Alab Restaurant

67 Sct. Rallos St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Alab Restaurant
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Most Recent Reviews

Wiljohn M.
4.0 Stars

Take two at Alab Restaurant.

They have a different recipe for the adobo which uses vinegar instead of soy sauce. The achuete gives it the brown color. The meat was tender with a perfect sweet sour blend. They also added some liver and sili to spice it up a bit.

The okoy was also good. Whole shrimps mixed with kamote strips and onion deep fried to a crisp.

I expect a third round sometime soon.

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Len C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

#alabit. I really love how filipino this restaurant is. The menu, the quotes on the wall, i could recommend this to all filipino dish loving reviewers/customers out there. I had tasted a lot if filipino food and so far only this, mesa, manam, and recipe made to the cut. But surprised to see that i was not so much packed on a Sunday lunch service.

The restaurant got two floors which could accommodate around 90 -100 pax. It got a private room at the first floor and smoking areas on the second floor. This place maybe also recommended for titas of manila for a good chikahan.

128204 ensaladang filipino @120
Well, ensalada maybe a spanish food, sabi nga para sa feeling makabayan, and this one is okay-- blanched okra and sigarilyas makes the crunchy texture part of the dish. The ginamos dip makes you want o eat more of it. The best part for me is the salted egg (it's just one of my favorites)

128204128525 pancit canton @290
This is one pansit canton that's extra especial. He noodles were delightful. It's not soggy nor cloying--unlike a chinese birthday canton which is also starchy. The sauce in this dish is just smooth all right. It has lechon kawali that is quite sour in taste .. Hmm.

128204128525 poqui poqui @220
Eggplants, tomatoes, sausage sautéed in eggs, the veggies were not so overcooked in fact the tomatoes were still wedge shaped and not lousy. What's cool is it's topped with cheese then baked till golden--imagine that salty taste!

128204 okoy @120
Was it 4 or 5 pcs per serving?--really not bad. Shrimp and veggie mixture in a starch batter fried golden brown crispiness. I thought there was a complimentary soup to go with the order but it was actually the super good garlic-vinegar condiment that makes the okoy really good!

128204 palabok negra @280
Meh... Ingenious on the squid ink but tge taste is more bland than an original palabok-- really, dont forget to squeeze in the calamansi lest it be tasteless.

128204128525 adobong pula @290
"Not all adobo got soy sauce"-- "hindi lahat ng adobo ay may toyo" --very memorable line cause this dish uses vinegar called annatto for its soy substitute. Perfect sourness. I could say the dish was cooked on low heat cause it was tender.

128204128525 pianggang @290
#alabit. Tausug dish. Dont ever forget to get this one okay? Grilled chicken with special Tausug paste (ground herbs and burnt coconut) served with blanched veggies and green mangoes to play with textures.

128204128525 ice cream --original alab goodies!!
9728️ mangga @100
It's a safe choice, tastes like iced candy but really rich and creamy!
9728️ queso de bola @140
Are you cheesy? Not me (not too much lol) then choose this. Drown in cheesiness and creaminess with keso de bola bits
9728128525 kamote Q @100
Mmm!! Tastes so good a bit "frothy" --tastes sweet starch and very creamy as well. Easy to melt though. With candied harnibal (burnt sugar) fir texture and sweetness-- it's like eating turon!
9728128525 laing @100
Are you adventurous? I am. I thought i was to taste coconut milk but then it's fresh with ginger taste! Soothing and a bit herby. The least creamy IMO but still yummy.

There. All in all this is one innovative filipino restaurant. (Though the set we ordered is possesses more of the sour notes) One of a kind. I will not hesitate to go back here to try other dishes. Too bad the other ice cream flavors were out if stock (like the lanka at luya and barakong pastillas)


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3.0 Stars

Celebrated Mother's Day here. The place was super full. Other families were waiting to be seated, good thing that the vacated table was good for six so we were seated first.

It was our first time here. By the looks of it, people rave about this restaurant so we were kinda excited. Prices of the food are expensive. We ordered several dishes because almost all their menu are only good for one. They do not offer family platters too. And just so you know, the pictures in the menu were really not like the actual serving.

KINILAW NA ISDA - the taste of ginger was strong although in fairness it did not overpower the kinilaw taste. The spiciness of the kinilaw lingers in your tastebuds for a little while but non-spicy food lovers like me can bear with the taste nonetheless. The serving was too small by the way.

PINAKBET WITH HITO NUGGETS - this was really good. Though now I just realized that I did not remember that it had hito nuggets in it. Maybe that kinda added to the flavor. Super malasa.

