Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli

2/F, 5666 Don Pedro St. cor. Alfonso St., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli
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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars


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Kaycee G.
4.0 Stars

128149Date for Two: Magma Bock, Engkanto
128140Total: P430

Overall: Trying out Alamat’s local craft beers this time. And it didn’t disappoint. They have a vast choices of beer so we’re a bit confused what to order. We just used our instinct on this. Our choice: Magma Bock and Engkanto. Magma Bock is added to our favorite beers now! It’s so good! No need to buy Hoegaarden because this one’s a tough contender. Engkanto is just okay, almost the same with Pale Pilsen but a lot expensive. 128517

Value for money: A bit epxensive but will still go back for the Magma Bock 128521

#DateForTwo at Alamat Filipino Pub

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Kaycee G.
5.0 Stars

128149Date for Two: Calamansi Mojito, Aswangria
128140Total: P350

Overall: Alamat, or Legend, is a fictitious narrative usually made up to give important lessons. This hip bar in Poblacion incorporated this idea to showcase our very own culture. We love their wall arts! Every corner is just sooo picturesque. But we love the drinks even more 128525 We usually order beer, yet we ordered cocktails this time as we were curious on the names. First is Aswangria, that is now our favorite cocktail to date! It’s a blend of Filipino wine, brandy, dalandan and soda water. Though we liked it because we can taste a hint of chocolate in it. Weird! Haha. It’s very very delish! We wanted to gulp it entirely. 128514 Calamansi Mojito is a hit for us, too! Can’t wait to try their other cocktails and craft beers so definitely coming back here.

Value for money: Sooo worth it!!

#DateForTwo at Alamat Filipino Pub

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Denise Dominique A.
5.0 Stars

CRAFT BEER FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE. Love the ambiance here and also the people chilln' in here. #loolooDroneGiveaway

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Francis B.
4.0 Stars

The more choices, the better. Good beer.

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars


Our third stop for tonight: ALAMAT! I know we were going to have their wings creation for tonight, but I was surprised when they started mixing up sriracha shots for us. I DON'T DRINK!!! 128557

I was so intrigued with how that shot tasted. All I know is one shot glass had calamansi juice, tequila, a slice of pepper, sriracha, and some more ingredients I'm not aware of hehe 9996🏻. But still, a shot with sriracha in it??? To me, only the toughest people are brave enough to try this one out. HATS OFF TO THOSE GUYS!

We then had their salted egg chicken wings with aligue sriracha sauce. This was a good dish if you didn't know what you were eating. But once you've read the name of the dish, then you begin to wonder. Where is the salted egg in there? How about the aligue? I think this was an ambitious dish, trying to incorporate all of those flavors in one small chicken wing. All I was able to taste was sweetness, just like a Korean soy flavored wings. But nevertheless, the name of the wings omitted, this wasn't so bad.

The place isn't so spacious. It's hard to come here in a group, especially on a Friday night.

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4.0 Stars

Sriracha Festival
Poblacion, Makati
(Sponsored Looloo Food Crawl)

Third stop: Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli

Full house!!!

We have no table that's why we stayed at their red bar. Yes too red made our first "binyag" with a shot of Sriracha Tequila. Gosh! Too hot and spicy... I can't drink the tequila in one gulp. But it taste good. I can finished it in "dahan-dahan" mode.

Sriracha Tequila Shot - 11088110881108811088 4/5

While waiting for the Salted Egg Chicken Wing with Sriracha Aligue Sauce, I went outside to check the place. It is more spacious outside with wooden and Filipino set-up. They also have nice crowd from civilized college students, yuppies, etc.

Salted Egg Chicken Wings with Sriracha Aligue Sauce - 110881108811088 3/5
"Yummy! But I think it was too salty for me. Manageable naman yung spice. Kaya ko naman! Hehehe 128521"

Thank you P! 128153

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084 #looloorendezvoos

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

SRIRACHA FOOD CRAWL 128293128293128293


FOOD: (1) Festival Sriracha; (2) Sriracha Tequila Shots

(1) If I am not aware of the ingredients used, I would have rated this dish a bit higher. It's like bon chon chicken but with a "twist". But since I know the ingredients, I was kind of expecting. The end result of combining sriracha + aligue + salted egg was just okay? No "wow" factor. I think it's too much? The chicken was too sweet for me, as well. Just a bit spicy. No trace of salted egg and aligue. 128542 BUT out of all the chicken wings we tried, this is the "best" (vs Z Cafe and Smokeyard);
(2) WILD! Spicy. Gumuguhit. This was interesting + good. I think that those who really like to drink will enjoy this one. 128077🏼

