Aguinid Falls

Tangbo, Samboan, Cebu

Aguinid Falls
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Sandy V.
5.0 Stars

10084️ amazing experience

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Liezzy M.
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love the different levels, very challenging.

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Nikki C.
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I am no adventurer, nor a mountain hiker. I am someone who prefers to hike or walk in a flat plain or road. But for a random reason, I decided to be adventurous 128513 and i am happy that i went for it. 128077🏻128077🏻

From my whale shark adventure in Oslob early this year, we took the trip to Samboan (South of Cebu) and tried hiking the new adventure trail-falls, that go by the name of Aguinid Falls. I even told myself that time that maybe, just maybe the trek would be similar to the trekking I did back in Beijing and the falls would only be small and I could do it. 128517 We were all first timers and we had no idea what to expect. I was not alone experiencing the apprehension but since we were a big group (20++ pax), I decided to go for it 128513

Aguinid Falls is located in the city of Samboan, south of Cebu. This majestic and untouched five-tiered waterfall is an adventure I can say that I will be happy to do again 128517 To reach the biggest waterfall, you need to cross each level - starting from the easiest to the most tricky part (level two).

The first 30 minutes to an hour walk until you reach Level 0. The water is about knee-length deep and is very cold. At Level 1, you can take a deep in the cold water which is about neck or waist deep.

Now for the challenging parts: To reach Level 3 onwards, you need to climb over Level 2 waterfall, on a 90 degree angle, climb the top against the flow of the gushing 128166 waters 128549128549 ..omg! Ang anxiety level ko biglang ng shoot up 128576128576 #dntknwwat2do aakyat ba o magpapaiwan?? Eh lahat cla (we were 22 in the group) aakyat, alangan namang maiwan ako?! 128517 so what the heck, umakyat galore nalang ako. Lol! 4 kuyas were supporting me, the guides and our other 2 kuyas 128517 It was scary but I'm glad i did it! #canyoneeringnanext

By the time you reach the top, you can see Level 3 waterfall by now. It has a small cave with a curtain like waterfall. 128522 the next part is you need to walk on the side of the waterfall and climb up to reach the 4th Level. Good thing we had two guides supporting and helping all of us. At Level 4, there, one can do a small jump and swim around the small pool on the bottom. 128166128522 Just a few more walk, is the final level. The biggest of the five waterfalls. It was worth the climb! 128517 Since there is only one way in and out, it only means na dadaanan mo lahat ng challenges pabalik! Imagine how will you go down the 90 degree angle waterfall from Level 3 to Level 2 #nalaglagpusokoagain 128576128576128517128514

It was worth the climb 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻 coming from a non-adventurous person 128517

128205How to get here:
From Cebu South Terminal Buses (N. Bacalso Ave., downtown Cebu) - ride buses going to Barili Town or those with signages Cebu-Samboan. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Brgy. Tangbo.
Fare: 175php (estimate) Regular bus
Travel time: 3-4hours

You can also go there by private cars.

Entrance Fee: 10php (however they have a different rate for foreigners)

| Bring a underwater cam (goPro, xiaomi etc)
| Best not to bring anything valuable if you do not have a waterproof bags or anything that you don't want to get wet
| Since a lot of climbing and walking will happen, it would be best na free yung hands mo to do climbing or holding onto vines, etc #parahindihassle
| Slippers or aqua shoes is okay
| I would advise to get a private van so you could also plan the trip to nearby towns. We did an Oslob (swimming with the whale sharks)-Samboan (Aguinid Falls)-Moalboal (overnight camping/island hopping/sardine run/swimming with the turtles) route. 128521128076🏻


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Dada M.
4.0 Stars

AGUINID FALLS, indeed worth climbing for! hahaha #priceless

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Crystal Marie C.
5.0 Stars

That picture I'm using as my profile pic. Yes, that's from Aguinid falls. And as you can see that look upon my face, it means I do really have a good time chasing waterfalls at Aguinid. This place is absolutely for adventurers who is in for some trekking, climbing, crawling, and even jumping. Their are four levels to conquer to reach the highest point. 1st level is so-so for trekking, 2nd level needs climbing, it's steep so you really need to focus and be extra careful on this one. From their you will find some mini waterfalls in which I had the chance to capture this fantastic view. In 3rd level, you have the option to jump in one of the waterfalls which is about 5-7 feet I guess. I never think twice, I closed my eyes and jumped with excitement. And from their, a little trek will lead you to the main attraction, their biggest waterfalls. I mean it's not really as high and huge as Kawasan or Tumalog but it's worth the trek and climb, the adventure I was looking for. A must-try for those who loves fun under the sun. If you're going to Kawasan, you might stop over for this one. You will love it, promise! 128515

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