1st Colonial Grill

SM City Naga, Ninoy and Cory Ave., Naga City, Camarines Sur

1st Colonial Grill
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Emkei C.
4.0 Stars

/I'm back!/

I~~~my first time to visit the Bicol Region. ~~~
I told myself to let my palate explore the Bicolano dishes. FYI, I don't eat veggies but 1st Colonial made me try its Laing, one of the popular Bicolano dishes.

For the Laing, you can choose whether you'll have the spicy or the mild one. We ordered both but I preferred the spicy one. The "gata" (coconut milk) used for the dish is well balanced and well cooked.

We also ordered Colonial Chicken, Baked mussels (yum yum), Tinapa Rice (the best), Pili Ice Cream and the pride of this resto, SILI ICE CREAM.

I didn't hesitate to try the sili ice cream. Coz hello, I'm in the Land of spicy food. There are 3 levels of spiciness and I just tried the Level 1. Since it's cold, you cannot immediately taste the "anghang" but some seconds after, you'll feel it on your throat. It's addicting. BTW, 3 scoops will be served to you but you can tell them how many scoop you like. We tried one scoop of pili ice cream and it matched the sili ice cream perfectly.

Those are the "pros". I was about to give it 5 stars but due to lack of restroom and the flies that happily roamed around our table, I give it a 4.

For the price, I think it's affordable. Our boss from the regional office paid for it. Hihi but based on the menu, it's really affordable. There are budget meals that are less than 200 pesos. The ice creams are priced either 79 pesos or 89 pesos.

There's a vid that I'm making for my whole Naga trip.

That's it! Let me know what you think about my review. Feel free to ask or say what you want. Haha.

Love like diamonds,
EMKEI 128571

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Jen S.
4.0 Stars

I bought here one of the weirdest ice cream flavor I've ever tasted: their Chili ice cream. They sell three levels of hotness. And I bought their level 3 chili ice cream that I did just throw away. Haha! That level of spicyness is too much for me pala, though I love spicy foods. 128514

The looks can really be deceiving. Look at the picture, it looks yummy but it's not! Lol 128584

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Shareen B.
5.0 Stars

We only went there to have dessert! Oh my, ice cream!

We tried their weird flavours of ice cream 127847127846
Pili ice cream - 11088110881108811088
Malunggay ice cream - 11088110881108811088
Tutong na bigas ice cream - 1108811088110881108811088
Sili ice cream - 1108811088110881108811088

With Pili ice cream, you could really taste the original flavor of pili nut. The sweetness of ice cream doesn't take over the taste of pili nut 127846
With Malunggay ice cream, you can taste the leaf itself. It's like a eating a cold malunggay leaf but with a pinch of sweetness 127846
With Tutong na Bigas ice cream, you could really taste the crisp of the ice cream. I mean, the ice cream's flavor is crispy (is there even such as 'crispy' taste) 128563127846
With Sili ice cream, you can't taste the spice at first but once you've swallowed it, there's a hint of spice down your throat. They have three levels where each level has their corresponding spicyness.

We chose to order different flavors to be able to taste and feel like a food critic 128514

If ever you'll be in Naga, try this ice cream at 1st Colonial Grill, SM City Naga. 127846🌶

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Potchie M.
4.0 Stars

This is my 2nd time in the Bicol region. 128513128077🏽
And my 2nd meeting with this intriguing dessert.

Chilli "Sili" Ice Cream. 128525
To think of the name, it's very ironic. A HOT dessert?
Yeah, hot me curious as hell.

I first met this at the Cagsawa Ruins, but I haven't tried it. I was too scared of trying it at that time.

And now I'm back to take on the challenge.

The crew of 1st Colonial are very accommodating.
They all wear nice smiles on their faces. Me and my boufriend tried Level 1 Chilli Ice Cream and Pili Ice Cream.

They are literally are sugar, spice and everything nice. 10084

Our friends also tried different flavors. Such as Tinutong na Bigas (toasted rice) & Kamote (sweet potato) Ice Cream.

It played with my taste buds. Awesome experience. 🤘🏼

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Reann G.
4.0 Stars

Lechon Kawali and Pancit with Tinapa Rice Combo (P169)

The meal was sulit because the Lechon Kawali was malaman and very tasty. It was also sulit because it came with a drink, soup and unlirice (Tinapa Rice or White rice).

The lechon kawali went well with the tinapa rice but it was sad that we were not too hungry to ask for another rice serving. Di namin nasulit ang unli rice. 128567

We also tried 1 scoop of their Taro/Gabi Ice Cream (P45). 1st colonial is known for their unique ice cream flavours so we thought of trying it. I'm not really against the taste but I didn't like it either. We didn't finish the scoop that we ordered. Bleh 128541 if I ever come back, I'd probably try the Kalamansi Ice Cream. Hehe

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Ralph Waldo L.
5.0 Stars

One of the places i would visit when i go to bicol to check our sales in my business. This place offers the best sili ice cream and also the best bicol food i have tasted. If you go to bicol then you have to visit this place.

