100 Revolving Restaurant

33/F MDC Bldg., E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5), Eastwood City, Quezon City, Metro Manila

100 Revolving Restaurant
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

As a food reviewer, I’ll be honest and say it’s not all about the food nor the ambience. It’s really altogether the experience you felt. This restaurant is widely different for it rotates and allows you to view the city 360! Yes it’s the first in the Philippines and it revolves faster than other countries.

I only have a photo of their Peanut Butter cheesecake which was sweetened right and yummy but we also had other gourmet treats. Well two other seafood- their Wild Risotto and Seared Tuna Salad. A bit on the high price but surely worth it.

If you’re a fan of lamb, they a whole paper list of it waiting for you!

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Lumix A.
3.0 Stars

Novelty concept. The peripheral tables do move around a complete circle in 100 minutes. If you are prone to motion sickness, you can opt to be seated at the center of the restaurant. Place and food is okay; though I feel that Chef's Jessie's place at Rockwell looks better.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

A perfect dinner with a 360 degree view of metro Manila. Food bucket list 2015✅

Last December after my family and I went to Discovery Suites hubby and I had a date at the famous 100 revolving restaurant owned by the popular Chef Jessie Sincioco. It is located at the 33rd floor of MDC 100 building along C5 corner Eastwood.

This is a restaurant I've been dying to try to and finally dream come true. We got there around 9pm and they closed until 11pm. Glad there was no people when we arrived so means solo namin yung place. We got the best view seats near the window and you can see the beautiful Metro Manila view at night. What a great view! Reminds us of our date at Baiyoke Sky hotel in Bangkok Thailand. The tallest tower in Thailand.

Before we go here I read a mixed of reviews, some are good and some are bad but I'm sorry, my motto in life is I have to see it for myself.

The waiter gave us the menu. Hubby and I both got got ala creme with mushroom and truffle , I choose the linguini pasta noodle for this one. It tasted like a very special carbonara for me. The taste is really good and I've never tasted a pasta like this, kudos chef Jessie. Generous serving and good for sharing. Then hubby got cheesesteak burger while I had the clubhouse sandwich. The sandwiches is huge and you can't finished them all. Suit talaga! Then we got a bit of liquor and had a great toast127867

The service was fast of course and we were given a complimentary bread which we really enjoyed. Waiters assisted us every now and then . Good service it is!

While eating we got to enjoying the view and it's really revolving. It takes 1 hour and a half to finish the whole turn and glad we finish it just on time we finished our meal.

This is a perfect dining experience I will never forget 127860

Your not just paying for the food,service but for an experience you will never forget 10084127860

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

I’ve always wanted to visit MDC 100 Revolving Restaurant. I can’t believe it that I have never heard of the place till I met Chef Jessie, the head chef of the establishment. A carousel ride while having dinner? Why not?! However, my plan to visit gets pushed back all the time to the point that I got tired of planning to visit. One night though, it finally happened!

Hello, 100 Revolving Restaurant!

I could have been giddier to finally be at the restaurant I’ve been eying for months if only I wasn’t too hungry. There were only a few diners when we arrived but service was slightly slow.

R went with the Dragon Maki (PHP500) and Angus Rib Eye Steak (PHP1,350). I went with the Balut Surprise by Chef Jessie (PHP300), Cheese-Spinach-Mushroom Soufflé (PHP360, regular | PHP500, large), and Duck Adobo “A la Pael Romualdez” (PHP850).

The wait basket was a long wait! I could sense R becoming grumpier and grumpier every time the restaurant moves an inch. Well, the servers said that they were still baking a fresh batch when we arrived.

After a while, the Dragon Maki, shrimp tempura with cucumber and kampyō (dried shavings of calabash) wrapped together and topped with sesame seeds, arrived. It would have been a great dish if only it was not wrapped loosely. It was falling apart.

The Balut Surprise arrived next. I find this one interesting as they placed a whole balut inside. The clear soup represented the soup that comes with balut and to add a bit of flavor, a few strips of vegetables were added.

