10,000 Roses Cafe

Day-as Barangay Rd., Cordova, Cebu

10,000 Roses Cafe
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Reopens: 11:00a - 11:00p


  • Sunday
    • 11:00a - 11:00p
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    • 11:00a - 11:00p
  • Tuesday
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Most Recent Reviews

Anthony M.
4.0 Stars

Didn’t have the time to count all the 10,000 White Roses 128513

Good to see

P20 entrance Fee each

Best is the view over to Cebu City from Cordova, Mactan Island

Didn’t stop for food , as we ate next door at Floating Restaurant

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SouthKid o.
3.0 Stars

Went straight from the airport in Mactan to 10,000 Roses Cafe in Cordova (besides Lantaw Floating Restaurant)! It was a long trip for me! I think maybe because I’ve spent more than 2hours seating on the plane already. There’s a minimal traffic build up along the way especially when we were passing by some paublic market. When I arrived there’s only a few people (9pm on a Thursday). You have to pay P20 per person to enter the cafe and see the LED roses. Bought caramel coffee for P170~ and cookies for P15. Good place to stay and chill!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

you'll need to pay an entrance fee of Php 20.

Before going to the café itself you'll walk through thousands of white roses that lit up at night. I was fortunate that the place didn't have a lot of visitors cause my friends mentioned it can get crowded and pretty difficult to get photos of the field without any photobomber.

I wasn’t in the mood to eat anything but really needed a cup of coffee. I ordered Café Latte (Php 140) it was huge! I love the taste too. It was smooth and fruity. Highly recommended to try their coffee.

there's Lantaw Restaurant, a known seafood restaurant in the area. Try it out if you have time.

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Pam L.
3.0 Stars

Magandang hapon, mga ka-looloo! Ito ang aking rebyu na isusumite para sa hamon ngayong linggo.

Sa totoo lang, wala sa plano namin na pumunta dito ng aking mga kasama noong bumisita kami sa Cebu noong Hunyo. Napadayo lang kami sa parte na ito ng isla ng Mactan sa suhestyon ng aming tsuper ng Uber.

Matapos kumain sa Lantaw Floating Island na katabi lamang nito, naglakad kami papunta sa Sampung Libong Rosas Cafe. 128514 Nagbayad kami ng bente pesos para makapasok sa lugar. Ang unang naisip ko ay, "Ito na ba iyon? Tila mukha siyang mas malaki at mas marami bulaklak sa mga larawan na nakita ko sa looloo at sa sapot (web)." 128517

Maaari kang manatili at kumuha ng mga larawan hanggang anong oras mo gusto matapos magbayad. Pero ang mga upuan sa cafe ay para lamang sa mga kakain at bibili dito. Nais namin na makita ang mga rosas na nakasindi sa gabi kaya inisip namin na bumili ng kape at antayin ang pagsapit ng dilim. Maganda ang paligid ng cafe dahil malapit ito sa tabi ng katawan ng tubig ('di ako sigurado kung ito ay dagat o kipot). Makikita mo ang panoramang urbano ng siyudad ng Cebu mula sa mga upuan sa labas ng cafe. Naalala ko dito ang tanawin ng isla ng Hong Kong mula sa Mongkok.

Noong sumapit ang ika-6:30 ng hapon, dumami pa lalo ang mga tao na pumasok sa lugar. Ako'y natuwa dahil baka nga mas maganda ang mga rosas pag nakasindi. Dumilim na at sinindihan na ang mga rosas ngunit ang karanasan ko ay katamtaman lang. Mas maganda siya tignan sa larawan kaysa sa totoong buhay.

Ang aking konklusyon ay maganda itong puntahan sa unang beses lalo na kung ika'y nasa Cordova din at may oras na papatayin (time to kill). 128517

Mabuhay ang wikang Filipino!

#loolooweeklychallenge 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

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Gladys M.
3.0 Stars

Entrance fee for the place is 20 pesos. Free admission for Senior Citizen. The place looks nice when visiting it at night.

They also have a cafe that offers different food and beverages.

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Angela Marie C.
3.0 Stars

Like I said, I went here for a second time already and I was also entertaining a guest from Manila. It was a Wednesday night last May, just a regular working day and my friend and I decided to go here after work. Sadly, the crowd was still overwhelming. 128569

What’s most amazing is that the crowds were composed of locals. They’re probably Cebuanos from the city, but still man. Mayged, di po nauubusan ng tao, kaloka. Thankfully the people were all frolicking in the areas with the flowers, most for taking photos. The cafe was however close to being empty. We went ahead and got a table and ordered some food.

1.) Cheese Nachos
It was steady ok. The salsa they used was clearly catsup based. Thank goodness they used crispy chips, it was the absolute redeeming factor. The dish was overpriced at PHP 280, especially for the portion. We were just two persons who shared this but it was still too small, even as the waitress told us all of their food is good for 3 persons. As in bakit?

2.) Bacon Pasta
This was actually an olive oil based pasta dish. It was like Aglio Olio with Bacon. It was again just average. The best part of the dish was obviously the bacon, because bacon. Huehuehue. Other than that, I could easily make this at home. Plus for PHP 350, forget it.

