13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining

13 Ubay St., Sienna, Quezon City, Metro Manila

13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining
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Most Recent Reviews

Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I got this random SMS from Angelo one evening inviting me to this family owned restaurant along Ubay Street. I am quite familiar with the restaurant as I’ve seen a handful of posts a few days back by Splat Manila. It was perfect timing as I was also invited to Miriam College’s cooking simulation scheduled on the same day where I was assigned as a food critic. *Woohoo!* Anyway, since I was already in Quezon City, I figured that it was the food gods way of telling me to say yes. And I did.

Hello, 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining!

I had no idea that Banawe is quite far from Katipunan. What was supposed to be a 25 minute trip turned into an hour and half drive thanks to the holiday road madness. But my annoyance with traffic was soon swept away when I saw the homey facade of 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining.

We went straight to the second floor where the new menu launch was held. Almost everyone was already there when we arrived and the program already started.

We were given some welcome drinks and we could choose between Ginmansi (PHP200) and 13th Old Fashion (PHP200). I chose Ginmansi while K chose the latter.

I liked the mix of alcohol and calamansi. It wasn’t that strong too making it a nice beverage to pair with my meal. K on the other hand commented that her 13th Old Fashion was a bit too strong for her liking.

The first dishes served were Bacon Pizza (PHP250) and Cheese and Raspberry Salad (PHP230).

I loved the Bacon Pizza which was like breakfast in pizza form. I enjoyed munching on the thin crust topped with tomato sauce, cheese, egg and homemade bacon which was grilled to perfection. Though the pizza didn’t look as round as the ones you usually get from pizzerias, this one did not disappoint. It was rich in taste and had beautiful contrasts of textures.

The Cheese and Raspberry Salad on the other hand didn’t have raspberries which was weird since the dish’s name had it. Anyway, it had other fruits like apples and was tossed with mixed greens, red onion, tomato, cucumber, glazed nuts, breaded cheese and drizzled with house vinaigrette.

It was a nice light appetizer but it would have been better if it had more fruits and if the cheese was tangier since its natural taste was already masked by the breading.

Next served was the Salmon and Capers pasta (PHP300).

Though I love salmon, I was disappointed with this one as the penne was a bit undercooked and the tomato sauce seemed to have overpowered the smoked salmon’s and fried capers’ taste.

I fell in love with the Twice Cooked Ribs (PHP320) which was so flavorful and went well with the spicy apple kimchi. Yes, you read that right. Ribs with kimchi. It was a beautiful combination of sweet and spicy. (The kimchi was extremely spicy for me but was enjoyed by my foodie seat mates.)

The Grilled Chicken Harissa (PHP390) was pretty good too. The North African chili pepper paste gave the grilled chicken a bit of earthy flavor and spicy kick. Make sure that you also get a spoonful or two of the braised beans for more flavor and grainy texture.

The Chicken Bacon and Cheese (PHP300) was also I'd be willing to order again as I love chicken breast! 13 Ubay St. enhanced it with homemade bacon, cheese and cheese! What's not to love?

The Kare-Kare (PHP500) was hyped up by Chef Zaza’s mom as she mentioned how she likes her kare-kare to be traditional and faithful to the original list of ingredients. However, I think my preference was changed by the more modern versions of this Filipino favorite as I liked this dish the least.

Though fragrant and full of tripe, ox tail, string beans, eggplant and banana heart, it wasn’t flavorful enough for me. It lacked the distinct peanuty taste and the sauce itself was not thick enough. I was also surprised that the homemade bagoong was sweet. I was expecting it to be salty and I prefer it salty. Some foodies though liked 13 Ubay St.’s version. I guess it was just not made for me.

I was lured to the opposite end of the restaurant when I saw the other dishes were being served for flat lay hence I missed out on enjoying Binagoongan (PHP320) and Seafood Sambal (PHP250) hot and fresh. Luckily, there was still a spoonful left of each for me to sample when I got back to my seat.

Though sinful as it was perhaps 2/3 fat, I enjoyed devouring the crispy fried pork belly in bagoong sauce. It wasn’t overly salty but its oiliness will force you to eat it with rice.

I heard that the Seafood Sambal was spicy as the seafood in the dish was sautéed in Oriental chili paste. Surprisingly, the portion I got wasn’t spicy at all. Taste-wise though, this one was forgettable.