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Gennie M.
4.0 Stars

We forgot to take pictures simply because this was where we had our 1st lunch when we arrived in Bicol well Naga to be exact after 7 1/2 hours on the road. Of all places it was SM.. Anyway, the place was packed even at 2pm but lucky us that they were able to accommodate a huge group of 10. So we started ordering with traditional Bicolano dishes such as the laing and pinangat we also ordered lechon kawali which I swear to this day my daughter is craving for. Basically it is a source of comfort food and I am pretty sure we enjoyed it not because we were just hungry but they served us good food with fast service except for the fact that they asked us two IDs when we paid with credit card.. Oh well..

And the sili ice cream of course my ever daring husband and sister in law ordered it for dessert.. It was creamy with strawberry flavor and you don't get to taste the spice but creaminess only until you swallow and gets into your throat128514128514

You should try!

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Joel C.
4.0 Stars

The restaurant offers classic Bicolano dishes like pinangat and laing but I came here for their strange ice cream flavor.

Their ice cream prices is ranging from Php 90.00 to Php 110.00. Among the flavors present in their menu, we ordered the following with three scoops per serving.

Sili Ice Cream - spicy food lover would love this ice cream, we just ordered spicy level 1 and we were not able to finish 1 scoop. Sobrang anghang. Spicy level is up to 3.

Taro Ice Cream - one of my favorite flavors from their list, it's like your drinking a taro milk tea. Sweet and yummy.

Malunggay Ice Cream - the flavor for vegetable lover, the taste and the smell is malunggay na malunggay.

Salabat Ice Cream - i never tried to drink salabat in my lifetime, the taste of ginger is very strong.

Tinutong Rice Ice Cream - this ice cream is made from burnt rice, the best ice cream in Bicol. Recommended.

All in all, the experience is great, we paid almost Php 500.00 good for 4 persons. When in Bicol and you are looking for some desserts, 1st Colonial Grill Ice Cream flavors are a must try. Don't miss this one of a kind experience.

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Sarah Mel A.
3.0 Stars

..got to try Sili Ice Cream when I had my vacation in Bicol. I don't know but for me it tastes strawberry then there's the after taste which really is sili! Ahaha there are actually levels of hotness (anghang) as the resto staff told me and I can't really remember what are those. It's good But I don't think I'll ever try it again..128541128540128513128514127846127846127846

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Yna E.
5.0 Stars

Must try Sili Ice cream, A bicolano's flavor to beat the heat!!!

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Joy O.
5.0 Stars

The adventurous tastebuds tried something new today. 4 unique flavors of ice cream: Tinutong na Bigas, Kalamansi, Sili and Pili 128522 Let me rave about it, each of them is true to its flavor! Deserving of 1108811088110881108811088️ each! P.S. Sili flavor has 3 levels of "hotness", the adventurous tastebuds played it safe and settled with Level 1, very manageable, no need for a glass of water after a scoop. Should try Level 2 next time 128515
Ice cream:1108811088110881108811088
Service: 1108811088110881108811088️ friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating crew
Price: 1108811088110881108811088️ Just right, 89/order(3scoops) except for kalamansi which is 79/order (3scoops).
Ambiance: 110881108811088️ typical restaurant setup
Definitely a must-try when you happen to be in Bicol. 128522

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Inier C.
4.0 Stars

Best unli rice ever is their Tinapa Rice. Just order a BSM with tinapa rice and eat at your heart's content. If you still have room for dessert must try mare their very own inventive flavors of ice cream: sili Ice Cream ( with 3 levels of spiciness) , tinutong ( dark roasted rice) , malunggay, ube, cucumber ( my favorite its subtlety neutralizes the spiciness of sili ice cream). If you gonna go Byaheng Bicol this a must stop over !

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Romer G.
4.0 Stars

1st Colonial Grill is a must eat places in Bicol Region. They serve filipino food along with unlimited tinapa rice or plain rice. You also can't go home without trying their Sili Ice Cream. It taste great!

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

We came here for the ice cream!

This place specializes in unconventionally-flavored ice cream, the most famous of which is their sili ice cream (at varying levels of spiciness) The first bite is creamy and as it melts in your mouth, a burst of spiciness occurs!

The other ice cream flavors include salabat, taro, baileys, kalamansi, etc. and my 3 personal favorites: tinutong, pili and pipino (so refreshing! 128077)

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Elmer R.
5.0 Stars

The sili ice cream was indeed spicy even at level 1! So creamy and delicious did not expect it to be this good. Must try for kicks. 128539128522

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