MOLO SOUP - simply made. Soup with 2 pieces of molo. Taste was okay.

PIANGGANG - this is their bestseller. Grilled chicken cooked in coconut milk. Though I'm really not much a fan of coconut milk, I am otherwise a big fan of chicken. This I can say is my favorite among their menu. They topped it with burnt coconut.

PRITSON NA CRISPY PATA - Mama's favorite is lechon but this was not her idea of the lechon. They experimented with the usual lechon with more spices. The spices were really strong in taste so it kinda surprised me because it was not what I was expecting. Maybe I like the classic lechon more. But hey, at least it was a new experience.

PENUNENG - dinuguan longganisa. We gave it a try because we all love dinuguan. In fairness, it did not fail. Though this one's a bit dry and the dinuguan seems very much grinded. A bit bitter but was good in suka. Served with steamed okra and ensalada.

So far everything's just alright, everything was only good for one person but since we had several dishes, we had a taste of everything and we were all stuffed at the end. But the highlight of it all was the dessert. We were excited to try their famous ice creams! We ordered Queso de Bola, Langka Luya, Mangga and Laing! Unfortunately, the only ice cream left was the Laing flavor so we had no choice.

LAING ICE CREAM - oh my gosh! At first taste, it seems sweet and milky, just like your usual gelato. But after the ice cream melts, the laing flavor lingers in your tastebuds! Amaaaaaazeballs! You guys should try it!

Not that eager to go back there for food but I will definitely come back to take out other flavors of their ice cream! The servers say that their bestseller was Queso de Bola. Can't wait to try that one. Anyway, speaking of take outs, Mama bought Bibingka Cheesecake as take out. Oh my. This one is really to die for!!! Super panalo yung lasa!!! Totally recommending this to you guys! Go try! 128513

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

We ordered the usual, Pianggang, then we also tried the Adobong Pula (Chicken and Pork) and Tinumok. All dishes were good but the pork in the Adobo was a little tough.

For dessert, I wanted to have the bibingka cheesecake but it wasn't available. I asked for Pakwan ice cream, but it wasn't available too. I asked for Calamansi ice cream, still, nada. 128530 Ended up having Pichi Pichi with Quezo de Bola. Surprisingly, it was good. Buti na lang. 128513

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

I just can't get enough of their Pianggang! 128514

Tried also their molo soup. It did not have the original classic taste but it was okay.

I mentioned in my review of their other branch that they will have new items. They're now available and in a separate menu but I was told they only give that out when asked about the new dishes.

The Bibingka Cheesecake was good, as expected. I also liked their Pakwan ice cream. Though the watermelon taste was subtle, it was still good. And refreshing. 128077🏼

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Alexces Megan A.
5.0 Stars

The Pianggang was the best!!! It's very Filipino in every bite. Reminiscent of after "simbang gabi" moments with the family.

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Shai D.
4.0 Stars

Ginataang monggo is a must-try as well as their seafood gising gising. Inasal na manok can go well without their sauce. Enjoyed eating bibingka cheesecake. Lots of ice cream to choose from. Barako pastillas is okay. The rest I remember are mangga, durian and laing. Definitely going back to try other dishes.

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Dell C.
4.0 Stars

Alab is just across Rub ribs in Scout Rallos and I've been told that this is owned by actress Cherry Pie Pikachu and also heard that they are serving really good authentic Filipino food so we thought of giving it a shot.

We ordered their Beef Morcon which is a bit small in serving 4 slices to be exact but I don't mind that it is small since the taste is just sooo good. Talking about authenticity this is actually one, it reminded me of how out helper would cook it when I was young. Salty and kick of spiciness. The Pianggang is okay, same goes with poqui poqui both are a bit too salty for my taste. Ok I'm kidding. Not a bit but really really salty! I am on a no rice diet and I think this is a bad idea since I can taste all the saltiness of our dishes. The boneless crispy pata is also good. But I prefer Mesa's cp better. Their crispy pata is small and sad. They serve it with liverspread to make tasteful which is kinda unique.

All in all it is quite a good experience and would like to be back here to try their other unique dishes. I heard they also have good desserts, too bad we are too full to try one. Maybe next time. 128522

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Jenemae C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Emily O.
4.0 Stars

Their Pianggang is a must try. It was so good!! I liked their Kare Kare and the honey lechon. Skip the Penuneng, aka dinuguang longganisa. Tip: their for sharing rice is good for 2.

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Jenn N.
4.0 Stars

I was really curious when Wiljohn M reviewed Alab's Bibingka Cheesecake. I couldn't imagine how it would taste like, but I was excited nonetheless 128514

Being the true blue kaladkarins, April H came to Morato right away when I texted her! Julie J came after a short while too.

