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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

12/10 in San Antonio, Makati is a non-traditional izakaya place. Tucked along Guijo Street, the restaurant is unassuming and a hidden gem.

It’s owned by the same young couple who owned The Girl + The Bull in Parañaque. I’ve been wanting to visit this place for so long now and when my birthday came up, thought to myself that this was the perfect excuse. 128517

The place is minimalist and has a very intimate ambience. Just too dark to take nice photos, but still, it’s perfect for date nights or a night out with the girlfriends.

Their menu is listed from rawest to the most cooked and the ordering sequence is from top to bottom. And if you’re having a hard time trying to decide what to get, the people there will gladly help you and explain each and every item. But not me, I knew what I wanted to order even before coming here, I’m OC like that. Lol, jk. 128517

The BF and I had the following:

🥢 MUSHROOM SALAD (salted egg yolk, honey, black sesame)
Three kinds of mushroom, drizzled with honey with crunchy greens. I can be persuaded to become a salad person if I can have this everyday.

🥢 EGGPLANT (miso, pinipig, herbs)
I looove eggplant. ‘Nuff said. 128517

🥢 SALMON KUSHIYAKI (truffle oil, curry, corn flakes)
A real treat. I loved he contrasting textures of the soft salmon and the crunchy corn flakes on top. It’s too addicting.

🥢 ONIGIRI (aburi spicy tuna, foie gras, maple)
Torched spicy tuna on a bed of Japanese rice with foie gras on top, served taco style. Best eaten by hand. This was super good but my only issue with this one was that the nori seemed a little too tough. We had a hard time chewing on it.

🥢 KATSU SANDO (tare, yuzu kosho, cabbage, bao)
Probably the tastiest bao I’ve ever had. It’s simple but it packs a lot of flavor.

🥢 FAUX TWIX (shortbread, caramel, chocolate)
Again, I love Twix so I’m defintely sold. It’s rich and sinfully good I was tempted to order another one. 128514

Most of their dishes have small servings and while others might find it medyo bitin, I appreciated it because one can see that they put a lot of thought into each dish. It’s a feast for the senses. Beautifully presented and everything tasted amazing. They also have an extensive menu of cocktails and highballs. A bit on the pricey side but great for an indulgent night out. Oh, and there’s a sweet letter after you dine. 128150

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Ang-ang P.
5.0 Stars

We don't have reservation so we were ask to seat at the bar, well, it's okay for me, Easy access to the drinks.

First, they asked what kind of water we want, choices are either sparking water or natural water (I think they call it forest something something). They also use this black not paper but cloth napkins.

Our server for the night was Lizzle (I don't know how to spell her name, but I love her, super kind and knowledgeable on their menu)

Speaking of their menu, it is numbered from 1 to 5 which is really good, I like how they think.

They first served the salad, we had the mushroom salad. I don't usually like salad but their mushroom salad is really good.

Then something life changing happened, they served katsu sando (yung may kagat na sa photo above, 128556) I was like oh emmm super sarap nito. If I can remember it correctly I think it was made of wagyu and the sauce like ummmmm I'm still dreaming about it.

The next one is the chicken wing which is really good too, it has this strong flavor which I think is too strong for me but still good then the chicken karaage which is good too.
We skipped dessert.

I honestly didn't expect that I will like or ehem LOVE this 12/10, I thought we're gonna eat something raw which I don't like but everything we had were all heaven goodness especially that KATSU!

There's a letter that comes with the receipt.


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Mike L.
5.0 Stars

Back to one of my fave restos to try their not so new menu! Yes, everything, as usual, is super good! Order everything! Servings are tiny. 128586

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Odessa A.
5.0 Stars

Great take on modern Japanese cuisine.9757🏼️128077🏻128523 As a die hard fan for Japanese cuisine, this restaurant gave me new things to expect and crave for on that genre..🙄128521 i guess if you're on the verge of "eating everything" kind of hungry, literally all you can do here is eat everything on the plate. small serving but jampacked with out of this world flavor combinations!!!!128079128079128079128561

They have these chronological way of serving dishes as number one to five, literally! No joke. 128540 so, they recommended since we're first timers and all, that we get at least one of each (ofcourse, more sales on them) however we just had 1 of each from one to three. Although some may say its expensive, yeah... a little bit but actually I'm quite satisfied. Taste and quality no doubt about it, it was amazing.

I know quite a bit about japanese food, ingredients and dishes, however when i ate here i couldnt even identify the ingredient they used that was so GOOD!!! I thought i already knew enough, turns out there's alot more out there that these two chefs are exploring.