LEVEL OF SPICINESS: (1) 1/10; (2) 5/10

PS: The place is small. So it's kind of hard especially when you're inside. Wasn't able to check their space outside anymore.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Don Pedro Street is the hippest place in Poblacion.  Well,  there's Felipe Street too but i think the former has the upper hand.   Why?  Well,  there are a couple of establishments that cater to the hip crowd.  One of which is Alamat

Alamat is located on the second floor of a two storey structure and shares the same space with Smokeyard,  Buckys and Wild Poppy.  Pretty cool huh? 

You will be greeted by their awesome playlist upon entry.  Indie baby!  The bar occupies the biggest space and signage adorned by neon lights - Craft Beer For The People 127866!  What caught my eye is the mural,  there were a couple of interesting illustrations that pays homage to Filipino Folklore -  the mananaggal,  tiyanak and good old fashioned aswang.   Oh,  that's why they went with Alamat as the name.  This is me making an assumptions. 

Note:  Mural Photo taken by Abe C

What brought me to a hipster pub on a Friday night? Well,  the wonderful people of Sriracha Philippines invited |oo|oo.  There are 8 restaurants who participated the event and guests can try their sriracha infused dishes. 

Alamat decided to incorporate ze infamous hot sauce in a cocktail.  Wait!  Whuut???  It is time for Sriracha Shots!!!

Sriracha Shots (Php 500 per bottle and Php 80 per shot).  The cocktail is comprised of  T Triple Sec,  Calamansi and Pomelo Juice,  Lemon Grass Syrup,  Sriracha and some red bell peppers.  It sounds interesting and daunting at the same time.  I love chili but sriracha on alcohol sounds a lil iffy.  I took a shot nevertheless.  Hmmmm,  you can taste the sriracha alright,  the spiciness and alcohol glides through your throat and lingers for x number of minutes.  Spice level is mild (my tolerance for spice is way off the scale,  a mild can be spicy for others).

Salted Egg Chicken Wings with Aligue Sriracha Sauce.  I gotta hand it to Alamat,  this is more than the usual sriracha wings.  Don't let the myriad of components discourage you, everything works well together.  The exterior of the chicken is coated with sriracha x aligue mixture.  The former tones down the richness of the later.  The salted egg flavor didn't get lost in transaltion as you get to taste it on every bite.  Spice level wise, uhmmm,  I'll say it is a - 1.  Albeit the lack of heat,  i enjoyed every bite.

Overall,  Alamat did an excellent job in terms of incorporating Sriracha on their dishes.  And yes,  i am paying them another visit in the near future.  Their craft beer roster looks promising. 

Oh,  The Smiths was playing on our way out.  Ze ultimate date song,  the era defining There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. 

Peace Out!


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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Alamat is a Filipino resto pub atop this recently established cluster along Don Pedro St., Poblacion, Makati. Serving Filipino inspired dishes, Alamat seems to be more of a bar by its design, and secondarily a restaurant.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored Poblacion food crawl by Sriracha, through looloo. Fun times with a few familiar faces. We tried about 1-2 items on the average per place, and the food (or drink in Alamat's case) contains Sriracha. I find that Sriracha's flagship and best selling sauce is slightly sweet and not that spicy (about a 3-4 out of 10), but spiciness, like taste, is relative.

Alamat at a glance:
Food & Beverage: 3.75/5
Say this with me...
Salted Egg Chicken Wings with Srirache Aligue Sauce! It's the breaded style that's breaded and sauced. Kind of like Bon Chon, Kkokko and Wingstop style. The Sriracha Aligue glaze makes for a sweet rich start with a very slight, if noticeable, taste of salted egg. The heat, like Sriracha, comes only at the mid to tail end, but only ever so slightly. I like the quality of their chicken wings, because it's more meaty and full to the bite. A good attempt, but disjointed because of putting two rich ingredients (salted egg and aligue) with equally potent ingredients in sugar and sriracha (which already has sugar). Best enjoyed with rice. 3.5/5
Sriracha Tequila Shots Hoooweeee! With triple sec, orange peel liqueuer, calamansi and pomelo juice and lemongrass syrup. Citrusy, sweet top with a very spicy kick! You can taste the alcohol but it's well complemented by the other ingredients. I shouldn't have eaten the red bell pepper shreds though, I think they were more for garnish. Overall, I liked this, but, with the heat, it's not for everyone. For the adventurous. 4/5 I'd rename this, SRIRASHOTS! TM pending.
Heat factor: 1/5 (juuuuust a bit of spice) chicken wing; 3/5 for the #Srirashots P80/shot
Alamat also serves a wealth of craft beers and other beers on the tap (aka draft); worth a return here just for that.

