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M. Parras Ext., Tagbilaran, Bohol

10:31 by Chef M
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Most Recent Reviews

Lexi M.
3.0 Stars

I could almost say a pretentious fine-dining restaurant sprung up in the city. I was totally disappointed by the first photo in terms of serving and price. At P260, I endured a pork loin with "special" strawberry sauce. Oh my, look at the size of that loin! Felt like I was only snacking on it but it was juicy and tender, at least. And the "special" strawberry sauce was like a watered down strawberry jam, nothing so special to me. The waitress forgot to ask if I prefer rice or mashed potato so she decided to go with mashed potato, and if you did not notice, it is that yellow swirl on the bottom right of the plate. In case you are wondering what that white thingy on the left corner? That's a half-slice fishball, not even whole, half-slice of street food on a bed of raw onion rings. Glorious! This is my third visit by the way as people were raving about it since its opening, flooding my Facebook wall getting a selfie with the meals served. Furthermore, I wanted a refill on my glass of water since it dehydrated the hell out of me but it took them ages to put the liter-bottle on my table, considering the staff had earphones on to communicate with each other, I was expecting it to be quick. Since I had a terrible cough, I ordered ginger tea with lemon and honey at P80 but I couldn't taste the ginger. The smell of ginger though was there, but merely a hint of ginger taste. Perhaps it was a lemon tea, with honey and a subtle touch of ginger.

But it wasn't all bad, only the most recent visit was terrible. In my second visit, I ordered an herb crusted grilled porkchop for P220. Not so sure when you say "herb-crusted", it should create a top layer of crunchy herb crust. In mine, it was an herb paste inserted on every possible crevice and baked, to perfection I must say. I love the flavor. It was meaty, juicy and it was the right blend of herbs. I love basil so much. I also got to taste my friend's beef herb aglio and olio, at P180. The strands were al dente, reasonable ratio of beef to pasta, seasoned well.

In my initial visit, I merely tried their dessert, a mango cake. It was ok.

As for the interior decoration and structure, wow, the restaurant was totally chic and dainty. Only a small place and it gets crowded easily but the pink and white theme with elegant lighting makes it a place worth visiting. After all, I made three visits already.

My advise, bigger serving please. I've had so many experiences with posh restaurants that are budget-friendly, or perhaps reasonably priced. May I suggest the owner for a quick visit to the neighboring islands how they price their dishes?

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