360 Fitness Plus

3/F Active Fun Bldg., 9th Ave. cor. 28th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

360 Fitness Plus
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Most Recent Reviews

Jason C.
5.0 Stars

I'm not the type to sign up for gym memberships but I absolutely love the concept behind 360.

If you're after healthy weight loss and getting strong the RIGHT WAY, this is your gym. The circuit training torches fat and having so many options per exercise keeps boredom away. Hardcore and advanced challenges are available for more experienced weekend warriors; just ask the coaches.

Highly recommending 360 as your gym of choice. No weird machines, no gimmicks, just pure mental, physical, and health transformation.

I've been into fitness for four years, but the past half year with 360 didn't just help me maintain my weight, it made me the strongest I've ever been.

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Trisha S.
3.0 Stars

Can I just say, "I DIEEEEEED"?!?!

I've been wanting to try circuit training and now I'm questioning myself. Why did I want to go through that kind of torture again?!?!

Actually, it wasn't all that bad. The idea of getting a full workout for only 30 minutes was the main driver of why I wanted to try it in the first place. And I can really attest to that claim since my whole body was sore the next day (even until now actually). But, I'm really not the active gym type. I'm more of a run-when-I-feel-like-it and yoga type. Soooo, I personally didn't like it, but I would recommend it to all my active friends who's looking for a quick workout.

Dear 360 fitness, don't worry. It's not you, it's me. HAHAHA

Might give it another try.. Next year. Haha cause I wanna try their classes. They have Zumba, power yoga, pole dance, body jam, etc.

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Lesley Ardelle V.
4.0 Stars

“Commit to be fit!” 128170

That has been my mantra for the past 2 years. It's kind of shocking, actually, because before that, I was a sedentary woman who:

1⃣ Has no sporty bone in her body (I consider “bowling” as my sport. Hah!)

2⃣ Loves sweets, chips, fried food…basically anything fatty

3⃣ Has a snacking syndrome

4⃣ Drinks less than 8 cups of water a day

5⃣ Hates vegetables

Yeah. Very healthy, no?

So, anyway, I started “trying” to live a healthy lifestyle 2 years ago when I noticed that my usually fast metabolism was slowing down (Water retention! NOOOOO!!!!). I started going to Pilates class regularly, discovered a (hidden) love for running, bought vouchers for every imaginable trial class (Yoga, circuit training and CrossFit) in order to find what exercise routine best fits me, and I tried JuJuCleanse (3 days!) and survived the Green Monster – errr, I mean, Green Bomb. 128567

I settled on circuit training at 360 Fitness Club, and yoga at Urban Ashram. 128525 I was originally a member of the 360 Makati branch, but I recently moved into their new (and premiere!) club at the Fort: 360 Fitness Plus! I’ve been here for a month now, and so far, so good.

I was so psyched when I first found out that 360 was opening a branch in BGC! It meant that I wouldn’t have to drive all the way from Fort to Makati…I would be able to walk to my gym! 128077 Of course, it also meant that I had to say good bye to my trainer, Coach Mapi. Sniff. 128546 But it’s ok. May mga bago na syang pinahihirapan ngayon. Hahaha!

The new branch is RIGHT NEXT TO Urban Ashram!!! I thought it was so cool at first (I could pop in for a few rounds of circuit after yoga practice), but after a while, I felt a bit like a traitor to Manong Guard of Urban Ashram whenever I would turn right to 360 instead of straight to his door. Nakaabang kasi sya lagi, so when I’m at the end of the hallway palang, pagbubuksan na nya ako ng pinto. Heehee. Sorry, manong.9996

So ANYWAY, on to the review of this joint:

▶️ The area is really small. Even smaller than the Makati branch (which I heard is their biggest branch). I wonder why it's smaller, if it's supposed to be the premiere branch. 128532 I was expecting a sauna and a juice bar. Haha!

