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Aaron Yoo Hair Salon
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Gianne C.
5.0 Stars

For a long time, I've been thinking of getting my hair digi-permed but I just couldn't decide where and when to do so.

Some of the reasons that hinder me to give it a try include reading articles that detail the bad effects after getting your hair digi-permed -- dry, frizzy, or the worst is that it will only last for a few days which means that what you'll pay for (to look like Barbie/a Koreana/Maria Mercedes 128131) will only last for a very limited time.

Well, it's actually not about looking like someone else but of course it better be worth it, right? 128513

So much my reasoning lah 128517! Okay, so moving on..

It just so happened that I was browsing through an online deal site and saw this promo, where I get to choose between milk rebond/Korean digi-perm + perks*. Of course I've chosen the latter since I had already tried hair rebonding a few years back; the exact date was 2/20/2011 (glad I still remember 128161). Kinda silly because I purchased the deal even if I'm not sure if it will look good on me. "Just try it," I told myself. 128582

The exact date when I had my hair digi-permed was 9/28/2013. Before anything else, I went through scalp diagnosis (checks the scalp's condition then they'll recommend treatment/s if needed) done by a hair expert using a tool which can see through your scalp very, very, very clearly. As in, very up close. Luckily, I was informed that mine was healthy and digi-perm will work well on my hair type.

Now I'll try as much as possible to remember the steps of the entire procedure:
1) *Haircut -- trim only
2) Washed hair -- initial
3) Applied 1st solution into hair then rolled sectioned hair into multiple sized 16 & 22 rods
4) Connected the rods into the machine, then heated for 8 mins.
5) Checked if solution has taken effect (In my case, they've extended it for 5 more mins.)
6) Applied 2nd solution (neutralizer) then let it stand for 10 mins.
7) Washed hair -- final
8) Blow dried hair then applied hair products for curly hair

Afterwards, they also gave me tips on how to properly care my now-curly hair 128522. Yet the most important thing to remember is not to wash your hair for at least 2 days after getting a digi-perm.. else, the curls won't last very long.

Overall, it was a great experience!

Now I worry less about styling my hair everyday because it's already curly and I just like how it looks as is. I just make sure to apply hair lotion/argan oil/mousse (alternately) after I towel dry my hair.

Curiosity turned into reality. Now you can call me Gianne Co-lot.. Lol 128540

P.S. The picture shows how my hair looks exactly after 57 days!

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