And finally, we have reached the end of our food sampling and we were treated to two of 13 Ubay St.’s bestselling desserts namely Ube Piaya (PHP170) and Ube Cheesecake (PHP160). Again, these two were hyped by Chef Zaza’s mom so we couldn’t help expect a lot from these dishes.

First served was Ube Piaya which was basically an ube-filled piaya topped with tres leches ice cream.

It was pretty good though it would have been better if it had more ube halaya as it was quite light in terms of flavor.

The Ube Cheesecake on the other hand was a winner! I had no idea that ube could be a wonderful cheesecake especially if the crust is made of polvoron. It was the highlight of my visit and I would brave the traffic anytime for more of this!

I had a great time at 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining as it made me feel like I was welcomed inside a home and not a restaurant. Each dish served to us has a story and the fact that most if not all the ingredients used were made from scratch made it even more special.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

I rarely set foot in QC,  this is uncharted territory for a Makati Dweller.  I  managed to set aside my territorial instincts and managed to travel to the Banawe x QC area. 
FoodSocietyPh received an invite to 13 Ubay Comfort Dining and i was one of the brave tributes.  I said yes as the location is relatively near the restaurant i visited the day before.  And it is fun exploring areas outside of Makati.   There are a lot of restaurants to explore.

If you think that Ubay sounds a lil familiar.  Well,  it is....this is the restaurant that got featured in Pangako Sayo.  Today is the day they turn 1 and at the same time they are launching new items on the menu.


The restaurant is the odd one out as it is the only establishment on a long strip of residential structures.  Located on the second floor,  we were greeted with lovely interiors.  High ceilings and colorful decor.  Chef Zaza and her mom greeted all of the visitors with warm smiles.  They briefly explained how 13 Ubay was born and the inspiration behind their menu.  I like listening to the mom and daughter duo - intelligent banter at its best.

Edna (the matriarch):  "Nakakasawa na pagkain dito."
Zaza:  "Araw-araw ka kasi nandito."

The lines are delivered in the cutest fashion.

Here are some of the insider information that i got.  All of the food they serve is made from scratch.  Using prepackaged ingredients is a no-no.  Now that's dedication,  if you ask me.

Let us talk about the food,  shall we?


Cheese and Raspberry Salad.  Mixed greens,  red onion, cucumber,  seasonal fruits and fried herb cheese tossed in raspberry vinaigrette.  This is the first time I've heard of this odd pairing.  I love the mixture of fruits and veggies!  The raspberry vinaigrette adds a lil sweetness and it goes well with the fresh veggies.  This reminds me of summer.

Bacon Pizza. Thin crust pizza topped with grilled bacon,  tomato sauce,  cheese and egg.  This is wow on the first bite.  I love how all the elements work well together.  The bacon is heavenly.  Who knew that eggs can go well with pizza. 


Salmon and Capers.  I gotta be honest, i was a lil skeptical about this dish as i eat raw salmon and i have this notion that it is sacrilege to mix salmon with another ingredient.   The dish is done with so much expertise that i get to taste my favourite fish amid the tomatoes and capers.


| Grilled Chicken Harissa.

Harissa is a Tunisian hot chili pepper paste, the main ingredients of which are roasted red peppers, Baklouti pepper, serrano peppers and other hot chili peppers and spices and herbs such as garlic paste, coriander seed, saffron, rose or caraway as well as some vegetable or olive oil for preservation. It is most closely associated with Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Morocco.

Source:  Wikipedia

This is Chef Zaza's favourite dish.  As the inspiration stemmed from her travels.  She takes pride on how her masterful execution of ze harissa paste.  Move over peri-peri,  harissa has arrived.  This is chicken cooked in harissa paste.  And the flavor is out of this world.  It is a mixture of sour,  sweet,  savory and spicy.  And oh,  diners get to pick the spice level - mild,  hot or extra hot.  I'd pick up extra hot because chili is love. 

| Twice Cooked Ribs.  Grilled pork ribs glazed with tamarind catsup served with apple kimchi.  This is just okay for me as i find it too flavorful.  The tamarind glaze and the kimchi is a lil bit too much for my tastebuds.  On the bright side,  the pork is fall-off-the-bone tender.

