Agas-Agas Bridge

Sogod, Southern Leyte

Agas-Agas Bridge
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Krishna M.
5.0 Stars

Known as the highest bridge in the Philippines the Agas-Agas Bridge. This pic was taken in an abandoned zip line station in Agas-Agas wherein as you can see it passes along the bridge crossing the green pastures. I don't know what's the reason why the zipline and cable car station is already abandoned but rumor has it that they say it's either it was being bankrupt or they failed to passed the security measures.

The bridge has been build for a new way to Tacloban City, the original road was already closed since there is a waterfalls alongside the road and the water flow always reaches the road that made it softer and easily damaged. The road was also prone to landslide.

We passed along the bridge, and it has viewing site in the middle. Couldn't take a better pic of the view down the bridge because my legs quivered as how high we were, the trees below looks small. But my main concern about the bridge is the barrier which only has a length up until my waist (yes! not longer enough) which could be prone to accidents, and if you were carelessly looking at the view without caution you might fall. I do hope DPWH would renovate it for safety purposes.

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