I was just glad their beers are chilled below zero degrees. It was the best part of the meal. Again, we basically paid for the experience and ambiance. Other than that, the only reason I will be dragged back to this place is if I am entertaining another Manileño wants to visit here. 128569

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Angela Marie C.
3.0 Stars

FYI, you'll see 2 reviews of this place from me because I've been where twice already with two very different experiences. Take note, as a Mactan dweller, I never dared go to this place until I am obliged to do so - like for entertaining out of town guests. The place is at the tail end of the island and I heard horror stories of how crowded it is. However, friends from Manila have heard so much of this place already that when some of them visit, and I ask them where they want to go in the island, the immediate answer is this pace. 128569

On this first visit, I entertained EJ B and Mary Love S when they were in Cebu. They were on separate trips, but to be able to meet at a common time is actually pretty amazing, also especially with the kind of work I do here. 128569

So anyway, we met in 10,000 Roses Cafe after I sorted out my thing in the office, and after they finished their meal in Oriental Spice Gourmet. It was a Sunday, and we visited around 3 in the afternoon. To no surprise at all, we came to a totally large crowd. Omeged andami pong tao. 128569 Still we found some seats and started to try our luck with some photos. 128569

I actually wanted to try their food and beverages, but when we got there, the power went out so no iced coffees were being sold, and only canned juices and food items from their chiller were available. Huehuehue, lucky us. 128569 The food didn't look bad either, but man were they expensive! I passed on buying anything na lang, I knew I was gonna come back wih another tourist friend anyway. Hahaha 128569

Generally, you're typically paying for the ambiance here. I'm not complaining at all. I went back anyway. And hopefully on next visits, it'll be a less crowded cafe. 128569

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars

128077🏻 will try the cafe next time

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Elmer R.
4.0 Stars

This cafe comes alive at nightfall when all those artificial roses glimmer in the dark. It is quite a journey going here from downtown Cebu but if your stay is in Mactan its just a breeze away. I believe this will be part of anyone's ITI when in Cebu aside from Temple of Leah for hopeless romantics.
This is in Cordova Cebu where a massive bridge will soon connect it to mainland Cebu. Its also beside the famous Lantaw Floating Restaurant if you decide to go for some heftier meals after.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

I always look forward to my Cebu visits as it means pigging out and indulging in some cholesterol-filled lechon. I also love that most of the new Cebu restaurants pay attention to ambiance and not just offering good food. But one café stood out and outdid everyone in the ambiance category when it filled its front yard with 10,000 roses.

Hello, 10,000 Roses.

This place is at the end of Cordova and the last two to three hundred meters are not accessible by car (or for not VIP tourists like me 128517).

Given the influx of tourists and locals, there is now an environmental fee of PHP20 per person to get in the area of Lantaw and this café.

As soon as we settled the fees, we were greeted by a huge crowd and numerous selfie sticks. Since we do not want to squeeze our way in to get a selfie or two, we opted to go straight to the café to order something.

Unfortunately, the café experienced an electrical problem and we could not order any of its cold drinks because they didn't have enough pre-brewed coffee and ice. (They did get to fix it though after 20 minutes or so but we opted not to order anything anymore.)

We decided to stay at the al fresco area and enjoyed Cebu's skyline and one Chocolate Chip Muffin to pass time.

The chocolate chip muffin was your usual average tasting baked good. And sadly, it was quite forgettable. We opted not to order drinks after being underwhelmed by the muffin.

Since the place was getting even more crowded by the minute, I opted to take photos of the place and of the beautiful scenery before it becomes too chaotic.

Though it is best to visit this place at night to see the roses glow and dance (yep, those are fake roses), this place is also picturesque (sans the crowd) when the sun is about to set. You'd also get to see the skyline and the nearby island.

But would I go back? Not anytime soon. Maybe when the craze is over.

Tip: Most, if not all, dishes available are on the expensive side given its serving size. The only one that seemed bang for the buck is nachos. Drinks, on the other hand, are priced at Starbucks level.

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4.0 Stars

An estimated 30 minutes ride from Lapu-Lapu City to reach Brgy. Day-as, Cordova, Cebu. This will be our next adventure after the first stop at Basak. As we will try the hottest tourist spot in Cebu... "10,000 Roses Cafe".

We walked few meters away from our parking and pay the Environmental Fee amounting to Php20.00 per head before entering in the vicinity of the cafe.

Crowd!!! Yes, it's a "uber-duper" hype! Too many visitors were mesmerized and taking advantage of having a good photo over the 10,000 roses... and I am one of them. Lol 128514

10,000 Roses Cafe is based on the concept of lighted rose display in South Korea. And in the Philippines, it's located in the wharf of Cordova. The 2-storey restaurant is filled with 10,000 artificial white roses in front and side of it. At the back, you will see the aesthetic view of Cebu City and you can also feel the breeze of the sea. It's an amazing view and beautiful.

We tried the muffin for Php80.00 paired with cold purified water.

127801 Chocolate Muffin - 110881108811088 3/5
"I appreciate the size of the muffin for its prize but it taste bland and dry for me. They need to add sweetener and chocolate to make the muffin more appetizing and moist."

They also offer different flavors of coffee and juices, pastries, pizzas and other snacks.

Overall, 10,000 Roses Cafe is truly a masterpiece. I find the place more beautiful if they lessen the visitors. By the way, the roses are glowing and dancing during night time.

It's great to see you and I had fun doing food crawl with you guys in Cebu Mary Love S and Angela Marie C 128521

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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