678 Korean BBQ

Seaside Blvd., Pasay, Metro Manila

678 Korean BBQ
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Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

Tried this Korean resto that I've passed several times. Located along SM by the bay.

We ordered one of their best seller, The Australian marbled beef set menu, come with 180 grams each of three kinds of beef. Rib eye, flap meat, and striploin. Good for sharing 2-3 persons. Php 1950.
Seafood soft tofu stew Php 410

The beef were thick, grilled to perfection, juicy snd tender, Dip into their "secret house sauce" It was yummy.

The side dishes include boiled baby potato in sweetish salty sauce, kimchi which was very crunchy and spicy, fried anchovies with sweet soucy sauce, oni on leeks with special sauce, lettuce, egg, corn with cheese.Refillable

Enjoyed a full tasty meal 128521128521128521128077128077128077

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Awesome, awesome Korean bbq place! I don't have much else to say since almost every Korean bbq place is pretty much the same with varying levels of service quality and i guess even the menu to a slight extent.

But what sets this place apart is they offer marinated beef fingers, or what refer to as skirt meat cut into finger-like strips. The sauce you dip their meat into is their "secret house blend" with a strip of onion, that they encourage you to mix wasabi into for maximum flavor! And guess what, it works!

Another thing i like is something that i've seen more commonly in Korea. The circular grill is surrounded by 3 compartments. On one they pour in a mix of beaten egg with cheese. On the other they place corn and grated mozzarella cheese. As you grill your food the compartments cook the surrounding ingredients. Galing! What you get is an awesome cooked omelette and a side of gooey cheesy corn! The last compartment's got a bed of shredded onions that caramelize from the heat as the meat gets grilled in the center. They act as a flavorful placeholder for the cooked meat that you set aside, so your meat gets even more flavor even while at rest. Galing!

Some background on this place follows below. And btw, part of its overall charm, well atleast for me, is the personality behind it and why its called 678 in the first place. Very Korean! 128522

육칠팔 pronounced /yuk-chil-pal/, means 678 in Korean.

Owned by Korean comedian 강호동 (Kang Ho Dong) of the SBS variety show 스타킹 Star King fame, bringing his classic 양념 소갈비살 (marinated beef fingers) and secret house sauce w/ wasabi from his branches worldwide such as Seoul and Australia to Manila.

Why 678?

“678” is an oriental mathematical principle. 21 added by 6, 7and 8 means is a perfect number.
So ‘678’ means “Achieving the Great Work by Winning through Everything Wisely.”

6: Symbol of a lucky omen, meaning “Everything goes well”
7: Mysterious and holy number, meaning “Majority”
8: Number meaning “Very Much” or “Bringing Wealth and Honor”

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Marie Pauline C.
4.0 Stars

I'm giving this a 4 since it's the best korean bbq I've tried here in PH so far. The lettuce with vinaigrette is even enough to make me crave for more!! 128540
As for the meat, Beef brisket will always be my choice. Reviewing about it makes me crave for it. 128557

Note though that they weren't really able to copy the taste of the main branch back in Seoul BUT I'll still choose them to satisfy my craving for korean bbq. 128077🏼

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Shelly R.
2.0 Stars

We had lunch here today since we're craving for korean food. Food is nothing great. There are far more better Korean restos than 678.

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Chrisalyn T.
4.0 Stars

I wasn't really supposed to eat here, but we were 55th on the waiting list at another restaurant beside it. So we decided to try this place out instead. It did look like it serves authentic korean cuisine, so was hoping food to taste really good.

Once you get in, tables are all set up with a griller in the middle. So i was really looking forward to grilling some meat.

What we ordered were MARINATED BEEF SHORT RIBS and i think the other one was MARINATED FINGER MEAT. The marinated beef short ribs had a slight sweet taste to it, tender and juicy. As for the marinated finger meat, it's slightly sweeter than the other one and it tastes a little more like our typical BBQ. You could dip it in the typical soybean paste or their sauce with a little bit of wasabi. On the grill pan, they also cook your egg there and your corn with cheese. It takes a little bit longer for the egg and corn to cook, but the egg was worth the wait. it was good.

As for their appetizers, you'll get the typical kimchi, pickled raddish and so on. But you'll rarely get a lettuce salad with sweetened vinaigrette and a bowl full of chives salad. both are really good and it's really good with the grilled meats.

We also ordered a big bowl of ramen called Tteokbokki with loads of vegetables, sticky rice roll, fish cake, egg and tofu. the soup is really spicy though and sweet. It's good, but i don't prefer having to eat a bowl of sweet soup though.

Overall, not bad. It just isn't something i'd crave for on a daily basis.

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Cecille B.
5.0 Stars

My favorite korean bbq resto so far! Kinda expensive but totally worthy.

The servers cook your food that all you have to do is enjoy eating. I love their thinly sliced beef so it's my default order. The refillable side dishes are oh so yummy esp the lettuce with vinaigrette, also their kimchi is the best i have ever tasted.

I went there countless times already and i always forgot to take pictures as i was overly excited to devour all my orders. 128516128069

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Alexander A.
2.0 Stars

( ̄ー ̄)After a very long walk because we wanna try Vikings at first buy they're closed, we decided to try this instead. BAD IDEA!

I eat KBBQ mainly because of the experience (well and unlimited sidedish). This is by far my worst kbbq experience ever.

No, you don't cook the KBBQ yourself. The servers will cook it for you because the manager dont want it to get too smokey in the restaurant. The sidedish choices are very few and terrible. Service is uber slow. Food is very expensive. Totally not worth it.

To be fair with our server though, he was very accomodating and nice. 128077

I was like "I wish we ate at Razon's instead (resto beside it)" lol. 128514 And yeah we ate dessert at Razon's because I was so disappointed and needed my silvanas! 128548128514

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Rose T.
5.0 Stars

I love the ambiance of the resto. yummy side dishes (refillable) especially the corn w/ melted cheese and steamed egg.

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