Alab Restaurant

G/F Venice Grand Canal Mall, Upper McKinley Rd., McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila

Alab Restaurant
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Most Recent Reviews

Erastus M.
4.0 Stars

We decided to eat here for brunch since it's probably the only filipino restaurant near us aside our worst experience at Kuya J.

Me & my girlfriend ordered their Inihaw na Liempo and Sisig.
Sisig was served last, its appetizer btw.
Liempo was really good specially if you dip it with the sauce they provided.

I like the store interior.
I liked the service 128077🏼

I find the menu weird, idk why. Maybe its because its something new to me & not really familiar with almost everything in it.

Anyway, it's a 4/5*

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Foodie F.
3.0 Stars

Penuneng by Alab: MEH

It was very hard for me to give a Meh for this one. Agonizing, really. I started my review of Alab with such great enthusiasm, with rah-rah and all, and suddenly, I find myself here, giving this gem of a restaurant a Meh for one of its more promising dishes. Sad, sad, sad.

Let me start with this. Imagine an ilocos longganisa, with its garlicky, savory, and greasy goodness. Then imagine a dinuguan, dark, rich and piquant. Put them together and you'll end up with a pinoy blood sausage. There goes your Penuneng. It's that simple, right?

There lies the disappointment. It didn't taste good as a longganisa, and obviously it can't be a dinuguan anymore because of its form. There was nothing wrong with how it was cooked. It was fried perfectly. It was dry and crumbly on the outside and moist and warm in the inside. It was just really the taste.

I was looking for the garlicky taste, perhaps, of the ilocos longganisa, which obviously it was not. the meaty taste is there, with the all the good fatty parts. I think it was the vinegar. you know the taste of vinegar on meat when it's not cooked enough? that's how it tasted. also, a little more salt and pepper wouldn't have hurt. and more seasoning. basta, there was something more i was expecting.

or maybe it's me which was the problem. i was expecting it to be something it wasn't. i feel really sad about this dish. i'd understand why some people wouldn't eat this (because it is blood and innards and meat) but the last thing I would expect is for its appeal to fail because of the taste. there was so much hope on this one. weaker dishes have received better treatment from me. hay. oh well.

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Foodie F.
5.0 Stars

Ginataang Monggo by Alab: YEY

I think I have my new favorite pinoy restaurant, not that i have one, but now i do. Alab had a modern Filipino vibe with familiar bits and pieces of our national memory sprinkled here and there, such as the giant jackstone hanging on the wall, the bugtong on the placemats and the contemporary use of wood in the interior design. The closest reference I can think of is Ka Tunying's but minus the bakery and cafe.

Now, to the monggo. This is the best tasting restaurant monggo I've had, bar none. I was told this was a Bicolano version, but my mom said there are also versions of this in some Visayas provinces.

This is less watery than the last one we had (as I mentioned in a separate post, i usually dine in a place twice before I do a review) but the taste was deliciously the same. There is some sorcery involved in this dish, i swear, on how they were able to cook the gata just right. The coconut milk tasted fresh almost sweet. However, it had that deep rich taste you get from gata that has simmered long, almost to the point of breaking out (the oil separating from the soup). It was short of magical. The monggo was soft and plenty while the flaked tinapa gave that salty, tasty and smoky flavor. You have the usual suspects which are the garlic, tomato and the onion for the aromatics while the ampalaya leaves finish everything with that mild bitter taste.

This is such a wonderful dish that we always get this everytime we are at Alab regardless of the other things we order.

Everything here is masarap. Heck, even their rice was masarap. In my book, the rice is just as important as any dish that comes with it. Alab's was puffy, fresh, and fragrant. I recommend this restaurant for people looking for authentic(-ish) Filipino food or for those who just want to have that warm feeling you get from home-cooked food.

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Patrick V.
5.0 Stars

This long overdue review has got me trying to remember how everything tasted, parang reminiscing a past love lang kaya kahit mahirap, susubukan ko. Charot!

