Air Summit Gourmet

Tayabas-Lucban Rd., Tayabas, Quezon

Air Summit Gourmet
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Reopens: 11:00a - 9:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Anne N.
3.0 Stars

The place is almost 3hrs. away from manila (depends upon the traffic situation) ,the place is very relaxing, the food is quite expensive but if you are a food adventurer you would not mind the price. 128522128521

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Zai M.
4.0 Stars

Air Summit Gourmet is Tayabas, Quezon’s unique airplane restaurant. The plane doesn’t fly though.1285139992️ The restaurant had just opened last February and was attracting many visitors since then. We went here last Holy Week (Black Saturday). I called first to ask if they were open and I am not surprised to know that they are since there are many people going to Kamay ni Hesus that may stop by and visit the resto. They did not take reservations through phone so we had to have ourselves listed there when we arrived. Beside the plane is a reservation lounge which one of the guards called the guards called the “immigration office.” If I remember it right, we were number 60 on the list and they were currently serving group number 30 that time. We waited outside the plane for more almost 1 and a half hour. Some people on the list just took pictures outside and left due to the long waiting time. We were close to giving up on waiting but then we thought that we drove all the way to Quezon to try it so we have no choice but to be patient. 128556128514

As we stepped inside the airplane, we were greeted by the staff (stewardess). The place is fancy with a mini bar on the right side. There are 2 columns of tables and a center aisle. Each table is for 4 persons only so we had to split our group of 6 into 2.

Their menu includes soup, salad, appetizers, pasta, main course that are classified as Economy and Business Class. Economy class main course (single serving) has a price ranging from Php 280 to 320. Business class main course which includes fish and steaks cost Php 500 – Php 900. They also have set meals which cost more. Hehe 128517 Food is kinda pricey.

It was Holy Week so they had a Lenten special menu but were unavailable since they were sold out already. Here’s what I ordered:

127839Fried Potato Wedges & Chili Longganisa (Php 200) – deep fried wedges served with longganisang Lucban (yum!) and a special sauce with strawberry flavor. Kinda weird right? But the sauce tasted sooo good!! I loved it!! It is a single serving but can be shared by 2 not-so-hungry people

127835Pork Belly with Kare-Kare Sauce (Php 300) – this is one of the “Economy Class” main course. It is still kinda pricey for economy class since it serves 1. It comes with rice and bagoong on the side. It looks so good, the presentation was so nice and it tasted fine. The kare-kare sauce topped with nuts did not disappoint.

Overall, eating in an airplane restaurant was a nice and unique experience. Food was good but is pricey for me. The service was fine. I understand that we had to wait that long since there were many people in Quezon province that time and the airplane cannot accommodate a lot inside. Ambiance was good! I recommend this place to anyone who will be visiting Quezon Province 128512 (you may check my blog for more photos 128512128247)

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Edwin S.
5.0 Stars

A new experience of dining wherein You get the eat ur meal on a plane, fully air-conditioned european ambience.. You get to enjoy their filipino dishes with a twist love their pork belly in kare-kare sauce... Also tried their Rib eye steak which is good had mine in medium rare... Yummm !!! We invite you to a unique gastronomic adventure on board Quezon’s first airplane themed restaurant. Come and dine at AIR SUMMIT GOURMET here in Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Hotel and Resort, Tayabas, Quezon.

For inquiries please call - 0917-852-3028

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