Service (Dine-In): 4/5 friendly and relatively fast bar tending staff

Kitchen Service: 3/5 Bartender notwithstanding, the wings took seemingly forever. We drank up our shots in the first ten minutes at the bar area, but I think we waited a good 15 or more minutes further for the wings.

Ambience: 4/5 Nice Filipino caricatures on the wall. Alamat (legend), indeed. The al fresco area is brilliantly done. Looks like a place for more noise than chill of next door Wild Poppy. But still, it's a place worth checking out.

Value for Money: 3.5/5 Wings are P200 for 4 big chunks. Drinks are in the P200 plus range, but okay for Makati Poblacion.

OVERALL: 4/5 9786

Worth the trip - Yes
Worth a return - Yes just for their craft and draft beer!
Verdict: No need for further details.

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Third stop of our #SrirachaPH food crawl:

Alamat is a Filipino Pub along Poblacion that serves craft beer from different parts the Philippines. They also serve some savory dishes to complement their drinks.

The place is quite small. The bar is right beside their entrance with a few tables on the side. The interiors were inspired by Filipino trademarks such as the jeepney. They even indicated the route!

For Alamat's Sriracha inspired dishes, we had:

128681 SRIRACHA SHOTS [P80 shot • P500 bottle]
Tequila based drink infused with sriracha, topped with bell pepper and spicy salt.

When Gutsy first mentioned Sriracha shots, to be honest, I didn't like the sound of it. I do love eating spicy food but drinking it is a whooooole different story.

It was witty how the drink was mixed and stored in a sriracha bottle. As the bartender assembled the drink, my inner self kept arguing if I was going to shot in or not. In the end, the wimpy little me won 128514 I only had a sip to taste.

Verdict: It's unusual since it's not everyday that you get to drink hot sauce. But it's not spicy hot that you'd need to gulp a glass of water right after. However, according to those who did shot it, it does leave a trail of spice on your throat.
My advice --> shot at your own risk 128586

Sriracha + Salted egg + Aligue. What's not to love? 128149 Definitely on the top of my list for the night. I would come back just for this. It's flavorful, juicy and hot. The flavors were more sweet and salty than spicy. The aligue and sriracha were both evident but it's a struggle to taste the salted egg. Also, when I say hot, I meant that it was freshly delivered from the kitchen.

For others, this may be a bit overwhelming due to the burst of flavors. But I really do love it. However, I think it's best paired with a cup of rice to mellow it down.

According to the owners, Alamat will be serving their Sriracha special dishes up until supplies last. But I hope they keep the salted egg chicken wings with Sriracha aligue sauce as a house special because I think it would be an instant hit.

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Continuing from our #SrirachaPH sponsored food crawl, we went to Alamat to have some chicken and booze! 127867

For Alamat, their Sriracha inspired dishes were the following:
A tequila based shot spiced up with Sriracha and a bell pepper slice with salt on the rim of the shot glass

We were all pretty skeptic about this shot because it looked red, spicy and maybe deadly. 128514 But after drinking it, I can confirm that it is spicy but not deadly 128514128514128514 It's a pretty fun drink but it's best to keep it at 1-2 shots because the spiciness does leave a trail.

4 pieces of chicken wings thickly coated with their Sriracha infused aligue sauce 128525

I was so psyched to try this when they mentioned it. I may not be a huge fan of chicken wings, but I am a huge fan of salted eggs and aligue sauce (especially if it's on rice 128523 yummy)

It took a while for this to be served but it was served hot and the sauce was really rich and thick. It was more sweet than spicy. Sadly, I wasn't able to taste that hint of salted egg but I did taste the aligue in it. It was one of the top dishes for the night. But do pair it with some drinks or rice because it's very sweet so it can agitate the throat.

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Liezzy M.
5.0 Stars

loved their cocktails... local fruits + alcohol= cocktail with a twist 128077🏼

tried their best seller:
tikbalang- pandan + lambanog
aswangria- dalandan + lambanog
calamansi mojito-calamansi + mojito

affordable pica-pica, though we waited a little while before it was served. tried squid with mango and onions and pork jowl. 128512

ambiance: chill

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