In detailed we had spicy tuna, the ooohhh so soft and mouth-waterinf katsu sando that i wouldnt want to end. i wanted to reserve the normal-sized one bite into four more bites just to have MOOOOORRREEE.. The bun was so freaking soft, so soft i can confuse it with a pillow but amazing enought to eat, the sauce was simply outstanding in combination with the moist and flavorful breaded pork...128553128516128540 finally we had the ever so famous chicken karaage, i mean you can just read the previous reviews, they said enough already, but to be honest words can't describe this dish, you might as well try one for yourself.. i dare you.. 128539

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Mike L.
5.0 Stars

Yes it's so goooooood! So glad I tried this off the menu dish - uni and chicken liver pate sandwiched between golden (obviously buttered and pan seared) bread! It was so good we ordered 2 servings of this! Although they have a new menu already, they retained the old favorites. 128523128077

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Bianca U.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback on 12/10, a hip Japanese restaurant owned by the young couple who operates The Girl + The Bull. Knowing that The Girl + The Bull is such a hit with the foodie community, I wanted to try 12/10 too. (I gave up on the idea of going to the couple’s first venture because it’s far from my place.) One night, R told me that one of his friends is celebrating his birthday at 12/10 and we were invited. My tummy went crazy (in a good way).

Hello, 12/10!

The adorable and artsy restaurant is pretty small and parking is quite limited (unless you do not mind a bit of walk).

12/10 has a short list of dishes available so it take us long to order. R and I went with Blowtorched Salmon (PHP280), Katsu Sando (PHP260) and Onigiri (PHP410).

First served was the Blowtorched Salmon and serving was quite small. Basically, one piece costs PHP140. But it was worth it. It may be one mouthful but it was oozing with flavor! The uni, caviar, nori and ponzu sauce all went together. The shiso leaf and panko (bread crumbs) added texture to the dish. It was lovely but I hope there was more of it per order.

Next served was the Onigiri and the first thing that came to mind was… how do I eat this?

It was messy to eat this as the spicy tuna and the nori were quite chewy and biting off a bit was challenging. You cannot eat this with poise. It is impossible.

The combination of the spicy tuna,foie gras and balsamic was pretty good! My taste buds failed to taste the maple syrup though.

Perhaps the most filling dish that night was the Katsu Sando.

Just like the Onigiri, it was messy to eat as well. The tare sauce was dripping all over but it made the katsu yummier.The kyuri and yuzu kosho added extra kick making the dish quite addicting.

The serving size at first was a turn off. But we pretty satisfied and left with happy tummies.


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Ivy T.
4.0 Stars

The place was pretty and the music was great. The seats were a little uncomfortable and the kids serving werent very friendly. But you forget when your food arrives. We ordered almost every thing on the menu. Yes, everything was good. Expensive but good.

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Mike L.
4.0 Stars

There's just something about this place that I really like - the super knowledgable staff, the casual yet stylish ambiance. It's all so hipster. The food may not be mind blowing but I really like the simplicity and the clean taste of it. I will definitely keep on going back and I can't wait for their new menu next month!

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Ron M.
4.0 Stars

Who would resist that mouthwatering goodness of that sushi 128539

This neo-jap joint is like an easter egg hidden in the heart of san antonio village, upon entering i was surprised that thebplace was packed so we just decided to eat in the bar instead, at first it wa ssort of disappointing knowing that it was our anniversary date and we weren't able to enjoy it privately but turns out it was sort of a good thing, the couple bartenders which i think are the couple owners of the place entertained us despite the line of pending drinks they needed to make, they orientrd us about their menu and gave us some tips in ordering128077🏻

Food was genuinenly great, presentation was finesse but the taste was bursting with flavors 128076🏻

If you're looking for a neo-jap fine dining experience i suggest you try this 128525

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Mike L.
4.0 Stars

I like! If it wasn't for the timing of the dishes I would've rated this 5 stars. I liked everything - and yes we ordered everything (except the beef dishes). I like how the taste of the food here is - just very clean. Nothing abrasive. Nothing too dramatic. This is how Japanese food should taste like - muted but not bland.

Oh and PLEASE order the Toro Onigiri! 127843128523128077

Service was great too!

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Bea S.
5.0 Stars

Given my appetite, I do not recommend this place for dinner. Eat here for pre or post dinner since they only serve small plates.

