Ahi Hawaii

3 Maginhawa St., Maginhawa, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Ahi Hawaii
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Our first stop on our foodie trip last holiday was refreshing. It was timely that the owner was present and he made sure our experience was memorable. He accommodated us well and gave us an ample history of his restaurant and more.

Ahi Hawaii focuses on Poke Bowls. This fresh bowl is an influence of Japanese but born in the shores of Hawaii. Its basically your sushi placed in a bowl made more exciting.

Interiors does remind you of Hawaii. Inside they try to bring you to Hawaii with apt interiors, photos and surf boards. It’s homey and relaxing. When our group arrived we were also the only ones there.

We got all types. Kobe named after the Laker legend in its yellow and purple look has mainly Tuna and Tamago, Ahi has Salmon and Tuna. We also had Nani and Ika. Am not sure which one had Spam in them but that was delicious mix.

Kaomi was a favorite. It has Seared Tuna with an Asian-Carribean spice rub paired with crispy fried kangkong & mangoes, topped with parsley, drizzled with garlic mayo dressing, sesame oil and sriracha for an extra kick, on a bed of sushi rice.

Each bowl is less than Php 200 and it gives you and me a healthier pick on the go. They take time to make and surely worth the wait.

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Denise Hanna F.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Dondi V.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Kate S.
4.0 Stars

I don't exactly know what Poke Bowls are, how they can be called authentic or how they truly taste like cause I've never been to Hawaii. I've always been curious though, which led me to trying this place out.

Poke is actually a raw fish salad. While they sound amazing, they're actually appetizers. But of course, we Filipinos love getting full from rice paired with basically anything. So Poke Bowls are Poke topped on rice!

We tried both their Poke Bowls. The Ahi and Kobe Bowl. The Ahi Bowl is a combination of both salmon and tuna mixed with mango, melon, onions, cucumber, nori and their secret sauce. I preferred the Kobe bowl though, which was mostly tuna with tamago mixed with melon, onions, cucumber, nori the secret sauce and cheese. Serving was just enough but it wasn't the biggest. It was good for the price though (P150). The mixture of all the ingredients tickled my palette and were pretty satisfying. Especially the Kobe bowl which included cheese, because anything with cheese is basically the bomb!

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4.0 Stars

I was actually looking for a new restaurant to try with 2 of my friends that is not fancy nor in a mall, for a different kind of venue. I relied on google maps to look for restaurants around Maginhawa St. in Quezon City, since it's the nearest place I can think of where we can meet. I found Ahi Hawaii, which the name right away got my attention, then I did a little research and found out Poke bowls are on their menu! For me, they look like deconstructed sushi! Yey!

When we got there, I was expecting it was just a small takeout counter, but they were already starting to expand the area. They just opened about three weeks ago. They have a room next to the counter that has around 4 tables that can sit 4 people. By the way, you'll see a surf board by the counter, wooden stools, hanging signboards and hear Hawaiian (ukulele) music which will easily transport your vibe from the city to a tropical beach!

I'd say they have a healthy menu since their desserts consists of fruit ice pops and they don't serve beers and liquors. The service was quick and staff are very accommodating.

Ahi Poke Bowl - Me and my friend ordered the same. Raw salmon and tuna with cabbage, nori sheet, melon, mango, cucumber, special sauce and rice. I had it mildly spicy for a little kick! It was fresh, tasty and filling. The special sauce is a little creamy, cabbage has the right crisp and the fruits for me are cold, which is good and refreshing! Maybe they can add a little more of the tuna and salmon and it's perfect!

Sinigang Fries - Potato fries with sinigang flavored powder. It's really crispy and flavorful. Not the typical sour cream taste. My other friend enjoyed this one since she didn't know what to order that time, and she doesn't like raw fish.

Servings are good for one, and I mostly consider them as appetizers or pica-pica. So don't come there with a voracious appetite.

One of the co-owners said they'll be having movie nights too. Their idea of the place is to have a community and not just a place to "eat-and-run." Since we expected it was just a take home counter, we had other plans prepared that night. We'll definitely be back to try other things on their menu. I'm now drooling over their pineapple malasadas (doughnut) and Spam musubi (Spam and rice wrapped in Nori).


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