pork Spareribs!!!!

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Peach L.
4.0 Stars

Is this supposed to be just for the runners?

I found out that they don't discriminate since the only running I do is in our sala, doing a 5-minute run/skip/jog in Kinect 128513128513

I accidentally chanced upon this place because we had an awarding event last night at the events area of the gallery just beside the cafe, second floor on the same building as Urbn. And since I'm too hungry to move, I decided to eat here while waiting for my team and the others.

I had the 100 miles salad which the waitstaff recommended (I wanted the grilled veggies actually but I had no energy to disagree 128513), pumpkin soup, and lasagna.

The salad was so-so and there was a bitter aftertaste, the kind you get when the bitter part of the lettuce is included 128541

I liked the lasagna.. It didn't look too appetizing like when you drool over the sight of the pasta with oozing melted cheese...Nope, this one had little melted cheese in the middle but a generous amount of grated parmegiano reggiano on top with drizzles of herbs. Although it had beef, it still tasted like I was eating something healthy.. And the ingredients used are fresh, they even used fresh tomatoes for the sauce 128077128077

I also liked the pumpkin soup. It's not like the other pumpkin soups that are overpowered by the milk or cream they use, this one was just pumpkin, water, and some herbs. It was pretty fresh, I was able to taste the real flavor of the pumpkin. 128076

I have to warn though, this place is not advisable for those who love their food fatty and flavorful. But if you're the type who loves fresh ingredients and eats healthy and knows the taste difference between healthy and junk foods, this is good. 128077

I think this place can be another option for you, Peanut D 128513

Service-wise, at first it was kinda bad since i was the only customer and the two waitstaff weren't paying attention because they were busy talking. I had to call them thrice and a lil louder to have one of them come to me... And the place was really small for me not to get noticed. 128528

Although, I kinda understand because they were also serving our event but at that time I didn't know we had food inside so I ordered. Science... 128513128513

The price was pretty reasonable. 128076128076

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Lito L.
2.0 Stars

i was really excited about this place. a café for runners! i had alll sorts of ideas what it would look like and what food they would serve — but alas, my imagination was better. the place had some sort of theme alright, but they just didn't hold well together. neither did the food selection. i would have forgiven that if they tasted great but there was nothing memorable nor remarkable about their food as well. i had the beef burger and a side salad, and none of their drinks on the menu was available. the place didn't have any appeal that would have made me stay a bit longer. but it was a complete let down. it made running seem like a dull sport. which it isn't. so right after i finished my burger... i ran. 100 miles fast. away from the place. will likely not visit again. .

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Denise Q.
3.0 Stars

First time I've been to this place, it was still under construction and you could smell the fresh paint and other chemicals. I was turned-off and decided to eat at Early Bird (right next to it).

This time, we finally got to try this place and all to ourselves! Considering it was lunchtime, there were not much people along Fort Strip.

We shared the BBQ Spareribs and Fish Fillet. The meat was tender and okay for the sauce, though the rice was spicy that I have to dunk several glasses of water. 128518 The Fish Fillet was nothing special but the plum sauce was the highlight of it and complimented well.

Prior to that, we got the Grilled Vegetable salad with various ingredients you do not usually find in your salad - onions, lettuce and more. The Pumpkin and Carrot Soup was good - though I'd prefer the pumpkin side, hehe. 128513

Overall, the food was okay and for their prices, they're affordable considering serving size, the area and ambiance as well.

The theme of the resto's creative - calling all runners and sportsminded folks, plus there's an art museum beside it! The works are cool - there was one in the hallway with twisted spoons and forks! Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of it. Oh well.. But regardless, this is a good option when dining along Fort Strip. 128077

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Odell R.
3.0 Stars

So after inhaling a tasty tiramisu at the nearby Caffe Puccini, I became thirsty and wanted to drink something healthy. So I walked a couple steps and decided to check out 100 Miles Cafe.

This place is definitely for runners. (Duh) Lots of posters on the wall about marathons and ultra marathons. Even though I do most of my running after planting claymores in Call of Duty, I still thought it was pretty cool.

The service was okay. Had a tough time getting the attention of the staff at times since they were busy taking to each other behind the counter.

I ordered their Warrior Shake. A mix of orange, pineapple, apple and carrot. A tad small, but it was refreshing.

And for a moment, I felt like a runner.


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Drew C.
2.0 Stars

April V's despedida treat! We wouldn't know this resto if it weren't for her so thanks!

Actually, We didn't expect this cafe to look like it. It's just like a resto inside a school but the area was pretty cool. Everything was open even the kitchen, I just didn't feel that it was appropriate for the location (fort). 9996

I ordered the 100 miles salad and bbq pork spareribs. The salad was pretty good but the bbq pork was off. The price was reasonable though. (php 150-250) I think they have the same price range as banapple but they could not level with the taste and serving.

➖Value for money
Total: 2 stars

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