However I did love everything we ordered:
Most sulit dish = Korean Chicken (4 pcs hallelujah)
Favorite dish = Spicy Tuna Salad
Dish that I still dream about til this day with me wishing I could replay the experience of eating it for the first time = TORO ONIGIRI (foie gras and tuna omg128076)

Will definitely keep coming back for their Toro Onigiri, but not with an empty stomach!

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Jeah Maureen D.
5.0 Stars

Izakaya!! Haha we wanted to ORDER EVERYTHING! But sadly we couldn't and it wasn't because there were too many food items on the menu, it was because a lot of stuff were sold out - on a monday night! That's how loved this place is! 128514

I'd describe everything one by one but I think the fangirl in me is simply screaming, TRY EVERYTHING! From the kushiyaki to the kaarage! TRY EVERYTHING. My favorites tho were the katsu sando and the chicken kaarage(in photo) 128556 and it didn't hurt that we were made to wait at the cool art store/exhibit next door! Which sold yummy coffee + art pieces + stone necklaces + printed instagram squares!

It also was a plus that 12/10 is ran by some Atenean batchmates! Yay familiar faces + friends. 128582

PS normal prices at tiny servings (izakaya) so it isn't exactly cheap like the notion you get when you see the menu. But is IS totally worth it!
PPS EYE PRINTED CR WALLS! See my instagram for ref
PPPS i dint get to try any drink so boo for me but you def should!
PPPPS trike ride away from me woohoo

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Vincent Y.
2.0 Stars

I disliked it.

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Andrei d.
4.0 Stars

Loved their salad (forgot the name, but I think it's some Japanese thing). The flavors just burst in your mouth - some umami and acidity going around. Didn't appreciate the chicken wings and sandwich - lacked flavor. Service was accommodating I have to say even if I was underdressed for the occasion (hipster place alert).

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3.0 Stars

One thing I love about school – VACATION BREAKS! Well, actually, that’s the only thing I love about school lol why? Because not only do I get to take a break from all the requirements but I get to hang-out with my friends and at the same time try out new restaurants and the ones I’ve been dying to try like 12/10!

Ever since I tried The Girl + The Bull (which I really loved) in BF Homes, I decided to follow them on Instagram and one day I saw a post, a clue, that they will be opening another restaurant, and this time, in the metro. To my excitement, I made sure to keep myself posted and when the name of the restaurant was already revealed, still, I wasn’t sure when the opening date will be. 12/10 – it could either be opened on October 12 or December 10. Yes, I took the name literally. I was still left puzzled until one day I didn’t realize that the restaurant had opened already. I told myself that I would eat there as soon as it opens but sadly, I wasn’t able to. I was so frustrated because I’ve been seeing a lot of food posts on my Instagram feed and felt helpless, thinking when it can be my turn.

Since my cousin is coming back from London and her cousin, who happens to be very dear to me as well, is coming back from Bacolod, I decided to have a date with both of them. Finally, the long wait is over! :)

I am truly a fan of The Girl + The Bull and even the couple, Gab and Thea, who are behind these two restaurants. Follow them on Instagram and see how cute they both are! <3 With both their creativity combined, I must say, they can create a masterpiece.

I couldn’t help but compare both restaurants even though they are far from being identical. Just like The Girl + The Bull, 12/10 was a bit hard to find since there weren’t any signage and it happens to be located at a very unfamiliar place in Makati, where I don’t normally go to. But thank you, Waze, for showing me the way! The restaurant was a bit dim great for night-outs and has a limited space but not cramped. From what I read, 12/10 is totally different from The Girl + The Bull and a more personal one making almost each art inside the restaurant have a meaning.

Menu is very limited with an estimate of four dishes per category. Each category is labeled with numbers in ascending order classifying dishes from the least to the most filling. Since it was everyone’s first time, the server told us to get at least two per each category so we did as we were told.

Raw Tuna Salad (P240)
The first appetizer we had composed of kyuro, yuzu kosho, maple syrup, ebiko, shichimi and nori. The taste of the nori was very powerful and it greatly complemented the raw tuna. Everyone agreed that it was good but at the same time it felt like something was lacking. It would’ve been better if the dish was chilled rather than served with room temperature. This particular appetizer is best eaten when mixed.

Mackarel Ceviche (P195)
Another raw fish appetizer from the first category. The radish served as dividers for each mackerel which had their respective dips. To have a taste of everything, I ate it, in such a way, that I dipped the mackerel on the sauce and laid the radish flat to put the mackerel on top of it, that way there is no dry area since the dip is between the radish and the raw fish. Just like the other dish, I had nothing against it but it would’ve been better if it were served chilled.