I have been wanting to try Alab ever since I checked their menu online but since I rarely visit QC, I was happy that they finally opened a branch in McKinley! Yay!

I had a meeting at Science Hub that day so I asked my friend to have lunch with me. We ordered the following:

Grilled eggplants , tomato, vigan sausage, sauteed with eggs. Topped with kesong puti and baked until crust is golden brown

Grilled chicken cooked in coconut milk flavored with a special Tausug spice paste made from ground fresh aromatics and burnt coconut.

Monggo beans in a light coconut milk broth with smoked fish flakes and amplaya leaves.

I liked the monggo at first, pero naumay ako. The coconut milk was a little to sweet I guess. I was alternating between the three dishes that we ordered para hindi maumay. Narealize namin we kind of ordered too much. Haha!

My friend liked the Poqui Poqui, but I really liked the Pianggang! 10084️ It smelled good and it tasted amazing. Montik pa akong mapa-extra rice.

Sa sobrang pagkabusog, we were not able to order dessert. But I'll be back! 128522 Overall, I loved the food and the servers were very nice and attentive.

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Jen S.
5.0 Stars

After visiting Venice Piazza for the second time, I asked my mom to try Alab since I've always been curious about their ice creams.

They have different unusual ice cream flavors but I am really eager to taste their Laing ice cream. I am always curious on how it would taste like since I love ice cream and laing too. Unfortunately, they don't have it on small size (75 ml) last day which costs Php 100 and Php 270 for the large size. ☹️ But I tried their Kamote-Q and it is super yummy! Creamy and not too sweet. Parang mashed kamote-q but in ice cream form haha. There are other flavors too like Kalamansi, Laing, Quezo de bola, Langka luya, and Pakwan. Etc.

Aside from their ice cream, I love their Kare-kare too! Alab's kare-kare is now my favorite next to Barrio Fiesta's. 128153 It is creamy and full of nuts.

No pictures! I was really hungry to take photos 128069

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Cindz C.
4.0 Stars

This is the place that i want to spend my merienda time the pancit canton con lechon taste hood for the price of 298 good for 2 pax. Another good food is the okoy which cost 185++ and to cap it off the tsokolate batirol worth 90++ which includes crushed peanuts. Will try other fares in the future. Service is good as well. Good Job Alab more power.

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Jovin B.
2.0 Stars

My wife's family and I came during the dinner rush and was very pleased that they were able to sit the whole lot of us, we must have been a group of 12 at the time. We made our orders and the food came out at a reasonable time. The food is traditional Filipino food but unfortunately was not impressive all our orders seemed a bit dry or rushed. Granted it was dinner time so they had a lot of orders to fulfill. We ordered a few dishes and non of them really seemed to leave a good impression. The Kare-kare I must say came late and seemed like it used skippy peanut it the ingredients I wasn't too thrilled with it. The staff was very helpful and responsive though. Hopefully if I ever get a chance to come back it isn't during dinner rush.

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Faith M.
5.0 Stars

After some mandatory selfies, we decided to have lunch and try here.

Sinigang na Baka sa Bayabas - we loved this dish since the soup is reaaalllyy good! The sourness is just right, tender beef, and fresh veggies on it.

Inihaw na Liempo - This tastes like Inasal. Serving is small for 158 php. The pork isn't that tender and I regret to order this I paid more attention to Sinigang.

Pitcherb of Iced tea - Their Iced tea has a hint of beer. But you will not get drunk, of course 128514

Value for money - 1,000 php good for two. Not bad.

Staff are friendly and attentive. 128077🏻

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

It was that weekday that seemed like a weekend because people were all over the Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall. I, along with my cousins, headed there at around 1PM, assuming that the crowd's already gone but we were mistaken. The place was quite full.

