Ahl's Cakes

Lopez Ave., Batong Malaki, Los Baños, Laguna

Ahl's Cakes
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Rachelle L.
4.0 Stars

love their blueberry cheesecake. also their must try include better than sex and death chocolate. although I prefer death by chocolate. i like the sweetness level of their cakes as it is not too sweet but you can still taste the richness. they have tables at the store if you prefer to have your dessert there but I think the space is a bit gloomy so you're better off taking home your sweets.

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Ruth G.
4.0 Stars

Not all the cakes and other baked goods they sell are good. For me its just the Better Than Sex, BTS, as they call it here and the Death By Chocolate. Have not yet tried the other cakes though. But overall the taste of these two chocolates I've mentioned can make up for the other baked goods they have.

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Olyn D.
5.0 Stars

It's the best!

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Donna K.
4.0 Stars

Better Than Sex.

That's one of the names of their cakes. 128539 It might not be as good as the name implies but it's way better than Mernel's. (Sorry but I think Mernel's is overrated.)

The cake itself is moist and drowned in a semi-sweet caramel fudge, topped off with a light whip. All those elements together gives you this slab of heavenly goodness.

They're known for their odd cake names like 'Death by Chocolate', the 'Quintessential Fudge Bar' and of course their best seller: Better Than Sex.

This is more of a 'to-go' place and not really a cozy place to hangout it but the cakes are definitely worth the trip.

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Jairus d.
2.0 Stars

I've been wanting to try Ahl's chocolate cake after hearing that this might be better than Mernel's. A hole in the wall place, it's near Los Banos hospital and right across Los Banos centro mall (where is the 15th letter of our Filipino alphabet when we need it?128574Darn it, enyeee!!!).

I found Ahl's after my second attempt this Sunday but it was already closed since I arrived at roughly 11pm 128543. Yesterday, I braved the usual traffic snarl of LB's intersection to finally put an end to my sweet craving. Sadly, my weeks of longing were in vain after my first bite. Why? Because this cake is a bit dry & tough! Nag-crack talaga ung plastic fork when I tried to pierce it and the fork went half-through lang. Extra effort ang peg kada tusok! Maybe because it was chilled? Charot!128514

Chocolate naman ung lasa nya but something is missing. I think it has the intention of being moist but it never got there. The icing is caramel & chocolate mix flavored which I like but I've tried a very similar cake & the taste quality is a far cry from Ahl's. And that delish cake will be revealed on my "next picture" review. 128518

128176Money Needed - P40

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