Adobo Connection

G/F Wynsum Corporate Plaza, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila

Adobo Connection
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Most Recent Reviews

Rose C.
1.0 Stars

Its the worsts!
They were 30mins late, it took them 1 hour to deliver ( their store is few meters away from our bldg.)
Worse thing is that their delivery boy wasnt able to enter our bldg cause he doesnt have an ID to present at the lobby!
Ohhh myyy!
So, we had to pick up our food downstairs...
Worsts thing is the items are not complete. Half of the items were not delivered soo we had to wait for another 30mins for our food.
And the worsts???
I ordered adobo flakes it was dry its like eating fried corned beef.ohhh myyy!

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Dan P.
3.0 Stars

Always tried their chicken so this reviewer chose Adobo Flakes (P99), Shanghai Rolls (P39) and Iced Tea (P20). Prices obviously were affordable, seats were comfy and music jumpy. Shanghai Rolls were almost good for 2 which was heavy already. If only the adobo flakes were more bountiful but the "kanin all you can" definitely makes up for it. Servers were pleasant and attentive with the rice refills. Nothing extraordinary but heavy for peeps with a tight budget.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Joy Vee A.
3.0 Stars

Decided to hangout here cuz hindi masyadong maingay and maraming tao that night. First time to hangout with my former dormates after 2 years na hindi nagkita kita.

nagkaron lang mg confusion sa promo nila ng drinks but it was settled naman after. hindi lang masyado naka detailed sa ad nila yung time and amount ng promo. hehe!

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Michz B.
3.0 Stars

an adobo fastfood near my workplace.

was tired of the usual chicken fast food so i went down the basement of wynsum bldg and checked this out.

ordered the traditional chicken adobo and kare kareng gulay with soup and drink with a total of 164 pesos. not bad for a home taste pinoy food. unlimited rice is served, with all the complete condiments. nothing special with taste of adobo.

place was ok, service crew were attentive enough to offer more rice, and there are 2 lcd tvs so its not boring to eat alone :|

will surely eat here again some time.

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Vinia V.
3.0 Stars

Searching for an ATM machine around the area, my bf, officemates and I discovered this place slightly hidden from view down the street. If you're walking down Emerald st. towards Julia Vargas there's a possibility that you'd miss it since it's sign is put up facing that direction. Then you'd have to go down a confined flight of stairs to get to the basement where the resto really is.

The place itself is not cramped but the part where we sat was a bit warm since the door to their kitchen faced directly at our table. We could feel the steam from the food everytime the servers came out. Their AC was working, but it was weak. It took a while before we felt the place cool down.

The food was good, but not overly good. I mean would come back for some real adobofied food but its not something to rave about. I was a bit confused with their menu, too. I ordered the Chicken Adobo sa Gata meal and they served me this128070. I was like, "Where's the gata?". 128516 I guess they meant the gising gising to be the 'gata' part? I was kind of expecting it to be a ginataang chicken meal but now that I think about it, adobo IS their staple and I don't know how they could really put adobong manok in ginataan so I guess the misconception is quite understandable. Right? 128528 Ok, I think I'm ranting already. 128514

Anyway, I think their adobo is around the same level as fastfood or foodcourt standards. The gising gising lacked taste and I wished it was spicier.

All in all its just ok. I'd come back on a regular office day for adobo that's easy on the pocket. I personally don't know any other fastfood chain that can serve adobo meals for a little over than P100 so this joint, IMO, is good enough for budget adobo meals. 128522128077

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