| Seafood Sambal.  Sautéed seafood in oriental chili paste.  I love me some seafood.  This is delicious!   The seafood is cooked perfectly and it goes well with the chili paste. 

| Chicken Bacon and Cheese.   This is reminds me of Cordon Bleu.  It looks similar in appearance but very different in taste.  This is 10x better than it's doppelganger.  The chicken is moist and the bacon x cheese concoction makes the fowl stand out.

| Kare-Kare
| Binagoongan

Kare-Kare and Binagoongan is the new items added on their already sumptuous roster.  Ubay's matriarch takes pride in her Kare-Kare and she jokingly mentioned that this not like any other Kare-Kare we've ever had.  True to her word,  this is different (in a good way).  The sauce is a lil shy of peanut flavor but i don't really mind as this makes the dish different and delicious in its own way.  The bagoong is the shiz!!!!  They should sell this by the jar.  The Binagoongan is delicious as expected.  The bagoong is the star of the show.  The beginning,  middle and the end. 


| Ube Piaya
| Ube Cheesecake.  

Forget everything that you know about Ube.  After the first bite,  i now understand why Chef Zaza doesn't eat commercially sold Ube.  Her mom's version is 100x better.  I mean,  why settle for mediocrity when you can have a taste of royalty.

I had a satisfying meal, loved every bite and enjoyed chatting with fellow foodies. 13 Ubay is worth the travel.   The food they serve is made with so much expertise and love.  This is a place where people from all walks of life can have a good meal.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining has been around for a year already and it gained popularity as it is one of the locations used in the TV series Pangako Sa 'Yo.

I can't recall the last time I've visited a restaurant in the Banawe area and all I know is that it's popular because of the Chinese restaurants (and shops selling car parts). So when we got an invite from 13 Ubay to celebrate their 1st year anniversary with them, we said yes without hesitations.

During the event, Chef Zaza and her mom re-introduced their special dishes and introduced new Filipino dishes which they started offering just yesterday. Also, they shared stories about the restaurant, their family, and their love for cooking. They're really proud that they do everything from scratch and that they don't use processed ingredients. As a diner, I think this is really important to know.

Here are the dishes they served:

🔹Cocktails Gimansi and 13th Old Fashion. I tried Gimansi and it was good. I only had a few sips though since I'm not really a fan of alcoholic beverages. Its ingredients were gin, calamansi, campari, honey, dry vermouth. It was strong but it was well-mixed. I would probably love a mocktail version.

🔹Cheese and Raspberry Salad. Mixed greens with fried cheese in raspberry vinaigrette. Refreshing dish though the taste of cheese and raspberry were very subtle.

🔹Bacon Pizza. I loved this. It was a simple thin crust pizza topped with bacon, cheese, and egg. I normally wouldn't like egg on pizza but surprisingly, I loved how Ubay did it.

🔹Salmon and Capers Pasta. It was super flavorful. The smoked salmon was a little overcooked for me though so it was dry and tough. But the dish overall was delicious.

🔹Twice Cooked Ribs. The ribs could probably be more tender but it was so tasty. Interestingly, it was paired with apple kimchi. My tolerance for spicy food is low so I just had a small portion. That kimchi was really good.

🔹Grilled Chicken Harissa. This is Chef Zaza's specialty. It's a dish that resulted from her world travels so there's a story behind how she decided to put this on the menu. The closest comparison (and competition) to this is probably the Peri Peri Chicken. This, however, uses North African chili pepper paste (harissa).

🔹Kare Kare. They're adding Filipino dishes to their menu and this is one of them. They're doing it the classic way, with oxtail and tripe. It was delish but a little more of the peanut taste can make it better. The bagoong that came with it was super good!

🔹Chicken Bacon and Cheese. Cordon Bleu, I guess? I only had a bite of this and it was okay.

🔹Binagoongan. This is the other addition to their menu. Since we really liked the bagoong that came with the Kare Kare, obviously we loved their Binagoongan too! This isn't served the classic way since the pork is bagnet-ish.

🔹Seafood Sambal. Sauteed seafood in Oriental chili paste. Again, I'm not a fan of spicy food so I only had a little of this. This was good too.