The soup was pretty light and was a good appetizer.

The soufflé arrived next and it was pretty good. Even without the cheese, the soufflé was already flavorful.

I love the creaminess and softness of this dish.

The duck adobo though was too salty for me. I had to eat it with rice. There were also some parts that were a bit “gummy”. I hate to admit but I made a wrong move in ordering this one.

Next served was the steak and it was quite ordinary. I like Myron’s President Steak better.

I guess people visit the place not really for the food but the experience. I liked that I got a 360⁰ view of the city and there were fireworks too that night! Overall, it was still a nice dinner.


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Migs C.
3.0 Stars

Great view, but I can't say the same for their food. I wouldn't really come here again.

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Aiza A.
5.0 Stars

The boyfriend and I have watched beautiful sunsets and gazed at the amazing moon and stars together so for his birthday, why not go on the 33rd floor of MDC Building and check the top view of traffic? Lol! Kidding aside, this resto has lived up to its name, the platform area really revolves for guests to have a good 360-degree view of the area. Pretty much awesome, right?

Food is okay. A bit pricey but it can be shrug off as we all know that we pay for the ambiance and view. Nothing extra special about the food for that price but still, it can be satisfying and delish. I personally love their souffle and bread basket.

Got a thing for superb customer service so I have to give them 5 stars for it. Their staff is really helpful and attentive. They exceeded my expectation especially when they assisted me in pulling off a great surprise dinner and cake for mi amore. They do their work with smile on their faces. I hate dining in a resto where servers are grumpy, it somewhat affects my appetite! Lol. Here in this place, you can totally relax and dine with pleasure.

I will definitely recommend this to couples. Such a nice place to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. I won't advice this though to families with small children. I think the place, especially at night, is a place for grownups.

We ordered the following:
Calamari with aioli dip
Beef ramen
Cheese-bacon souffle
Vientre bangus ala pobre
Beef roulade
Raspberry mango shake
Buco shake

Plus their complimentary bread basket with special dip


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Kat L.
2.0 Stars

Haven't been blog for a long time...

Well I've read so many negative blogs about this restaurant that the food is not great.
I want to know if the negative reviews are true so hubby and I give it a try. Since he always invite me dine here.

Let's start with the place, the location is ok since its nearby in our house in Eastwood.
Though the interior was not. It wasn't pleasant. Parang may multo sa loob haha... Quite old...
I don't know maybe the chairs are old, the chosen cloth for the tables did not match the interior.
Or maybe I just don't like the interior at all. It lacks class, it wasn't romantic and it doesn't have a fine dining quality...

Well moving on...

The term "revolving" is interesting. The tables near by the glass wall revolves around the city. You can enjoy view of nearby areas while waiting for your order. But not that much interesting for me. Parang may kulang...

The food????

Let me rate the food and according to my taste buds....

Honestly, nakainan ko na mostly fine dining restaurants, and other restaurant that offer same menu that revolving has... Mura, mahal, authentic, imported. Almost everything na yata and lahat ng variety and with a twist.

Actually, there's nothing interesting with food here, I'm not saying that it wasn't good. But it's not great either. It's basically taste normal. With a super higher price. Honestly for me I will go for a buffet na Lang instead here, or if you want to shed money I will dine in hotel. Cause it much better.

The tempura was quite ok but the sauce is terribly salty. The chicken teriyaki is tender. cook to perfection just like normal chicken teriyaki that you order in Japanese restaurant. the difference? Mas mahal nga Lang to...

The ribs, yung sauce parang sa pasta, hinahanap ko nga yung noodle eh, hahaha... For me Hindi masarap!
I guess The reviews that I've read was true...