▶️ There are no locker rooms. I guess they were constrained by the small leasable area, so they sacrificed the male and female locker rooms. Instead, they have 4 private shower rooms. The building has a common toilet (with 1 shower) per floor, so you can change your clothes, or pee there, if you need to. All of the lockers are located at the edge of the circuit area. Much better security, I guess, since everyone can see it.

▶️ There’s a nutritionist! During my first time there, I was scheduled for a free consultation with their nutritionist. Our session took more than 30 minutes, I think, as we discussed my eating habits. She measured my body fat and she gave me a few tips on how to reach my fitness goals. 128522

▶️ The circuit area is updated with new equipment and new exercises! The layout is much better too, with a training module situated in the middle of the floor (see picture). The one in Makati can get a bit crowded because the stations are distributed around the edge of the circuit area; the one here in BGC is much more organized, with the people moving in a star formation around and into the circuit area.

▶️ Small Personal Training area. 128532 Most of the 360 members I know like to work out on their own, so a nice, spacious, & well-equipped PT area is essential. I did not sign up for any PT sessions (for now), but I’d imagine that I would like a nice space for my kettlebell swinging, my planking, piking, and my huffing and puffing, if I did.

▶️ The coaches are really active and visible on the floor. Their Senior Coach, Dexter, used to be a coach at 360 Makati! 128077 I guess he’s doing a good job of it, because all of the coaches are busy, as opposed to just sitting/standing around. Very friendly and approachable, and they will help you out if they see that you have the wrong form, or if you’re not using the equipment the right way. Haha! I often see the Head Coach, Chappy Callanta, there. Celebrity coach! Ang tangkad pala nya. 128563

▶️ They have a Body Combat class! I haven't tried it yet (I will, tonight!), but I know it's gonna be fun! A venue to release my aggression / stress! Hayaaaah! 128581

▶️ They’re closed on Sundays. 128078 I wanted to squeeze in a workout yesterday, but walking up to the Active Fun building, I noticed that the fluorescent lights of 360 were off. Huhu. 128557 Apparently, only the Timog branch is open on Sundays. 128532

I’m still trying to get used to the vibe here at the Fort branch. I spent a year in Makati, so even if I don’t really socialize there (I’m shy. Haha), seeing familiar faces is a source of comfort. Hopefully, I adjust soon, and make new friends in the process. 128522

This is my new home (for exercise), so I would have to learn to love it. For now, though, it's only a "like" for me...I'm still not used to the "no locker rooms" thing. 128532 But exercise-wise (which is the point of a gym, right?), it's A-ok! 128077

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Dan Angelo S.
5.0 Stars

On my way to fitness. lol

We'll I hope so. 360 Fitness club is different to the usual gym. And for me, this one's better and more fun.

Within just 30mins I already felt tired and accomplished for the day, and I feel that my whole body has been utilized already. Compare to the normal gym where I get bored in a threadmill, and its only my legs who has been working all the time. :)))

Good thing this one's near the office so It's also much easier for me. I hope this will really be a regular habit for me already. lol

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Jennie V.
5.0 Stars

Fort friends!! 360 Fitness Plus is now open in Active Fun! 128515 I'm a bit jealous since this is far from my office, but I made sure to give them a visit on their opening day.

The newest branch is a premium version of their existing branches. Members will have access to nutrition services & support, also priority programming. They always get first dibs on new programs to be offered! Plus nicer equipment! I wanted to take home a kettlebell but my bag was full 128521

Like the other branches, they also offer circuit training (they're the first one to offer circuit training in the country!) and different group exercise classes like suspension training, kettlebell, body combat, body jam and zumba.

It's really fun and never boring unlike the traditional gyms. The coaches are very helpful and motivating (some of my favorite coaches were assigned to this branch). You will really feel their concern in helping you to improve and reach your goals which I never felt in bigger gyms before. Of course it's always still up to you to challenge yourself to do better 128521128077

Others may find this too easy, or too intense. This may or may not be your cup of tea, but it's worth a try.. A free trial! Just give them a call to schedule 128521

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