🔹Ube Piaya. The ube yam recipe is one of their most-treasured family heirloom recipes, proudly made by their matriarch. Chef Zaza's cool mom actually volunteered her ube recipe to the kitchen and then they thought of ways to serve it. So even before the ube craze started, they already had this in their resto!

🔹Ube Cheesecake. Honestly, I am not a fan of ube so I didn't really expect to like this so much. But it was really good. It was soft and moist. Not overly rich and serving size was just right.

It's really nice to know stories behind restaurants, especially those that are family-owned. This particular experience was one of a kind as it felt like we were just visiting their home. And fun anecdote, Chef Zaza told us about her mom already complaining that "nakakasawa na pagkain sa restaurant," and she would reply "eh siyempre araw araw ka nandun." So that's why they decided to introduce new dishes.128517

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Sam C.
3.0 Stars

A suprisingly spacey place

Food we ordered

Grilled cheese with wrapped in bacon with pear cubes:

Pretty good! Cheese was just delicious and surprisingly went well with the pear, though not sure if price was worth 3 sticks

Bacon Pizza:

Best bacon ever. Have to give it to them. How they cooked it was just right and crunchy but wish the egg on top had a more wet yolk then a soft boiled ish type. It just felt off for me.

Fried Squid:

Good though it could need a little bit of salt and pepper

Dirty mashed potato:


Butterfried Chicken:

Disappointing. And I dunno how they were fooling anyone because that wasn't "buttermilk". It was basically fried the same way as the squid and added some "seasoning powder"

Twice cooked ribs:

Eh it was ok.


I dunno. It's like the place kinda succeeds in making me love the place but eventually messes it up. 128531

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Went here after Sunday service lunch time with friends. We thought this place would be impassable since the road there is being excavated. But the retiro street is open so we entered from there. We also thought that this would be like happy lulu (its neighboring resto) but then we were surprised it was not.

The place is huge! It can accommodate at least 90pax. The chairs are wooden. There's a cool alfresco area for smokers--there's a bar available so this it is a good place to hangout and drink booze--especially if your house is nearby. 13 ubay street is their address itself.

The place is family owned, designed by the family as it is written in their paper mats. The place is their mom's house-- a printing press before. The art pieces came from their dad. The masks hanged on the wall came from their travels. Their food--which were favorites from their travel--are mostly asian and comfort food.

128204 fried squid @150
There's a very course breading with a not so tender squid inside. Ration of 2:5 for the proportion of squid:breading. The corn relish (turmeric mix) was not that compatible with the fried squid. I'd still prefer something mayo. The relish has not much taste.

128204 carbonara @210
I find the penne pasta aldente. The cream... Not so salty. But a little less tasty. Nevertheless they have salt and pepper to taste. I love this one however i cannot recommend since i dont know if everyone would like a healthy tasting carbonara.

128204 roasted tomato soup @100
Tangy and big serving. Certified comfort food. Especially the bread swimming in it. I smell rainy season.

128204128525 bacon pizza @250
I love this one too! Bacon was really tasty. The egg yolk still wet giving it different textures. Though i think it's too small for the price.

128204 seasonal vegetables @150
Meh. Buttery. That day's offerings were cauliflowers, string beans, carrots, and potatoes.

128204 seafood sambal @250
Spiciness option ranges from mild to extra hot. It has squid and string beans in oriental chili paste. I am not sure but i think it has a small amount of ground pork.

128204128525 three hour porkbelly @280
Here are the sinful ones. Thin and crispy is the skin; there's the thick fat part with really tender meat that's lying underneath. Like as any porkbelly, eat it right away. Order plain rice with this. The part that would give the dish with plain rice order is the mango vinegar!

128204128525 honey glazed chicken @420
This one is above average. It's roasted to perfection. The marinade reaching to the meat. There's glazed fruits and apple kimchi at the sides that also tasted like a bland atchara according to
My friends. I did not taste the sides eh.

They also sell homemade flavored marshmallows and some imported goods. We did not get the marshmallows but i purchased this korean honey butter chips which tastes old. Haha

Parking is easy! There's a space on the ground floor for at least 5 cars. The dining area on the 2nd floor---the CR as well! It's a bit small; it's gender specific. Common wash area just outside the CR.

