Ah Tee

2/F Makansutra, SM Megamall, EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Ah Tee
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Most Recent Reviews

Angel U.
4.0 Stars

I always wanted to try this place because i'm just so miss Singapore Food, but never have a chance because to go SM Megamall, I really really need to make sure have something on around there too, else, i will need to think thrice hahaha, why? Coz I can't handle the traffic 128518 at Megamall area.

So it's lunch time & heading to Megamall after doing something at surrounding there, and directly heading to Makansutra,

So excited to see so many stall selling the food that i miss, feels like to order all hahah but well tummy have capacity, so decided to order,

127859 Oyster Omelette or Oh Luak (chinese name) &
🍽 Black Carrot Cake with ikan bilis 128031
127860 Roti Prata (plain) with curry (on another review)
127848 Black Gluttionous Rice (Bubur Pulut Hitam) w/ ice cream (on another review)

Waiting for about 10mins, here comes the food,

The portion very generous (it's good thing, because the price is not that cheap too compared to price at Singapore)
🔸it is for sharing can satisfy 2-3 pax

128077🏻The taste, is good, the chewy & the freshness of Oyster, really blend well with the egg (omelette)

🔸 the carrot cake, not so sweet, i think they could improve on the size of the carrot cake because it's kinda big for each cake hence the flavor of egg and soy sauce not infuse into it. However the flavor overall is good.
- it's white carrot , thats why the color is white hahaha~

So yeah portion can be for 3-4 people.

So if you have time, go try singapore local cuisine at makansutra,

i will be back to try other food

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Ian P.
4.0 Stars

Ordered the oyster omelette and the black radish cake. The oyster omelette was fresh and delicious. I prefer it more than the one I had in Taipei.
I like as well the radish carrot cake it was freehand crunchy, the wife didn't like it. Oh well

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Jayson J.
2.0 Stars

What's inside Makansutra?

Ah tee. This is where Elaine O decided to buy one of our food last Monday. This restaurant offers only two dishes: the oyster omelette and the fried carrot cake.

128204 oyster omelette
One thing i like the most with this dish: its sauce. The sauce was a little spicy. The omelette was not "homogenous". The oyster tastes fine but really--I've tasted a lot of good oyster omelette say for example: sincerity chicken's....

Ticking off one of makansutra's food hall.

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