We initially wanted to have a light dinner, plus the cheesecake, and some coffee. But then Doc saw sisig on the menu and all our "light dinner" plans went away. 128514 We didn't really like the sisig though, as we still felt the pig's ear's cartilage. We prefer our sisigs crunchy!

I ordered their Pianggang, which has Tausug spices and coconut milk. I love anything with gata! 128525 Doc liked it even if she's not really a fan of gata. The spices and coconut milk really flavored up the chicken. I highly recommend this dish!

We also got Tatung's Fried Rice, which was actually good for 3-4 people. This rice is so good you can eat it by itself!

My brother joined us too and he ordered gising gising. It wasn't the typical gising gising because they used a medley of vegetables instead of the usual sigarilyas/kangkong/baguio beans. It was sort of like chopsuey with coconut milk. 128517

For desserts, we ordered their Pichi Pichi with Quezo de Bola, and their famous Bibingka Cheesecake 128070🏻
The pichi pichi was so off, the texture, the flavor.. It was sort of like an undercooked kakanin 128553

Their Bibingka Cheesecake was really good though! The tartiness of the cheesecake is balanced by the sweetness of the bibingka. 128525 2 of my favorites combined into one!

I just wish they would train their staff more with their coffee selection. Our server was kinda lost when we asked about the difference of their latte and their con leche one. 128517

Overall, it wasn't a bad experience. Would really come back for the pianggang, tatung fried rice, and the cheesecake!

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Eden A.
4.0 Stars

After waiting for years to get a seat in Rub, the family decided to go to Alab instead, which was right in front of it. The family appreciated the crispy pata and bibinga cheesecake. I stil love the Pianggang the most. :) Overall, definitely worth going back to for the food. Customer service in terms of welcoming the guests needs a little improvement. But I understand that it was almost closing time and most of them were tired by then. Nonetheless, we had a happy family dinner. :)

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April H.
3.0 Stars

Out with two of the clingy titas tonight Jenn N and Julie J! Salamat sa pagiging karen!128536 Dahil mas natutuloy ang biglaan kaysa sa one year na planong pumunta sa Bunny Baker!128514

Small clarification right off the bat: Chef Tatung is no longer affiliated with the restaurant. I have no clue if there were changes made afterwards... No chika if the split was amicable or not either...128522

Jenn and I got there pretty early and claimed one of the corner tables as our spot for the night... Jules and Shoti Jason eventually followed... Welcome to the fold shoti, not missing a beat when it comes to kakulitan!128522128077

I really thought I wasn't hungry but we ended up ordering quite a few dishes...128517 We eventually ordered their sisig, pianggang, kinilaw, and the Alab fried rice... Shoti ordered additional gising-gising but we were already on to the dessert that we didn't try it anymore...

I'm on the fence regarding the sisig... I thought it was good initially... But I have to agree with Jenn that the texture was so cartilaginous that it wasn't enjoyable after a while... I prefer the crunchy kind of sisig, so this isn't a dish that I would recommend at this restaurant...

I am going to rave about the pianggang... I'm glad I finally got that right. It's a Tausug specialty dish made of grilled chicken cooked in gata and a spice paste that acted sort of like gravy... The chicken was tender and the veggies served on the side complemented it perfectly... It was a like a hybrid with elements of ginataan, chicken sate, and adobo, but with a bit more spice... I love this dish, definitely unique and worth a try. 128077

I also liked the Alab fried rice, which had the distinct taste of lemongrass and ginger in every bite! Do not be fooled, btw... The menu said that it's good for 2 people but it's actually good for four! Well, at least 4 of us shared it and we all felt full after...

The kinilaw was okay for me. It was weird that it was served warm though. No lansa and the veggies were fresh, not bad... 128522

For dessert, we chose two of their bestsellers-- the New York Cubao (128514) Bibingka cheesecake and the pichi-pichi with quezo de bola... Jules and I had coffee too...

The pichi-pichi was weird right off the bat. It was green due to the pandan extract and topped with a sort of cream on top... Had they said it was mochi, I would have understood the dish more... But pichi-pichi is such a well-loved dish that you can only take it so far... This was on the verge of gelatinous, in terms of texture, that it felt like a bit of a letdown. I think we should have gone with the ice cream instead of this one...

And the cheesecake, you ask? #alabit!!!! Alab it a lot!!! A very smart fusion of the bibingka and the cheesecake! I liked the texture of the cheesecake, the salty kick from the salted egg and the QdB, and the graham crust-- great dessert for sure! Must try!

