59-C Paseo de Roxas St., Makati, Metro Manila

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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

Enjoying an evening #chow #cowork experience for an upcoming collaboration12852210084️128077🏻127864 featuring my side of the plate at 59C with their delightful all-day, all-night breakfast selection....soft, sesame buns with crispy-chunky bacon goodness, creamy cheese and egg, alongside their refreshing house-blend special iced tea12852210084️128077🏻 yumminess for the creatives, indeed! 12852210084️128077🏻

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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

Last weekend was all about getting a special invite.... A sneak peek at the latest happenings at 59c Paseo featuring Feliz Dish & Details ....Simple yet Stylish....Light & Healthy... and all about Quality.

Impeccably Chic, Party Styling Details meet Culinary Delights done in Epicurean taste make a perfect pair in celebrating life's most precious moments 128522128077🏻10084️ From the brainchild duo of @steadystine & @patingjpc that brought you the gastronomic wonders of #paseo59c back to back with the heartfelt creative endeavors of #shimmerprints, comes their newest baby...Feliz Dish & Details 127864127881128522

Lite & Right, that's how I would describe their new dishes.... Party favorites with a truly healthy twist kids & adults will surely enjoy

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, Sliders, Corn Dogs, Pimiento Pinwheels, Pancake Flap Jacks, Chicken Ala King.... Even the desserts blew me away.... like the Surprising Calamansi Tart, scrumptious Mango Trifles.....up to the refreshing fruit drinks like Pink Lemonade 128522128077🏻10084 to name a few... Hehehehe128522

Whether it be a big event or organizing your own intimate gatherings, this is one splendid collaboration you would surely want to have in your party checklist! 128522128077🏻10084️ Because it's all about the Details... And that, Quality is in the Simple 10084


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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

One fine weeknight, Ateng took me to another gastronomic adventure tucked into the CBD district's more quiet side....

It was in this modest, suburban mansion turned into a modern-vintage industrial style coworkspace... which promoted a shared working environment yet respecting each others' independent activity :) ....in a laid-back, stylized residential ambiance :)

Typically it is attractive to freelance design creatives, ( ahem ahem ) work-at-home professionals, independent contractors, or people who travel frequently ending up working in relative isolation.

Aside from the concept of coworkspace, 59c along Paseo further lays down its cards of offering a day to night unique dining experience, hence the taglines COWORK, CHOW, COCKTAILS, COFFEE......Work with Us, Dine with Us! Hey hey hey it's open till 1am! :)

Experiencing the modern chinese cuisine was just spot on....I have yet to come back for its line of desserts and other delectable foodies ;D

We had Hearty Kansi, Bacolod Style Originals! Yum ;)

Frynanese Chicken, a level up Crispy Hainanese made even more tastier by the trio sauce :) must try!

Guiltfree..... Bacon wrapped siomai hehehehe :) a perfect drink match :)

On Ateng's side prime cut australian steak with caramelized onions and side vegees ...this is also a winner128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻 :D

Their houseblend iced tea was refreshing! This unique thirst quencher with hints of __________ makes you wanna ask for more :) looking at the placemat reminded me of auditing and accounting good thing i didnt pass out hahaha

Again on Ateng's side......is Inedit, a Witbier Style Brewed Beer from Barcelona crafted by.....loved the citrusy yet light feel of this!

Browsing further at the menu, I also saw some packages ideal for business meetings, going solo at work quietly or even with a client.... Mind you, Ateng told me that the internet service offered within the deals ....are totally jet fast!

Sorry friends, again....I don't own the place, hehehe :) Just wanna share something for those who want a quiet place to work while having a superb dining experience ;) simply for the on the go lifestylers and also for those who are craving for a new find within the CBD ;) Thanks for introducing me to this dining treasure Ateng 10084️


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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

I love the ambiance and the food 128536. High five to the owners for creating a place where people can dine, work and have cocktails, beer or coffee after a day’s work.128080128077

Dennis O, me and Roland O ordered the following:

Chow Mien – my favorite; I love the subtle flavor of the black Bean sauce 128536

59C Asian Goreng Braised Beef – the peanut gives a different texture to the dish and it brought out the flavors of the egg, the beef, the crispy dilis and the fried egg

Frynanese Chicken – yes it is the usual Hainanese chicken slightly fried to achieve a slight crisp and golden hue; it is best paired with their Ginger Dip or Oyster Dip (btw, it is also served with Sweet Chili Dip)

Flat White – one of the best flat white for me; the steamed milk over a single shot of espresso is perfect (minus the latte art though) 128536128076

Btw, they also offer a co-working space. Please check their menu for their packages.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Yesterday we, Roland O and Elaine O, visited this fairly new place 59C. Its along paseo de roxas just before you reach jupiter street. It is beside Nikkos baking studio if your familiar.

59C is build to be a co-working space slash restobar. The place is lit well and got good amount of power outlet and fast wifi connection. I love the vibe its a mix of coffee shop and bar. While the design is a mix of arts, surfboard, bike and other table top books and candles. A great place to work to have your creative mind work.

The food here is more of asian cuisine. So ordering food here is like having a chinese take out in the office. 128114
For the food we got the following:
128205Bacon Wrapped siomai - big roll of deepfried siomai wrapped in bacon. Taste chinese dimsum quality siomai with the added spike of bacon. Nice for 90php/2pcs.

128205Chicken Chowmien - this one reminds me of my mom chowmien. Tasted great and served in a chinese to go box. Cool! Felt like in a american movie when they eat chinese to go food. 128518 The blackbean sauce was so good and fried egg/kropek gave it a crunch.

128205Asian Nasi Goreng Braised Beef - a must try. It was a mix of flavor from the dilis, braised beef, peanuts, fried rice and siomai. The mix of flavor and texture was perfect!

128205Frynaneese Chicken - Their fried version of hainanese chicken. Flavorful chicken with three different sauce. The Oyster sauce, ginger and sweet chilli. Another great choice.

Overall a great asian food to try out. They have great service and great place to hangout. Definitely will comeback to try their dessert next time.128522128076

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Roland O.
4.0 Stars

Located just beside Nikko's Baking Studio, 59c provides both indoor and outdoor homey feel dining experience. They also offer packages for co-working space.

We ordered the ff:
127837 Chow mien
127858Asian braised beef goreng
127831Hainanese chicken

Each dish has its distinctive taste and flavors.128077

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Susan M.
4.0 Stars

Just had good brewed coffee with our turon saging with tikoy, pulot & condensada! They are open for breakfast at 9 am and open for food, bar chow , drinks until 1:00 am! Will return sometime fot the food and drinks!

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