360 Fitness Club

2/F ESNA Bldg., 30 Timog Ave., Timog, Quezon City, Metro Manila

360 Fitness Club
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Reopens: 11:00a - 6:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Marqui S.
4.0 Stars

I took an annual membership here after the free trial.

✔What i like/d
- i like that the whole circuit has various exercises you can do and finish base on your mobility level but it is not easy especially for a big girl like me. If you already feel lazy and tired you still have this feeling you gotta finish the circuit. Konti nalang eh db? So thats a plus bec. Of the system.

-all you need is 30 mins. And youve lost yourself about 300-500 calories depending on how much movement you do and complete.

- i also liked that they had classes on the side. For days you feel like dancing or probably a lighter alternative.

- i like their shower/locker room with a private dressing area and mirror.

- i also like their location for my own reasons and the parking isnt too hard at night.

-they have free water about 3 water dispensers so you just need to bring your water bottle.

- you can freeze your membership for emergencies per month or half month for a 300php fee for out of the country trips or like me i had to undergo surgery and they waived the fee for me. I really appreciated that.

❌What i later on figured out that i didn't like about 360 timog qc

Later on i have been having doubts about my gym, and that"s not a good thing because ive paid for 1 yrs worth of membership. But i try to not think about it too much and just make the most out if it.

- i was unfortunate enough to go thru an operation this year due to gallstones. So i freezed my membership. I wanted to start working out again when i was able. But here i feel limited because most of the exercises are really straneous and theres no machine alternative to just keep you lightly moving. So ive been feeling a bit of internal back side pains when i work out the circuit, i hope its just temporary.

- i like zumba and dance classes ive tried a lot others before this gym and i think their dance instructor needs to shufflle steps and songs a bit. but this depends entirely on a person some may like her style but i was just hoping for a routine that actually makes you feel like shouting woo! Or clapping at the end? Probably something easier to follow, moves that will really make you shake it because youre able to follow hence make the most our of your 1 hr workout.

- they only have 1 toilet to use for the ladies and probably one for men. Not sure. And the toilet is not on a tiled floor, wooden platform with vinyl i think? and it is really tiny it feels so uncomfy especially if you have to bring your gym bag with you. Its hard to squat. And this is along the hallway feels like no privacy what if you really need to do a #2? I cant imagine the stress the smell will not be contained.

Suggestion: you have 4 showers maybe convert one of those into a toilet. Ive never seen those fully occupied anyway.

- about the workout, when i do the circuit there are a couple of times when im already on a station and someone is still using it. These are one of the advanced people who no longer follow the circuit. And i have to stop and wait and it totally stops my momentum.

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Monica S.
5.0 Stars

-Friendly instructors unlike in Golds.
-Nice sounds (EDM)
-not crowded

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Em D.
5.0 Stars

I'm the first one to redeem the 360 Fitness (Timog branch) looloo special, woohoo! 127881

So far, my WOWOL sessions here have been going great. I called to set a trial workout last week. After the session, I said "ang dali naman non nakakainis".. Well I couldn't get up from my bed the day after LOL. 128534 I love how you don't rely on gym equipment when you're there. All you really have to do is work, b*tch (ala Britney Spears). Chos.

But seriously, I was a member of this well-known gym for over 2 years and while it was great that I lost weight and discovered the importance of staying (or at least trying to stay) fit, I wasn't enjoying the activities I was doing. I'd be on the treadmill for 40 minutes and cheat my way through the next 2 hours. It was expensive, it was time consuming, and it was becoming impractical. With 360 Fitness, I get a whole body workout in 30 minutes (3 rounds of 10-minute circuits with 20 stations). And I'm proud to say that it's all on me. 128170

We also tried out their suspension training class a few days ago... And died. It was my first time and all I could do was laugh and copy whatever the guy beside me was doing. That was some intense core workout.. They also offer body balance, Zumba, kettle bell and many other classes. They're tied up with Polecats Manila so they also offer pole dancing classes for both MEN and women. 128527 The coaches here are nice, too! Coach Mark and coach Pam have been my go-to coaches when I'm in need of a refresher. BTW we "met" the famous coach Chappy AKA part owner of 360. We were doing some exercises incorrectly and he told us to change it up so we'd have an easier time doing it. 128514 It was funny because if it weren't for Sofia J who really did her research on 360 Fitness, I never would've known it was him. #MedyoNaStarstruckSiAte

It's great that I managed to convince one of my best friends to also get a one month membership. That way, we push each other to make the most out of what we paid for. WOWOL WOWOL din, habang sembreak pa! 128514

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Jr F.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Angelica A.
5.0 Stars

I work out almost everyday and I love it. Sure, I haven't always been a fitness hugger. I didn't grow up skinny and have always had a struggle with my weight but with 360, not only have I become fitter but it has also shown me a new appreciation for my body as well. I've been working on losing weight (which has been a slow torturous battle btw) but training has kept me from being impatient by showing me how strong i'm getting. Most importantly, I feel really at home with 360. Almost all the coaches have become friends of mine and i've also met members that became close friends of mine.

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Ces V.
5.0 Stars

Professional coaches, clean facilities and challenging workouts!

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Becca R.
5.0 Stars

Tried pole dancing today and i loved it!!! Paid 200 (rate for members) and it was totally worth it. Downside is my inner thighs hurt so bad and are starting to bruise. Huhu.

So far, the only classes that i haven't tried yet are the dancing ones. Must build the courage to attend at least once!

I'm so addicted to going to 360, i'm there at least 5 times a week. I loved the suspension training classes and the kettlebell classes as well. I love how they push you not to be thin, but to be fit! Also, last time i checked with the scale, i'm 100 pounds of muscle! 128170128170128170

Just call the branch for a free trial! You won't regret it :)

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