Blowtorched Salmon (P280)
Off to the second category, of course, the word “uni” and “caviar” caught my eye. The dish originally comes with two pieces of salmon but seeing that we were three, the server told us that we could have a half-order that way everyone can have a fair share. The dish contains uni, caviar, Panko, nori, shiso, ponzu and sea salt. You would be surprised by the ingredients they put since the only ones visible are the salmon, uni, caviar and nori. The salmons were cooked perfectly but then again, there was no “oomph” factor from the entire dish. Sure there was a good amount of caviar for each salmon but it would’ve been better if the uni had more flavor since salmons typically have a mild taste.

Chicken Wing Karaage (P270)
A DISH THAT I WOULDN’T MIND ORDERING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. When asked by our serve how our food were, one of my comments was that this particular dish tasted like Jollibee. He found it unusual since no one has really ever compared it to the bee. But, its true! Well, at least for me. Compared to the usually karaage, 12/10 decided to twist it a bit by coating it with fish sauce caramel.

Katsu Sando (P260)
NOT YOUR ORDINARY KATSU. The katsu was molded like burger patties which came along with yuzu kusho, tare, red cabbage and kyui, placed between the steamed buns. Another dish that originally comes with two pieces but then again we were told to get a half-order. It may look like it’s very filling but you would be surprised that you can stuff more food in your tummy.

Salmon Kushiyaki (P290)
A WONDERFUL COMBINATION. Another salmon dish but this time cut into cubes and placed on a stick topped with curry, corn flakes, black sesame and aonori, a certain ingredient quite similar to nori. By this time, I started to notice that almost every dish served had nori on it. Seems to me this restaurant is obsessed about nori. LOL There was a burst of flavor from each bite since almost every ingredient, truffle oil, curry and aonori, put had strong flavors each. Nevertheless, the flavors blended very well.

Toro Onigiri (P410)

And we’re down to the last category. The toro onigiri is said to be one of the bestsellers in the house. My cousin felt a bit disappointed since toro should be fatty yet it didn’t seem like it. The taste was okay and it was really filling. Again, it should come with only two pieces but our server suggested that we get a half-order to have a fair amount each.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the food. Don’t get me wrong, there wasn’t a single dish that didn’t taste good but there wasn’t a single dish that stood out as well. Sure, every dish seemed to be unique especially with I-didn’t-know-that-exists ingredients they used and how they were able to conceptualize each dish but none of them were really outstanding. Among all, I would suggest the Raw Tuna Salad, Chicken Wing Karaage and Salmon Kushiyaki. Well, even beforehand, I was already told that the place is really known for their cocktails more than the food, which I found to be true. 12/10 is an izakaya-inspired establishment where small plates are being served and having said that, you may create your very own DIY degustacion especially since they suggest and adjust their serving depending on how many you are but with additional costs. The prices range from P200-300; it may appear cheap but you’d be surprised once you get the bill. Ours reached around P1000/person.

Hoping that they can spice up their dishes soon!

I would like to thank our server, Kyle, for being so kind and for entertaining all of our questions :)


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Clarisse E.
5.0 Stars

Two weeks after we first ate at 12/10, we ate there again, this time with family from Australia. 128513

We arrived early, around 6 pm, so we could beat the crowds. Good thing to do, because by 7:30 pm there was a line of people waiting for tables.

We ordered the same dishes my husband and I had the first time we ate there. I have already reviewed these dishes so I won't go into much detail. We had the torched salmon with Uni, the KFC with charred eggplant, the toro onigiri. All were good (but still too salty). Our friend from Sydney commented that KFC was 9/10 but would be 10/10 if they didn't use palm oil which he is sensitive to. To be precise, the conversation went like this:

E: The KFC was 9 out of 10
Do you know what would make it 10/10???

S: What sir?

E: Do not use Palm oil!

S: Ok sir

Whahahaha. (Feeling small)

(Note: The chef met my niece at a bazaar and clarified nicely that 12/10 doesn't use palm oil 128513).

We also ordered the katsu pork buns. This was delicious. The katsu was really juicy and the buns were soft.

Now for the comments:

1) we were a big group and the restaurant was full, so we needed to share seats. We suggested that they add more chairs.

2) They ran out of wine after two bottles.

3) still no dessert menu.

But I still give them 5 stars because the service is f@#$king AWESOME. So awesome that the Australians felt moved to shake our server's hand when we left.

First, our server was kind enough not to strangle us for calling him Sanjo or Sancho the entire evening, even if his real name is Santi. (I have no idea why we thought his name is Sancho/Sanjo)

Second, he gamely answered when the Australians grilled him about the whiskey.

