Ahmad Brothers Cafe

Legarda Rd. cor. Del Pilar St., Baguio, Benguet

Ahmad Brothers Cafe
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Middle Eastern
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Reopens: 10:00a - 10:00p


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Rocky R.
3.0 Stars

The signs that Asian flavors are trending in the Philippines have been visible in the recent years, and it has become undeniable here in Baguio City as several Asian-inspired restaurants have surged in this city.

The new flavor hitting the Baguio food scene is spicier and more complex, driven by Thai, Singaporean, and especially Middle Eastern cuisine.

For example, Ahmad Brothers Café, which I will speak of on this review. They have been here for quite some time, hidden within the halls of Abanao Square, until recently, where they have moved to a more commercial place where restaurants run rampant--Legarda Road. I have been told about this place from my Mulsim brethren many years ago, but I always have my reservations going to Abanao Square. From I was told, they serve (the) best beef curry in Baguio. So when I arrived, I ordered a bowl of beef curry (₱300) and beef kabobs (4 pieces, ₱350). They were right! Who else would know more about Middle Eastern food than our brothers and sisters from there???

When I received my bowl of beef curry, I saw that the part that was used were ribs; with the ligaments and long bones. I was skeptical at first, because rib meat is tough and would take a long time for it to tenderize. I took my fork and put it to the "fork-tender" test. One word to sum it up; BUTTER! Not only the meat was tender, but the ligaments too was tender. Never had the need to chew for days on end to shred it. The curry itself was freshly made. You're able to taste every spice, from the cumin to the turmeric. It was spicy, yet refreshing at the end.

Now, the beef kabobs I ordered didn't live to my expectations, because I based my experience from Kebab Konner (previously reviewed), which serves the best kabobs in Baguio. What I received was dry. Yes, it had its full flavor that of a authentic kabob, but that "umph" I'm looking for wasn't there, because it lacked moisture.

Though ambiance and service lacked, my friends weren't lying when they said that Ahmad Brothers Café serves the best beef curry. It's full, complex flavors made my Middle Eastern curry experience grand.

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