One more thing though-- I didn't like the coffee. I tried the ultra sweet Kape con leche... Jules had the latte... What's the diff, right? Coffee + milk naman pareho... Well, one thing is for sure, we both didn't like our respective orders. If you want coffee to end your meal, go elsewhere I think.

The place is pretty big; they even have a second floor... I liked the interiors, very modern Filipino... Much like their menu actually...

I didn't like that the servers didn't know the menu... When asked about the difference between their coffees, our server gave us a weird and long-winding explanation that we just basically tuned out. In the end, he asked around and then came back to try to explain it to us again... Too late, we already ordered the way too sweet coffee... It's too late to say sorry kuya... Plus, when we ordered initially, I felt like they were trying to rush us to make a decision. Oh well.

I have lukewarm feelings about this restaurant... There were hits and misses for me. Reinvention always has its drawbacks... But if you do decide to check it out, I do suggest you try the pianggang and the bibingka cheesecake!128522

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Dheybert P.
5.0 Stars

Pianggang is love :-)

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Wiljohn M.
4.0 Stars

#alabit is the tagline used by the restaurant. Serving pinoy cuisine with a twist, I see no reason why one will not love it here. The ambiance and the service is good. I particularly enjoyed the sisig with its smoky flavor and the crispy pata stuffed with tanglad ( with toyo and suka dip plus the pate' like paste) mmm yummy. Honorable mention were the pakbet with crispy hito in tomato sauce and the kare kare with its peanuty flavor. The adobong pula cooked in achuete oil and the pianggang ( chicken cooked in smoked coconut) are also worth a try. You can also sample the big crispy okoy which is really value for money because of its size and the generous amount of shrimps. The pansit canton with lechon kawali tasted average., Finish it off with the moist chocnut cake and the very delicious bibingka cheesecake.

  • No. of Comments: 9
Marianne P.
3.0 Stars

Had a reservation for my father's 57th birthday127881
They gave us a long table for 20pax.
128261bandehadong inihaw -squid,liempo,chicken
128261gising gising- mixed seafood in sweet&spicy gata
128261karekare- creamy peanut sauce
128261morcon-not so tennder beef
128261poqui-poqui expecting it to be cheesy.. Reality is the dish has more egg
128261okoy- favorite dish they served. Not oily very tasty
128261pakbet with crispy hito- good combination
128261bibingka cheesecake- overrated128533☹ umay to the max

Well i enjoyed the place because of our get together128521

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Athena S.
4.0 Stars

Alab fires up the hunger with their interesting take to usual filipino food...
Food 4/5 exciting take on the crispy pata pritson style but i still love it as binagoongan
Aligue rice was good u can actually see n taste the aligue
Penenang? Aka dinuguan na longganisa was kinda weird for me since i really wasnt a fan of dinuguan per se
Aligue shrimp was superb, the sugpo was fresh and of good proportion for its price
Cheesecake bibingka was excellent
Value for money 4/5 we paid around 500each
Service was 5/5, the waiters are super nice and attentive
Ambiance 4/5 well lit and not too loud
Definitely coming back! i failed to get a picture with tita jacq of otwol aka cherry pie picache the owner hehe

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Carie Y.
4.0 Stars

Unique filipino food. Ordered their pomelo't paco salad, kinilaw, gising gising (love the sauce), sinigang, poqui poqui ( makes me think of mousaka), crispy pata , and both aligue rice and che tatung rice. All of these have their unique taste, freshly cooked. Their menu indicated the rice as good for 2, so we ordered both to try as we are 5. Well it is big enough for 4! The kinilaw though tells a diff story, for the price i would have expected teice the amount of fish, but everything tasted great!

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Denise Q.
5.0 Stars

Where else to bring a balikbayan? To a Pinoy restaurant, of course! And this new one along T. Morato was just the right spot!

So, I spent some catch-up time with my previous colleagues and chatted away through quality Filipino food.

I must the dishes were too good that I couldn't decide which one to take a bite first.

The Honey Lechon was a bomb, crunchyyyy putok-batok! HAHA! 128518 The Poqui-poqui ala Alab was something unique - a combination of my classic favorites such as Vigan sausage, kesong puti, eggs and grilled eggplants. Tinumok was almost similar to laing, which easily acquired my taste. The Sinigang na Baka was a classic, as usual - a home dish favorite. Tatung's Fried Rice was okay as well. And last, Lemonada drink and desserts were refreshing - Laing and Quezo de Bola.

Overall, I have enjoyed the vibe, the company, especially the food of this place. A must visit, highly recommended too! 128076127860

Oh and I got a Tsokonut Lava Cake from my friends! Hee hee! 9786️ Very gooey chocolateyyy!

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