Though The cheesecake is Delicious any variety ok. All in all it was ok. But I rated it "dislike" because it's ripped-off. Cause there's nothing special in their menu. Mali ang pricing. Kahit pa sabihin na mahal mag paikot 360 degree ng restaurant. Kc yung food pwede Mong makain sa ibang restaurant with lower price and same quality... Totally ang binayaran mo is the place. Yun Lang kc umiikot cya... Pang yabang lang... Even the ingredients puro basic, pati yung spinach Nila, for salad, Hnd man Lang gumamit ng imported. Yung spinach tagalaog talaga hahaha.. Babalik Lang Siguro kami dito, either they lower down their price or they opt for a quality menu. As of now.... I'm not going back. Oh I forgot the coffee, we requested decaf na bagong brew, what we got? Lumang brew... Ang coffee pag fresh dapat laging bagong brew kc napapanis yun, at maasim sa taste buds. Dissapointed with the coffee. And super mahal ng food. Overrated for me. Why? The feeling of having a romantic date with your loved one in a fine dining hotel with a panoramic view of the city specially at night is same feeling eating in revolving... Why pay for a higher price with lack of quality? Just saying...

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Francoise B.
3.0 Stars

We celebrated our 4th Anniversary here. I chose this restaurant because of the unique concept. I saw good reviews online and decided to surprise my partner with a dinner date at this place. Ambiance is fair. The view was captivating but it was noticeable though that they can improve on the furniture. As for the food, the French Onion soup was really good. I found the ribs to be too sweet for my taste and felt that there was something missing in the carbonara. I wonder how the sea bass and steak would taste though. We will try those on our next visit.

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Romel S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Wennifer C.
3.0 Stars

For my birthday, i brought my parents, aunts and kids to this resto. I got dizzy :w. The savory dishes for the buffet was just ok. Their salads were much better. And for the dessert, i loved their white chocolate tiramisu. Service was good, parking is free upon validating. No free coffee or tea after the meal. Thank goodness for the credit card promo. The total bill was 50off the original price. With that, it becomes worth it. :) thanks for the cake too! It's personalized :)

  • No. of Comments: 4
Jackie S.
3.0 Stars

Eating at a revolving restaurant in the middle of Metro Manila is definitely a unique experience that I had to try myself.

At first glance, it would seem like a fine dining restaurant, but you'll see a lot of casual dinners too.

There are 2 sections in the restaurant, the revolving (outer circle) and the stationary (inner circle). The revolving area takes some getting used to, you might feel a little dizzy at first but it will eventually go away.

It takes about an hour to go around the whole building, just enough time for you to order, eat and bill our.

Food quality could be better. I ordered the Calamares and Beef Roulade and it was so so.

I wouldn't go there for the food, if you ask me. 128532

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Jen D.
5.0 Stars

Baked chilean sea bass and seafood chowder with a wonderful view of the city! A nice place with good food <3

The photo here is our dessert, the dark and white chocolate souffle. :)

  • No. of Comments: 7
Livid G.
4.0 Stars

First time to eat at a revolving restaurant. Feels like you're on a boat and might get seasick. The trick is not to look at inanimate objects on the platform but instead look at the faraway view. Cool to see ortigas,qc and the Antipolo area all in one sitting.

We came for their lunchtime buffet priced at 1k starting at 11am

Salad - bacon bits tasted smoky and i liked it.
Angus beef - a bit dry and tasted like it wasn't seasoned.
Breaded Prawn with honey mustard sauce - super big prawns!
Suckling pig - tasty and crunchy skin
Beef salpicao - tastiest dish there
Fish and chips with tartar sauce - fish was a bit dry
Lamb kebab - a bit dry and kulang sa cumin in my mind

Be wary of the pins that get dislodged from the seats as they hit the sides of the revolver . It can puncture and injure your foot,which happened for my gf. The management was quick to respond with their first aid kit. Hats off for that.

Will go back to go ala carte mode.:)

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Maj C.
5.0 Stars

Decided to pick a photo of the Baked Chilean Sea Bass in Miso because I consider it the best!128525 It's so fresh and tasty! The miso glaze is sweet and delicious!! Chef Jessie, you satisfied my taste buds...and my tummy!128149

The other food that I was able to try are the ff:
Seared Tuna Salad
Tiger Prawns in Curry Sauce
Chocolate Souffle
White Chocolate Pistachio Souffle
Chocolate Decadence Cake (omg, this too!! My boyfriend was so full and hesitated to try this..But then I still forced him! After his first bite, he wanted more128525 take note: he's not a fan of sweets pa ha!! Dont miss this!)