Third, he was super nice about our comments regarding the food, the numerous glasses we consumed, our request for additional chairs and our staying beyond closing hours.

I think they thought we were a little crazy. 128563

We truly enjoyed our 6 hour dinner at 12/10. I wish we could go back soon but with all the holiday parties and the traffic, we will need to wait until next year. 128546 (I hope they have dessert na hahaha)

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Clarisse E.
4.0 Stars

On the first Friday of November, I went to Makati for a morning meeting and to meet friends after, only to have to rush back to Quezon City to pick up the little boy, because the husband had a meeting and could not do it. To reward me for sitting through C5 northbound traffic for 2 hours, he treated me to dinner in... Makati. Double parusa hahaha. Not!

We tried out a new restaurant called 12/10. This is owned by the group behind The Girl and the Bull (the number found on Looloo connects to The Girl and the Bull). No reservations but at that time, the restaurant had free tables. I hope they start taking reservations in the future. :-) The restaurant was not full when we went the first time but recently, people need to line up to get in.

12/10 is located on Guijo St. A narrow street lined with old town houses. You won't miss 12/10 - a small building painted black outside, with black French windows and warm interiors. The place is simple but stylish. I love the fit out. White walls with art hanging or painted on it. They had modified Windsor chairs in gray. Nice lighting. Bathroom is a little small but clean enough.

Drinks: I ordered a whiskey sour. The husband ordered a beer (good beer!).

Food: according to our server/waiter, the resto is patterned after an izakaya. Small plates. (kind of like Yardbird in Hong Kong but I've never been there - sabi lang ng sister ko). The menu is divided into three parts: salads, light plates, heavier plates. There are four dishes in each part. She suggested that we start with a salad, then a light plates, and then end with the heavier plates.

We ordered the raw tuna salad. Raw tuna with nori and a spicy dressing. I liked it but would prefer less saltiness. Maybe less nori?

Next, we had the torched salmon with Uni. Loved this dish (we had this the second time we went but that's getting ahead of myself). I wish the salmon was less torched so there are some raw parts.

The third dish was the toro onigiri. This is my favorite dish in the restaurant. Toro with foie gras and kewpie mayonnaise (I think) on top of a rice ball and wrapped in nori. So good! Would have preferred less rice because it's super nakaka busog.

Out last order was the Korean Fried Chicken with charred eggplant purée. So good!! We first tried black/charred eggplant when Bruce Ricketts cooked an omakase menu for my dad's birthday last year and loved it. 12/10 does a good version.

The negatives? No dessert menu yet (izakaya nga but I'm pinoy hahaha). And no coffee yet (at the time we ate there). The food is also a tad too salty. So minus 1 star. Nevertheless, I would go back, and go back again (and we did!)

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Sheridan V.
4.0 Stars

Korean fried chicken 🇰🇷1280209996
Crispy and really well-seasoned! Tried it without the charred eggplant (cause I'm not a fan of eggplant) and found it too salty. So I tried putting the charred eggplant (which is so bitter) and when paired together is a party in your mouth 128540 They both really compliment each other 128077 You really have to eat them together.

Only gave it 4127775 because for me the taste was still strong that I felt the need to eat it with rice to tone down the taste. (Maybe, it was just me. Filipino 'eh Hahaha)

*this review is solely for this korean fried chicken

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Ralph C.
4.0 Stars

Always glad to be tagged along with the lady behind the HappyTummyTravels blog Chichi T in some of her foodie rendezvous and meetups. 128522

This Korean Fried Chicken on Charred Eggplant, Gochujang, Sesame, Shiso and Lime we tried deserved to have 12/10 Restaurant 4/5 stars from me. I always like Korean food and this is one lucky find for me. Liked how tender and well flavored was the chicken while outside it was crisp and well done. Appealled really well and lucky enough we did serve at the end of the course. A few lime zest was enough to complement the zingy spiciness of the fried chicken.

12/10 has been in Guijo St., Makati for quite relatively new time yet but it is making waves within the metro's foodie scene. The place and the interiors looked really cool and edgy, very chic that even Anne Curtis and Erwan Heusaff were there at the same time we were in the resto. You might prefer dining during the day to have a good idea and enough light for your IG photos (sheez...128518).

We did order several dishes off the menu earlier than we tried the Korean fushion fried chicken but this photo was so far the review-friendly hehehe. Also tried their Salmon Kushiyaki, Beef Burger and Tuna Sashimi, both as also fushion dishes on their own (pardon me on losing the names).

A working week then again was capped off with a wonderful time here.

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