Abaca Cafe & Coffeehouse

Robinsons Cybergate Cebu, Don Mariano Cui St., Cebu City, Cebu

Abaca Cafe & Coffeehouse
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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

After eating in Larsian, I asked my friend if we can stroll around first before going home as I was really full from our bbq party. While walking, we passed by Abaca baking company, but it was already closed. The staffs were already sweeping inside. I was excited pa man din as I saw one post here that their milk custard is really good! I told myself I cannot miss this chance. Haha I asked my friend to wait for me as I will knock and ask if we can still buy. She told me not to as it was really nakakahiya. She told me "wag na, balik ka nalang bago tayo umuwi, nagwawalis na oh and closed na friend, closed na. Kala ko ba busog ka na?" As if I did not heard her, I still went. Hahaha. Good thing ate staff was nice, and she let us in. I asked her if i can still buy milk custard but unfortunately it is not available in this branch. Why oh why.. palabas na ako ng door really sad when she offered their cakes which were already discounted, from php180 to php100. Hoorayyyyy!!!! We bought two cakes which were really delicious specially the triple chocolate. It was to die for! It's rich and creamy, not too sweet and really siksik. Actually, we had it for 3 days. Hahahha and it's still yummy. Lol I even attempted to buy another cake from them before going from to Manila but time did not permit. If only i knew that our flight will be delayed. Hahaha

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

I love Abaca Group of Companies na talaga! 128571128571128571 After I ate in Luncheonette, I was told by the waiter to visit the coffeehouse for pastries, and so I did. From 9:00 PM until closing, they have pastries on SALE!!! Most of their pastries are around Php 85 to Php 100 but during the sale, you can buy them for only PHP 25 each!!! OMG!!! 128571128571128571 So in a heartbeat, I bought 4 assorted pastries to go! What a steal at Php 100!!!

First was the Corned Beef Bun. I thought it was just gonna be normal, but boy was I wrong. The bun was huge and the corned beef they used (or was it made?) was absolutely divine! Big chunks of tender beef pieces with potatoes and the ratio of filling to bread was absolutely spot on. Wasn't able to take a photo though. 128569

The Cream Cheese Danish was to die for! 128571 the pastry was light and crunchy and not too sweet. And I love cream cheese on anything so it was perfect.

The Whoopie Pie was delicious! The generous amount of Marshmallow fluff was great and the chocolate cookies were delicious.

The Chocolate Danish was my least favorite but yummy nonetheless. 128571 They use dark chocolate for the topping which was awesome.

Can't wait to come back for more! 128571128571128571

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Denise Katrina D.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Gino J.
5.0 Stars

This has got to be the coffeehouse who will serve you a coffee with no drama at all. Located right at the heart of the city and i just could not imagine how busy they were during Sinulog being on the prime spot. The place has this industrial interiors with artistic flare. Its a great place to showcase paintings and art masterpieces from local artists. The paintings and art pieces were also for sale just ask for the prices. Its the most simple menu of coffee ive seen and thats the great part. They dont even have a frap but they got iced one. I love their brews mainly because you can really taste the coffee and not the sugar that other coffee shops had served. This place lets you appreciate more the true taste of coffee. Its a great place to calm you down from the hustle and bustle of the city. The cafe also served a selection of breakfast platter. They also have their famous breads and pastries but in limited selection compared to Abaca in Banilad. If going to Abaca Bakery at Crossroads ,Banilad is a bit too far from you, this would be your option since it's nearer from southern Cebu dwellers. I had their cheesecake and guess what? Its the most decadent I ever had. Prices for their coffee was just right and not overly priced. On a last thought, I asked myself how come they did not open way back when i was still working on a nearby hospital (huhuhuhuhu). I could have a great caffeine fix from a special brew and not from an instant one hahahaha.

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