Staff are very attentive, contrary to some reviews (or were we just lucky?). They were so polite and professional. I'm coming back for more! It may hurt your wallet a bit, but it's worth it10084

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Stella C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Lorraine B.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Dan P.
5.0 Stars

Reserved the place for an Anniversary date on a weekday. Got the Dragon Maki (P500.00) and PF G. Liver Scallops ((995.00) for appetizers. The salad, even when already split into two, was still hefty and refreshing. Beef Tenderloin (P1,600.00) was soft and side dishes complimented the taste. The real gem for this critic was the Baked SeaBass Miso (P1,100.00). First bite of the fish and you would never know how good seafood can really be, just heavenly. Topped the meal with Choco Pistachio soufflé (P350.00). Was so full that a Latte (P150.00) had to be engulfed before taking in the dessert.

The place was huge and the revolving restaurant didn't make you feel dizzy (as we heard from two customers laughing at themselves that they got dizzy). We realized that the kitchen was way behind so the waiters had a to go back and forth in such a lengthy space. Obviously the concept was cool since you can have a great view of Acropolis, Ortigas skyline, Sta. Mesa, C5, etc. One of the quality and value for money restaurants this reviewer had been to. Staffs were enthusiastic to point the locations we were looking at. It was such a delightful experience that we had to go back with our child who would probably be elated just roaming around 360 degrees while checking the sunset since it would be the time of our reservation. Can't wait to try more of Chef Jessie 's creations.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Dan A.
4.0 Stars

If you're coming here on a romantic dinner date, I recommend you to come here at sunset. Dusk sets the romantic mood and for boys out there that's a plus ;) just lookin' out for my bros out there... So let's go back to the real point of this review... The food. Here is our menu for the night...

1. Kesong puti salad
2. Certitfied black angus rib eye steak
3. Smoked milkfish, and tuyo pasta ( something like that)
4. Blueberry soufflé (chef jessie's specialty)
5. Red wine merlot 1 bottle coz im a romantic dude by the way

Okay here comes the verdict

Kesong puti salad - it has an ample amount of kesong puti for fine dining. Not bad not bad at all.. The vinaigrette is at the center of a well designed lettuce and other greens.. I guess they do not want to overpower the taste of the lettuce which is okay

Certified black angus rib eye steak- nice at medium rare. The fat was sinful and it's not gummy and delicious with wild mushroom sauce. So for me i like it..

Smoked fish pasta something something- this one is salty maybe because of the tuyo... Still a great try and it gives some kick to our table

Blueberry soufflé- the finale to a memorable dinner.. Sweetness level was on the money.. It maybe a lttile oily but it is still a guilty pleasure.. Get the large one and share it to a friend which is in my case. My date for the night. A beautiful lady:)

The wine balances everything out... get a bottle coz it's worth it for the good times:)

Service was great... Tried trolling them but they entertained me... So why didn't i love it... Just saw something walked across the other table which they "terminated" immediately but other than that, it was still a good place to dine

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Julie M.
5.0 Stars

128076 Great service
- the waiter was able to answer all our questions about the food
- you can split the dishes for sharing (for 2)
128076 Great ambiance
128077 Good food
- the milkfish pasta was a little too salty
- liked the potatoes that came with the steak ;)
- merlot wine 128523

We started at 5pm to catch the sunset, and it was a beautiful view 127749

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Gerald A.
2.0 Stars

Ordered onion soup and spare ribs. Tried also the shrimp brisk that my friend ordered. The soup was really salty both the onion and the brisk. The ribs was nothing special it was pork spare ribs that taste like mechado. It also lack the special attention that you normally find in such fine dining establishments. The revolving building is nice but the view is Eastwood traffic just seeing it reminds me what we have to go through getting and leaving this place.

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