210 Degrees Kitchen + Drinkery

G/F Icon Plaza, 25th St. cor. 6th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

210 Degrees Kitchen + Drinkery
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Most Recent Reviews

Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

A true hidden gem, this place.

1) Value For Money
- php 1,490 for a 5course dinner. This is not a tasting menu. This is Five. Full. Courses. I was pleasantly surprised and extremely full.

2) Food
- Bistro French Fare. I got to try everything on their 5course except the pasta and steak. My friend and I ordered alternately so we could taste it all.
Here’s my opinion on how to navigate the 5 courses:
—- Salmon vs Hummus, go for Salmon
— Cauliflower Soup vs Eggplant, this was even for us. I really enjoyed my soup it was so tasty and not starchy but my friend liked Eggplant better. So depends which one you prefer.. the soup will make you full.
— Bone Marrow vs Mushroom Ravioli, I would appreciate the Mushroom Ravioli if I didn’t get Cauliflower soup as they felt similar with the foam and all. But texture wise I felt the Ravioli could use a bit more firmness. Bone Marrow was delicious and deadly, so get this instead and live on the wild side.
— Chicken vs Pork Belly, we were all so full at this point but I think the belly wins over chicken. But both pretty safe choices.
—- Tiramisu vs Creme Brulee, Tiramisu all the way!

3) Service was perfect.

4) Pro Tip: if there’s 2 of you, you can def share the set menu. And then order other dishes. But ask nicely. I can’t guarantee this but they let one couple in our group do this last night. they didn’t portion it separately which is fine. You gotta do some work.

5) Room for Improvement
— so many mosquitos. So many. Like buzzing around your head and food and eating you alive as you eat. Wear bug spray.
— personally I wasn’t a big fan of the decor, felt it was a lil too dark in there. But this is just me.

Despite #5 and a stumble with my Ravioli, I still would give them 5stars. I had a terrific time here and my tummy was happy.

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Sandro V.
5.0 Stars

A perfect dinner! Entrecôte, roasted with garlic and aromats, served with port wine sauce, mashed potatoes and mushrooms. Superb! 128523

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Kwokie K.
4.0 Stars

Hooray for friends who meet their quotas at work! A good friend opted to treat us for her birthday here in 210 degrees. My wife has been bugging me to eat here and try the 5 course degustation but we can’t seem to get it done. She was actually pretty bummed when she heard that I’ll be eating with friends already without her!

We were a group of 4 dining on during lunch, on weekday lunchtimes – they serve their lunch set menu. 3 courses, with the appetizer, the main course and the dessert; it was perfect since there were 4 variations so we got to try all of the variants!

These were the appetizers, we got all 4 variants and shared them across the table. Quiche Lorraine, Tomato Soup+chives & whipped cream, Caesar salad & poached egg. The poached egg is their specialty even on the dinner degustation for the appetizer, while it was good - I can’t help but compare, I still remember & prefer the version from the now defunct “The Goose Station” where they serve the poached egg as a cocktail. The tomato soup was creamy, but good – the salad will be like any regular salad and the quiche does remind you of Paris!

For the main course, the entrees were fried chicken, roast pork belly + mixed nuts + caramelized onions, fish ‘Craqueline’ in filo pastry on Columbus light cream with rocket leaves. Each of them will have its own side like salad, mashed potato or garlic rice. The fried chicken was the specialty of the house, so we opted to get 2 of those. Each dish was obviously prepared with dedication – you can see it with the plating, to how the leaves on the salad would be nicely chopped. From what I can tell, they make full use of a sous-vide since the chicken and the pork were both really really tender, very juicy – despite being fried! If there would be one complaint on this, we were all fairly shocked when we saw the “fish Craqueline” as it looked like a thin fish lumpia. The funny part was – it also tasted like one!

Props to the mashed potato, very nicely prepared, creamy, mashed like it was mashed for hours, right balance of butter and dairy!

Unfortunately for me for the dessert, (rice pudding with diced mango + mango sorbet) it was made from dairy so no review portion for me there.

The star of this review would be the fried chicken, this actually inspired me to try out (and actually buy) a sous-vide for my own use. The chef (William Mahi) actually went around the table one-by-one to ask how we liked our meal and if everything was perfect, I asked him about the chicken and the “clues” he gave was the chicken indeed was cooked first on the sous-vide before being fried – the secret however was not the sous-vide but the type of oil used to fry it, the temperature of the oil and the length of time of the frying. While it was fried chicken, you don’t taste the oil at all – the chicken was seasoned nicely with some spices to make the skin pop and it was able to maintain the crunchiness you’d look for in fried chicken.

Service as expected was top notch, the ambiance – really good as well. But that’s to be expected from the place as you are paying a premium. I would recommend the place for celebrations like what we had but perhaps too much for your regular lunch outs. Really nice to eat in with good friends, your special someone or to treat your parents to!

Can't really comment about the pricing as I didn't pay for the meal, but paying Php3200 - for four, with you feeling full after and not feeling "ripped off" - Chef William Mahi is doing something right!

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Warren T.
3.0 Stars

for the more adventurous tastebuds of trying French cusine, i tried the 5 course set menu.

homemade marinated salmon - the smell of salmon is not present, you will taste more earthy flavors because of the marinade. it is almost a gelatine-like consistency.

onion soup - it is surprisingly sweet! the chicken stock is really good paired with lots of onions.

mushroom ravioli - this i didnt quite like the taste. i cannot explain the taste (maybe it is an acquired taste)

the egg - this is the most suggested choice between the mushroom ravioli. i tasted a spoonfull from one of my friend's, i like the egg better.

duck breast - its thick cut almost mimic a steak, requested to go medium, the duck meat is tender, not fatty nor oily. if only this has a bigger cut i'd really enjoy the main course.

creme brulee - classic french custard, not a big fan of sweets but it was not so sweet (if you dont eat the burnt sugar crust).

i really had a hard time appreciating french cusine. maybe it is an acquired taste or you have to train your tastebuds further more to appreciate the flavors of earthy herbs.

it was a good experience 9786

the set meal is priced at Php 1,490.00 per person. kinda steep price for the portion of food. but it was worth the try.

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