456 Restaurant

Session Rd., Baguio, Benguet

456 Restaurant
4.0 Stars

5 Reviewers

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Jonathan R.
5.0 Stars

It was a rainy afternoon in Baguio. A perfect weather to have something warm/hot. I went to Session Rd and looked for this 456 restaurant which is famous for their lomi.

The restaurant looks old and the interior is outdated. It doesn't really matter because the servers were very accommodating and friendly. Plus, their lomi is "pak na pak" according to my friend who recommend it to me. This is indeed the lomi to beat!

The best lomi!!!! 128536

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Rommel U.
4.0 Stars

The best Lomi in town. Very affordable pa. I will surely come back! 128077128077128077

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Raisa Z.
3.0 Stars

My dad keeps on insisting that we should visit 456 resto for hot lomi, before we go back to the hotel.

Summary: And so there you have it. Empty soup bowls by me and my dad. The reason why he really wants to eat here cause I think it brings back some of his good ol' memories (he went here 20 years ago) with his officemates, when he wasn't married to my mom yet.

Oooh time flies... Anyway, the lomi was okay. Big serving and affordable prices! Don't expect a fancy restaurant (see my attached photo)

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Eunice S.
4.0 Stars

Another one from the 15 Amazing Eats in Baguio list. Here's the Lomi from 456 Restaurant.

First, do not set your expectations up. This place is not a fancy restaurant. When you enter, there's a bakery just like your neighborhood panaderya right in front. Then, there are lots and lots of tables for the 'canteen-like' restaurant. When you reach towards the end of the restaurant, it seems like a dingy bar with a bunch of old men drinking beer, Gold Eagle Beer to be specific. 128540

We ordered for a large bowl of Lomi for 7 of us to share. Look at how humongous the serving was! The funny part is it only costs around P300! Super great value for money, not to mention it also tasted good. Perfect for that chilly Baguio weather at 11pm.
My sis in law ordered congee but please, ditch this. It was very bland like hospital food. Eeeep.

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Isa S.
5.0 Stars

This yummy lomi made a warm welcome when mi brother and I arrived in Baguio last June, around 6am. Tis stuffed, cheap [less than 100php, good for sharing], and sooooo yummy! 128154
The old resto is open round the clock! Am pretty sure you can have this lomi even at wee hours. :]

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