1970 Malolos

Bulihan, Malolos, Bulacan

1970 Malolos
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Albie L.
4.0 Stars

I've tried their samgyeopsal and to be honest, the food tasted good for beginners and also for those who wants some korean-food experience but it did not exceeded my expectations. The side dishes are not as authentic as what I have tasted on an authentic Korean resto in SJDM but all of their side dishes, luckily, compliments with the kimchi so it's not that bad after all. The package of unlimited pork samgyeopsal includes rice, japchae, 5 side dishes, lettuces, soup, and raw porks (all of it can be refilled, also the pork is best when you put some salt and pepper on it. It tastes much better compare to plain pork). The concept of unlimited samgyeopsal is also great! For a P249 (for pork, and P349 for beef samgyeopsal), it's a real deal. Aside from samgyeopsal, they are also offering loads of different Korean cuisines which I've never tried *hoping to try it soon tho*

I also tried their ramyeon and I.AM.NOT.SATISFIED. Sorry for the all caps hahaha. Their ramyeon tasted like those Shin Ramyeon in pouches. They just added some dumplings and two crab sticks, then that's it. It costs P119.

About the staff, some of them are really accommodating and some, close enough. Since the Korean resto I am talking about earlier are being run by two adult Koreans, they are an all-smile type of people and really assists you especially if your a new customer and basically has a zero knowledge on how to cook and operate things. They, (1970 M staffs), will serve you and will give you the refilled meats and side dishes then that's it. Some even has creases on their foreheads so I thought that whenever I ask for a meat refill, they're furious about it hahaha.

They are also offering sodas, local beers, sojus (they will give you korean shot glasses if you ordered soju for dine in), and korean ice creams.

The authentic Korean resto in SJDM closed years ago so if you're interested to go, I'm sorry 128520128520128520128520

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Resa P.
2.0 Stars

The food was good. But the staffs were not nice and accomodating. They made us feel like we are the staffs and not the customers. Will not go back anymore.

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Resa P.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Patrick G.
4.0 Stars

I am happy that there is now a Korean place in Bulacan! :) We went there last weekend to try this new place. It was nice and simple. I think it can accommodate around 20-30 persons.

We tried their Samgyupsal, Katsu and Chapchae. Our order includes egg soup and sides like kimchi and shredded cabbage. Everything tasted good. The lettuce we used to wrap the pork belly were also fresh.

The price is definitely cheaper compared to the Korean resto in Manila. I will definitely go back and try their other food!

P.S. They also sell Korean Ice Cream for dessert.

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