Generally, food is quite bland (at least no msgs) and really are comfort foods. I just find it not too exciting

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Raul C.
4.0 Stars

Ubay st. Is fast becoming another area where good food can be found. We were curious of the place after eating at the nearby restaurant
Here is a collegiate style grading (1 as highest and 5 as failed)

Place: 1.25- a great contrast to the road itself... Once you enter, you feel like you are somewhere in Ortigas area

Food 1.25- great food, the tres leches was a little sweet for me though

Service: 1.25 well, very courteous....

Overall: 1.25! Recommended!

  • No. of Comments: 4
Edel S.
5.0 Stars

Been here quite a few times and I've enjoyed each visit. The place is nicely decorated. There's a wall of masks that you'll see upon entering, which is really cool because these are family souvenirs from travels around the world, and these travels sort of inspired what's in the menu. It's a mix of different things and cooking techniques. It's easily an IG-worthy place to visit, design-wise.

As for the food, I cannot really pinpoint what my favorite is because the ones that I've tried, I really like. I've ordered the fried tripe on each visit. It's unique and I've never had anything like it anywhere before. Perfect with the spicy Basimatsi vinegar that they have. I constantly crave for the grilled cheese and the bacon mashed potato. For the mains must-tries are the Grilled Chicken Harissa, Grilled Dorado and the Twice Cooked Ribs. Generous servings and the flavors are divine. For dessert, I've tried Tres Leches--the sweetness is just right and it's very light. I also really liked their beignet which is reminiscent to the beignet in New Orleans.

Price is pretty good, given the ambiance and the servings, so I'd definitely recommend anyone to eat here.

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Diego S.
3.0 Stars

3HOUR PORK BELLY : Tender and crispy good enough but the taste is blunt , they serve vinigar for a dip but for me the vinigar is to strong it pinches your taste buds hard loosing your sense of good taste . The price is not frendly 350 if iam not mistaken? Good only for one 10 year old child !

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Diego S.
3.0 Stars

CHICKEN LIVER, BANANA : Chicken liver and banana wrap in home made Bacon with chocolate souce taste good, a new taste for adventurous palate ! The price is 170 a bit expensive but for a new taste i will give it a chance!

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Emmanuelle C.
3.0 Stars

The Tres Leches was sublime. Honestly the best I've tasted.

However I ordered a single-shot espresso, then asked for some steamed milk. That's a cappuccino, yes? Maybe even a latte, which should cost 120-130 based on the menu. They charged me 150 for both. If they can't be honest about charging their customers, then I won't be coming back. What a shame.

The servers are also slightly unprofessional, but that's understandable because the place is new and they may not be fully trained just yet.

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Chrissie C.
4.0 Stars

If you live by Banawe-Qc area give this place a try. Mostly the restos around the area serve Chinese food. So if you want a different taste for the palate, go out and try this one.

The interiors of this place are quite nice. A hidden Gem in the area perhaps. If you have friends to meet and don't want to travel far far away for cocktails and drinks. This is a place to catch up with them.

Must try: shrimp cooked in aligue, skewers (the one with bacon and pear) plus their cocktails. Oh, they have desserts too!

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Ramon P.
4.0 Stars

sulit meals and good food! try ghe banana&liver, shrimp aligue, tres leches, dalandan torte to top it all off. shout out to this place to all nearby retiro, banawe, QC area. give it a try and sureness you'll love it, wala picture sa sarap ng kain

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Kat P.
5.0 Stars

When you want a place to hang with your family and friends. 13Ubay is just perfect.

The ambience of the place is good for just enjoying every bite of food that the restaurant serves. They were playing good music and has the friendliest servers.

We ordered almost everyhing to feast on with the recommendation of the Head Chef.

Must try:
Shrimp aligue paired with Rice Pilaf (the one on the picture)
Grilled items are all good. Grilled cheese, Liver Banana and harissa Chicken Wings
Shrimp and Chorizo Pasta (something i would be ordering more of on my next visit)
Desserts are heavenly sinful yet you cannot resist. Dalandan Torte and Tres Leches.

Since it is a gastropub, you cannot leave without ordering some cocktails. Try the signature drink - 13th Ubay - the kick of the chili will make you order more and more.

The price is fair and best to share the orders so everybody will be able to taste everything.

Good job for the new establishment and definitely recommend it to my friends and would go with them as well

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