It was my third time to dine here but my first here at this branch because I have tried Alab Restaurant only at U.P. Town Center in Katipunan. We ordered mostly snack dishes as it was an early merienda for us.

We ordered the following: Penuneng, Okoy, Bam-I Cebuana, New York Cubao Bibingka Cheesecake, Warm Tsoknut Cake and some Hot Tea.

Penuneng was your unusual longganisa given the dinuguan taste in it. It's actually one item from the menu that will make you curious. With its black color, it may not look that appealing at first but it's really yummy most especially when you dip it in vinegar.

The Okoy's servings were really huge and overwhelming. Its main ingredients were sweet potato and shrimp and it was so good! We enjoyed it and yes, it's best eaten as soon as it's served to be able to taste its flavor while it's still crispy and crunchy.

The Bam-I Cebuana was a good order if you're a big group given the sumptuous serving there was. The noodles were cooked well and the vegetables in it tasted so fresh and well-cooked. I loved it when I drizzled loads of calamansi on it!

The main stars during our visit were the desserts! Oh my! They were so good!

The New York Cubao Bibingka Cheesecake really deserved to be the bestseller from the menu. The legit bibingka on top and cheesecake at the bottom was really a good combination. The texture of the bibingka was really soft and chewy. I liked that there was itlog na maalat on it. The cheesecake at the bottom tasted really good most especially when it's hot. Yes, everything was perfect!

The Warm Tsoknut Cake was really comforting to eat. The legit chocolate made the cake so addicting and it's actually a good item to finish the fulfilling meal.

We'll definitely be back to try some more from their menu, that's for sure!

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Jaevonne P.
4.0 Stars

Alab is among the newly opened restaurants snaking the famed venice grand canal at Mckinley Hill's Piazza. From the outside, it brags this devilish grandeur that seems to take its inspiration from a flame - a feisty tone of red accentuated with wooden furnitures and some throwback details customed to fit the modern age.

Their menu is an interesting stretch of traditional filipino cuisines dragged to a whole new spectrum of class and elegance. It's a notable touch of making our home favorites more current to appeal not just on a personal, but on a commercial scale.

I love their Puso ng Saging which is a mix of minced banana heart, onions and tomatoes over the controlled sweetness of coconut cream dressing. Topped with crispy dilis and comes a perfectly balanced appetizer! Sinful as it may sound, Pritson (I'm guessing it's short for prito and litson) na Crispy Pata is also a must try. Imagine the likes of a pork leg made tastier by lemongrass, leeks and spices with a skin fried to crisp perfection. Those on diet, beware! Pinalutong na Tilapia is also an interesting twist to the usual fried tilapia. Their Sinigang na Baka, though, is kind of lame. I thought It lacked salt and there is nothing really memorable about it.

Wrapping up our experience, we tried their laing ice cream. It takes a while to get used of the taste but eventually, I thought it's somehow a local version of matcha. Expectedly, it is not as good as the commercial flavors we've grown to but for a clever attempt to create a frozen dessert out of laing, it actually worked!

The overall experience in Alab was good. It has an interesting menu priced reasonably considering the quality and quantity of servings. I just hope that the warmth extends not just through the corners of the space but through their service as well. After all, the magic of filipino cuisines is not just about the actual dish that is being served. It is also about how it is being served.

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4.0 Stars

On my way to Sunnies Cafe when Mary Love S recommended her review. It is almost 4 o clock in the afternoon and Sunnies is closed and will re-open around 6PM. Thanks Mary Love for the info.

Instead of waiting... I went back to Venice Grand Canal Mall and I saw Alab Restaurant on soft opening. The waitress approached me and handed me the menu and I asked her what is the opening promo? She said none. Awww... I choose Batchoy for merienda for Php150.00 only.

While waiting I noticed the interior is more on red and warm colors. With the combinations of classic and modern Pinoy set-up.

And the Batchoy arrived... A little bit oily but it tastes good.

Batchoy - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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