Adobo Connection

G/F Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave., Ortigas Center, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Adobo Connection
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Most Recent Reviews

Jonathan R.
3.0 Stars

|Chick 'en Pork Garlic Adobo
|Unli Rice

Just your typical adobo -- the taste is just okay.


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AlwaysHungryPh P.
2.0 Stars

Am a fan of Filipino food and Adobo is part of a long list of Filipino favorites. So my expectations were higher.

They served all forms and types and opted for create your own. So Adobo 1 was Chicken Spicy. It was too sweet and too sour at the same time. I was lost what I was having. Adobo 2 was Beef with Gata. Far from its gata flavor, it was also way sour. I felt like eating adobo that wasn’t freshly made.

The only so so dish I had was Vegetable Kare Kare. It had ample serving for Php 49. I would have rated higher if it didn’t have a watery feel on its peanut sauce.

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Nievs G.
3.0 Stars

Had a quick bite at Adobo Connection inside Robinson's Galleria. Ordered the "Kanin All U Can" meal, budget (₱99 option): barbecue chicken adobo with Shanghai rolls and Chichadobo. I had mineral water of my own.

Sobrang asim ang adobo nila. It had some sweetness but the sourness surely dominated it. Walang balance of flavors -- not a bit of saltiness, and garlicky and peppery hint. Mas masarap pa rin ung adobong luto ng nanay ko. 128513

The Shanghai rolls almost had a texture of a wet carton paper. Walang ka-crunch-crunch.. My teeth really had to tear a piece of it. Hahaha 128513

The only thing good here was the Chichadobo. 128522

Service was pretty fast considering that there were a lot of people dining in such a small, narrow space.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Cristina C.
3.0 Stars

Hmmm... Weird... I see a lot of bad comments about this branch. It's weird since What I ate is nice. I ordered the combo meal fried adobo with gising gising yesterday for 79 pesos. It was my first time to try Adobo Connection. The rice is soooo full of aroma. I can still remember the smell. It's like rice with Gata. It's my first time to eat gising gising as well because to me Baguio beans and Gata doesn't sound like a good combination but I liked it! A lot! It's spicy hot yet refreshing because of the Baguio beans and the creaminess of Gata... yum! The chicken is tender. Over all it's delicious. Will try other menu next time. Oh! To people who who wants unli rice they also have it from menus ranging from 99-150 pesos I think.

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Jacque B.
2.0 Stars

It's lunch time... Got hard time to look for a seat in any resto and fastfood chains in Galleria, I saw this Adobo Connection has several seats available so, I decided to try their best seller "Kuya's Fried Pork Adobo" and "Adobo Rice".
My food was delivered fast but oh no, the adobo rice is anemic and the shredded adobo toppings is so dry and dark. Kuya's Fried Pork Adobo is a worst one; pork is so dark, no vinegar taste too, meat is not tender even though it looks over cooked, and it contains almost 1/5 cup of oil.; so much that you want to wash your pork in water just to remove the oil.

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Theresa L.
2.0 Stars

ADOBO SPAGHETTI!! Yuhhh! You read it right! 128561128561128561

My friend wanted to try something new then she noticed the signage of Adobo Connection's Adobo Spaghetti. Imagine, 2 Filipino favorites! Spaghetti + Adobo = BOOM! 128586128162

I warned my friend that based on my experience, it's not really good. But she insisted. Look at the picture, the noodles were not drained properly, you can see lots of waters on it. And the adobo flakes on top were so dry and tasteless as well. She can't barely taste the adobo flavor! 128534

Oh well, experience is the best teacher! 128514 She told me that she should have listen to me! mwahah! 128520

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