7107 Culture + Cuisine

G/F Treston International College, 32nd St. cor. C5 Rd., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

7107 Culture + Cuisine
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Most Recent Reviews

Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Calling all Filipino Food lovers out there! There's a new food hall in Bonifacio Global City that serves Filipino favorites with a twist!

7107 Culture + Cuisine, a collaboration of Treston International College and MASE Investments Inc., aims to promote cultural and heritage appreciation through food. Serving as a venue for real life learning, the students of Treston International College can take advantage of this facility to help them "prepare for global hospitality practice."

Housing four stations, 7107 Culture + Cuisine will take you through a gastronomic feast that will leave you wanting for more.

Kanto Cuisine offers glorious Filipino Street Food with a twist. From appetizers to sandwiches, their servings are good for sharing!

Dampa Dining will satisfy your seafood cravings. It also offers SUMMER dishes in the form of refreshing salads!

Talyasi offers Filipino Fusion Cuisine. A Filipino word that means "huge metal pot" that's usually used to cook well loved traditional Filipino food for big gatherings, Talyasi has Adobo, La Paz Batchoy, Kare-Kare, Bulalo and Champorado among others in it's menu.

Himagas is their dessert station. Popular Filipino desserts like Halo-Halo and Maja Blanca grace the list of Himagas. It's amazing how they injected creativity into these common sweets!

There's also another station showcasing homegrown retails brands - Sari Sari Depot! Here you'll find healthy chips, dips, jams, chocolates and even wooden products. Buy some before heading home and discover that local brands have so much to offer!

We checked out this place on a weekday, around 2PM and the place was almost empty. You don't have to go to each station to order. Their menu is actually a compilation of the dishes from all four stops. We checked it out and got the following ---

>Red Rice Champorado for 275Php

Served in a jar with a side serving of caramelized crispy dulong, they mixed red rice with malagkit and used tablea. This was topped with some milk and dried fruits.To be honest, it wasn't as good as I thought. It needs to be more chocolaty, IMO, and maybe they should also include a side serving of milk. I also wished that the Champorado was a little more sweeter and the crispy dulong salty than sweet to achieve that addicting contrast. Anyhow, I liked the addition of dried fruits. The husband who's not a sweet tooth liked this but confessed that indeed, it needs more chocolate.

> Bulalo V2.0 for 375Php

Served in a deconstructed way, meat and veggies together with the soup served separately in a tin can type of mug, this dish is definitely for sharing!
A good portion of beef shank with flavorful and tender meat, the bone also had some gorgeous portion of bone marrow! The veggies were done right, nothing overcooked. The broth was amazing! Flavorful, salty, warm - you can even ask for more, free of charge!

> Molten Pastillas Lava Cake for 185Php

For dessert, we opted to get the Molten Pastillas Lava Cake. Served with two small scoops of Vanilla ice cream in a separate glass, the chocolate cake was dressed with cocoa powder, powdered sugar and plated with some chocolate drizzle.

The cake was chocolatey, warm and moist but the pastillas sauce inside was too runny and the serving was too little. Not even enough to create a "lava" as you slice the chocolate cake. If it was thicker and richer and if they added a bit more, then this dessert will live up to it's name.

Anyhow, enjoy a spoonful of the cake with the ice cream and you're all good. When I was almost halfway done with this, I took some of the thick chocolate drizzle and was surprised that it actually had a spicy kick! Nel, our server, explained that the chocolate drizzle has siling labuyo! Genius! I asked for more of this to be drizzled to the cake and IT WAS DIVINE!!! Forget the pastillas, get some more of the spicy chocolate drizzle!

For our beverage, we tried the Minty Lemonade in a Carafe. They were not kidding when they said minty! The lemonade had lots of minced mint leaves giving it a really refreshing finish.

Can't complain about their customer service. Nel, our guy, was very accommodating and attentive! He refilled our water glasses proactively and even refilled our glasses with lemonade! He had this "I'm not so sure about your request" look but he still bargained with their kitchen to give me my extra crispy dulong and chocolate sauce. We totally enjoyed our visit! Their people are well trained!

Can't wait to go back!

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I have been planning to visit 7107 Culture + Cuisine ever since I read some articles about this hip place. Restaurants that offer Filipino favorites with a twist (such as Locavore and Kartilya) never fail to get my attention. The only thing that keeps me from visiting this place is its odd and inconvenient location. It is inside Treston International College along University Parkway, Fort Bonifacio. But after reading yet another article and drooling over its mouthwatering menu, I had to brave the heat and visit this place ASAP.

Hello, 7107 Culture + Cuisine.

I was greeted by nice colorful interiors in contrast with warm wood wall accents, grey oak tables and metal chairs. The overall look of the place is very chic.

I wasn't really hungry and just wanted to try an appetizer, one rice bowl and dessert. (Yep, I wasn't hungry that time.) I was planning to get Bulalo V2.0 rice bowl but they removed it from the rice bowl category. I was not surprised though as they priced it at PHP149 which seemed very cheap for a deconstructed bulalo dish. I then eyed Spinach and Goat Cheese Lumpia (PHP215) but figured it might be better to be ordered when I'm with someone to share it with. I was worried that reheating it will affect the crunchiness of the lumpia wrapper. So I ended up with Malunggay Pestocino (PHP275) and Maja Blanca Panna Cotta (PHP115) for dessert. I skipped appetizer as I didn't want to ruin my appetite for dinner.

Service was quick but a bit messed up as first served was my dessert.

The maja blanca panna cotta, topped with corn and pinipig, was served on a tin cup on a wooden board. The consistency of the panna cotta was lovely. It was soft yet firm. The texture was silky and it was also creamy because of the carabao milk used. The corn and pinipig were the elements that would remind you of maja blanca. I also love these as it added crunch to the light dessert. It wasn't too sweet too making it a great option for the grandparents. Serving size seemed to be a bit small but fair for its price.

My pasta was served around 10 minutes after and it looked pretty good. It was packed with pesto and topped with generous serving of chicken tocino. It was not love at first bite though as my first forkful was a bland mouthful of oily green pasta. To enjoy this dish, make sure that you get enough chicken tocino for a slight contrast of that herby taste from the pesto and sweet flavor of the meat.

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience despite a few boo boos. The servers were nice though not as attentive as they could be given that I was the only customer then. The place was also a bit warm in the afternoon so best to dine here at night.

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